P.A. announcers clinic on Saturday

Here’s a fun one for anyone that’s interested. The National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers is hosting a Football P.A. Announcers Clinic at De La Salle this Saturday (July 10) from 9 a.m. to noon. Raiders stadium announcer Gary Williams will be the clinician. Here’s the link for more info.


Ben Enos

  • sprtanfn

    let’s make sure the Monte Vista football announcer makes it there…we’ll help pay his registration fee.

  • mikeyb

    Ha, ha! I second that! That guy was the most bias, awful, unprofessional announcer that I’ve ever heard!

  • ebal fan 2

    Nobody needs this clinic more than the MV announcer. Classless and from what anybody can tell, proud of it. What is his name?

  • concrete17

    LOL…the MV announcer makes Ralph Barbieri and his Giant’s cheerleading look impartial by comparison

  • s1lverandgreen

    all right fellas, one of you foot the bill for this guy from MV? he most certainly would have benefited from this class!