The Pigskin Geek: A New Beginning

Alright everyone, you’ve heard the rumors. Here’s Episode 1 for the 2010 season. Enjoy!

Ben Enos

  • concrete17

    Ben,,,look at the positives. Going solo means no longer having to share pizzas in the press box, no longer arguing over who is going to be the driver of the geek mobile, you get the choice of which pair of stretch tights to wear while on assignment, best of all……..all the groupies and stalkers just for yourself. Now get out there and geek out those special prep sport stories as only you can.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Hysterical….We will miss the other Geek
    Maybe Jimmy D. deserves a try-out
    Good to hear Butler’s going to see time as WR Means Cost is the real deal at QB Stover is a beast running the ball. Team looks stronger and way faster than previous years. Who knows maybe this is the year for the Broncos.

  • bay area fan

    stover best running back in the bay area… i dont think so i cant believe they would allow butler to say that.