Thompson/Perenon co-head coaches at Mt. Eden

Ron Thompson and Paul Perenon are back in the Hayward Area Athletic League once again.

Thompson was named as the new head coach for the Mt. Eden High football team last week, and he’ll be joined by Perenon, who will serve essentially as a co-head coach.
According to Mt. Eden athletic director Manuel Manzo, Thompson is the head coach and Perenon will be his assistant, at least on paper. But Thompson said they will treat the job as co-head coaches.
“Paul and myself took this job together and the school from the administration to (Manzo) has been nothing but supportive,” Thompson added. “There’s no doubt we can bring some good things out of this program.”
The duo will take over for George Mitsopoulos, who was not retained as the Monarchs head coach and athletic director in June. The Monarchs went 4-16 in two seasons under Mitsopoulos.
Thompson returns to Mt. Eden after serving as an assistant coach under Jesse Rodriguez in 2005-06. He was named the head coach at Hayward in 2006, but left abruptly without ever coaching a game. He has also coached at Granada and Las Lomas, but took last season off to care for his mother.
“This was a great opportunity for me to come back and help restore this program,” Thompson said. “I had a great time here as an assistant along with great success. We have a lot of work ahead of us and it will take some time.”
Perenon comes to the Monarchs after compiling a 209-75-2 record in 25 years as Bishop O’Dowd’s head coach. After his contract was not renewed for the 2010 season, he accepted a job as the quarterbacks coach at Piedmont. But, he let Highlanders coach Kurt Bryan know that if a head coaching opportunity opened up, he would pursue it.
“Having someone like (Perenon) here has been a big influence on the players,” Thompson said. “With his success at (O’Dowd), he brings a positive vibe on this field.”

Tony Gonsalez

  • Old School Pirate

    Would love to bro but I’m back in Texas.

  • EBfootball

    Charter schools are good for finances because they dont have to follow the same rules public schools do. This can be good or bad but corners can be cut financially. I believe Encinal isn’t going anywhere.

  • bhsfan

    when galvin was caught from behind by roberson he was still running on a bad ankle. he came out to track n march and almost made to the state meet. he ran 10.91 bet roberson wont catch him now lol, but he now wishes he wouldve ran track at an earlier age. not sure if too many players talked about on this blog has that breakaway speed like the 2 sprinters from freedom, the twins at granada, garrick from castro valley, marcus peters from mac, these kids have top notch speed.


    Bill Johnson welcome back! I have been waiting for you to get back on here. What is your breakdown of the OAL?

  • BOD alum ’97

    Coach P is a winner & so were we when he was our coach.

  • oalfan early prediction mack fremont tech o-high skyline castlemont. but sadly i c another down year for the oal don’t believe they’ll have a team ranked n the top 15 eastbay wen it’s all said n done like last year.

  • fluffer coach trot dont get ur panties n a bunch i c u guys losin 2 bellarmine by 3 td’s but u should run the table after that cuz logan is rite up ur alley a team who can’t or won’t throw the ball jus like the rest of the haal. probably get an ncs 8th seed play an ebal team an bow out.

  • FootballFan

    Thompson was also a coach at Acalanes… I don’t know why the story didn’t mention it but he turned that program around as well. They went to something like 6 straight NCS playoffs after never having been before around 2002-2006

  • mt. eden player

    If you really want to know the real deal with what is going on at Mt. Eden, check it out at 345pm at Mt. Eden High. Check out all the drama that goes on between Ron Thompson, Paul Perenon and Dan Lloyd with the football players.

  • Mt. Eden needs drama- under achievers for years- Coach P. will change that, along with Ron Thompson- those guys coached and played on some very successful teams.
    Football is sacrifice, no one said pratice was any fun. If you don’t like drama, quit.

  • What drama goes on at Mt. Eden?? Don’t tell me they argue in front of the kids & these guys are going in 3 separate directions. Co-Head Coaches might be 1 Chief too many.


