NCS Division III baseball resumes today

For those wondering just what exactly happened on Saturday in the NCS Division III baseball championship between El Cerrito and Miramonte, here’s the deal.

The Gauchos and Matadors played to a 0-0 tie after 10 innings, at which point the game was suspended, due to a 2 1/2 hour time limit. The time limit, which is normally used when NCS hosts baseball at the Oakland Coliseum, was used because there was a game following the Gauchos and Mats. So, according to the NCS bylaws, they are required to resume the game on the next available day.

Today is that next available day, and the teams will meet back up at Saint Mary’s College today at 4 p.m.┬áto decide a champion. I’ll be there, for however long the game lasts (am I the only one that figures we’ll be there for an inning?) and we’ll have the story up later tonight.

Ben Enos