30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 23): Going green

We waited until Day 23 to get some De La Salle chatter going, so without further ado, a look at the Spartans.

Last year ended with De La Salle atop the California football mountain, winners of the CIF Open Division title. What can we expect in the early season from this year’s Spartans?

So, I’ve seen a couple passing league games this summer, and I had a chance to talk to coach Bob Ladouceur two days ago, so things are starting to take shape as they pertain to the Spartans.

The big question is who will replace RBs Terron Ward and Tyler Anderson. And, as you would expect, it’s a question that Ladouceur pointed to as something that needs to be answered. He said that right now, Lucas Dunne has established himself as a starting running back. And, he said that they’re still deciding who will line up next to him, mentioning Antoine Pickett, Joe Te’o and Gaetano DeMattei as possibilities.

In order to do well against Serra, St. Mary’s-Stockton and Bishop Gorman (yet another challenging three-game start), the lines are going to have to mature. Ladouceur described the offensive line as “green, but promising”. He also said that while he doesn’t know if the defensive line can be as good as last year’s, he could see it coming close. The fact remains though that those units will be a tad inexperienced to begin with, and they’ll need to mature for the Spartans to win games.

Ladouceur has never pulled any punches about the way his team started last season. He said it multiple times during the season, and he made it clear when I talked to him that he wants to see improvement in those first couple games this year. It won’t be easy with the schedule they’ve lined up, but I think it’s definitely doable.

In the final analysis, I think this could be another standout year for De La Salle. With talented leaders like Dylan Wynn and Blake Renaud, I think they’ll be well motivated to continue the tradition. That early stretch will tell us a lot, so stay tuned.

Ben Enos

  • Porque

    Well, it looks like things still have a bit of shaping up to accomplish for the Spartans. I think that the pre-season jamboree at Pittsburg always shows off some of the talent but Lad will probably use it much like the Pros use the pre-season games, get as many kids in the scrimmage to test their mettle as he can. There are some solid players and if I know the Spartan Seniors, they are leaders and are guiding the younger varsity players into the time tested Spartan mold. The Brotherhood at De La Salle is strong as well, and this goes a long way toward their mental preparedness. I see resolute captains.

  • Football Fan

    Do you know who the captains are for this year?

  • renegades10

    Dylan, Blake, and probably Bart

  • monarch86

    This Friday’s jamboree might tell us something and the Gorman game will be interesting, don’t forget these are the seniors that gave up lots of points and lost games at the JV level…


    Last years DLS JV was undefeated. The year before I think they lost to Cal last game of the year.

  • Hamilton, Chandler Az. defeated Bishop Gorman 24-17, I don’t know alot about Bishop Gorman, but it will be interesting to see how they rebound against a strong DLS team.

  • renegades10

    The 2008 JV’s only lost to Cal as was said above. Last year’s JV squad went undefeated. Can’t forget that those 2008 JV’s were Blake and Dylan’s class and they were busy starting at the varsity level as sophs. DLS always loses frosh and JV games. It hasn’t been a big deal when they do because they improve by leaps and bounds over their career. But when one of those teams goes undefeated, well then it signals that something special might be coming. The frosh last year lost two games, losing to SRV and Foothill. Don’t know if any frosh team went the whole season unscathed, because Cal beat Foothill and DLS beat Cal, so SRV might have, but not sure.

  • boysoffall

    The DLS class of 2011 also went undefeated as freshmen. All freshmen played freshmen ball none were moved to jv’s.

  • monarch86

    Is DeLa’s QB really 19 years old??

  • No, I believe he’s a 17 year old junior

  • The Bishop Gorman game has an opportunity to be a double statement, as BG is the multi-defending NV state champ, but recently lost to one of top teams in AZ (and national Top 25) on a last second TD. DeLa can force some translative comparisons with a big win. I’m concerned about it being their 1st game, while BG has already played a rugged competitor.

  • renegades10

    CIF rules wouldn’t allow a person to play if they turn 19 before the season starts I believe, but as pointed out he is a 17 year old junior.

    DLSPop, the BG game is DLS’ third of the season. They play Serra in a week, and then have a bye before they play St. Mary’s of Stockton. BG plays Del Oro out of the SJS this week in Vegas.

  • My bad Renegades — you’re correct.

    Do you know how strong St Mary’s is supposed to be this year?

  • renegades10

    St. Mary’s will be good, probably not as good as they were last year when they had a great team. Definitely have some good athletes offensively, but their defense is a big question mark. So it looks like a team that will more often then not be involved in a shootout and will have to rely on simply outscoring their opponents. Love to air the ball, so it will be a test for the two new cb’s at DLS.

  • Tonights Pittsburg Jamboree pretty well displayed bob’s choice of Lucas Dunn as a running back…Hes a hard runner and is not affraid to hit people….Pickett did a pretty good job on defense, but got cornered several times on offense,but the team as a whole….topped Pittsburg 3-0. Calif. 4-1, but could not get rolling against James Logan due a injured colt that ate up the clock as James Logan led 3-0…..The spartans looked far better this year then last and should be ready for Serra…st, Mary’s as well as bishop gorman…

  • s1lverngreen

    Joe Teo fared well at Rb also. As Teo builds up his confidence and adjusts to the speed of Varsity he could very well be the 2 back. Blake did a nice job at TE, made a nice catch and some key blocks. Houston is confident and is running the offense like a pro. Kept the ball several times and gained some nice yardage. In addition, several nice balls that he threw. One word to describe our defense…fast, fast… LBS played well, corners did a nice job also. The line is not quiet as strong as last year, nonetheless they look solid. Overall, I would grade tonight’s performance a B+. One last observation, the boys protected the football well tonight. I believe there was one fumble and that was during a run. No muffed exchanges like last year’s first few games…I think we are in for a great year Gentlemen.

  • renegades10

    from what i was told through another Spartan supporter most if not all of the first team defense did not play against Logan. not surprising because Lad likes to get all the guys in especially at the end to prevent injuries. Heard Dylan played real well against Pitt and then sat out the rest of the night.

  • s1lverngreen

    Correct, one of the boys from Logan (one of the best players) ended up injured with a compound fracture, that ate up most of the session. I believe Barton also left after the first session due to a mild ankle sprain…the 2’s and 3’s got a lot of PT tonight. they fared very well. It’s very reassuring to see our younger guys playing well. It will provide some nice depth for the rest of the year.

  • ManO’War

    Also, as to “Last years DLS JV was undefeated. The year before I think they lost to Cal last game of the year,” the JV game with Foothill that year came down to Foothill’s missed 2-point try for win rather than kicking the PAT to tie. AV game was also close?

  • Does anyone know where to find a schedule of which games might be televised (either FX or ESPN)

  • s1lverngreen

    The BG vs DLS September 25th game will be carried on Comcast Sports Bay Area. It appears the game will be tape delayed until 11 PM. The scheduled is posted on the Comcast website.