Contra Costa-Alameda All Star game nearing

The 37th annual Contra Costa-Alameda All Star Classic football game is fast approaching, so I figured I’d give everyone the link to take a look at the rosters. This year, they’re using Las Lomas as the host site after holding the event at Los Medanos last year. Here’s the link to the rosters and event details.

37th annual Contra Costa-Alameda All Star Classic

Last year’s event was a huge success, with a packed house enjoying a narrow win by the Alameda squad. This year, Freedom head coach Kevin Hartwig will coach the Contra Costa team and San Lorenzo’s Jacob Wright will coach the Alameda stars.

Tickets are on sale tonight at the Laney College Forum Room from 6:30-8:30. They’re also on sale next Monday at San Lorenzo High (1:30-3:30) and Las Lomas High (6:30-8:30). General admission is $7 and $3 for students/seniors. If you buy on the day of the game, it costs $10 for general admission and $5 for students/seniors.

Football in June? You know I’m looking forward to it.

Ben Enos

  • norcalfball

    got to remember anyone who signed would not play in a all-star game this late…

    and there are a ton of player from the OAL i wouldn’t say they avoided there…looks like san leandro and logan have the most and they should as they were two of the better teams on the alameda side…

    encinal may be a little unrepresented…washington doesn’t even have a player on here which makes me wonder considering they went the furthest of any alameda county team in d1…

    got to remember it is what it is…the real all star game was in december…by now 80% of that team has scholarships now and are not going to play in the a june allstar game weeks before they start working out for there college teams. they have to do this earlier if it is going to have any significance

  • True most won’t play but there are usually one or two that play for the experience. Tech should proably have 2-3 players on this team.

  • Warrior Jacket

    I have to agree with Norcalfball, most of your more talented graduated seniors are 2 to 1 weeks away from starting practtice with their perspective colleges,whether thats Jr. college or a 4 year school.

  • I agree with norcalfootball, this game should be played in december as well or at the latest janurary. I’m sure some players could have used the exposure and may have even solidified a scholarship offer.

  • ManDown

    Great point Norcalfootball. But I’m sure there are better players out there that don’t have scholarships than the ones at Tennyson and Albany.

  • Coach Mac

    Brandonbeard I didn’t loose any players to eligibility last year and won’t loose any this year. We have three young men that will attend Ivy League Schools. I don’t know where you get your information. It is false and my kids don’t deserve the bad press. They are hard working kids and will earn everything that they get.

  • There it is, straight from Coach Mac. I’ve known Coach Mac since high school and if he says he didn’t loose anyone to grades then I have to believe him. If you’re going to put a coaches program out there along with his players please get your facts straight. Players, coaches, and even parents read these blogs and negative press against the players is all bad.

  • bhsfan

    will have to agree with island02, negative press towards the kids is all bad. talkin bad about an adult is one thing but to talking really bad about a kid is a whole other thing, sure everybody is entitled to an opinion but sometimes people on here have gone too far. i was also at the camp this past weekend and thought that BOD have some good players, they played with great energy. folsom was good on offense, didnt really get to c many other local school it was so so so many kids there. coach carter has a passing league this weekend at ccc, should b a good one, they have a big man comp. too

  • Electric WR

    Press? This is a BLOG. Anyone who pays any credibility to mandown should be ashamed of themselves. But, with all the hard work coaches put in, it can be frustrating to see some loud mouth hiding in anonymity in cyberspace lying about coaches, players and programs. Mandown is a clown who gets off on this kind of stuff.

  • ManDown

    Electric WR,
    This is a blog right? Can’t I say what I feel like everyone else? Haha! People like you just make me laugh. I’ll say what I please whether you like it or not. Get used to it or get lost.

  • Electric WR who do you stand for?

  • Electric WR

    As I have said before, Perkin=Mandown=coward. I stand for trying to encourage, instead of discourage. I stand for offering solutions, instead of complaining. I stand for talking directly to a person if I have a problem, not on a blog.
    I stand for hard working coaches, players and programs. I stand for the people volunteering their time for young people. I dont stand for critics who are in the arena, like both of you cowards.
    Mandown, sure you have the right to blog freely, that much is obvious and quite a simple response from a simple person. I was just curious what you are attempting to accomplish with your negative words for some bay area coaches and programs.
    Sadly, you did not answer my original question….what/who do you stand for?

