Spartans open season No. 3 in Cal-Hi Sports Top 50

Cal-Hi Sports released its preseason football rankings today, and De La Salle slots in at No. 3 to begin the season. The Spartans are ranked behind Grant-Sacramento and the team they beat for the California Interscholastic Federation Open Division title last year, Crenshaw-Los Angeles.

Other East Bay teams to make the initial top 50 are Monte Vista (29) and San Ramon Valley (48). Casa Grande-Petaluma (46) and Marin Catholic-Kentfield (50)¬†were other North Coast Section teams on the list. Pittsburg opens the season in the “on the bubble” category.

Ben Enos

  • With De La Salle’s defense, Grant would be shut down below 2 tds- if that. Crenshaw would take another defeat, like last year- this year’s D would keep them under last year’s score. There’s got to be a couple of Southern Cal teams that are better than these guys.

  • renegades10

    With Grant, it remains to be seen what their offense can produce this year. Their D is no doubt one of the best in the state or at least on paper it is. That will get put to the test in their first game. Do agree that Crenshaw is a bit overrated right now imo. Most of this rides on the fact that they return the Black Mamba. Definitely don’t think they are the top team in SoCal this year. Think that they at best might be a top 5 team but think there are way too many teams this year. The best part is at this point I don’t think there really is a clear top SoCal team. Poly, Lakewood, CC, MD, MV, Westlake, Serra (Gardena), and Servite, all have great teams this year and others I didn’t list could surprise. will be fun to watch what goes on down south throughout the year.

  • s1lverngreen

    Renegades10, all along I thought you were a writer for Maxpreps or something of that nature. You are one of the most unbiased, objective and knowledgeable people that I see in these blogs. Like you, I am partial to Sparta as you can probably tell by my handle. I visit the spartanhood and enjoy your insight there too! Good luck in getting your degree, it took me 7 years, a stint in AP and a JC but finished off at SF State. Best to you my friend!

  • renegades10

    Thanks for the wishes S1lver. I graduated from DLS so thats obviously why I am a Spartan fan, but still love high school football and sports in general. I am big on the msg that Lad preaches as well as the school’s msg overall. While my academic and athletic careers in college have not gone according to plan, the time away gave me an opportunity to really examine what I wanted to do, as it felt like I was just going through the motions academically, studying a certain major only because it had always been my best subject, but not necessarily something I was passionate about. Funny how life works sometimes, but it’s been for the best. Thanks for the kind words, glad boards like this are around so I can follow what’s going on back home.

  • Prep Fan2

    Plant- FLorida lost to another Team on ESPN.

    Grant #4 espn now looking to rise? espn rise is a crock

  • renegades10

    Just like Crenshaw, Plant’s ranking was based mainly on the fact that they have James Wilder Jr. who is the #1 recruit in some rankings. Their starting qb also was a national elite 11 camper. too bad he got dinged up early. looks like he came back to try and help but it hasn’t worked. have had the game on while getting ready for the night and am greatly disappointed that it has been a blowout. Could the same happen to Grant? You never know this early in the season.

  • Mike

    Good Call Renegades. These rankings are really inflated then it seems to me. Grant has impressed me, I saw Folsom on tv last year and Graves the Bulldogs QB is way better than I remember. So Far, seems like their section playoffs will be interesting again, as well. Since NCS doesn’t play games in August, and most teams without byes start Sept. 10 or 11, I can’t wait to see who will march up the Win Column and see how DLS fares…

  • renegades10

    Ya, Grant’s defense is very legit. But I still question how good their offense is. It’s clear the new D-co hire at Folsom didn’t help them as that defense is not good. Poor tackles, combined with Grant’s speed just are a bad combo. I haven’t seen such bad tackling in quite some time. A few times where Grant’s rb Shaq Thompson should have been stopped for a loss or no gain and guys just didn’t come in with good technique going too high most of the time. The Grant qb has been impressive in his debut but I want to see him against a good physical defense like a DLS or Del Oro or one of the WCAL schools.

  • ManDown

    My question is who would win in a game, Crenshaw or Grant?

  • renegades10

    Hard to say because Crenshaw has plenty of athletes all over the field that could match Grant’s speed as well as size. So it would come down to coaching in my opinion and I’d definitely go with Grant on that one.

  • ManDown

    I agree with you Renegades10. Its hard to say but I say Crenshaw only slight advantage is that they might be a little faster than Grant on both lines and skills positions. But I like Grant because of size and there D.

  • Warrior Jacket

    Grant is a very physical team. Theyt dominate at the line of scrimmage. Any team that does that usually wins no matter what the other team’s strategy or offensive philosophy. I taking Grant

  • junior

    Dont underestimate Crenshaws LOS play- they too are very physical. I’d give the nod to Crenshaw due to the QB play of Marquis Thompson- a good duel threat.

  • what about de LA salle

  • s1lverngreen

    We should get a taste of the Shaw and the mamba next week. I believe they play a team from Gwenette, GA…ESPNU or ESPN2 is scheduled to televise that game. Should be fun! I am trying to determine from a source at Comcast Bay Area if the BG vs. Dela is on the books…my understanding is that there is a good chance…