Contra Costa 31, Alameda 26

Just got home from a pretty good Contra Costa-Alameda All Star Classic football game at Las Lomas High. The Contra Costa team scored 31 in the first half and then held on to beat Alameda County 31-26. Hopefully my story made it into tomorrow’s paper, but for now, I’ll give you the box score because I know that won’t be in there. Hopefully we’ll get that in on Tuesday. Here ya go.

Contra Costa-Alameda All Star Classic
Contra Costa 31, Alameda 26

 Alameda 6 0 14 6— 26

 Contra Costa 14 17 0 0— 31

 CC — Morgan 69 pass from Gorton (Morgan kick)

 CC — Henderson 14 interception return (Morgan kick)

AC — Wilson 7 run (kick failed)

CC — Morgan 36 FG

CC — Henderson 51 pass from Morgan (Morgan kick)

CC — Henderson 19 pass from Stephens (Morgan kick)

AC — Ner 1 run (Casteneda kick)

AC — Andrada 37 pass from Willis (Casteneda kick)

AC — Puamau 13 run (run failed)


Rushing: AC Wilson 5-61, Willis 7-30, Tupouata 5-17, Puamau 2-15, Brown-Ryan 3-9, Lovett 6-8, Ner 3-1, Craigie 1-(-3), Castro 1-(-13). Totals 33-125.CC Gorton 6-19, Malley 5-16, Mccoy 5-14, Porschet 4-7, Ray 1-6, Patolo 1-4, McSwine 1-1, Stephens 1-(-8). Totals 24-59.

Passing: AC Craigie 2-11-1 16, Willis 4-7-0 106. Totals 6-18-1 122.CC Stephens 2-8-1 36, Gorton 6-11-0 113, Morgan 1-1-0 51. Totals 9-20-1 200.

Receiving: AC Jones 2-53, Castro 2-25, Andrada 1-37, Lovett 1-7.CC Henderson 3-87, Slocum 3-30, Morgan 1-69, Raciti 1-15, McSwine 1-(-1).

Fumbles/lost: Alameda 1/0, Contra Costa 0/0.

Ben Enos

  • Footballfanatic

    I was at the Cal Full Contact Camp, where O’dowd looked like they were playing with a chip on their shoulder. They dominated Berkeley High in the scrimmage


    any predictions 4 the haal
    who has the inside track
    on the championship

  • All Day

    The OAL and SF section should be included in the NCS and CCS playoffs for Football and Baseball or any other sport where there is no State championship format. They should be allowed to remain their own independent section if they choose to remain that way.
    Footballfanatic O’dowd, Rodriguez(Fairfield), and Centininal(Baskersfield) were the best performing teams at the Cal camp.

  • renegades10

    the oal section would do just fine in NCS in all sports regardless. the only difference being instead of being a league champ and going to straight NorCals they would have to go through a section tournament too. but given the fact that their teams have won norcal titles especially in basketball i think they could hold their own in section. the San Fran section is another matter.

  • ManDown

    If the OAL joins the NCS then they will have to follow NCS rules. Some of players wouldn’t be eligible to play and that could be a problem for some schools in the OAL. But it would be great to see that happen. I would love to see those OAL school be apart of NCS.

  • norcalfball

    definately can compete in basketball…but football is really a year by year basis…some years they would some years they would get only the league champ in…mac this year could no doubt compete at a high level in ncs d1…wouldn’t win it but would be competitive…

    but dont see them competing in soccer, baseball, volleyball, swimming, etc…

    i think the best would be to compete in ncs for basketball and football…but like mandown said would have to adhere to stricter grade requirements…but then again everyone has their own grade options…

    for instance in the EBAL most if not all the teams can use get out of jail free cards to all of a sudden become eligible no matter the grades…i know for the most part these kids get good grades i know SRV is always one of the highest in the state for their football team…but i am sure 1 or 2 kids a year are benefiting from this when other schools may not have the same options…i believe they can only use this once per year, but if you are a 1 sport athlete then always safe…i know some other schools that have to go by the 2.0 requirements no iff’s and’s or butt’s about it…this is something that is not advertised otherwise NCS would probably take some heat for certain schools having more leniancy…

  • Spartan83

    Way to go Donovan! Making us Spartan fans proud! We will miss you this coming season. Best of luck in Arizona!

