NCS Baseball/Softball brackets

For those who want to follow along with the North Coast Section as it posts brackets for the baseball and softball meetings, head over to the NCS website. Division VI is already up, and they’re pretty good at updating as they get done with the individual brackets. Remember, I’ll have a live chat to discuss the seeds today at 3 p.m.

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Ben Enos

  • mckbooth

    potential championship rematch early for odowd and Albany. I’m sure that one will be full of spit and vineger.

  • Psychcal

    Looking at D3, it seems to me that the Marin teams and Analy got dissed – O’Dowd, Alhambra, and Moreau’s quarterfinal games will NOT at all be gimmes.

  • Arroyo Gets No Respect

    Arroyo gets the #13 seed behind #12 Irvington(Who lost to Arroyo 1-0)and #11 Castro Valley(who finished third behind Arroyo in League)! Once again the seeding is a joke. How does Cal get a #6 seed when they barely made the playoffs with their last game win against a weak DLS? The Committee should have to show their reasons for their Botched seeding attempt in D1.

  • this guys an idiot

    Cal beat number 1 Amador. Arroyo is garbage

  • Scl Alum

    As a Sonoma County guy, I agree Analy got railroaded.The worst SCL team, El Molino (6-15 record) got into the DIII field and Analy didnt. Go figure, and go ‘Hounds

  • Softball fan

    How did the Marin teams and Analy get dissed? Yes, they are capable of beating the teams ahead of them but the seeding was right.

  • Arroyo placed properly…

    Arroyo and Castro Valley tied for 2nd. Castro Valley has better wins over Clayton Valley, O’Dowd and Monte Vista. Arroyo should have been ahead of Irvington based on head-head. However, if Arroyo was 12 and Irvington 13 then both teams would have played league opponents in round 1. Maybe the committee actually did a decent job. Nobody wants to play a league opponent in round 1.

  • Arroyo should be happy

    Cal was in the EBAL and that’s why they are a high seed….srv beat arroyo 24-1, enough said for EBAL

  • Arroyo Gets No Respect

    Well,(Botched Seeding aside) after seeing that Arroyo plays at Logan in both Baseball and Softball on wednesday(Boys 5pm,Girls 7pm) from a fans perspective it doesn’t get much better. Also, Congrats to SLZ! You get to battle #1 Clayton Valley. Go HAAL!!!

  • Prep Fan

    The seeding committee must have put a lot of weight in the CalPreps ratings. Calpreps places a lot of weight in strength of schedule and the EBAL had no week teams this season. Sure DLS had an off year coming in last place, but they were over .500 out of league and if they had just been able to go 6-8 in the rugged EBAL instead of 3-11 they would have been in the field as well.


  • HAAL will make some noise

    Hey Ben, thanks for the breakdown on the playoffs in todays paper. Can you tell us what baseball or softball games will you be covering? Also, could you post brief updates during the games. It looks like todays games are gonna be rained out.

  • Ben Enos

    No problemo. My games are kind of up in the air at the moment. Hopefully I’ll figure that out later tonight. In terms of updates during the games, I’ll try to remember to post a few to Twitter during each game I’m at.

    Yeah, almost everything is washed out today. Mostly everything is set for tomorrow now, which is going to make for a long night around here tomorrow night.

  • Prep Fan

    How come the Bishop O’Dowd boys are division 1 for baseball and their girls are division 3 for softball? Are baseball teams able to petition up? I know you can’t petition up in most other sports.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Prep Fan,
    O’Dowd baseball petitioned up. Teams can petition up in baseball and football also. It’s just not allowed in basketball where the season continues on into state playoffs.

  • Sporty

    Mckbooth .. O’Dowd is as strong as ever and should win this softball matchup – if it occurs. However, if the game is a pitchers duel, then I would take Albany – due to their defense. Before you argue, look back at the 2006 and 2008 playoff/championship games Albany had with Concord. Concord was an extremely talented hitting machine both years, yet got beat in both games by defense.

  • mckbooth

    Sporty–I won’t argue :o) Odow’d has beat Albany the last two years in a row. The year that Albany lost one game it was to BOD. Last year BOD had a much more powerful line up and it didn’t really matter who they went up against. This year is a manufacture speedy type team with great defense. In a pitchers dual Odowd has the same girl on the mound who only gave up one run in last years playoff series.

