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Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Why did Novato schedule so heavy knowing they’re gonna be so young? Did kids leave or something? I’m not saying these kids aren’t studs but 9 sophs are 9 sophs. Sounds like a rebuilding year.

  • Prep Fan

    When the only time a poll is taken is 4:00 on a Wednesday, you are going to be limited in the responses. People who are working at 4:00 or on Wednesdays won’t even see it.

  • Good point. Let us know what time you think is best. We still haven’t officially settled on a time yet.

  • Prep Fan

    5:00 would be a better time for most working folks. Whether Wednesday or Thursday, the 5:00 time slot would work best for me. Since Thursday is the day before most football games are played, I would think there may be more interest about that week’s games. But my 1 vote won’t do much for the final tally.