    #2’s dad

  • DONPRIDE”asst”

    lol lol I agree but don’t for get that the OAL is a up and done league this year Mack next Castlemont then Fremont so it all dependes on the year.
    Now Alameda played a good game but there was alot of crying going on “to physical” and WE had 5 starts missing because of vacation !!! But watch out for the baby Dons they will come to play.


  • jp lose

    Mac will dominate the Oal this year they have a huge line and very good athletes they have looked very good at several passing leagues. I would love to see this years squad play in the NcS would be interesting too bad that won’t happen but in future i beleive OAL will join the rest of the EBay and play in NCS it’s just time.

  • Oalfan

    Finally someone agrees with me (JP Lose) you know what you are talking about. MACK would run the table if they were in the NCS.

  • Oalfan

    ( Man Down ) You don’t know what you are talking about. The OAL follows the same CIF rules when it comes to eligibility as the NCS.

  • DonPride, You are correct the Alameda/Arroyo game was a good one, very competitive and physical. I do believe we were just as physical as any team out there, and as for the crying, and the 5 starters missing , I don’t know what thats all about. Our RB Cunningham dished out some pretty physical play and was the recipient of some also, and I didn’t hear a word from him. He just lined back up and played ball. I appreciate the physical game you guys brought, it helps our guys get a feel for what to expect. Good luck this season and maybe we’ll see eachother somewhere down the road.

    Coach Cunningham

  • ManDown

    Yes, I’m sure you guys follow the same rules. It’s so many bad things happening inside that league. Not anybody’s fault but the OAL commish for letting that league get out of hand.

  • renegades10

    I don’t know that Mack would run the table in NCS…

  • norcalfball

    yeah gets annoying no offense when every year some team spouts out about running ncs and dominating everyone…when nobody beats DLS…

    one year it is monte vista, the next encinal, then berkeley, then etc. etc, etc…

    please people stop saying you would run the table in NCS especially not until DLS loses a East Bay game…

    i am not a DLS fan and would love to see an east bay team beat them, but until that happens they are year and year out the best team…

    mack is no doubt loaded this year, but again when is the last time mack beat a legitimate NCS D1 team…while they may be able to this year it is silly to talk the trash when the history just isn’t there…carter had some real good teams when he was there, but still DLS would have beaten them.

  • c.sparks

    mack run NCS? i can only see them winning divsion 4? but 1,2,3 NO WAY!

  • Oalfan

    Carter did have have some great teams with Tatum Ward and Hill. All went on to play in top Div 1 programs.

    DLS would never schedule a top team from the OAL because of the superior athletes.

    (#65 Norcalfball) MACK plays the NCS powerhouse Pitt this year so make sure you are back on this Blog after the game…

  • pitt-HIGH

    man the OAL is weak….lol…i got luv for my boys that played in the OAL, but come on now bruh…i finished at pitt in 94…we were the last team to beat DLS….but anyways…on this Mack tip..mack is not going to run nothing…all that talent they may have will mean nothing if you cant coach them…we play mack this year and watch what happens…they r not going to beat us…and who cares about passing league…lol..lol..last year they said they were going to take the OAL just like Tech said they were going to take it.. and look what happen…that green team won it all…and when we were at that weak championship game it looked like tech had a better team..so my question is to you guys, is it better to have all the talent in the world or better to have a good coach and staff to teach the kids….cuz we all went to that silverbowl game last year and it looked like the other team only had that big kid tech couldnt to stop…but what happen they got out coached….to my OAL friends ya know i got luv for you guys…lol..lol….

  • Kids have to show up to be coached. Can’t put it all on the coaching staffs. The OAL has it worse then any other league or area by far. I heard MAC didn’t show up to a Passing League game last week, didn’t hear any reasons, but it doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to figure not enough kids showed up that day. Its probably part of the reason Barnes left Castlemont & part of the reason Culberson left MAC. Just my guess but I hear that league really has it bad.