    Concord barely got past odowd in 2007 9 innings 5-4 2006 odowd lost 1-0 against Piedmont and the 65 mile an hour flame thrower in a very controversial game.

    I’m going with odowd. There young , but talented.
    Hope to see this one Sporty!

  • Sporty

    Mckbooth ….. I agree .. I’m impressed with O’Dowd. However, the team I saw lose to CV 19-11 looked very shaky defense wise.

    This game will happen. You will get to see BOD vs Albany II.

    It all depends on the pitching between these two teams. Rachael is a great pitcher/hitter; I like her grit. She will however, fall to Albany’s defense in a pitchers duel. If Sara Muse is throwing heat . the BODs may get burned.

    Remember Albany had to face the flame-thrower three times in 2006. They only needed to beat her once for the championship.

  • mckbooth

    Sporty– I saw the 5-1 BOD victory over CV the week before and the defense was off the hook. I couldn’t imagine the Dragons giving up 19 runs. 10 in the seventh??? Which means that it was a competitive game. The one thing that is a positive from that game is that they were in the game and did score 11 runs. I don’t see them backing down at the plate. Same pitching dual as the last two meetings. Rachael 2 Sara 0. Last years game 9-0 BOD. They’ve always hit her well and it had little to do with defense.

    It seems as though both Odow’d and Albany have tough 2nd round games so we’ll see.

    Moreau is also playing well. It would be tough to beat them three times in one year if it becomes a HAAL final.

  • Softball fan

    I think all 4 D3 softball second round games will be good ones. I do think O’Dowd is the clear favorite. As for Albany, I think they are a good team but they are a 4 seed for a reason. They played a really soft schedule.

  • Sporty

    MCKbooth – BOD and Albany have only met 2 times since 2008. The last game as you said was a lop-sided 9-0 BOD win. However, the game prior to that was a 8-6 BOD win, but the pitcher was Cobb not Rachael. Just need to point out that it is Rachael 1 Sara 0.

    Always nice jousting with you, because you bring the facts and not just hot air.

    Softball Fan – The seeding for D3 softball Was fair. MC is a very good team (I saw them play CV very tough). I like their pitcher. Alhambra is a quality team with some very good players. Saw them beat Las Lomas fairly easily 5-0. As for the easy schedule, at least within the BSAL I can agree to a point. Albany plays St. Pat/ St. Vincent twice a year. I believe that St. Pat’s would give Moreau Catholic and Castro Valley a very good game.

    In the end I think the BOD should prevail. Yet I remember that Albany has caught magic in a bottle twice in the past 4 years, and you never know ……..

  • mckbooth

    Sporty- you are right about that one. As I remember there was 4 run late rally in the 7th, but the game was never in doubt. I think Rachael came in as the closer.

    MC has a couple of very capable pitchers and an outstanding center fielder. Eastern Carolina bound Jordon Lewis has the most power and speed that I’ve seen in 10 years.

    Albany is going to need the magic to get by Acalanes who they beat early 1-0 this year.

    This ought to be a good one.

  • Luvhsbaseball

    What happen to Dublin in DII baseball? The Trib had them as a bracket buster…believe they were the only high seed to lose in the first round of all baseball… was Montgomery dominating?

  • Prep Fan

    Cal beat Castro Valley 5-0 in the only D1 action tonight. Wingard got the win over Narajara. SRV hosts Cal Saturday night.

  • Sporty

    If BOD can handle San Marin then Albany will do their best against Acalanes. We had a tight duel with them earlier this year. I don’t denigrate opponents. The best team with come out and give BOD a tough game. O’Dowd’s defense had better be ready for the NCS this year.

  • mckbooth

    Hey Sporty- Like I said spit and vinegar :0) As I was checking my facts before I jousted more it’s 3 years in a row. 2006 BOD 3 Albany 2 , just so you know:0)

    Good luck Saturday, lets play ball!

  • Softball fan

    Sporty- Yes, I think Albany has played a soft schedule but I would never discount them. They have been in the thick of it the last few years and know how to win. I still feel O’Dowd is the clear favorite. I am really going out on a limb saying the 1 seed is the favorite! I would not be surprised if any of the top 4 seeds win it all.

    Here is my breakdown of the quarterfinal games:

    O’dowd/San Marin I know nothing about San Marin so I can’t comment

    Albany/Acalanes I like Albany in a low scoring game. Acalanes just doesn’t ahve many bats.

