Beware the Wolves


San Ramon Valley High football coach Mark Kessler believes he has “enough tools in the shed” to be a formidable force this season.

The Wolves boast nine returning defensive starters, and junior quarterback Zach Kline has received offers from Oregon State and four other schools, Kessler said.

Moreover, the Wolves may have the ultimate utlility in junior Michael Tagliaferri, who has orally committed to North Carolina as a lacrosse player. He was a first-team all-EBAL middie with the Wolves in 2010 with 53 goals and 41 assists.

Another interesting SRV tidbit is that the Wolves are fast becoming a West Coast connection to the University of North Dakota. Imagine that …

 Last year’s SRV quarterback Chris Combs has joined another former Wolves player,  Garrison Goodman, with the Fighting Sioux. Breon Butler (Pittsburg) is also a freshman running back at North Dakota.


Matt Schwab

  • MV Alum

    Matt what did you go to SRV how did those 9 starters do against MV last year oh yeah 42-7 MV…nuff said
    All the teams think they have what it takes before the season and isn’t Joe Love the starter for them at QB?

  • donut

    2011 Mitty MV nobody stoppin the pack

  • renegades10

    No Kline will start over Love. They kept Kline at JV last year to make sure he got reps playing as they felt he was too young, but the kid is the real deal. Even got invited to participate at the national Elite 11 camp as a rising junior even though he wasn’t one of the official campers. The Wolves move up a very good group from the JV squad that ran roughshod over everybody as frosh and JV except for DLS JV last year. And returning nine guys is huge doesn’t matter about last year’s results, they have another year of experience to build on for this year. SRV will have a good to very good year this year and should be even better next year.

  • KillerD

    I have seen Kline of San Ramon in person, and he is not an impressive physical speciman at all. 6 ft and maybe 1/3 inch tall, 170 lbs. slightly above average arm and no speed.

    He has almost zero varsity experience and he will do good things at the high school level though.

    San Ramon has a young, tall canon armed quarterback on the jv team that must be 6’3 already. That is the kid who is a legitimate d1 prospect already.

    Kline reminds me of a more physically limited Riley of the Cal Bears, nobody to write home about but decent.

  • renegades10

    His accuracy is what separates him from the qb’s in this area. The guy just makes his throws and puts them in the right spot every time. He is only 16 so it’s hard to say how he will develop physically. Will need to add some bulk which will help with the arm strength, but actually think it is good at this point not just slightly above average. Has a a very nice, quick release too. I agree that if he stays the same size it will limit him eventually and that he isn’t a great athlete, but he is much, much better then you are giving him credit for. He could be very successful in a spread offense at the next level, especially if he does not grow.

  • KillerD

    Fair take Renegades10 on Kline.

    What do you think of the jv kid, the 6’3 thrower on San Ramon?

  • renegades10

    haven’t seen him yet but heard he has promise. They might be overtaking MV as the quarterback high school of this area.

  • bigeasy

    How can you possibly say that srv is overtaking mv when the previous two starters have gotten d1s to usc and stanford with mcallister and nottingham respectivly. they also have two guys this year with d1 potential in lockie and finnegan

  • 925

    they’ve always been the QB school of the EBAL

    no offense to MV, but Sam Keller (3yr starter 00,01,02), Hunter Flynn(2 yr 03,04), Corbin Louks(2 yr starter 05,06), Joe Southwick(2 yr starter 07,08), Chris Combs (1 yr 09) is as good as or better than Kyle Wright 00,01,02, Drew McAllister 05,06,07 Brett Nottingham 08,09..

    Who was MV’s starting QB between Wright and McAllister. It’s impressive when you have 2 top gatorade national players that are each 3 year’s experience as starters, but don’t forget Hunter Flynn won SRV an NCS championship in 2004 over Las Lomas.

    yeah that was 3A, but if MV was 3A that year they couldn’t have done it because their QB was a “filler”. McAllister and Louks were both studs, super fast and I remember them goin at it vividly as a student at SRV who didnt play football from 05-09.

    All the Division 1 scholarships points that MV and SRV have a great tradition this decade, but who is Nottingham’s replacement j/w? I’ve known for a while Love is their secret prospect because as a Freshmen his class tore up the EBAL and I think he is the next Joe Southwick..might be wrong but that’s who KillerD must be talking about??

  • renegades10

    Love is not the secret prospect, we are talking about Kline.

    But Hunter Flynn? Really in the same company with Keller and Southwick, same with Combs not even in the same class. I’ll give you Louks although he is being converted to a safety at the University of Nevada. I would take Wright, McAllister, and Nottingham any time over Keller, Southwick, and Louks. But Kline and potentially the guy coming behind him could put SRV over the top as the top qb school.

    Nottingham’s replacement will either be senior Seamus Finnegan (transfer from Sacred Heart Cathedral in the city) or junior Jeff Lockie. Lockie impressed me as a freshman, but I haven’t really seen great improvement at all from that point and Finnegan is alright. Neither is a great qb, but they aren’t bad either. Whoever is qb will be fortunate to have a deep receiver corps though, otherwise it would be tough times for the Mustangs this year.