  • Electric Wr, you’re absolutely right this is a blog; but as a parent and a coach you can talk about me, Alameda High , our coaches , our program; but, when someone starts making negative comments against the players then we have reached a level that is disrespectful and inmmature. My son has been talked about on this blog and he used all the negativity in his favor, to fuel his passion for the game and to be a better teammate and player. His hardwork has caught the attention of a few schools already. So let’s try to keep the comments , at least the negative ones away from the kids and concentrate on pointing out the positive things some of these young men are accomplishing.

    Coach Cunningham

  • Electric WR

    Somehow, I think you are agreeing with me. But if you and your son need these blogs for motivation, I might suggest looking elsewhere.

  • Mac d

    The Mval isn’t represented in this game at all other than logan the other schools had some talent that they be represented and be an asset to the squad. who picks these teams? coach cARTER’S PASSING LEAGUE WILL BE REALLY GOOD THIS WEKEEND it’ll be worth checking out.

  • Just what I thought. You’re such a loser.

  • Electric Wr, we don’t need any blog for motivation;but, when he reads all the negative things that were said about him it helped motivate even more. No, his motivation comes from deeper within himself, but like I said when people start hating on you , you can handle it in different ways. You can let it bring you down, you can let it anger you , or you turn it into a positive and use it as fuel. That is what I’m saying.

  • yv_warrior

    so the game will be this saturday at 7:30 pm at the las lomas campus is that correct? imma go see my teamates steven porschet and willie owens.

  • Oalfan

    Mack Football… Get Ready!


    I just want to thank coach Wright for his phenominal coaching skills and for the superb life lessons he taught my son William Fukofuka. My son is a better man and player thanks to this man and without you he wouldn’t have gotten to the next level. We truly have been blessed to cross your path. I really can’t say enough so thanks for always being there for us both!!!! We love you and will miss you……………………….

  • Electric WR

    Thanks Fukasmom, Coach Wright deserves better than the folks on her blasting his name for not winning?
    If you notice, Allroads, Perkin, Mandown dont have anything to say anymore….crickets.
    Of course, their argument is that “its a blog, and I’ll say what I want.”
    Cant wait to see what they come back with now.

  • ManDown

    Electric WR,
    I never said he wasn’t a good guy. He isn’t a good coach is what I said. They guy doesn’t win games, he has good players over at SLZ, and he is on campus. No reason that SLZ shouldn’t be in the mix with winning league and competing in the playoffs. Sorry but in this case the truth hurts. I thought an all star game was is supposed to have the best players with the best coaches? By the looks of it this isn’t really a all star team or staff.

  • FUKASMOM Wright should have done way better with the athletes he had. Your son with the other 2 polys alone were studs & thats all that I’m metioning there were others. 6-4 & no play-offs in a 16 team brackett is not an all-start coach.

  • Electric WR

    How can you evaluate a coach when you are not a coach?
    Or, are/were you a coach? Where and when?
    How do you know good coaching? Let me guess, you’re a raiders fan, right?

  • ManDown

    Yes, I am a Raiders fan matter of fact! It doesn’t matter if I am a coach or not, any idiot can tell good coaching from bad coaching. Just like my Raiders, if you can’t win with all those good athletes then something is wrong with what you are running. Jacob Wright cannot win games with good players. Electric WR seems to believe thats not true when his record says other.

  • Electric WR

    “any idiot can tell good coaching from bad coaching.”
    Thats where you and I disagree. Any idiot can go on a blog and criticize HIGH SCHOOL coaches, it doesn’t mean that same idiot (mandown) can tell good coaching from bad coaching. It means your opinion is invalid. And yes, I know, you have the right to your opinion.

    Too bad they don’t have blogs to criticize whatever it is you do for a living. And if you are a raider fan, I could take a guess at what you do for a living.


    Wow!!!! Mandown I guess you didn’t know that your beloved Raiders came to our school and gave Coach Wright an award for his great coaching skills….but I guess the Raiders just do that for anybody! Yes we got robbed with the playoffs NCS letting in a school with a losing record 4-6 over us but we know it’s all politics and our coach and boys worked really hard to get there. That being said I really feel sorry for people who have to come on here and trash talk others just to feel good about themselves so I’ll pray for you.

  • ManDown

    You seem to think he is this great coach and I don’t. Good person but not a very good coach. The guy had one winning season out of four and still didn’t make the playoffs. Any idiot knows thats not good. I don’t know why you are so mad at that but its the truth and you know it. This is the same guy who has scholarship caliber athletes and still can’t win with them. Sorry but I know that there are teams with better records out in the bay that wish they can have the type of players he has.

