The Pigskin Geek: Tough as Nails

This week, our Geek enlists the help of a fellow writer to head to Alameda and visit “The Nail House”. Enjoy!

Ben Enos

  • enoughalready

    Chris Turner is a fine offensively minded coach. No doubt he would have BOD ready to play offensively, just like he did with YV last year. I, for one, am confident that Turner will continue to be successful wherever he is, he expects the kids to learn the offense and then execute it. PERIOD.

    As for YV “letting him go”, this is bad information and doesn’t represent the full truth. YV is a public school in a district that last year canceled ALL sports due to budget cuts. Only due to the generosity of the community and a few very large donors, were sports even allowed last year, when Turner was at YV. As you know, he and his staff successfully earned a DVAL co-championship after everybody told him the YV kids were too stupid to learn a complicated offense. They told him to stick with the wing, then the stupid kids need only learn 3 offensive plays. Turner and his staff proved them wrong.

    As a public school, YV can’t decide to just pay a coach whatever they may think he is worth so they can keep him. It’s not DLS or BOD, where there is no accountability for public funds. Turner NEEDED to get an on-campus job or find a job that would allow him to coach and be able to feed his family. No surprise there, it’s hard for everybody right now. Turner applied for a position at YV that normally is pretty much a slam-dunk, but this time there were MANY applicants due to the bad economy. This was NOT a high paying job by any means. As a public school district position, all applicants needed to be given a fair chance at the job, and ultimately the decision does not lie with the athletic department as to who is hired.

    If the former principal can’t stand football or sports, then she can make any decision she wants looking through that prism. If she felt that another candidate was better qualified, then she can make that call. If she felt that there would be accusations and lawsuits that came out of giving a coach preferential treatment over more qualified applicants due to his W-L record, then that is her prerogative.

    Bottom line is, I’m tired of reading on here and elsewhere that YV was stupid for letting Turner go, or YV doesn’t value winning, or is too blind to see what it takes to make a winner, etc., etc. That view is far too simplistic, many of you don’t have a clue what it takes to do nothing more than just get to the point where our kids can even have a team to play on and a league to play in. Keep in mind, the purpose of a high school is to educate all children, not give a VERY small portion of them a chance to play football for a good coach.

    Turner is/was a good coach, YV didn’t chase him away or undervalue his contribution. Business is business, rules are rules, public schools are public schools, and risk of lawsuits or favoritism is not worth it. Under different circumstances things may have been different, but the circumstances that were in place were what they were. He is not the only coach in the world that will earn wins.

    A broke public school cannot do “whatever it takes” to keep a coach. End of story.

    YV is very happy to have had a successful 2009 season, which is a nice memory. Now their focus is making 2010 even better.

  • ArmstrongJets

    Nice Game Jets.
    One game at a time. The road to the NCS goes through Encinal (as usual) ….

  • Encinal is good but EC sucks. Encinal didn’t have their 1st or 2nd string QB they put a guy there Wed. & rolled. There was no QB carries or completions & that has been a big part of their game the last 3 yrs. Paul Okamura was also hurt & didn’t play much & didn’t have too. EC no lie good athletes though no way Encinal would ever shut them out.

  • ManDown

    When will Encinal’s QB be back? Back up QB hurt too? If they have any chance of beating Serra then they will need the 1st stringer to be in. Not throwing the ball next week wont cut it against a physical Serra team. Encinal did lose a lot but they still have that good one in Allen and he didnt dissapoint against El Cerrito.

  • ManDown

    The Mac’s win over Pitt is BIG. If Pitt keeps losing does that take away from the upset?

  • old former meddling coach.

    Mandown he should be back this week but Bo Banks and Joe Gill did a great Job standing in! Had to Love No.55 Whitehead’s TD. Joe pulled a Rabbit outta his headset! Jet Pride!

  • ManDown

    Whats the QBs name again? Is he a real threat like the 2 Qbs from the past?

  • renegades10

    ManDown, that depends on Serra’s ability to stop the run something they failed to do against DLS. The rb from MV went for over 100 as well, but that may have more to do with the fact that Serra was more focused on trying to limit the passing game. Don’t know how good Encinal’s line is this year versus the last few, but Serra knew what DLS was coming with 90% of the time and there was nothing they could do about it. That being said no matter who Encinal plays at qb, they won’t be as good as Houston so I’m guessing Serra will stack the box early and not respect the passing game very much at all until proven otherwise. Big plays were the main difference last year between Encinal and Serra. Serra, I feel is much improved this year getting back to the ground and pound method of football rather then the offense they tried last year. So this will be a good test of each program, both trying to establish themselves as legit contenders in their respective sections.