  • Marcus Reed

    Its very true about the silver bowl game. I cant lie, when I saw the roster and all the players on the sideline for Tech, I thought Tech was gonna destroy Fremont. Fremont had only ONE main guy and Tech had about 3 D1 athletes. They both ran the same offense and they both couldnt pass at all. So it came down to the run and no one couldnt stop Concrete from running the ball.

    Yes every year the OAL has different winners every year, but they also have issues when it comes to players. Mac is loaded and I would love to see Mac in the NCS but I dont know if its gonna happen.

  • Coach Mac

    The reason that Mack didn’t play in the laney passing league last week is because Laney did not forward the revised schedule to us. Our time went from 8:00p to 6:00 p.

  • jp lose

    I dnt beleive mac would run the table in Ncs or necesarily beat DSL I think it would be intersting to see how they did in the tournament . I also think DSL time is coming. they’ll lose to an east bay team soon here real soon. Kids not flocking out there like in the past. Mack pittsburgh game ought to be a good one looking forward to that one. alot of good athletes in that one. Div 1 prospects also.

  • Oalfan

    (#68 Pitt _ High) Why would you take a shot a Coach Mac and his staff?

    Are you saying that the OAL Coaches are not experienced to coach their players?

    For the record every coach in the OAL has either played in the NFL or coached at a college level.

  • Coach MAC do you have dedicated group of kids that show up to 90% practices?

  • Coach Mac

    We have kids that come to work every day. They understand that to get better at this game you must pay the price. I don’t tollerate missed practices.

  • Coach Mac

    #68 Pitt Coach

    Thank you I used your blog as motivation for my team. Keep um coming.

  • ManDown

    Coach Mac,
    All of your players show up everyday? Wow! Thats amazing and I hope you guys keep it up and good luck this year. Do you really think that you will beat Pitt?

    How does Encinal look this year? Someone said earlier on the blog that they had a camp with Castro Valley. What do they look like now that they lost Duckett?

  • Well you heard it hear first MACs coaching staff is taking all the heat for McClymonds possibly underachieving. He says he has a dedicated group of kids that are always at practice. We all heard they have a lot of good returners this year so if they’re trash can’t blame it on the players.

    Kind of weird cuz I heard that MAC isn’t at any contact camps this summer because they’re players can’t be relied on. They usually do a couple. I stand corrected.

    Hey coach you have a lot of integrity to say that. Good Luck to you.

  • Coach Mac


    I go into each and every game to win. I don’t care who it is. I don’t know and can never predict the outcome of any game. That is TBD.


    We are in contact camps. I’ve never heard that we are no reliable. We just won the 7 on 7 tournament at CCC as well as the Big Man Challenge.

  • What camps you doing Coach Mac? I heard you weren’t going back to Marin Catholic’s this summer.

  • Oalfan

    (#78 PERKIN)

    Are you trying to say if MACK dosen’t win this year that it is going to be the Coaches fault?

  • Coach Mac

    There is a new coach at Marin Catholic and we were not invited.

    We will go to the CCC Camp.

  • I said if they underachieve. Yes then the coaches are terrible. He says his guys are there everyday. They’re loaded with talent. They should be very good. The same wrap I give Coach Wright. Everybody I talk to says he has kids at his practices & work-outs everyday. He should be better.

    ON the flip side I hear Fremont High barely had 7-8 kids at Spring Ball. I hear they just barley started showing up when Passing League started. You can’t blame the coaches for them underachieving. Coach Mac says he doesn’t tolerate misses but what are you gonna do if only 7-8 kids show to practice. Cancel your program? OAL makes each team have a minimum of 20 kids are the roster too play a game.

  • Oalfan

    #83 PERKIN

    Thanks for explaining you have a valid point… I guess it is up to Coach Mac and his staff to get his Boys ready.

  • norcalfball

    to OALfan…i will be the first won to congratulate you if they knock off pitt..if they do they are legit NCS team..if they don’t well they aren’t…and still got to remember even by beating pitt it doesn’t mean you would run through NCS…how did pitt do vs DLS last year…

    so like i said…mac is loaded and good luck this season…but don’t say you will run through NCS until you are running though DLS…because sorry to say they are NCS…as much as we all hate to admit it, i know i do…

  • norcalfball

    interasting non league schedules out there this year…glad to see some top teams playing each other…
    looks like based on teams who have posted schedules this is the top 5 ranking based on last years cal preps ratings…

    #1 DLS
    #2 Pitt
    #3 Washington (tied with foothill)
    #3 Foothill
    #5 SRV

    should make for a very interasting year…interasting note washington is D2 now, but playing a D1 schedule…

    anybody know who MV has besides granite bay? (could be on list but dont know other non league games)
    how about cal high, deer valley, san leandro?

    probably only other teams that would play a top notch schedule like those.