  • KillerD

    Cameron is the JV qkid at SRV and he is a superstar in the making.

  • Prep Fan

    There must be some revisionist thinking here, because SRV didn’t tear up the frosh league 2 years ago. They came in 4th place, behind DLS, MV and Cal. Reading these posts, one would thnk they went undefeated or something. They didn’t “run roughshod over everybody” or “tear up the EBAL” that year. They had a good team, and I believe they did beat DLS that year, but they were beaten by other EBAL teams.

  • renegades10

    must have gotten my frosh seasons mixed up, but am pretty sure SRV JV’s only lost to DLS last year. And the SRV frosh beat DLS this last season as well.

  • 925

    well since srvhs switched websites and stopped keeping track of JV and Freshmen football records, I was basing it off of the last year I thought was they did ok but you’re right this was 2008..4th place beating dls by a fg.


  • 925

    oh yes renegades I’ll give you that Flynn and Combs they’re no where close Keller Wright elites I was just going towards SRV’s somewhat steady stream of back ups and talented QB’s leading SRV to NCS every year.

    Cal High Monte Vista Foothill have also had such playoff streaks Amador once too made NCS quite often. quite frankly I’m surprised the Wolves made it last year because they had a big drop off from 2008.

  • San Ramon always produces QBs. De La Salle always stops them.

  • renegades10

    still would have been fun to see that 02 DLS squad play against the Kyle Wright led Mustangs. Just to see them play against a top qb would have been fun especially given the fact that DLS had some of the top cover corners in the state.

  • De La Salle has faced a lot better QB’s than Wright- although he did a good job at Miami. Mater Dei and Mission Viejo QB’s were better.

  • I’m Back.

  • If that’s true, he should join the Raiders and help as QB coach.

  • Rumor has it Dante Pastorini coming back to Bellarmine in some capacity- he was a lady’s man in the past.

  • arch bishop mitty is predicted to be a top ranked northern cal team this year.

  • That’s right, Mitty ranked to take the WCAL with Valley Christian San Jose also in the hunt.

  • If anyone is interested Bishop Gorman NV is playing Hamilton AZ now its the 2Q here is the link


  • DLS is in trouble Bishop Dorman has a HUGE O-line

  • football_fan926

    bleachercoach,thanx for da link man

  • footballfan

    Finally….I get to watch a live HSFootball game!! Thanks Bleachercoach. Just a side note: Great venue, love the NAU Lumberjacks, been to few games there in 81-82. Beautiful city Flagstaff!

  • Well Bishop Gorman is big and fast but I dont know if they are living up to the hype. Are they not that good? or is Hamilton justthat much better? What do you guys think? How the they fair against DLS?

  • footballfan

    I think DLS will probably beat BG. Their skill players, including the QB, seem inexperienced and young…did I hear right that he and RB are sophmores? Lots of missed oppurtunities and dropped passes or short throws. OL may be big but they seem to fall off their assignments and give up. I only saw the 2nd half and BG DL and OL seemed winded. RB made an impact with his running but DLS will probably shut him down. They will put up the good fight but by the 4th qtr the result will be the same as tonight. Just my opinion.

  • s1lverngreen

    DLS had a full speed inter squad scrimmage today….Offense looked a bit lethargic, timing is a bit off yet, I would expect to see coach Lad throw a lot more this year…defense was fast, fast and fast..this will be a typical DLS team…small on both sides of the ball. DLS will be lucky to average 225 across the lines, I expect that they’ll make up for it with the quickness and discipline…the defense is blazing fast though…BG will be a good test for them..let’s not forget about Serra, it is my understanding this is the last year DLS will play them…I would expect them to be hungry for a win.

  • De La Salle will syat humble until league. They’ll get their wins and fix their problems- when league hits, who is going to be 2nd bannana?

  • Prep Fan

    Bishop Gorman lost to Hamilton 24-17 last night, so although Hamilton is a very good team, it takes a little bit of the cache from the DLS matchup in September.

  • Mike

    true that Big Joe. lol DLS big year if your still not stoked for Coach Sanchez vs Lad this time around, then you haven’t been anticipating that since the last game of the 08 season when Cal High ALMOST came back to lose 21-14……

  • KillerD

    DLS by 28 points over Bishop Gorman.

    It will be over by middle of 3rd quarter.

  • It won’t be a 28 point skunk. Sanchez knows DLS too well they will have a good game plan & coached up well on D. How good is HAmilton?? I know this time of year its the best in the state against other best in the state teams. If Hamilton wasn’t a top 15 Nation wide team then there’s no way BG beats DLS.

  • ManDown

    Hamilton is no. 19 and Gorman is no.23 in the country.

  • KillerD did you even watch the Bishop Gorman game? I did and I agree with Perkin, no way BG loses by 28. BG is Huge up front , there have been comments made that the BG O-line looked winded and tired in the 3rd and 4th quarters against Hamilton and they where, but I think it was due more to the fact that they were playing at a 7000 foot elevation.

    The BG offence started slow 4 penalties in the first drive but they can be explosive on the ground and they have a great kicking game both kick offs and field goals.