    In regards to taking away from the upset, I guess if Pitt keeps losing it will, but there is still something to be said for an OAL team beating Pitt @ Pitt. It’s not an easy place to play and this year’s team is not a bad team by any means. We’ll have to watch how Pitt does against Monte Vista this week.

  • MV Alum

    MV was doing a nice job of balancing their game plan Sullas did run for over 100yds plus he had another 67 called back on penalties they ran the ball 29 times (including the 3 penaltie)and threw it 27 times offically (actually 35 including penalties) they made to many mental mistakes giving Serra 21pts off of turnovers and not making a stop at the end of the game 4th and 7 let the QB run for 8 with 3min plus change on the clock…they are better than that. I will say that the fumble was very suspect and the onside kick di not go 10yds but Serra did play physical (a little cheap too for example #2 getting kicked out of the game for stepping on the RB’s head after a play (albert haynesworth style kid she be suspended for a couple games)but they ran out thr clock so good win for them. I think MV will come back strong after this.

  • according to SMCHS Panther’s web site, they have Oct. 30th circled against Encinal.

  • Who’s walkin’ the Park St. Bridge tonite- Old Meddling?

  • Something I’ve noticed in the BSAL this year, Encinal 22-24 players, St. Mary’s 24 players, St. Pat’s 24-27 players. These teams might be potent against each other and other programs, but they’ll run out of gas against 45-50 player squads in the EBAL, WCAL, etc.
    Also, pure passing teams with Big time Div 1 or 2 QB’s are going to give these teams fits.

  • renegades10

    MV Alum thanks for the breakdown. The first one I have heard about the game outside of the newspaper articles. I agree that I think MV will bounce back in a big way.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo Mama, If your speaking of the Island Bowl You know my Jets will beat Alameda like a drum! Mandown, Andrew Ve’e Is a QB strong arm good speed. Looking forward to the Serra game, Will be a good test for us. Jet Pride!

  • MV Alum

    Thanks R10 I have to say that Serra was actually bigger than I thought they would be the QB and #45 looked like loads #21 had good patients when he ran and they just kept pounding the ball I think with the mistakes we gave them the opportunities that DLS didn’t we had stuffed them twice in a row had a chance to score before the half (big catch by Turner then we get a PF for a block after the play back by the line of scrimmage), 3 holding penalties on runs of 40,15,12 with the 40 yder putting us on their 3 yd line. The studs played well McGovern was his normal self did a great job on O and D only negative had a chance at a pick and just missed it. Sullas ran extremely well had and got alot of yds after being hit (answer your question from before) and should have finished with 177 on 25 carries, Turner made a bunch of nice catches, the DB’s did a good job coming up for tackles (but made to many of them),DE (Zach Dryer especially)did a nice job on containing but the interior line/LB needs to get more physical at the point of attack. I think Bergman will focus on that this week.

  • ManDown

    St. Marys is circling the Encinal game? Why? Last year they almost got lucky and I was at that game. Two fumbles for TDs and the refs that game were flag happy.

  • Joe

    How did Heritage come in at #11 or 12? Was this based off last years season? Just curious because this year they have played easy teams, their real test will be against Logan and Concord, we shall see if they keep their ranking after a real challenge.

  • renegades10

    Yes they have played teams that are 0-2, and they have dominated them. And since those teams are 0-2 that is why I do not think they deserve a spot in the top 10, but they are lurking. Also, don’t forget that despite their records both Novato and Montgomery are decent teams (usually very good teams) this year and are better then say Dublin and Tennyson who Northgate has demolished the last two weeks. Yes, Heritage’s history plays a part in this as they seemingly get better every year and they were a playoff team last year. Not top 10 yet although if they win against Logan and Concord they will be. They have another easy game against Kennedy of Fremont coming up before those though so unless some major upsets happen of teams ahead of them I wouldn’t move them up into the top 10 after this week.

    This is just a note for people who disagree with either the newsgroup’s or other poster’s rankings, you should post who you would have in the top 15. Don’t just rag on someone else’s rankings over one or two teams without offering what you would have instead. When I see that I want to know who you replace those teams you don’t like with. It would help to get more discussion going. Just a thought.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal High and Foothill have also beaten 2 teams that are both 0-2, but all 4 are good programs. Cal beat Washington and CP,and the Times picked both of those teams to win their respective leagues, and Washington lost a nailbiter on the road to DV. Foothill beat Pitt, who is always tough but sputtering thus far this season, and a young Novato team that is also trying to find their way.