    Drama at Mt Eden …

    I know both Coach Thompson and Coach Perenon well. They were brought in to change the direction of the football program there. YoMama is dead on with the “under achievers for years” take. I will bet that some of the players wanted the situation at ME to remain the same as it has been since Coach Rodriguez and Coach Thompson left after the ’07 season. No way were Thompson and Perenon going to go with status quo. The administration believed, correctly, that the program needed new direction with experienced, veteran, mature and successful adults providing appropriate guidance and leadership.

    The players need to get on board with the new direction. The hold over coaches from the previous staff must also show maturity and follow suit (or respectfully leave for other opportunities).

    I have talked to both Thompson and Perenon. Don’t be misled by the misinformed or those who are unhappy with the new direction of ME football. Both Thompson and Perenon are ON THE SAME PAGE with their vision and approach for this football program and its players. Behavior, academic integrity (attendign classes, achieving at an acceptable level in school),self discipline, attendance at all practices, playing with class and pride will become the benchmarks for evaluating Mt. Eden football under Thompson and Perenon. These two men (along with Dan Lloyd and the lower level staff) are committed to getting it done the right way. And they have the full support of the administration.

    My hope for Mt Eden is that the players who truly want to “play football” in high school come to value and appreciate what these new coaches will bring and get over the “drama”. My opinion is that having both Thompson and Perenon in charge could not be better for Mt Eden, its players, its football program and the entire school community. No Perkin, co-head coaches is just right for this situation. Might not be the best fit for all situations, but, just right for this one at Mt Eden. Give it time.

  • berryzito

    Ron Thompson coached Acalanes to 5 straight NCS SEMIFINAL games, the only other school to do that during those years was DLS. Ron is a great coach and he will turn the program around at MT.E. He won more games at acalanes in 5 years, than the 20 years before at aca.

  • Monarch 4 Life!

    What is actually going on at Mt.Eden? What “drama” are you talking about? The coaches aren’t getting along? The players ain’t listening to Perenon? Thompson?? There are coaches from the previous staff that were fired & brought back? It all sounds like a soap opera.

    Or is the real question can Thompson handle our “types” of athlete. Maybe it’s time to head back home to Acalanes. My boy is in 8th grade & Logan is looking a lot more attractive than my school. But, I’m not going to have him become a victim of a soap opera.


    Monarch 4 Life …

    I would suggest that you re-read my previous post and the post from YoMama.

    The coaches hired by the current athletic director and administration are all on the same page. It is the responsibility of the players to follow the directives of the coaches. It is apparent that what had been going on at Mt Eden in football the past few seasons was anything less than acceptable (see YoMama’s post) and changes needed to be made.
    Coaches from the previous staff, in fact, walked out when they were not given the job. Thompson offered them the opportunity to return and join the new staff. It is up to those coaches to get on board with the direction Thompson and Perenon are taking the program in, not anything else.

    I am curious, Monarch 4 Life. What are your “types”of athletes? I would hope that they are kids who want to play football, show up every day to practice and improve their skills, listen to what the coaches are directing them to do, then go do what it is they are asked to do with an attitude relevant to playing football. Keep it simple: let the coaches who were brought in to change the direction of the program do their job. Sometimes programs need to be restructured and the kids need a new approach with new standards and expectations established for them. Mt Eden has seriously underachieved in the recent past. Both Thompson and Perenon KNOW SUCCESS. But, more importantly, they know how to ACHIEVE SUCCESS. You are fortunate to have them at Mt Eden. The changes will not take place over night. But, the future for Mt Eden football is much brighter with the new staff and the new direction under Thompson and Perenon. This is no soap opera. It is what usually happens when there is resistance to change. Have faith. Both these guys are proven winners.

  • Monarch 4 Life!

    I was told Thompson quit as the Hayward High head coach after the players wouldn’t follow his directives. So, if he’s having trouble again with Hayward kids then this would be the 2nd time it’s happened. The kids from Acalanes are different from our kids. We are a working blue collar city. They live in a city where no one knows what it’s like to ride the AC Transit.

    How in the heck did Mt.Eden’s administration hire Thompson as the head coach when they knew he quit a similar post? What background check did they do? Did they even know about it? Perenon should have been the easy choice. I don’t understand the co-head thing.

    Hold over coaches acting immature? Who are they & why would they be brought back if they were immature? Seems like another bad decisin made by??? Thompson? Perenon? Lloyd? Admin? I don’t get it.


