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Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • KillerD

    Week # 1 Predictions by KillerD:

    Alameda at BOD: The Dragons got a gift this week when Alameda stud RB hung up his cleats. Coach Nickerson of the Dragons will get his inaugural win at home against a Hornet team that just had its main Stinger removed.

    Prediction: BOD 28 vs. Alameda 21

    Freedom at Berkeley: The Jackets will win this one vs. a Falcon team that is still too young to beat the upper echelon teams. Give Freedom two more years and they will win that league outright. However, the Jackets are buzzing, humming and swarming, their Defense can score 14 points a game as well.

    Prediction: Berkeley 38 vs. Freedom 12

    El Cerrito at Encinal: The Gauchos got physically pounded vs. the reborn JFK-Richmond ground game and nasty D. This is VERY bad news for EC fans. Encinal even though they lost key playmakers, still has a great staff and 4 or 5 very good ball carriers and receivers. Look for Encinal to throw the ball 4-5 times the whole night at the most.

    Prediction: Encinal 31 vs. EC 14

    Salesian at Middletown: Coach Nightengale’s team took at beating against BSAL power St. Patricks. They could not stop the run and Middletown loves to run the ball too. Traveling up to M-town is no easy feat, and then the Chieftans must battle the Refs and some good’ol home cooking too. It has been a while since Salesian begat the season 0 – 2, but this time it will happen again.

    Prediction: Middletown 22 vs. Salesian 17

    Valley Christian at St. Patricks: Coach Parella of NFL lore has his Dublin little powerhouse moving full speed ahead. The Vikings have talent to burn from cities all across the bay area commuting in daily for their football ritual. He’s done a great job building up the Vikings and made a deep run into the playoffs last year. VC has petitioned up to D-IV, which is where they should be but can they pull the upset on the road at Bruins home field. Not yet.

    Prediction: St. Patricks 31 vs. VC 21

    Branham at Moreau: The Mariners are hungry to enter league play undefeated, which they might do, and with great ease they will crush Branham in their home opener in Hayward. Moreau has built their program up from the bottom of the barrel one brick at a time and their fans will get a treat Friday night.

    Prediction: Moreau 50 vs. Branham 10

    San Lorenzo Valley at Piedmont: The Highlanders blown out at Healdsburg in a key D-IV matchup that exposed young Piedmont team to big time northern football. But can they learn, rebound and win their home opener vs. a bigger Cougar team? Piedmont is big underdogs at home, but how tough will they be this year at home?

    Prediction: Piedmont 28 vs. San Lorenzo Valley 24

    Washington at Deer Valley: The Huskies got soundly beat by Cal high last week, but DV beat a very decent Paradise brigade, and Washington must travel to DV. The Huskies were hoping to have a very, very good year this season after doing well in 09. But, as mentioned before, the entire MVAL demographics are-a-changing, and less and less emphasis is being placed on playing tackle football by families and kids simply not interested in the brutal hard work and commitment required to win.

    Prediction: DV 31 vs. Washington 21

    Acalanes vs. Hayward at Dublin High: This is a very intriguing matchup and hard to predict. Will the Farmers explode on the fast track at D-high? Or will the slow, double wing Acalanes offense keep the ball all night long? Acalanes will have to score more than 14 points to win, and Hayward is supposed to have good players this year. On paper Acalanes should lose and they will this time.

    Prediction: Hayward 28 vs. Acalanes 14

    Healdsburg at Alhambra: The Greyhounds showed themselves to be the elite of D-IV in defeating Piedmont in their opener, but the Bulldogs of Martinez whipped College Park, who by all accounts this year is slow, big and not quick anywhere except one player. Look for Alhambra to mix things up via the run and pass, but for the underdog Hounds to make it close.

    Prediction: Alhambra 28 vs. Healdsburg 24

    Marin Catholic at Las Lomas: No test at all for the Knights beating up D-IV Justin-Siena last week. But MC rolled to a nice win at SI. So, LL has not been tested and MC has. MC is a D-IV team, with plenty of talent. LL is ok but not as talented as they have been recently and the 3rd best team in their league behind Miramonte and Alhambra.

