30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 12): Recruiting tales

Today, we’ll stick with the recruiting theme that Jimmy started yesterday. This time, the conversation shifts to the rest of the East Bay.

Irregardless of what teams do well this year, what does this year’s group of seniors look like on the recruiting trail?

On the whole, I think the East Bay should do quite well in recruiting this year. I recently received the Superprep Preseason magazine, and we’ve got more than a few East Bay names out there.

Any discussion of recruiting seems to begin with the Atkinson brothers, George III and Josh. Both are being recruited by the bulk of the Pac-10, and it seems to me that they could each punch their own ticket to the school of their choosing. George is rated as a 4-star athlete on Rivals.com, and Josh is a 3-star at cornerback.

You can’t ignore the talent at De La Salle this year, with DE Dylan Wynn and LB Blake Renaud having already committed to Oregon State and Boise State, respectively. They aren’t the only recruits on Winton Dr. though, as DB Antoine Pickett will likely garner some good interest as well. Wynn and Renaud are both 3-star recruits.

Monte Vista has a couple recruits this year, just one year after Brett Nottingham pledged to Stanford. The Mustangs are led by Ohio-bound OL Jacob Welter, but don’t forget their two talented wideouts, Bryce McGovern and UC Davis-pledge Dane Turner. McGovern already has an offer from Washington State.

Compared to last year, this year’s crop of quarterbacks is a little thin. Right now, Concord’s Ricky Lloyd projects as the top QB recruit and he’s already heading to Southern Mississippi for 2011. A 3-star recruit, Lloyd should shine in a college spread offense. As far as senior QBs go, the next names to watch are Pittsburg’s Julius Mozee and San Leandro’s Chris Musni. If Mozee continues to develop from a strong finish to 2009, he’s going to rewrite the Pittsburg record book. Musni had great numbers last year as well, and is the defending HAAL offensive player of the year. Also keep in mind that we have some tremendous junior talent at QB with De La Salle’s Bart Houston and San Ramon Valley’s Zach Kline heading the list.

I think offensive line could be a strong position, with Berkeley’s Isaiah Henderson, Encinal’s Josh Morrow and Miramonte’s Ross Dolbec all figuring to get interest. That could be a pretty good trio.

The other position that seems relatively stacked this year is linebacker. Pinole Valley’s Travis Feeney has already committed to Arizona, and his ACCAL foe Lyonel Louis of El Cerrito has an offer from the Wildcats as well. San Ramon Valley’s Kyle Egan is drawing some Pac-10 buzz, as is James Logan’s Albert Bell. Watch out for Deer Valley’s whole unit (Garrett Ransom, Lamonte Marshall and DE Trayvon Brooks) and don’t sleep on Berean Christian’s Devin Alexander, who ended last season at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds and will probably keep growing.

There are a bunch more names we could throw out, guys like Foothill WR Cameron Rowland, Washington RB/WR/DB Deandre Carter and Pittsburg DB Javen Butler. I think it could be a good year overall. Whatcha think?

Ben Enos

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  • Old Blue

    Alhambra WR/DB Trevor Davis is being recruited by Fresno State, and LB/RB Jared Leaf is being recruited by Oregon.

  • Iron Mike

    What about one of the Top Prospects in the entire Eastbay Rivals & ESPN 3 Star Prospect Marcus Peters DB/WR McClymonds High School??? Another top prospect from the OAL who is being recruited buy half of the PAC 10 and the entire WAC & Mountain West!!! Were is the love for the OAL which produces year in and year out some of the top D-1 prospects in the Eastbay!!!

  • Matt Rempel

    Having seen a lot of MVAL, I am really excited to see Deandre Carter, the guy can do it all. The MVAL should be better all around this year, ready for football season.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Iron Mike,
    Peters was discussed Friday in my post about the top OAL prospects and essentially had almost a whole post dedicated to him. Certainly nobody is forgetting him.

  • Iron Mike

    Okay Jimmy no knock against you everyone in the OAL knows you cover the OAL Schools very well and you give them there props and there proper exsposure so we really appreciate that!!! I’m just making a point to all the non OAL believers who sometimes don’t really give the OAL Players, Coaches or Teams there PROPS!!! Ding!Ding!! Iron Mike Knock out Round #3

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Gotcha Iron Mike

  • Prep Fan

    A Lotta those guys East Bay goin up to Oregon St and Wash St are gunna be thrilling to watch when they come to Stanford this next season before re-alignment skcufs up the Pac TEN

  • Cunningham form Alameda and Waters from Las Lomas have to be 2 of the top pure rb’s in the eastbay. They don’t get the publicicty of the Atkinson twins; but, to mention rb’s these 2 need to be in the conversation for class of 2011 cream of the crop, top 25 to watch. Their recruiting trails will be interesting to see during and after this season.