    Monarch 4 Life!

    Could the situation at Mt Eden be that the players are not responding to the coaching changes and coaching styles of the new coaches? Looking at recent past results at Mt Eden in football might suggest that the players need to be open and receptive to what the new coaches are bringing. The statement about Hayward kids, a blue collar community and AC Transit amount to excuses for the failures that have occurred in the program prior to this coaching change. The approach and attitude that has existed at Mt Eden in football spoke loudly that a change was necessary – both a change in football culture and leadership and a change in the manner in which the players approached the sport of football.

    What does Mt Eden want in its football program? We all know what has been the accepted standard over the past few years – underachieving, as YoMama put it. I would also speculate that the underachieving went deeper than just football wins and lossess. Change is difficult. Change can be uncomfortable. Making changes can be unpopular. But this program has underachieved. The talent level does not reflect the win-loss record. How do the players do in school? What is their behavior like on campus? Do they treat each other with respect? I would suggest to you that all of these components in a high school sports program will be addressed with new standards and expectations established under the new coaches. That is what I would hope for if my child was playing football at mt Eden!

    I would be less concerned with what transpired between Thompson and Hayward HS. I would be more concerned about supporting the coaches at Mt Eden. I also suggest that, had the players and staff at Hayward supported Coach Thompson, the Hayward program might be further along today, considering Coach Thompsons’ string of successes at his previous schools. Maybe a few NCS wins and another banner?

    Have you actually gone over to Mt Eden and had some communication with the new coaches? I would encourage you to dialogue with Thompson and Perenon, look them in the eyes and feel their passion and commitment to this program and to the kids at Mt Eden. Many of your questions would then be answered!

  • Monarch 4 Life!

    I am an alum. I want Mt.Eden to be successful. But my son is my son. I will not send him into a situation next year where the coaches & kids are not on the same page just b/c I went to school there. Logan seems to be a better place to go for a good experience in football,track,& especially academics. Mt.Eden has changed a lot & not for the better. I think I have no choice but to move him. Good luck on the season EB.


    Monarch 4 Life!

    To make Mt Eden football a better place, a better experience and to change the culture is why the admin brought in the new coaches. I respect that you have to do what you have to do. I believe that Coaches Thompson and Perenon will make Mt Eden a better situation. Like I have stated in previous posts, it will take time. The fact that we are on this blog talking about Mt Eden is evidence that good things are happening there. Just remember the condition of the football program when the new coaches came in. I trust that these new coaches will make it better, although the process will take time and will probably involve more difficulties before it gets better. The kids that do remain and choose to be involved in football at Mt Eden will be on the same page with the coaches. That is a given!

  • HAAL Fan

    EB FB FAN is 100% correct in his perception of the team and the direction the program is headed in. I refuse to allow anyone to believe my former head coach, Jesse Rodriguez, was anything but a winner. He just had teams that didn’t buy in to the core character values he was trying to instill in his players. The same values that are being urged upon by these new coaches. How quickly everyone forgets that my team in 2006-2007 went 8-2 (7-1 in league) and there were two things different on that team than any other recent Mt. Eden team before it, kids who bought into what being a “Monarch” under Coach Rod meant and RON THOMPSON! That man is defensively “sharp” to say the least. ALL HE DOES IS WIN! You can line kids up in positions to be successful, you can design fool-proof schemes, and you can even sub in packages so that your players are never physically outmatched on the field. BUT, at the end of the day, it’s gonna take the acquired moral character taken from a program AND the acquired skill set from a program TOGETHER to rack up victories, on and off the field. THAT is what these new coaches are all about and nobody can convince me otherwise.


    Bravo HAAL Fan!!

    I am with you 100% regarding Coach Rod – a great coach, motivator and leader for Mt Eden. What happened after he left? How did it fall so far off the path in just two years? Why can’t the holdover coaches get on board with Thompson and Perenon? You hit another nail squarely on the head with your take on the new coaches. These men KNOW WHAT IT TAKES to get it done. Shame on the players, parents and other holdover coaches who are trying to hang on to what went on since Coach Rod left. I have been told that some players would rather have the Mt Eden program stay a mess than do what Thompson and Perenon are asking them to do to get better and improve. For example, I have heard that some players who are in severe academic difficulty are “boycotting” study halls set up on Wednesdays and Thursdays by Thompson and Perenon. What is that about? Hopefully, Monarch 4 Life does not mean to suggest that blue collar Hayward kids don’t need extra help with their academics and that Thompson does not understand them when they make the decision to skip study hall.

