Final Softball Poll

Team Record Points Last poll
1. Concord (7) 24-3 119 2
2. Logan (1) 25-5 112 8
3. Freedom 23-4 101 1
4. Bishop O’Dowd 23-4 100 4
5. Heritage 17-10 76 t12
6. Livermore 16-6 75 3
7. Pinole Valley 21-7 73 10
8. Antioch 18-8 68 5
9. California 16-6 62 6
10. Clayton Valley 19-7 39 9
11. Amador Valley 15-10 33 7
12. Alhambra 14-11 25 11
13. Newark Memorial 15-12 21 NR
14. Berkeley 18-8 16 15
15. Acalanes 14-8-1 14 NR

Others receiving votes: College Prep (22-0, 11 points), Albany (18-5, 7), Monte Vista (14-12, 2). The East Bay Prep Softball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Local Coach

    Does anyone know who had a tougher schedule between Logan and Concord?

  • RandyC

    Local Coach,
    -Checking on both Logan and Concord’s schedules it is very comparible when you talk about the strength of teams they played this year. Both teams won against SRV, Monte Vista, Arroyo, Irvington. Both teams lost to Amador Valley.
    -In the playoffs I belive Concord had a tougher road to the Div 2 championship shutting out Petaluma, Montgomery and Rancho Cotate, but Logan played the toughest single opponent in the Div 1 championship game with Freedom.

    What a season for both teams!

  • Concord Fan

    Concord scored 14 runs and gave up one run in the four games they played. James Logan played in a tough Div. 1 playoff. Surprised they were only a 7th seed in their playoff. Not just being a Concord fan, but Concord should be #1.

    1)We both beat the #1’s in the finals, but CHS won convincingly, JL won in the end, barely. I believe due aggressive base running, but Freedom made a few mistakes to lose…

    2) Season Totals:
    CHS 24-3, 208 runs scored, 17 against, Team BA .344, Team OBP. .403, Team Era 0.41, Pitchers Averaged 1.4 SO/Inning, Opposing Bat Ave. .141, Fielding Pct. .967, Allowed only 14 extra base hits all year, list goes on.

    3)JL, great team, can’t deny. Concord had a very special season. May never be duplicated, but it was fun to be there this year…

    Be Safe This Summer!!!

    Hopefully we will have sports for ALL schools next year!!!

  • mckbooth

    I’d give Logan the nod to in that they are div 1. If Freedom had won I’m sure they’d be a one. I could make a case for Odow’d being higher going back to back with the championship and wins over California as well as Petaluma. They won the Stanley cup which included Montgomery. I think Logan or Concord would have a real game on there hands with the dragons.

  • Local Coach

    How in the heck can James Logan have no one make first team all east bay? What a joke!