What’s up with the Atkinsons

Granada High senior twins, track stars and Division I football recruits George and Josh Atkinson have had quite a summer.

With the Atkinsons, it’s been a recruiting crush, times two. The big schools are courting them.

“It’s a dream come true, definitely” George Atkinson III said Monday from outside the Matadors weight room. “It was overwhelming. It all just started rolling in, like a snowball effect with all these different colleges and stuff. I know I’m blessed.”

George said he’s scheduled official visits to two schools so far — Oregon, where he’s already been for a Junior Day, and Notre Dame. He’s also been to Alabama, Miami, USC, and Cal, but said he hasn’t firmed up his other three official trips, saying the twins’ main focus is on Granada’s upcoming season.

Will the twins, both running backs and defensive backs with electric speed, be a package deal?

“It’s a big possibility,” George said. “Our dad (former Oakland Raiders defensive back George Atkinson) wants us to. It would a big help just competing (together) again and telling each other what we have to work on, and stuff like that.”

There has been speculation that George Atkinson III, at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, would be better suited to play outside linebacker or strong safety in college, but he’s being looked at more as a wide receiver and running back, he said.

George said he’s leaning on help from family and his faith in God to help him make the right decision.

Stay tuned …

Matt Schwab

  • outsider

    I know that the Atkinson brothers are great athletes and have done very well in track. But as far as I saw last year they were not particularly effective as football players. Are the Division I schools taking a chance they will blossom into great football players based on their speed alone? I don’t want to take anything away from their accomplishments but I feel there are other more proven players out there who are not given the same chances.

  • Matt Rempel

    These guys are great athletes and class acts, but in the always tough EBAL, the Atkinson boys haven’t been good enough to get Granada to the post-season. The Mats must find a way to win some league games (besides Livermore). It would be a shame if they never saw the playoffs in high school. I hope they do it.

  • renegades10

    I agree Outsider, they haven’t proven to be great football players. Yes the schools are taking a chance on their athleticism as they have a huge upside, but George as a RB really shies away from contact and just doesn’t hit the hole hard enough like a player with his size, speed, and burst should. WR may be better suited for him with his speed and size, but cannot see him playing LB or SS if he doesn’t like contact especially at the college level. Both could be tremendous players but will need to show that they are football players this year and not just track guys playing football.

  • renegades10

    I do question though what film the recruiters have seen, because neither has really impressed me in a game against a tough, physical opponent.

  • Mike

    I’d love to see both of them end up at USC, but especially George. I don’t understand why Notre Dame would be appealing. I guess it’s good if they want to play at a has-been program. The best options seem to be in the Pac 10 (USC, Oregon, UCLA).

  • Maybe they want to get a quality education and play for a program that still believes in integrity.

  • monarch86

    Class act? not if you saw their thuggish behavior at passing league…

  • Alex

    Monarch has it right. Both Atkinson’s, but primarily George, were extremely thuggish during passing league. Granada would late hit and cheap shot anyone on the field. If anyone even touched George after the whistle he’d get in their face and shove them away. Granada and Cal high actually got into a brawl at Dublin High, with the Atkinson’s right in the middle of it all.

    Great Athletes? Yes
    Class Acts? No

  • I hope that’s not tried in the De La game this year. Hard to believe George would allow that-he’s always on the sidelines. When I saw them, they seem to be quiet. If those actions are true, it must come from frustration. Great players hit with their pads, not their mouths.

  • ManDown

    More so track stars than football players. “Over Rated” prospects in my eyes.

  • MV Alum

    To add to that last year after the MV game the players got into an altercation with some MV parents and were not very nice the parents had to be walked out by the police. Plus Eddie Horn may be a good player (probably the best football player they have) but he is a cheapshot artist helmet to knees all day.

  • Did the MV parents taunt or say something to the Granada nplayers after the loss? Football players don’t usually seek out adults after games from the opposing team- strange?

  • MV Alum

    No they were talking to the coaches then waiting and one of the kids bumped into a mom she told him to at least say excuse me and then it escalated from there.

  • MV Alum

    I think the kids were a little more upset obviously they got beat pretty good so maybe they weren’t happy but it is still a game and they should show some respect for adults