CIF establishes new bowl selection criteria

The California Interscholastic Federation announced today that it is changing the way it selects teams for the state Bowl series in football, switching from strict enrollment-based guidelines to match section alignments. Here’s the link to the press release.


Here’s what this means in layman’s terms. Remember two years ago when Clayton Valley played Cardinal Newman for the NCS Division II title? If Clayton had won, it would have had to apply for the Division I state bowl game because of its enrollment (Div. II for NCS, Div. I for state) and, they most likely would’ve lost out for the bid to De La Salle. Now, that won’t happen.

I think this simplifies the process a little, and leaves fewer questions when it comes down to the end of the season. Feel free to sound off on the topic.

Ben Enos

  • birdeyeview

    they should of done this the 08 ENCINAL YEAR. But great rule to finally put in play

  • NorCalSportsFan

    The new process impacts each sectiuon differently. In NCS from what I understand, teams like Cardinal Newman and Novato which competed in D2 NCS playoffs, will now not opt to play up and play their enroillment division. This means D3 playoffs will be stronger with Cardinal Newman, Marin Catholic, Novato (believe D3 by enrollment now), Encinal (believe may be D3 by enrollment), Bishop ODowd….D1 will pretty much stay the same. D2 will open some opportunity for other publics with privates staying down. D4 no change.

    In effect, D3 may have better opportunity for a bowl bid due to impact to CCS D3 teams which playoff division puts them in D1 for state bowl. SJS section in D3 stays the same.

    NCS D2 may have tougher time of getting bowl bid with Northern Section D1 and D2 being grouped in state D2, and very strong SJS D2 with teams like Grant (now D2) and St Mary’s and many of Sierra Foothill league competitng in D2.

    D1 will be one bid with DLS the likely pick untill some team defeats them.

    Small school D4 will probably not change much.