  • renegades10

    MV is playing Serra, didn’t know they were playing GB though.

  • Coach Trot

    San Leandro has Bellermane prep on the road.
    Logan @ home
    Chavez on the road for Preseason..

  • Oalfan

    #86 Norcalfball

    What would happen if Bob Ladouceur took over at MACK?

  • southallstar

    @pantherfan, as a player that played in this years allstar game, i feel we were outchoached. it seems like coach wright was favoring certain players. i as a player started, but was taken out after our qb threw a pick. i didnt touch the field after that. The logan qb was a real playmaker for us, and should have played more downs. we had no real offensive scheme, basically run left, right, and pass. Overall it was my not what i want my final football game to be remembered as

  • Warrior Jacket

    Berkeley HS is scheduled to play Pittsburg,Freedom, Marin Catholic and Oakland HS for their nonleague schedule.

  • Warrior Jacket

    Berkeley will also be at the CCC contyact camp.

  • concrete17

    All the talk about the OAL and the NCS is just talk because the OAL does not want to be any part of the NCS just as the San Francisco section does not want to be any part of the CCS. The OAL Commissioner Michael Moore Sr has made it very clear he wants the League separate and hence on an equal footing with the NCS when it comes to playoffs.

    In an article in the Tribune by Katy Murphy, 8/18/08 there is a complete layout of Commissioner Moore’s position on the OAL’s participation in NorCal Prep sports. I believe there was another debate and vote this past fall 2009 in which both the SF section and OAL section voted to remain independent.

  • Oalfan

    The OAL should stay a league and Join the NCS!

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I’ll chime in quickly to say that the OAL staying together as a league and joining the NCS isn’t really an option. The NCS meets to realign every four years with enrollments playing a big role in how league are set up and there’s no way a league with schools of Division I enrollment (Skyline, Oakland Tech) would stay in a league with a Division IV enrollment school (McClymonds). Chances are Skyline, Tech and Oakland would stay together and maybe join with other bigger schools such as Berkeley, Alameda, maybe even reunite with former OAL member San Leandro. I could see Castlemont, Fremont and Mack staying together and joining some of your smaller schools like Encinal, Piedmont, etc.

  • Not necessarily how things always go during realignment. Look at B-high they can’t get out of the ACCAL to save their lives & they can never seem to break up the HAAL no matter how hard they try.

  • concrete17

    Jimmy Durkin……..as an Oakland Prep writer what do you see as the advantages/disadvantages of the OAL to remain as its own section in the CIF and advantages/disadvantages to becoming a league within the NCS?

    At the very least the SF section should merge with the Oakland section. Having these two cities be their own sections seems to be a relic of a time long past.

  • EBfootball

    Didn’t the OAL lose all their games to NCS teams last year? The OAL is the only league that calls their non-league games “pre-season” games. The don’t take thasw games seriously because they really don’t mean Jack for their playoffs. So of course kids don’t show up til school starts.

    Joining the NCS would force Oakland to step their game up. Their is so much talent out
    here it’s amazing but also so much underachieving.

    Also, in my research, the only one who benefits from the OAL being a section is the OAL section Commissioner. If the OAL joins the North Coast Section he loses his job.


    if u do the research follow the money trail somebody pockets are getting fat nothing is done without money being the reason the OAL needs 2 b dissolve

  • Coach Murph

    I think Mac is going to be good and they would do good in the NCS. Coach MCCauley is a good coach and he has a good staff. And they have the talent. Marcus Peters is a beast. I think the OAL should stay a league and compete in the NCS. I graduated from OHIGH in 94 and we were the Ranked #2 behind De La in Football and #2 Behind ODOWD in baseball. And never got to compete in the NCS. So we could not really show how good we were because we did have a chance to compete against all the top schools.