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Week 3 football recap: Some unconventional wins Friday night

By Jon Becker
Saturday, September 18th, 2010 at 7:49 am in Uncategorized.

Here’s a roundup of the key games and key performers from last night across the East Bay from our team of reporters and photographers:

Click here for the Week 3 recap.

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  • 617lemon

    Bleachercoach even you no novatos not in the conversation u didnt mention them.stop claiming the north your an eastbay reject. novato this novato that now try n claim marin cardnal newman get lost. talk bout novato or shut up yarry!

  • Don Juan

    SLZ didn’t get robbed last year. They didn’t amke the playoffs b/c they didn’t beat anybody and struggled against bad teams. Check out from last year.

    I don’t EVER want to hear that SLZ got robbed last year & that Wright is a good coach.

    SLZ losses:

    Hayward 20 to 35
    Alameda 0 to 20
    Mt.Diablo 23-30
    San Leandro 7 -49

    They didnt beat any good teams!

    SLZ wins:

    Moreau 12 to 7!!!!, Moreau sucked last year!!!!
    Castro Valley 27 to 14!! CV lost 8 games!!!
    Tennyson 8 to 7!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?! Tennyson?
    Mt.Eden 19-12!!! Mt.Eden only won 1 game last year!!?!!
    BOD 26-21, A 4-6 D-III team,upset cost Perenon his job
    Arroyo 20-14, Bad coaching, we finished 3-7.

    They lost to all of the winning teams on their schedule and won close games against the losing teams from the East bay.

    2010 Year of the Dons.

    I guarantee that Wright will beggin the refs to run the clock by halftime. Arroyo 63 SLZ 6.

  • CHALKtalk

    Don Juan
    dont u have newark this week SON stay focused.
    Hayward 20 to 35
    Alameda 0 to 20
    Mt.Diablo 23-30
    San Leandro 7 -49
    a new DON is coming
    let them taste the morning DEW
    then slap the taste out thier mouth

  • François “Papa Doc” Duvalier

    What happened at that charter school in San Lorenzo? I hear SLUSD is cracking down on a full Arroyo high school with at least 10 players going to that dumbass art charter school? Somebody chime in…

  • JB”DON”

    Yea the problem is that there are kids living in arroyo area and going to east bay arts to play sport at SLZ and some live in SLZ area and go to arroyo to play a sport.

    Don Juan stop specking for my program and let are play do the talkin !!!

    don pride!!!

  • François “Papa Doc” Duvalier

    damn did the athletic director screw things up or was it deeper than that?

  • JB”DON”

    Well it states that a kid that lives in the district and go to east bay has a choice to play at AHS or SLZ. But I think there some good players out there on each team in other sports so now coaches are starting to question. This has nothing to do with football but more with the other sports. Volleyball, Tennis,

    don pride !!!

  • Don Juan

    Coach, I’m just lettin all these haters know what’s up. I’m a let my pads do the most talkin. But just so everybody knows. We ain’t losing again. MVAL’s 3rd fiddle will get beasted. Arroyo 42 Newark 6.

    We got this coach.

    2010 Year of the Dons.

  • http://aol Yo Mama

    Who’s the fool telling ManDown to pick up the trash at the zoo because MV whipped Hayward? So he missed a pick, he’s got a lot more knowledge than this fool.
    There’s nothing in Hayward except Moreau, Hayward is still the heroin capital of the world-get a fix fool.