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This week, our intrepid Geek harkens back to simpler times, calling highlights and giving an update on what’s happened so far this season.

Ben Enos

  • Get this Bill, your hoes were 0-2 today. Encinal and BHS aren’t what you think. Let’s leave the BSAL to the teams. Killer D has his picks. You still never answered the game show- are you the real bill johnson- needs to know- can’t walk Yo Mama across the Park St. bridge if I ain’t the daddy right.

  • bhsfan

    bill johnson did u attend the b high and mc game and if so what did u think of the game

  • Why did Brackettt schedule so tough? He had to of known that he was going to be young. Their Frosh program is usually very good I heard that they lost to Herotage 41-0.

  • ManDown

    How did the Jets end up losing 42-13? I seen it was 21-13 in the 4th? Serra must have became too much for the Jets

  • ManDown

    Berkeley High should never lose to a team like Marin.

  • Jet4Ever52
  • Footballfan415

    why not Mandown?? MC football tradition is much better Berkeley High….how many current NFL players from Berkeley are there??? oh yeah, thats what i thought…..MC for 750 students have 2 currently playing in the NFL

  • Scl alum

    re posting 46 (Bill Johnson)

    I think the “weakass” reference to Healdsburg is rather misguided. Healdsburg recently beat Alhambra at Alhambra, a team Marin Catholic barely got past in the NCS playoffs last season. Yes, MC is a solid team, but you’re a bit premature in your assessment.

  • PERKIN in regard to post #53 I have said this time and again winning your NCS section is no longer the top prize. Brackett knows after being snubbed for Palo Alto the first Bowl game that you must play top notch teams in your non-league schedule to be a serious contender.

    Novato is young this season 8 Sophmores are starting with a host of Juniors if they manage to upset 1 or 2 of the teams they lost to and then take the NCS that would have ment alot.

    That is the probelm the Jets have even if that had beat Serra there other two non league contests are with bad teams. If the Jets win the NCS this year (which I doubt they can) They will get passed over for a Northern Section or a SJS section team for sure which is two bad the Jets will always be the brides maid and never the Bride.

  • renegades10

    MC has a very good team this year. Their scores don’t look impressive, but that’s because of the style they play. Pound the rock and hold on to the ball for a long time. They wear you down physically. They don’t have the best athletes, but that style let’s them play with teams like Serra (Gardena). You knew with B-High’s style the game would not be high scoring and MC will not blow out good opponents score wise very often, but they will beat them up physically.

  • hey you all, iam now checking in from solano county to set some things straight, first of all moreau from hayward is going to have a tough time in the bsal. facts, they were whipped 3 straight years by st. pats since entering the league, 2007 score was 53 points at moreau.st. pats scored 40 points plus the other two years. the mariner program has not been very good since the early eighties when they had brankston banks at running back, went to notre dame. sorry moreau, it aint going to happen. bye

  • Javid Best got 2 more TDs today rushing 17c 78 yds late 4th quarter- that’s now 4 tds for the early season.

  • WHats good about scheduling games that your team compete in. Starting 8 Sophs means rebuilding obviously a team starting 8 sophs isn’t thinking state let alone undefeated. NCS for that matter. I could see that in other years (the last 2 not being the case) but the last 2 have made him look like he’s biting off more then they can chew which is foolish.

    The Jets yeah they should be playing an opponent beter then EC but stats don’t lie right? Their scheduling & their wins & losses have gotten them the number 1 seed the past 2 years. WHich includes coaching rankings. So as far as winning section which is the primary goal his scheduling hasn’t done him a good job. Whats fun about being 0-3 getting blown out? Thats teaching your team something? I could understand having one challening game that they could compete in or 2 but they’re flat out getting blown out not even in the game by half time. They getting blown out on all levels.

  • Donut

    Dey Know dey know she know, I am da kcuf all this talk that the game settle the score……..Encinal all day Logan all day De La Salle all day and Northgate all day. your undefeated teams in league watchh out

  • Perkin I agree with what your saying but there are somethings that we don’t know for example what the series is setup for is it a 2 year home and away ? Is coach Brackett setting up for next season at home other than DLS teams need to have a game plan on. And off the field. Any coach who has 100 plus wins in 10 seasons must have aome idea on how to get things done

  • Other then Foothill which they have had a long standing series with & a good one he picked Bellarmine a CCS Open Division Champ & Heritage this year. Knowing he was going to be young I don’t think thats smart. Foothill was a good enough test for where his team is at this year. Why not schedule a BOD always beatable yet always considered a great team & HAAL favorite? Easily could have competed & helped get a high D-III seed. Why not an Alhambra, Miramonte(pay back & they scheduled Mission San Jose they may have needed a game) or Las Lomas? Sounds like that would have been their speed this year. No one have downed him for scheduling those teams & starting 8 Sophs. You make it sound like he’s just so cocky that he always believes he can beat those top teir teams.

  • OK I see what you mean he maybe thinking next year will be his year so he setting that up this year but WOW thats pretty tough on the kids this year & I don’t know how good it is for confidence if they’re getting blown out on all levels.

  • You know honeslty I thought the Novato offence was going to be better. They were in the first two games at the half and vs the Bells the kids where distracted with tbe death and injuries to tbe 5 classmates earlier in the day. Not that they would have won but I think they would have given a better showing

  • what death and injuries are you refering too- BleacherCoach?

  • big trad at Justin-Sienna over the weekend, Friday nite a young man on last year’s team took his life. Father died earlier in year from Lung cancer, Mother lost house, she came down with cancer, break-up with girlfriend, took his life. It was a big shock to the team before their game against Menlo.
    God Bless and be happy if your kids aren’t troubled. There’s more to life than football.

  • renegades10

    There was a car accident involving 5 Novato students on Friday afternoon, one died. They found bottles of alcohol in the car. The driver was arrested for felony DUI. It’s very sad that this happened.