    Prediction: MC 31 vs. LL 21

    Amador Valley at Concord: The Minutemen lost a thriller last week, and the Dons plodded to a tough fought win. Problem is AV needs to score 40 to win this game and they cannot do it yet. Concord will throw for 5,000 yards in this game and win it without solid D.

    Prediction: Concord 31 vs. AV 17

    St. Mary’s Stockton at De La Salle: The Spartans romped and rolled over Serra with ease. But the Rams from Stockton have more playmakers than Serra did. Problem is, their OL and skill players will get pounded into putty once they touch the ball underneath the 2nd level nearly every time.

    Prediction: De La Salle 38 vs. St. Mary’s 14

    Mitty (SJ) at San Ramon Valley: The upstart SRV quarterback Klein will get a good test at home this week. He is a solid passer but not athletic. Can he manage the offense vs. top flight competition and fend off the hugely talented quarterback waiting in the wings on the JV level that is all the rage? Maybe. SRV is very tough at home, but Mitty is a very good team. Klein has thrown for 1,000,000 yards in 7 on 7 but this is a different deal.

    Prediction: Mitty 28 vs. SRV 21

    Logan at San Leandro: The Colts squeaked by eager Arroyo as predicted but just how good is San Leandro this year? Bellarmine toyed with the Pirates but there is no shame in that. Logan’s super soph against a hungry Pirate team???? This begs a question, who is the better prepared staff for this game? My money is on Bowers and the Pirates at home.

    Prediction: San Leandro 26 vs. Logan 21

    Windsor at Redwood: I predicted Redwood much improved and the beat Mt. Diablo last week. But the Windsor program is a quiet up-and-comer, as more people flee the bay area to move into the bucolic area of wine, picnics and better schools and funds. Windsor had a solid win last week.

    Prediction: Windsor 30 vs. Redwood 15

    Dougherty Valley at JFK-Fremont: Coach Pete got a nice win last week but DV is building a powerhouse slowly at their campus estate and Coach Bob Spain is very familiar with JFK after his dominance when he was at Irvington before departing for DV. DV got the win last year vs. JFK and better yet, DV is much bigger and better this time around.

    Prediction: DV 30 vs. JFK 12

  • renegades10

    Killer D St. Mary’s-DLS is next week. Switch that prediction out with the MV-
    Serra game.

  • Killer D, you, me and Renegades are on an equal playing field. Very good info. We might have a disagreement down the line, however it will be fun.
    Marin Catholic and Mitty are going to be very tough this weekend. They play up to good comp.
    Here’s my longshot, Freedom upsets Berkeley.

  • KillerD

    I did predict MV to beat Serra.

    Serra having trouble scoring enough points to win.

    MV by 14

  • outsider

    California vs College Park?

  • KillerD

    I would LOVE to read detailed prediction breakdowns of the games I predict but done by Other people, differing opinion or same prediction with different fat and meat on the bone.

    Go for it guys.

    OK, as for Outsider’s question:

    Cal High 28 vs. College Park 7

  • renegades10

    I think I might be the only one who said Serra would beat Monte Vista. Serra wins 28-21. SRV’s young Wolves had a fantastic win tonight on a late FG over Mitty 16-13.

  • renegades10

    Deer Valley beats Washington 30-29. Marin Catholic downs LL 20-8. Alhambra lost to Healdsburg.

  • monarch86

    Cal 45 College Park 3

  • eastbay99

    Pinole Valley 23 – Rancho Cotate 21.

  • renegades10

    mack takes down pitt 26-21. big win for the warriors.

  • renegades10

    Freedom takes down B-High 20-6. That is a huge win for the Falcons.

  • renegades10

    Concord over Amador 36-23.

  • renegades10

    Haubner wins his debut as Livermore coach as the Cowboys beat Liberty 20-13. Congrats to them and their coach.

  • BVAL Fan

    Freedom did a good job tonight win over berkley WATCH OUT BVAL!!!!!!!!!!

  • St.Pat’s had over 300 yds. at halftime. Their defense needs work.

  • ManO’War

    Paper online has the Livermore score reversed – yes, they really won. Great game, too.

