30 Questions to Kickoff coming soon

Alright everyone, with the calendar about to turn to August, it’s time to dust off the old blog feature that everyone seems to like, 30 Questions to Kickoff.

This year, Jimmy Durkin and I will answer 30 questions relating to the upcoming football season. And, as became our custom last year, we’d like to open things up to our readers. We’ll get started with our first question early next week, so you have basically until this weekend to post the questions you want answered. We’ll do our best to incorporate some of them, and sprinkle in a couple of our own as well.

So, if you’ve got a question about the upcoming football season, throw it out there. We’ll post our first question/answer early next week.

Ben Enos

  • football_fan926

    how do you think yv will do know that chris turner is gone? and how good you think yv is gonna be with their new head coach?

  • junior

    I would like to hear how the change for the CIF state bowl games will impact NCS teams.

  • East Bay FB Coach

    Like every year, what teams will be the biggest surprises.

  • s1lverngreen

    who are your predicted NCS champs for this year? (by division please!)

  • KillerD

    What teams will shock in good ways and what teams will shock in floundering ways?

  • CHALKtalk

    How in the hell do we get in that close door meeting during the play-off selection

  • EBfootball

    What needs to be done to get the OAL to join the NCS?

  • KillerD

    I love question number 5 posted by CHALKtalk.

    We have better odds of winning the Lotto than penetrating those gates!!!!!!!!!

  • outside observer

    Chalktalk- It seems to me that the seeding committee did jsut fine last year. D1 1 seed won, D2 teams 1-4 were in semis team 4 won championship, D3 1,2,3 &12 in semis 1 vs 2 championship D4 this one was a little off teams 3,7,9,& 12 with 7 seed as champ D5 teams 1,2,3,&4
    1 vs 2 in championship I think they can manage without your input. IMO

  • Coach Trot

    Hey Man…

    Just keep hittin the f5 (refresh button)on the playoff website to see If and where your team is at in the offs..LOL..

    Thats Gangsta..

  • #1 Prep football Fan

    What breakout player is flying under the radar right now?

  • ManDown

    Encinal RB Jonathon Allen. He was a good one last year and look for him to have a big year.

  • outside observer

    What would it take to move toward a true state chmpionship? How do we get a playoff with North vs South?

  • CHALKtalk

    #9 outside observer
    you think becuz the playoffs turned out like the powers that be wanted it, they were fair”not” High school football has become big business and the new “ENRON”
    RESIDES ON ACOSTA BLVD. break up the leagues so the top 2 or 3 teams make the offs. NO WAY a 5and 5 ebal team makes the offs over an 8and 2 team ARE they handing out no bid contracts on ACOSTA BLVD also.

  • outside observer

    Not sure what “ENRON” or “ACOSTA BLVD” have to do with NCS palyoffs.
    How do you propose playoff teams are chosen? School colors and mascots?
    Again to me it seems that the top teams won. I just took a quick look abck and the top teams have won the past 4 years. So what do you suggest reversing the seeding?

  • CHALKtalk

    North Coast Section, CIF
    12925 Alcosta Blvd. Suite 8
    San Ramon, CA 94583
    Enron cooked the books remember
    are you a book cooker if so do you prefer paperbacks or hardcover

  • joe

    chalk talk,

    who did NCS screw from playoffs last year?

    they bumped it to 16 teams to let the most teams in, San Lorenzo got screwed in D2. But in D1 only 16 teams met the qualifications to make playoffs so all 16 got in

  • spartanfan

    Yeah, and that DLS vs. American game was incredibly competitive…

  • CHALKtalk

    #17 I have a bias SIR becuz i know a few coach that complained my ear off. The thing i have a problem with is league winners playing each other in the first round

  • outside observer

    Joe- I agree San Lorenzo was wrongly left out last year.
    Chalk Talk- A quick look at just last year’s playoffs only 1 match up in the first round were league champs, D1 Berkeley (5) played San Leandro (12) That’s 31 round 1 games D1-5, and only 2 teams facing each other as league champs. SL could have been given a better draw.
    Playoffs are a new season win or go home.

  • Spartan2011

    SO how good will we be? It seems like we return all our talent with the exception of marre/waldren,and anderson/ward which don’t get me wrong is a huge loss. It is evident pickett and dunne will pick up where they left off with the help of standout soph mike hutchins though. IF Bart Houston starts hot to you see him getting any Pac 10 offers his junior year/D-1 too? It will be interesting to renaud and wynn anchor down the defense and watch shapiro with 6’4 height take to flight for some long balls. Serra will be no problem as St. Marys. Bishop Gorman should be a breeze with 1000 spartans using african horns aka vuvuzelas. This year will be the year that people dont doubt DLS as a passing team because they have all the tools to be one,dont get me wrong the veer will be in full swing but dont be surprised if bart has a 1500 season. Can wait to smack Monte vista this year and makes mints meat of the Playoffs,otherwise good luck to you other teams.

  • ng football

    At Northgate we have not been to the playoffs since 94. With all the seniors back from last year’s team, what do you think the chances are that the Broncos can finally get over the hump and make the playoffs, since 2 of the last 3 years they have been 1 game away? Also do you have an early prediction for the Battle of The Creek?

  • ebal fan

    What do you see for Foothill this year? Any new talent coming up?

  • old former meddling coach.

    Fast and physical,What kinda talk is that?

  • Porque3

    Who do you see as the top NCS contenders this year, ie top 5? I’m not that versed in other than EBAL teams.

  • fast and physical

    Coach, you know how the NCS is on Alcosta Blvd