Contra Costa-Alameda All Star game nearing

The 37th annual Contra Costa-Alameda All Star Classic football game is fast approaching, so I figured I’d give everyone the link to take a look at the rosters. This year, they’re using Las Lomas as the host site after holding the event at Los Medanos last year. Here’s the link to the rosters and event details.

37th annual Contra Costa-Alameda All Star Classic

Last year’s event was a huge success, with a packed house enjoying a narrow win by the Alameda squad. This year, Freedom head coach Kevin Hartwig will coach the Contra Costa team and San Lorenzo’s Jacob Wright will coach the Alameda stars.

Tickets are on sale tonight at the Laney College Forum Room from 6:30-8:30. They’re also on sale next Monday at San Lorenzo High (1:30-3:30) and Las Lomas High (6:30-8:30). General admission is $7 and $3 for students/seniors. If you buy on the day of the game, it costs $10 for general admission and $5 for students/seniors.

Football in June? You know I’m looking forward to it.

Ben Enos

  • calprephater42

    jeff tedford stated that it was every day things like here and there. HE needs athletes and was a bay area kid as well as a projected starter. he was the best player in the OAl in 07, 06

  • ManDown

    Arroyo in 1st? I don’t know about that. SL will be good this year, I have them coming in first. Barnes will do a good job up there at Arroyo but I’m not sure if he will take league in his first year. I like
    1. San Leandro
    2. Hayward
    3. Arroyo
    4. BOD
    5. Castro Valley
    6. SLZ
    7. Tennyson
    8. Mt. Eden

  • Lets not put too much on Coach Barnes he’s taking over a 1-9 team. I’m sure he’d love too win league but I doubt that it will happen in his first year. If he can get young & be 5-5 thats as good as it will probably get. All kids know in that program is how too lose. So it will take some time.

    Realistically. SLZ, CV, & Tennyson should finish in front of him. If he beats out any of those teams it will be huge strides.(Mt. EDen is terrible if that same guy is still there Arroyo better beat them.) League will be contested by SL & Hayward. BOD has a lot of kids coming back but who knows what Nickerson is gonna do.

  • ManDown

    I agree PERKIN. I want to see what Nickerson will do with ODowd now that he has his wish. This isn’t the NFL so we’ll wait and see if firing Peranon was the right move. I think that Barnes will beat SLZ, Mt. Eden, and Tennyson. Those three teams are terrible! He will lose to Hayward, SL, BOD, and he has a chance against Castro Valley.

  • Footballfanatic

    I think this change at o’dowd is really whats going to put them over the bump. They have many returning starters and all-league players. They have about 6 or 7 D1 athletes. Dont sleep on odowd.

    I believe the reign has ended at sl. They have a nice qb, but i dont think their skill players are what they used to be.

    Hayward has a good rushing attack coming back but they are very one-sided. Cv has nothing besides Garrick coming off an ACL injury. and Arroyo is very overrated

  • c.sparks

    lets just say winning the HAAL.. doesnt mean anything. probably one of the worst leagues in the entire bay area.

  • football231

    @ footballfanatic, are you kidding me? the end of SL reign? i believe we’re just getting started. till one of the haal teams back up what they’re saying i dont think our reign as haal champs is coming to an end. the only thing the other haal teams are gonna see this is year is #15 Chris Musni throwing touchdowns, #24 Kyrian Obidiegwu running down the side lines, #45 Talce Evans making defensive plays, and #22 Taylor Leota punishing those defenders going between the tackles. we got too many weapons coming back try and stop us. We’re taking league to make the streak 4 in a row.