  • JB”DON”

    Good job Mac “oal” for a big win over Pitt that was a big win 22 players deep.. If This Mac team gets a chance in D-5 playoffs no team will beat them.

    Good job Curtis !!! U rep all the Oal coaches past and present with this win !!!

    Don pride!!

  • Congratulations Curtis! Outstanding win for the East Bay.

  • Coach Mac

    Thanks JB and Coach T.

  • KillerD

    Review of some KillerD picks from last night: I missed a few:
    Freedom, a young team at that, STUNS Berkeley…what was wrong with the Yellow jackets? Seems like every year they blunder a game they should have won. Freedom is tough, but Berkeley blew this game. Yes, no? What is the fate of the Berkeley squad in 2010?
    Encinal toyed with Gauchos from the get-go. Jets are humming and lifted from the Tarmac as their test run – tune up flight showed all systems are Go for their upcoming battle with a very good Serra team. The upcoming fist-to-cuffs with Serra in San Mateo next weekend will be a riveting dual between a tandem of talented teams, totally and terrifically willing to tussle, twist and torque themselves to a thrilling triumph totaling victory!

    Healdsburg Shocked the Bulldogs of Alhambra in Martinez, and the Greyhounds from North are now the clear favorite and easily the Top Seed in D-4, after pummeling an Upper Division foe that beat College Park last week, and the Hounds thrashed Alhambra out of the gate and never trailed.

    Marin Catholic roughed up and jousted the Knights through their soft fleshy underbelly in Walnut Creek. MC proved they have talent, size and speed to burn, assuredly dismantling the Knights in strong fashion with a KillerD – no pun intended.

    Word on the street is Piedmont is Way down, the Highlanders will have a very long year without depth, size, experience or speed. San Lorenzo Valley took care of the host Highlanders in the 2nd half, proving that yes Healdsburg is really that good, and Piedmont will not be close to their exciting teams of recent.

    St. Patricks rolled over Valley Christian of Dublin at home in Vallejo. Nobody in D-4 will stop Blanton’s team this year as their early December showdown with Healdsburg for the D-4 Crown looms like a huge Hot Air balloon over the rest of the NCS D-4 field pretending to contend. The Vikings of VC fought hard and played well, but in order to beat St. Patty’s at home they needed to be great, and they were not.

    San Ramon Valley Wolves shine on the Defensive side of the ball vs. a powerful foe in Mitty. SRV quarterback Kline was above average in his Varsity debut and did just enough to win a hard fought game. Mitty was stymied by the Wolves nasty D, a D that has size, speed and tenacity. Look for SRV to challenge for 2nd place in the EBAL, as Kessler is doing a fine job leading the Wolves.

    Deer Valley wins a thriller vs. Washington, a Husky team that has and WILL play anybody, anywhere. Kudos to the Washington Coach unafraid to play them all, but one must also be careful what one wishes for. DV was simply too much in the end, with enough Gas in the tank as time ran out to eek out the W.

    Moreau downs a team they should have beaten by 30, instead winning by 17 points. Mariners face a much tougher test in Galileo upcoming who is rumored to have a RB that can go for 250 yards a game. Look for Moreau to either show up big and win on the road next week, or slide backward in what is supposed to be their breakout year with 6 or 7 wins in 2010.

    Watch out for Granada, and is there a Coach in America luckier than Silva of the Mats? Most coaches would LOVE to have ONE star Atkinson…but Silva has TWO bolts of lightning to shock and subdue opponents with and he wield them like a mad Sorcerer unafraid to shoot down any defense thrown at him with the Blurs of Speed known as the Atkinson Twins.

    Concord lights up the skies with Leather Bullets shot from the Gun of QB Lloyd. Amador tried valiantly to keep up but simply did not have the weapons or experience to do so. Lloyd showed why he is one of the top 3 QB’s in Nor Cal in fine form.

    James Logan is pissed off, and showing they deserve major respect by Blanking the Host San Leandor Pirates and slapping them silly. Logan has a duo of playmakers that can run and catch, and their battle forthcoming with scrappy Foothill next week Looms large. Look for Logan to force Foothill to throw next week and double cover outstanding wingback/receiver Rowland. However, will it be enough to win?