    DLS will be forced to start at the 20 every time. BG had an off sides penalty and then kicking from the 35 there kicker still put it out of the end zone. The Field goal kicker made field goals of 44,42 and 35 thats huge at the high school level.

  • renegades10

    the matchup between BG and Hamilton was part of the Schollenberger Classic, which pits the previous year’s large school state champs from Arizona and Nevada against each other. Believe this was the sixth annual one. From what I understand Hamilton’s top recruits are their two OT’s one who is committed to Texas and one who is committed to Oregon. Both teams are ranked top 15 nationally in some publications and the victory will certainly push Hamilton up. How far Gorman goes down depends on the ranking publication. I don’t think this takes away anything from the DLS-BG matchup. If BG loses another one then it might, but I don’t think they will. BG hosts Del Oro of the SJS this week, which is no pushover game, but BG definitely has more talent. I agree with Perkin, that if either team wins by 28, I would be shocked. BG has a great rb in Shaq Powell, who appears to be their main offensive weapon. He racked up 199 yards on 29 carries I believe, Gorman has a huge offensive line. The game will really come down to controlling the LOS, and the size differential will probably remind some of the DLS-LBP matchups in 01 and 02. It’s going to be a great matchup, but DLS is looking at first things first and that is a game against Serra, that they have been lucky to win the last two years. Then it’s on to St. Mary’s and after that it will be all about Gorman.

  • Prep Fan

    It will still be a huge game, but not quite as huge as if both teams came in undefeated and ranked in the top 15 in the country. A DLS win, and BG could be sitting at 1-2, or even 0-3 if Del Oro takes them. I stand by my statement that it takes a little bit of the cache from the DLS matchup in September. How could it not?

  • renegades10

    I guess I’m looking at it too much from a Spartan point of view, because a loss to Gorman and more then likely it will cost them the Open Bowl as it did in 08 when they lost to a one loss Bosco. Even though they made it last year with two losses Bosco went undefeated, and Lakeland went all they way to FL state semis before they were handed their first loss, not too mention Rocklin beat Grant and then lost their starting qb, and some political stuff landed them in the Open game as well. Don’t feel that will be the case this year. They would need some help if they have one loss to make the Open game and believe that one of the SJS teams, be it Grant, Del Oro, Folsom will come out unscathed. So it’s imperative that they win this games whereas for Gorman it has no bearing on their state title chances. So for me and probably most Spartan fans, this game is absolutely huge. Also given the fact that I think the SJS D2 is deeper then NCS D1 this year and its even bigger. Which brings me to a question.

    Let’s say DLS beats BG and goes undefeated and wins NCS. And Grant goes undefeated as well, who gets the Open Bid. Because Grant is ahead of DLS is some rankings including the recent Cal-Hi Sports rankings, which is run by Mark Tennis who gives a presentation to the CIF bowl committee before the decisions are made. While DLS is ahead of Grant in others? Of course I’m a Spartan fan, but feel like a win over BG should put them ahead of Grant especially if Gorman doesn’t lose the rest of the season, but then again you never know. But like I said earlier first things first.

  • Renegades you have a lot of knowledge you gotta be a coach or AD.

  • renegades10

    nope just a former high school and college athlete with a passion for all sports particularly at the high school and college levels. i actually just went back to school to finish my degree at the University of Idaho after a few years off due to some issues at home that required me to be there. so I’m not even in the area right now, just following from abroad.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, sure every game for DLS is huge, just as it is for every team. Gorman may still win the Nevada state playoff, but their national ranking will take a beating being 0-1. But for an impartial observer like myself, it went from a must-see game to one that I would still like to see due to the return of Sanchez with a strong Gorman team, but not because of a matchup of unbeaten national powers.

  • junior

    If Grant goes undefeated, they go to the Open game (inspite of their weak SOS). Mark Tennis has the most influence on the CIF and CalHi has Grant as its preseason #1.

    There are some interesting potential scenarios in SO cal: if Westlake, Chappy and Crenshaw (all D2 teams) win their sections, who plays in Open Game? What if a team goes undefeated in the Pac 5 (maybe a Poly/Grant rematch)? They would be heavy favorites to go to the Open game which then starts the domino effect.

    So many unknown variables. I believe the CIF does take into consideration the potential matchups along with wins and SOS. Last year the CIF (correctly) was proud of how competetive the 5 games were.

  • norcalfball

    does anyone have any insight as to how the SJS does their divisions…According to enrollment Grant, folsom, granite bay, etc are all over 2000 students which would put them in d1 correct…it seems to me the best d2 teams in sjs are rocklin and del oro.

    according to cal preps they are all considered d1-iv at this point. do they decide divisions at the end of the year or before? do enrollment numbers matter?

  • junior

    The SJS throws playoff teams onto a list starting with highest enrollment at the top, and then divides the divisions (1,2,3 etc)after every 16 teams. Grant, and Folsom will likely play in D2 (as they did last year).

    The CIF State Bowl games changed for 2010. example: if you win a D2 section- you are eligible only for the D2 game (or the Open of course), regardless of enrollment.