Reminder: Live seeding chat Sunday

Here’s your friendly reminder that I’ll be hosting a live chat on Sunday to discuss seeds for the North Coast Section baseball and softball playoffs. I’ll be open for business from 3 to 4 p.m. See you there.

Ben Enos

  • Casey


    How long has it been since De la Salle was not in NCS Baseball?

  • Prep Fan

    When was the last time DLS came in last place? In any sport? 3-11 in EBAL play is just not getting it done. They played well outside of league and were ranked high by the Times staff midway through the year, but that just shows the overall strength of the EBAL.

  • 643


    How does the poll have votes for Dougherty Valley and Dublin is left off the top 10 and not even mentioned?

    Not to knock DV because they have improved over the last couple of years but how is that mitigated?

    Dublin beat Campo both games this season and beat Mirammonte and Alhambra in the second half during their 5-1 record over the last 6 games.

    DFAL is tough. The poll has Campo, Miramonte and Ahlambra in the top ten with no mention of Dublin yet again. Maxpreps Freeman had Dublin #4 in D2. Last year, they were 4 seed in D3 NCS with about the same record and were generally ignored in the polls.

    The league records are
    Campo 8-4
    Dublin 7-5
    Miramonte 7-5
    Alhambra 7-5

    Dublin field is a pitchers park so even with a home field that is tough on stats, they still produced good offensive stats and solid pitching.

  • Ben Enos

    643, that’s a good question. I think Dublin has slowly been building momentum, and I think if there were a poll that came out this week, the Gaels would have gotten a little love. Personally, I’m not too sure what to make of the DFAL. Talent-wise, I haven’t seen too many teams better than Campolindo this year. But, the Cougars are young and they’ve been known to show that youth from time to time. The rest of the league is super-competitive, and that makes it a little difficult to separate the teams with any measure of accuracy. The best thing about the DFAL this year is nearly every team will have a chance to prove it in the postseason, which is the only real test we can give.

    Hope that helps. Bring your questions at 3 and I’ll give you some more thoughts.

  • 643

    The cougars are graduating the core of their team this year so they aren’t young and I think there may be other inaccurate perceptions on the actual state of the teams. Is the history of a school really relevant to the current season? Seems like that is a big influence on the polls.

  • 643

    And now we have Dougherty seeded 8th (Congrats on first appearance…) and Alhambra 6 while Dublin is 5th seed in D2. The perception of NCS and Freeman both seem to “love” Dublin a little so why doesn’t the Times poll ever reflect same?