    Who won the Salesian vs. Middletown game? I picked M-town to beat the Chieftans………

    Who won the Redwood vs. Windsor game? I picked Windsor…..

    I am out for now……

  • KillerD, yes some upsets. Healsburg over Alhambra is not a shocker. Healsburg beat a tough St. Pat’s team in 06 before SP made their championship run. They have BIG farm boy lineman and always have a running back and QB, one guy broke his arm several years back after being recruited by Cal Berkeley.
    Mack is a surprise, are we going back to the Carter years?
    Berkeley and Marin politics are similar-that’s where it will end. MC handled Encinal last year, can surely take Berkeley.
    Serra over Monte Vista. Will the real Serra team show up next week? I think so.
    San Ramon wins big over Mitty. Mitty is talented, but a bunch of cry babies from the past- they accused De La Salle of dirty play several years back, lost and have not scheduled them again- imagine that , De La playing dirty? How about De La playing within the full extension of the rules-their rules.
    At least Perenon’s Mt. Eden team is scoring points.
    Pissmont must be way down losing to San Lorenzo Valley.
    Bye the way, how about these candy-assed coaches staying off the blog this year- they should be watching film or something today. No one gives a rat;s ass about coaches on a blog- their opinions don’t count and they should nnot make ANY comments about other teams- pos or neg. We are the experts, if they ever saw what we see from the stands they would be shocked.

    the full extension of the rules.

  • renegades10

    Big Joe, I think the real Serra showed up to both games. You heard Walsh after they played DLS, “that’s the best defense I have ever coached against.” Hoping the Spartans bring that intensity and fire to every game. Will be a joy to watch if they do.

  • where is old meddling coach this year- can’t we all just get along?

  • Joe

    The Liberty vs Livermore game was a tough game. Livermore is a different team with their new coach. Their #27 r/b was their biggest weapon. Liberty had two touchdowns called back due to holding, one was a 90 yard run by r/b Shawn Vasquez. Liberty’s QB Devyn Parsons was hitting all of his receivers on the numbers but the receivers couldnt hold on to the ball. Liberty is in need for receivers.Eventhough a win is a win Liberty dominated most of the game but lost due to the two touchdowns called back.

  • renegades10

    the main thing haubner has done is instilled a belief in the players that they can compete and win. that becomes contagious through all the levels. don’t know if that translates into a win for them in the EBAL this season, but wouldn’t be surprised to see them have a close game or two.

  • huskies

    anybody who was at the dv/washington game would know it was a great game and to have what happened by the refs was a disservice to both teams…great reffing until late 3rd quarter only a few penalties on each side mostly offsides, delay of games, false starts, nothing big..

    then wash has a td called back late 3rd quarter on a catch and throw by qb when sideline judge calls a hold 1 second into play when should be looking down field at the pass…hold was irrelevant to play…which leads me to the next call by refs when they actually picked up the flag on a holding call on deer valley’s game winning drive bc the head ref said “the play went away from the hold, so didn’t factor into play.” for a head ref to say this as his explanation for waviing a flag is inexcusable…

    dv may have still won the game, but to have it played out like that ruined a great game. would have been 1st and 20 from 40 yds out with less than a minute remaining…hats off to both teams as dv climbed out of an ugly start and washington showed what they are capable of after a very average game played vs cal the week before.

    huskies showed great fight playing without 2 way star giles chapman as well due to an injury earlier in week.

    dv looks to be the frontrunner in the bval along with heritage and washington is going to be one solid team and should factor in heavily for d2 playoffs when they figure out how to win..amador and srv still to go, we will find out what they are made of

    great week of football and some great games still headed our way…

  • Chris’ Dad

    Killer D,

    You are the best! Great breakdowns, great predictions. Moreau could have scored another touchdown, were marching down the field and had a turnover in the red zone. Also the Branham scored its second TD late in the game when Moreau was substituting heavily getting younger players some work. Branham, while now 0-2, are not as bad as some have said, they had a big offensive line. Galileo will be a good test….the Mariners will not let you down!

  • CoachGreen

    Also want to say congrats to coach Mac for a big win at Pittsburg, And I agree that you represent the entire OAL with this win. Keep up the good work with those kids.