    Thank you, HAAL Fan, for putting the final stamp on what is really going on as Thompson and Perenon work to change the culture at Mt Eden and return the football program to the standards and values established by Coach Rod. It will take time, but EVERYONE at Mt Eden should be rejoicing that they have Thompson and Perenon there to create a positive and winning environment!

  • Monarch 4 Life!

    Rodriguez was not a winner at Mt.Eden. Overall, he lost more games than he won. One season does not make you a winner. Coach Benevidez was a winner. Back in the mid-80s his hoop teams were among the best in Northern California. My senior year we went 34-1. No one could touch us. Benevidez was an old school general Patton. That’s what these kids need now.


    Monarch 4 Life!

    You should evaluate Coach Rodriguez more on what he accomplished to get Mt Eden to 8-2 in ’06 than his overall win-loss record. He brought stability, values and a higher set of standards to a marginally successful football program. The kids did respond to him.

    BTW, Thompson and Perenon bring just what you believe “… these kids need now”.

  • Monarch 4 Life!

    General Patton never quit.

  • Monarch 4 Life!

    Rodriguez may have done well that year, but every time I checked their record at the end of the season they were under .500. I don’t know him, maybe he was a likeable person and inspired kids but please, Rodriguez was not a winner on the field. Benevidez was a winner. He was disliked by some but he had their respect and he motivated them to win, Check out his track record at Mt.Eden Benavidez won in every sport that he coached. They need to find Benevidez and hire him. I would pay to see that.

  • HAAL Fan

    Coach Benevidez is, and always will be, a Mt. Eden legend. It is unfair to take those standards and apply them to another program. There’s only a handful of coaches in any of the bay area’s sports programs in the past thirty years who live up to those standards. Coach Rod may not have been turning out 8 and 9 win seasons every year but he won more games in his stint there than any number of coaches before him besides … BENEVIDEZ himself. You went to school there in the 90’s, you know what Mt. Eden football used to represent. Coach’s biggest obstacle is the same obstacle that these new, quality coaches are trying to hurdle today. They’re trying to change the culture of a school that is used to doing things THE WRONG WAY. After Rod left, I never would’ve imagined that the program would’ve nosedived like it did. But, a couple of wrong guys in a couple of right spots turns any ideal situation into a disaster. It’s hard to believe how people would want to cling to a frame of mind that brought so much despair to a program. Monarch 4 Life! I do understand your will to win and competitive spirit, seeing as how it was fostered by a great coach such as Benevidez, but trust me, as a fellow Mt. Eden alum, these coaches teach the same thing that he did. Maybe not as well, but not many others ever will do it as well as he did.

  • Don Juan

    Mt.Eden is weak. They lost every game last year, and from the sounds of it they gonna lose every game this year and the next. Maybe they can ask to move down into the Crusaders’ PAL league.

  • Don Juan

    OALFAN, you don’t know a damn thing about High school ball. You picked Mt.Eden to finish in 4th place? They’re goin to finish like 12th in a 9 team league. AAAAAHAHHAHHAHAHA!

  • M Daddy

    Arroyo talks way too much for a 1-1 team.

  • Speed Coach

    Arroyo is now 1-2. Maybe they’ll learn to just close their mouth & play football.

  • Lewelling Lou

    Well whaddya know Arroyo gets beat 35-20 by Newark Memorial. Weren’t you just talking trash about how Alameda got beat 59-10 to O’Dowd? Well, Alameda beat Newark Memorial? So what do you have to say now for your Arroyo Dons? Is 2010 still the year of the Dons? I guess we’ll find out this week when you play the Dragons. Give us another one of those sure-fire predictions.

  • Don Juan

    Arroyo 34 Bishop O’Dowd 21. I guarantee it.