    It is really hard to differentiate between teams like MV, SRV, Cal & Foothill thus far, but I would have to put them all ahead of Granada and Amador. Granada looks to have a lot of O and no D, and Amador has the opposite. That is not to say those two teams won’t be making noise this year in the EBAL, but they look to be a step below the other 4. My EBAL picks at this point in time are:

    1 DLS
    2 MV
    3 Cal
    4 SRV
    5 Foothill
    6 Granada
    7 AV
    8 Livermore

  • renegades10

    Wow SRV at four. That might be a little low, I’d at least put them at three and if I was going to rank the teams right now they would be two. Cal’s win over Washington is definitely looking more impressive after the close game the Huskies had with DV, but think SRV’s win over Mitty is much better. Who knows though, it’s so early that rankings teams is based more on last year than anything else even after a game or two. Just feel that both WCAL teams that played SRV and MV are stronger then the competition that Cal has faced, but MV didn’t win so I guess there is some logic to moving them below Cal although I would disagree with it for right now. I also feel that Serra is a better team than Mitty so MV could be two but I will put them at 3 for now. Unfortunately Cal’s last preseason game won’t tell us much about them as they should demolish Castro Valley. Then a week off before they face a tough two week stretch against MV and SRV which will really shed some light on the Grizzlies this year. I will say this though, that Foothill’s offense is perfect for trying to keep the ball out of DLS, MV, SRV, and Granada’s hands all that filled with playmakers. Whoever plays them will need to have the linebackers ready to be strong at the point of attack in order to get the ball back. DLS gets them first in league.

    For the EBAL right now I would go:
    1. DLS
    2. SRV
    3. MV
    4. Cal
    5. Foothill
    6. Granada
    7. AV
    8. Livermore

  • CHALKtalk

    real coaches are entering the HAAL
    coaches that run systems that fit the kids.
    Not system that hide that fact that they have limited knowledge of the game. Each and everyday I endure the pain caused by idiot coaches. COACHES or maybe i should say baby-sitters that force the kids to buy in 2 full stupidity. STUPIDITY WORKS IF U HAVE SUPERIOR ATHLETES.
    I’m SO tired of coaches saying we should have won, well y didnt You. Oh i know blame the KIDS!!!
    take note great athlete can make great coaches LOL

  • ManDown

    CHALKtalk, I agree with you. Arroyo and BOD are the best teams in the HAAL right now. I think Hayward falls 3rd. Whats going on over at San Leandro? With all those athletes they carry over there it makes no sense why they are losing so bad? I would’nt trip if they games were close but they have been blown out two straight weeks. Coach Trot where are you?

  • CHALKtalk

    Maybe coach TROt should turn that trot in2 a jog or a skip maybe even a gallop oh i got it try speed walking
    I LOVE THIS BLOG has anyone seen the wing-t or has it become a thing of the pPASS. some bird have wings but that just wont fly so they bury there heads in the sand
    must be a humming bird HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM while i scratch my HEAD

  • Coach Trot


    Here I am..

    I get on these blogs during the off season and try to stay off during the season…

    The fact is we are 0-2 with 2 very poor offensive showings to start this season which falls on my shoulders…

    All the negative comments are well deserved and appreciated…

    We will get this thing corrected by hard work and getting back to basic’s.. I’ll leave it at that…

    Go Pirates!!!

  • Joe

    Renegades10, Thanks for the info on how Heritage was picked. I wasnt stirring things up I was curious how they were picked due to their easy preseason schedule. Thanks again.

  • CHALKtalk

    dont put it all on coach trot he’s just a loyal subject on that sinking Pirate ship. ALL HAND ON DECK make the d-coor walk the plank and put a bounty on the captain’s HEAD ” DOWN WITH THE WING TEE I SAY”

  • Prep Fan

    It is hard to say how good Serra and Mitty are based on the 1st 2 weeks of the season. Cal Hi Sports had Bellarmine and St. Francis at the 2 top teams from the WCAL this year, so that means they see Serra and Mitty as no better than 3rd or 4th place teams. Mitty won the WCAL last year, but may not be in the top 3 this year? Serra looked overmatched against DLS, but got past MV. We should have a better idea on them after the Encinal game this week. Maybe Serra is a lot better then Mitty? Maybe MV’s close loss was more impressive than SRV’s close victory? Time will tell. It is fun that our East Bay teams are playing a lot of games with the WCAL teams, and I hope that trend continues.

