30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 26): The Pride of the BFL

We start the weekend off by shrinking things down to our smallest league in the East Bay, the Bay Football League.

Can anyone stop Salesian’s run of dominance in the BFL?

The Pride has been the team to beat for quite some time in the BFL, winning at least a share of the league title the past eight years. Salesian has won the title outright the last two years by going 5-0 each season. It shared the title in 2006 and 2007 with The King’s Academy and Sacred Heart Prep both seasons, with each team going 4-1. (TKA and SHP left the BFL after 2007). Those co-championships were preceded by outright titles from 2003-05 and a co-championship with California School for the Deaf and St. Elizabeth in 2002. Salesian has currently won 18 straight BFL games on the field (it’s lone loss in 2007 came via forfeit to SHP).

I’d bank on Salesian’s run continuing against this season. The Pride feature the most intimidating player in the league by far in Freddie Tagaloa, a 6-8, 300 pound two-way lineman. Also returning is Aaron Prier, who took over at RB for the Pride after an injury to the starter Anthony Shorter in the season opener. He went on to run for 1,571 and 21 touchdowns in the regular season. Quarterback Ikaika Woosley also returns for his third year as a starter, which should make the offense run efficiently.

The biggest contender for the Pride should be Valley Christian under coach and former Raider John Parella. The Vikings went on a Cinderella run late last year to reach the NCS Division IV semifinals (just as Salesian did) before falling to Justin-Siena. That came after the No. 12 seed Vikings went on the road to beat No. 5 Cloverdale and No. 4 Middletown, teams that each had just one loss previously. Valley Christian returns 15 starters and seems capable of providing Salesian its stiffest test for years to come.

Berean Christian has proven to be a solid program and should continue to be near the top of the standings and a playoff contender with 13 starters returning, including QB Matt Morgan. St. Elizabeth can probably be expected to struggle after losing 10-year veteran coach Fred Sims, who is now at Berkeley. Greg Morris was hired just a couple weeks ago after Sims’ original replacement Jim Klaczak departed. So the Mustangs are definitely behind the 8-ball. Harker should be a middle of the road program battling the likes of St. Elizabeth. California School for the Deaf returns 11 starters, but the team is still young with its core being primarily juniors.  

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • come on lets get real this league stinks! salesian in the bsal in every sport but football! y?

  • Donut

    Because they are scared of Saint Mary’s and Encinal. With a kid like Freddie T, why are they not playing Division 4 or 3 schools?????? They could probably beat the lower 2 schools like Hercules and Richmond, JFK, Pinole Valley! maybe not spartans but still!!

  • Mike


    Bishop Gorman 17-14 over Del Oro. DLS warm up game next week.

  • renegades10

    Serra is no warmup game for DLS, not after how close the last two years have been when these teams met. And since this is the last year they are playing for awhile at least that’s what has been said you can bet the Padres are going to want to beat the Spartans. DLS is very, very talented this year but if they are looking ahead Serra will beat them. Same with St. Mary’s of Stockton. DLS has to come out like they did in 07 when they came out with purpose. The last two years have been slow starts. I believe they have the leaders this year that will keep them focused, but until I see them start off well I will always be uneasy going into the first few games.

  • serra will lose by 4 td’s unless lad takes it easy on walsh

  • brandonbeard

    I agree that Salesian needs to step up into another league! They are too talented to play in the BFL. I mean scoring 50 points every week almost is ridiculous, and i am not ahting on them at all, but i would love to see the play some tougher competition on a regular basis. They could move into the BSAL easy and be one of the better teams to compete for the title, they could definitely play in the Accal and compete or the HAAL. That play on a high level and are coached well. But I still would like to see them leave the Division 5 league alone!!!

  • All Day

    Arrogrance of the HC who is also the AD. The BSAL commish should force them to compete in football in the BSAL as they do all other sports, or tell them to join the BFL all together. The kids in the football program are the ones getting cheated out of playing better quality football programs. Jimmy D. do you know why they compete in the BFL for football and no other sports?

  • François “Papa Doc” Duvalier

    Salesian High Pride

    “Jim he hit me. And it hurts, it hurts so bad”

  • Chieftain Forever

    To all the Haters:

    For whatever the reason to stay in the BFL . . . Being scared of the BSAL is not one of them.

    If you look back the past several years, Salesian has scheduled plenty of BSAL teams in the Non League Sched.

    ’05 – Swett(Playoff Team & beat them twice), St. Mary’s (Playoff Team lost to them week 3)
    ’06 – Swett (Win), St. Mary’s (Win), Piedmont (Playoff Team & Win), SPSV (Lost to them in NCS)
    ’07 – St. Mary’s (Win), Both Piedmont & Swett dropped us from their initial Sched. Played Mack & Caslemont Instead (Both Wins)
    ’08 – St. Mary’s
    ’09 – SPSV (Playoff Team & Beat them twice), St. Mary’s (Playoff Team & Lost)
    ’10 – SPSV, Swett, St. Mary’s

    I can see Encinal but they didn’t come in till 2008
    Who else do you want us to play?



    So you played them early on. So what. Catch St. Mary’s, SPSV, MACK, CASTLe. Catch them mid season and lose.

  • ManDown

    You guys need to be in the BSAL and replace Albany and/or Swett. Its time you take that team over to that league and stop playing Deaf kids.

  • Chieftain Forever


    We played SPSV game 1 last year & in the second round of the playoffs. It’s very likely win or lose in the 1st game this year we’ll see SPSV again in the DIV playoffs. So quit whining about playing a team early. We all have the same amount of time to prep for the game.

    BTW those Mack Castlemont games were weeks 4&5. We play Mack again this year week 5.

  • All Day

    Well Salesian should just join the BFL for all spoorts then. Right or wrong?

  • All Day

    Well Salesian should just join the BFL for all spoorts then. Right or wrong? Are there any other schools that have this type of arrangement?

  • Chieftain Forever

    All Day,

  • Chieftain Forever

    All Day,
    – That means all the schools in the Bay Football League plays in a different league for the other sports –

    Plus it’s not arrogance on the AD to stay in the BFL . . . its loyalty.
    The BFL took Salesian back after a brief stint in the ACCAL. It was difficult for a school of 500 coed to compete with larger schools like BOD, EC , DA Etc. St. Mary’s was in that league too, but it was still an all boys school of 500 so they were able to field deep & talented teams every year.



    Stop defending a league that was created for the sole purpose of “fair” competition. Either you clearley do not understand that or you private school guys enjoy being bullies. You guys recruit players, field 30-35 player rosters, and are fielding very good teams and I tip my hat. Quality football… But this aint my first BBQ. Nightingale needs to check himself. Give those guys a challenge and prepare yourselves for the playoffs.

  • DEAF kids… think about it.. keep repping that league like its legit or something.. BUT anyone with football knowledge knows a good JV team can win atleast 4 games in that league