    MC/Tam I heard Tam has a good pitcher but I will take MC

    Alhambra/Analy Also heard Analy has a good pitcher. I think the game is a coin flip.

    I have seen Alhambra the most out of all the teams and I think they are good. If they get by Analy, the MC game should be a good one. Alh is also a young team that is losing only one starter. Also, heard they have an excellent SS coming in next year as a freshman.

  • MVALfremont

    Though a little late, I want to give my congrats to American’s softball team for making into the playoffs for the first time since 1997

  • mckbooth

    Sporty- 1 for 4 (;0( . Well a lot of upsets and a lot more competitive playoff than last year. Try again. I still like your first choice Dragons playing at home. I was surprised by the Alhambra game I thought they were playing well.

  • mckbooth

    Sporty- Where are you man? Odow”d has history with Acalanes also. 2006 Aclanes jumps to a 4-0 lead and the dragons come back and tie it in the 6th. Then in the seventh the older Keener drives a bases loaded homer into deep center a 250 ft shot that had the dragons in a frenzy since they had lost earlier in the season. I don’t think Acalanes has won since. Something about Odowd being forced to play at Acalanes even tough they had the better record????

    More spit and vinegar (:0)

  • Sporty

    Mckbooth … Had to stay away for a while after that 2-1 loss. Dead bats. 15 ks in 9 innings, no walks and you lose? Yup, I still feel O’Dowd will win somehow, but I’m surprised to see Monroe and Alhambra disappear; darned surprised. Tamalpais must be very good to shutout Monroe 5-0; they might be the bane of O’Dowd yet.

    Soo many upsets. Did you see Alabama lose to Hawaii in the college softball super regionals? To give up a 2 run homer with 2 outs, in the bottom of the 7th, and a trip to the world series on the line – painful. The Alabama pitcher had 16 ks in 7 innings and still lost.

  • mckbooth

    Sporty- I saw the club teams come over from Hawaii 16under and they beat all the So Cal dominate teams. They could all hit the long ball, so that does not surprise me. ASU out so soon, but to a good Florida team.

    I thought that Moreau had the bats to make some noise. Odow’d shut them out the in the Stanley cup final, but I saw them beat Montgomery and thought they’d play well in the post season. If you read the Marin times the pitcher from Tamaplais is pretty special. Better look at these one game at a time. Obviously Acalanes is playing well. Glad to see your back that was a tough loss for Albany’s seniors.

  • Softball fan

    i expected more out of Moreau as well. A little surprised to see Alhambra lose as well. Next year I think they are the team to beat in D3. Lose 1 senior and an excellent SS coming in. Back to this year, I have seen Acalanes play a few times this year and I haven’t been impressed. I will say they are scrappy though. I like O’Dowd to roll in the semis and the final!

  • Sporty

    MckBooth / Softball fan

    1. Where will the SB championship games be played?
    2. Is Rachael Nersesian going to play in college. IF so, where?

  • mckbooth

    Probably Chabot College at least that’s where they were last year. I’m not sure if arrangements have been made at Cal this year or not. Last year Cal was still playing and the field wasn’t available.

    Rachael is playing for the Hoya’s at Georgetown.

  • Sporty

    Tamalpais has beaten Analy 4-0.

    Waiting to see whether they face O’Dowd or Acalanes in
    Div 3 softball final.

  • Sporty

    O’Dowd wins…. O’Dowd vs Tamalpais this sat. at Chabot College 12 pm.

  • mckbooth

    Hey Sporty- you may be right. Odow’d got up early and it was over.Racheal was brilliant , but so was the Acalanes pitcher. She struck out the side in the first and I’ve never seen that happen to Odow’d. She had good stuff just one bad inning. Dragons will defend a softball title for the first time ever. Ought to be a good game.

    Logan got a chance against Freedom??? They annihilated Newark Memorial the thorn in there side for the last couple of years.

    NO st patrick / st vincent??? What happened there?

  • Bseblnut

    I am trying to move the game because some girls have S.A.T.s Saturday morning.