  • SLZ is going under the radar

    All this talk about BOD and Arroyo but isn’t SLZ in the HAAL? Didn’t SLZ beat BOD and Arroyo last year and finished 6-4. SLZ just beat Mt. Diablo 29-6. Now I know Arroyo and BOD has some good athletes but I wouldn’t count coach Wright and The Rebels out yet.

  • renegades10

    I completely agree with what you said, I am just stating my own personal opinion here that I believe Serra is better than Mitty. I agree we find out more about Serra this week, Mitty is playing Palo Alto which made the Open Division last year in CCS. Don’t know how good they are this year though. Yes this year and next year have been pegged as the years that St. Francis would dominate the WCAL. From what has happened so far this year and what I have heard from CCS and WCAL fans alike is that they have no offense at all, but a lights out defense. That offense took a hit last week when their top receiver went down with an injury, don’t know how long he is out for. Granted they play in the WCAL where points aren’t necessarily scored in bunches, but they also will be playing some very physical defenses that will make it even harder to put points up. Bellarmine is very young this year. They had seven or eight sophs on varsity last year, and I heard there overall level is alright and that they were moved up just to get experience, not necessarily because they were studs. Smart move by a smart coach. The same thing was said about them last year and they came out with a bowl bid, but I just don’t see it this year. Valley Christian is my pick to win the WCAL as they seem to have the most complete team out of everybody. The other contenders seem to have one or two issues that could create some problems, and I don’t see that with Valley Christian. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have on of the top RB’s in the country for 2012 running out of your backfield. I know this board doesn’t cover the WCAL but my guess for their rankings would be
    1. Valley Christian
    T2. Serra
    T2. St. Francis (would not be surprised if these two tied during the regular season)
    4. Bellarmine
    5. Mitty (these two could switch)
    6. SI
    7. SHC
    8. Riordan

  • Prep Fan

    Actually now that you mention it, I think Cal Hi Sports had VC and St. Francis as the top 2 WCAL teams, not Bellarmine. So if Mitty may be the 5th place team in the WCAL, how impressive is SRV’s last second win at home against them? If Mitty runs the table in the WCAL, then it will end up having been very impressive, but if Mitty ends up the year 5-5? Still, a win is a win, and SRV is 1-0 with a newly comitted Pac 10 QB at the helm. 2-5 in the EBAL may just come down to who has the home field advantage in some of those matchups.

    I would love to see even more battles between these two fine leagues. I think Livermore beats Riordon, as Dougherty Valley beat them badly last week. I would take Amador and Granada over SHC and SI, or maybe a split there. DLS obviously beats whoever their top team is, and the 2-5 matchups would be incredible battles. They could play on a nuetral field such as Chabot College or Cal-State EB over 2 weekends.

  • renegades10

    Yeah, it has been discussed about a WCAL-EBAL showcase. It would actually work for next year if they got a team for DLS because both MV and SRV have to travel to the South Bay next year. Maybe Valley Christian? Who knows it would be fun, DLS has two open dates next year as of right now so it would be nice to see them play another WCAL team. Think the WCAL is deeper this year then the EBAL. The EBAL and maybe even NCS overall for that matter is a little down this year compared to most. I know it’s early, but just a feeling I have. My comment about SRV’s win being more impressive, is just that I feel Mitty is much better than either teams that Cal has beaten so far, so feel like SRV should be above them. But who knows, it’s so early that everything that has been said could be completely different at the end of the year.

  • CHALKtalk

    #78 LOL LOL
    MT diablo had 18 players plz dont act like that was a quality win 6-4 wow great season in the HAAL i GUESS coach WRIGHT gets 2 keep his job. mediocrity is a staple in this league hopefully with the new coaching addition everyone will step thier game up

  • HAAL Yeah!

    Mandown & Chalktalk are two of the dumb fans who never evolve. They just sit up there with a degree in Madden 2011 and criticize the real coaches. Where have you two ever coached? Where did you ever play? Who are you? You hide behind screen names & belong to nothing. Yet you’re on here crticizing every coach who gives all of their time & energy to the kids in their community.

    You two aren’t qualified to judge whether a coach is good or bad. How many college teams have you coached for? You get on here and run your mouth just to get a reaction. What do you two do for a living? Collect unemployment? On blogs all day talkin about nothing you know about. Just do us all a favor go get a job & shut up.

  • CHALKtalk

    Haal Yeah
    I got a name tag 4 ya at the CHALKTALK CLINIC
    and u have now been boosted 2 VIP slapping status. Redeem ur voucher at the front door.
    8 teams
    80plus games a year
    for 5years my god thats 400 games now shut the hell up