NorCal Tip Off Classic field announced

I just received this year’s schedule for the NorCal Tip Off Classic at Newark Memorial on November 27, the unofficial start to the high school basketball season in my eyes at least. It’s another great field this year, highlighted by two tremendous games to close it out. It’s always tough for me to make it out to the event because it’s during the football playoffs, but I’d certainly recommend it for high school hoops fans.

Game 1: 11:00 am            San Leandro vs. Deer Valley (Antioch)
Game 2: 12:30 pm            Dublin vs. Vallejo
Game 3: 2:15 pm               St. Patrick’s-St. Vincent’s (Vallejo) vs. Manteca
Game 4: 3:45 pm              Analy (Sebastopol) vs. Franklin (Elk Grove)
Game 5: 5:30 pm             Berkeley vs. Rodriguez (Fairfield)
Game 6: 7:00 pm             Newark Memorial (Newark) vs. Oakland
Game 7: 8:30 pm             Castro Valley vs. Sheldon (Sacramento)

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • E_CULB

    Whats the date?

  • Yeah, I guess that would’ve been good info to provide. It’s November 27.

  • Prep Fan

    Today is the 16th E_CULB 🙂

    I was thinking the same thing. It’s hard to make plans when there is no date listed.

  • Rich Borda

    HAAL is goin have 3 or 4 great teams

  • bsmith

    wrong two good teams and 4 terrible teams

  • Spartan Fan

    Bsmith, sounds like you know the HAAL well. I’m curious about your thoughts on the leauge and predicted finishes in your opinion…..I agree with the “two good” teams and “four terrible” teams statment but there is 8 teams in the leauge. What do you think the finnish will be?

  • NorCal Hoops

    Berkeley’s best sport to offer, Deer Valley looking totake NCS this year maybe?

  • brandonbeard

    It already says November 27 in the message above guys.

    I edited the original post to include the date after E_CULB pointed out that it was missing. — JD

  • Rich Borda

    1. San Leandro
    2. CV
    3. BOD
    4. Hayward
    5. SLZ
    6. Tennyson
    7. Arroyo
    8. Moreau
    9. MT EDEN

  • bsmith

    9.mt eden

  • Prep Fan

    BrandonBeard, the date was not listed when the comments were made. Jimmy and I posted at the same time. It was missing when I hit send, then Jimmy’s comment came up. The date was added later.