  • Concord Fan

    Did you see the DVAL All League Team? You have got to be kidding…How can Concord High not have more players at First Team? They went undefeated in league…These coaches are morons. Their defense was the best only 7 runs during league play. How BC have 3 players in there? Northgate 2? CV 3? Concord’s starting 9 should be 1st or 2nd team… Their coach didn’t have their back…What a joke…

  • Softball fan

    Concord fan,

    Welcome to all league politics! Same thing happened to Alhambra in the DFAL. Went 11-1 in league and got 2 first teamers. Campo finished third and got 5. What a joke! Alhambra P,C,CF and RF deserved first team and all got second.

    These coaches make so many deals with each other it is ridiculous!

    An by the way, it might not even be the Concord coaches fault. Like I said, many deals take place to get the votes!

  • eastbay football

    It is not the coaches fault in fact many coaches see the all-league voting process as a way to get back at teams that beat them. thats why in other sports you get all league nominations and spots based on wins. therefore a team with 2 wins would get 2 nominations and a team with 12 wins would get 12.

    and if you expect more from a first year coach than undefeated in league and an ncs championship appearance, then you throw around the term moron very loosely

  • Fastpitch

    Concordfan..were did you find the list for DVAL all-league?

  • Concord Fan

    Fastpitch, CC Times…

    They should go by position. 1b,2b, and so on… Sorry about you guys Alhambra. Look, we give up only 17 runs ALL year, and teams like CV don’t put up stats, give us a reason to justify your picks. My cousin plays for CHS, and I believe she was the best at her position for the league, she wasn’t even nominated.

    Eastbay Football, you’re right about getting back on us (the other teams). CV was predicted to win league and came up short. That coach is pretty shady…

    Look, if you go at least undefeated as we did, you earn more first team players than any other team. Any of our starting nine would excel on ANY other team… In baseball, CHS comes in 2nd, they have five players on first team…

    Maybe next year, we will just beat these teams 50-0, rather than 15-0…

    I just had to vent… I am a Concord fan, as a matter of fact, I dig all high school teams, when I see good teams not rewarded for a stellar year, it’s just wrong…

    They should just win tomorrow night and erase all doubts.

    Have a Good Night!

  • Fastpitch

    ConcordFan…thanks for the reponse. You make some really good points. All-league has turned into more of a popularity contest than who is deserving of such accolades. Concord, as in most schools, I assume have alot of politics going on in the background. I have seen girls get college schlorships that have never been selected to there high school all league team. Tell your cousin to keep her head up.

  • Softball fan

    Concord fan- It is sad that some people don’t vote they way it should be but rather the way they want it to be.

    Yes, the girls from Concord and Alhambra got a bad deal. It happens everywhere. The thing that bothers me is, like I said before, the deals some of these coaches make. Hey vote for my kid and I will vote for yours. Pure BS!

    Lets go over a few.

    First of all, I really like Port as a pitcher but she had 5 losses in league. Alhambra pitcher had 1. I felt bad for Port because her coach did not set her up for much of a chance. Who was calling pitches? That said Alhambra pitcher should have been first team, if not MVP pitcher.

    Alhambra’s C gave up one SB in league, Teams didn’t even try to run on her. The only argument that could be made is that she only caught the big games and played 1B or LF in the others. Either way, should have been first team at C or UTL.

    Alhambra’s CF was by far and away the best defensive OF in the league and had respectable #’s at the plate as well.

    The RF was first team last year and had another solid season this year as well.

    If Campo gets 5 and Alhambra gets to then Alhambra’s should be nominated for the coach of the year!! What a joke!! And this is not a knock on the players. They are not involved in the voting.

    Lastly, it is not just the Alhambra players that got a bad deal. I think the C for Acalanes last name is Gray? Didn’t even see her as honorable mention. How is that possible? I thought she was the best player on their team. Also, DV best player, Stark, was HM. Just not right.

  • sporty

    anyone know what happen with division 3 softball today at chabot college? Nothing has been posted on the NCS site. It’s 5:40 pm. Way past end of championship game time.

  • mckbooth

    Dragons 3 tam 0, Tam pitcher throws a no hitter in the loss. Dragons back to back champions!

  • Sporty

    Softball Fan / Mckbooth

    Congrats to O’Dowd for another great year. Also to Concord who were a little snake bit the past 3-4 years. Great Sofball.

    Mckbooth … don’t know what happened to St. Pat’s – didn’t hear of nor see their loss. Somehow I don’t see them losing by 4-5 runs.

    Well don’t know about you guys but I almost overdosed on softball the last week. Lots of great division 1 college softball on tv. Keep it coming and I’ll see you next year.