  • Electric WR

    NEVER have I said he is great. I just dont think he deserves idiots like you blasting him for his record, when there is more to it than you could ever know (since I know you have never coached a minute in your life). You only come on here to criticize coaches and programs and you know it, and that’s why you are a coward.
    And please tell us, which, “teams with better records out in the bay that wish they can have the type of players he has.” Since you know so much.

  • Getting zeroed by Alameda with all those athletes is not a good job.

  • Oalfan


    1. Bod
    2. San Leandro
    3. Arroyo ( JB OAL)!!!
    4. Hayward
    5. Tennyson
    6. San Lorenzo
    7. Mt. Eden
    8. Castro Valley

  • Perkin I’ll take that as a compliment ! The gsbe was actuly closer than hthe score indicates. Keep’in it real SLZ dropped alot of big passes.

  • It is a compliment. Good job to you guys. Your coach should be coaching the All-star game over coach Wright. You have been to the play-offs 2 out of the last 3 years he has never been.

  • Thanks Perkin

  • Electric WR

    Perkin (or, mandown),
    1. If Coach Wright wins the all-star game, does that give him instant credibility? Careful, the answer could come back to haunt you.
    2. I wonder what would happen if you coached the all-star game. you talk like you could do better.
    3. I’ll ask again, what is your point? Do you think Coach Wright should be fired?

    I bet your answer is something like:
    I can blog all I want, its my opinion
    He has good athletes
    look at his record

    We have heard it all before, just answer my questions, critic.

  • Marcus

    This is gonna be a great game to watch the players perform, not by how the coaches perform

  • ManDown

    It won’t give him any credibility winning an all star game. I hope he does win this all star game because this is the side I’m rooting for. I bet if he wins you will be on here acting like he won the state championship. Either he should be fired or he needs to step his game up by giving his kids a good chance of winning and competing in the playoffs. The teams SLZ plays aren’t really good except SL, every other team on that schedule is very beatable.

  • Electric WR

    Mandown and Perkin,
    I have news for you. Someone WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY smarter than you picked Coach Wright to be the coach. Find out who that was, and direct all of your sissyfied comments to them. I’m done. I’ll see you on here in August when all of the predictions start rolling out and you, once again, begin to criticize hard working coaches. You’re gutless.

  • jp lose

    Fellas I think you guys are missing the point. The question isnt if coach wright wins game even though that helps. It’s if he is getting his kids college scholarships. that should be the goal of every highschool coach.If not then alot of these guys need to be fired. Not sure of coach wright’s record far as getting kids scholarships can someone elaborate on that?

  • KillerD

    Who is the starting qb for cc and ac?

  • ManO’War

    It’s the players in the game that count – what are they made of? Can they bring the A game, can they bring anything for that matter. Big crowd last year, this should be good entertainment no matter what, and an oasis of football in the summer to whet the appetite. Always good to see players performing at a high level, no matter who the coach. The coaches are to be commended for spending the time. It’s not like they’re out there trying to lose or goof somebody up. Look for the good things, you’ll find them – can’t wait for the game.

  • piedmontfan

    ac starting QB Cormac Craigie from Piedmont
    cc starting QB Tommy Stephens from Campo

  • Larry Saltolamachia

    I would have had Barry Ford coach the AlCo team. What you think about him Perkin?

  • calprepshater

    YOU guys hear the castlemont player from 07 that went to cal by the name of christopher little jr was kicked off the cal team earleier this week, SMDH.. tedford is terrible

  • allroads


    Is Barry Ford a head coach. I looked for him on maxpreps. He wasn’t listed.

  • piratefaaan

    Oalfan, every year people rank bod over sl in the haal. but every year sl always comes up on top. what happened to bod last year? slz did better than them matter of fact they beat bod too. we all know sl is going to end up winning league again. watch out for other teams such as slz, arroyo, and hayward though.

    1. San Leandro
    2. SLZ
    3/4. Hayward/ Arroyo
    5.Castro Valley
    6. BOD
    7. Tennyson
    8. Mt.Eden

  • lb050nit

    I have Arroyo coming in 1st in HAAL. Arroyo, S.L., BOD, Hayward, Castro Valley, SLz, Tennyson, Mt. Eden,

  • Marcus

    Wow Arroyo coming in first huh?…thats whats up. 1st place for a 1st year coach is pretty amazing if it happens..

  • Coach Trot

    League champe 5 out of the last 6 yrs… With 3 in a row for sl and still not favored to win league in some circles????Gotta love it..

  • What did Chris Little do to get kicked off the team??