Oakland Tech is need of a game Oct. 8-9

Oakland Tech is looking for a nonleague football game the weekend of Oct. 8-9 to fill out its schedule. The Bulldogs are willing to play home or away, so long as they can get a game in. So if there are any programs looking to add in a last minute game, contact Oakland Tech coach Delton Edwards at 510-776-8192.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • I dont know if they need the game or want the rest but it looks like San Rafael High doesnt have a game that week

  • inthetrenches

    BEAWARE! Mt. Eden may be cancelling their Varsity season this year. If so, the team they will be playing that week may be available.

  • brandonbeard

    It will be hard, it is late!!!

  • OldSchoolCAL fan

    I thought Mt. Edn was going to turn heads this year according the following earlier post:

    6. Mt. Eden (What? Is this a prank? Nope and pay attention please. Thompson returns to the Monarchs and brings with him a secret weapon in Perenon. The former BOD coach must be rejuvenated and ready to take on all comers in the HAAL. Thompson is a well known defensive coach worthy of solid praise. Perenon has more wins under his belt than most head coaches have games coached (200+). Look for the Monarchs to get a few upsets and finish with 3 – 5 wins. An excellent turnaround in a bad situation that will have Perenon right back at the top of hiring list because wanton Athletic Directors prowl these boards and will be watching Mt. Eden closely in 2010).

    Now you say they might cancel the varsity season. What happened, they have Coach P!

  • Prep Fan

    Out of Section go to Rodriguez fairfield, Vallejo, SJS..

  • footballfan

    Humbolt teams Arcata and South Fork can’t field teams this year so there will be lots of openings up North. Not sure of the open dates but if Tech can travel they may have a few choices. The big 4 league is now only Eureka, Del Norte and Fortuna with Arcata gone. The little 5 will still have 4 teams left, Ferndale, Mckinleyville, St Bernards and Hoopa Valley.

  • tech player

    do you have a contact number for thoes teams

  • AV Grad

    Salesian High has a bye that weekend and it’s a short commute. 15 minutes for either school. Jimmy, you can pass that along to Coach Edwards if they haven’t found a game to schedule yet.

  • Salesian and San Rafael both already have 10 games, so those are not options. Teams can’t play more than 10.