East Bay football poll — 9/20

Here’s the latest East Bay football poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week Comment
1. De La Salle 2-0 120 1 Vegas power Gorman pays visit.
2. San Ramon Vly 2-0 110 3 Wolves crush Antioch on road.
3. Deer Valley 3-0 105 2 DV pulls away late from Fremont.
4. Monte Vista 1-1 93 5 Ground game paces win at Pitt.
5. California 3-0 86 7 Grizzlies easily handle Castro Valley.
6. Foothill 3-0 84 6 Overcame 20-point deficit vs. Logan.
7. Concord 2-1 71 8 Scored 42 straight to crush Skyline.
8. Encinal 1-1 66 4 Wore down late in 42-13 loss to Serra.
9. Alhambra 2-1 49 7 Rallied from 14 down to beat YV.
10. McClymonds 3-0 47 10 Shutouts in two of first three games.
11. Heritage 3-0 46 11 Patriots rack up 61 against Kennedy.
12. Pinole Valley 2-0-1 21 12 Settle for 28-28 tie with Sequoia.
13. James Logan 2-1 15 14 Can’t hold early lead vs. Foothill.
14t. Amador Valley 2-1 12 NR Earn solid road win at Washington.
14t. Granada 2-0 12 NR Idle Matadors slide into poll.

Also receiving votes: Freedom (2-1, 6 points), Pittsburg (0-3, 5), Acalanes (3-0, 4), Bishop O’Dowd (1-1, 3), Miramonte (3-0, 3), Las Lomas (1-2, 2). . The East Bay poll is is voted upon by the staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • BVAL Expert,
    Yes there will be updates from Deer Valley-College Park. Ben Enos will be out there and his updates will filter in to our Twitter account (Twitter.com/eastbaypreps) and our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/East-Bay-Area/East-Bay-Prep-Corner-Oakland-TribuneCC-Times/66085423309?ref=ts

  • MAC 1

    Prediction for tonight washington huskies shocks SRV
    ranked #2 in the polls. deandre carter will have his break out game this year with 4tds in a 35 to 28 romp for the huskies. mark my words this is a scholarship game and carter is ready to cash in.

  • outsider

    I will not say that it won’t happen, but is unlikely. I say 80% SRV wins 20% Washington wins.

  • Spartan83

    Renegades10 said … Pinole is a border team, but that tie with Sequoia should drop them below Logan, AV, Granada, and Freedom as well as some of those other teams in honorable mention.

    While Pinole isn’t by any means a perfect team, they could and should have done better vs Sequioa. They had three key players out of last weeks game due to some stupid actions on their part (don’t know their status for tonights game vs Oakland Tech). But, I hope these young men get their heads on straight and learn from their mistake. Now, let’s go Spartans and beat the Bulldogs and keep up the winning ways to take the ACCAL title.

  • Mike

    who Washington’s is QB? that’s why the Huskies will get blown out. Carter will get his mismatches, but he will not be able to do it all by himself. SRV has that 6-6 tagliaferri linebacker/safety and has something like 4 interceptions against mitty and antioch already.

    I think the biggest upset of all will be College Park over Deer Valley. At home, physical always beats fast. some others to keep an eye on for divisional standings will be Berkeley beating Pitt, or Heritage beating Logan.

  • renegades10

    Deer Valley scoots by College Park 14-7.

  • #1 Arroyo Fan

    Hayward bent over & spanked for 70 points?!?!? WOW!

  • #1 Arroyo Fan


    Nice prediction. LOL!! Washington sucks! 55-7?

  • #1 Arroyo Fan


    Killer D, you don’t know football.
    You predicted a Hayward upset?

    MV 70 Hayward 21

    Stick to picking up garbage at the zoo.

  • renegades10

    big props to Heritage for getting a big win tonight on the road, but i said it wasn’t going to be a blow out.

  • BVAL Expert

    Same here i said that heritage was not going to blow the lead open…

    But ive never seen a poor called game by the Refs at the Freedom game… so unprofessional by the Refs not calling noticable personal fouls

  • Prep Fan

    Deer Valley squeeks by again. A 14-7 win vs. 1-3 CP, and had to stop them twice on their last 2 drives inside the 10. Cal had 21 points on CP within the first 4 minutes, and even kicked off to start the game. Deer Valley beat 0-4 Washington at home on the last play of the game and a 2-point conversion, while SRV clobbered them 55-8 and Cal also had their way with them. Deer Valley is still unbeaten, but then again so is Livermore 🙂

  • Prep Fan

    Good calls by Mike in post #105, predicting the blowout of the Huskies, Berkeley beating Pitt, Heritage beating Logan and nearly got the CP upset, if not for 2 goal line stands by DV at the end of the game. MAC 1 in post #102 did not quite have the same foresight. I hope that scholly is not revoked.

  • Lakeview

    #1 Arroyo, Is it true MV scored 70 points in Three quarters. That they let the clock run through and didn’t play the 4th Qtr?

  • Mike

    Thanks Prep Fan and the rest of you guys who are thinking logically. Heh. I sure sounded smart, but honestly this year’s DV team is not matched with the strength of last years, and clearly, these tight wins show the EBAL is deep this year. Heritage is having an incredible season, but man I wish they did keep MV on their schedule right about now, echoing MV Alum’s point about their players being even more experienced this year.

    I expect this year’s NCS to be very EBAL heavy again, but rightly so this year is their statement year. Pitt will have to win league in my opinion to make it now, but if they’re still doing the 16 team format, a lot of these winless teams may get in by virtue of teams like Arroyo and Washington being D-2.

    Who’s with me I say Granada has a firm chance at getting in this year! They will battle Amador for that last EBAL-team in, but Cal, SRV, MV, Foothill, and DLS have looked very dominant thus far.

    Berkeley High is improving, likely automatic qualify is their preference, but I don’t see Logan or San Leandro getting left out because they’ll still win their leagues.

  • Mike

    if I had to say my top 12 d-1, I’d go

    1. DLS
    2. SRV
    3. Cal
    4. Heritage
    5. Monte Vista(they should’ve beaten Serra, they are really that strong as Hayward found out)
    6. Foothill
    7. Deer Valley(I think is overated but still strong, but not the strongest team in their league or against the EBAL’s line up)
    8. Granada
    9. Logan
    10. Berkeley
    11. Pitt
    12. Livermore(ok they are undefeated! but is this San Leandro’s spot? time will tell)

  • mac 1

    I was wrong big time. Thought the huskies had a chance I heard all three programs played in san ramon this week and it was 149 to 8 . I wonder how ken wittmer feels Compared to the well ran program of Srv compared to his. that type of spanking may spell program wide issues. As I see it if your best player Carter cant get the ball the question needs to be not who the qb is but who the offensive coordinator is? he has to be an idiot not to get this kid touches. the best wr in in the bay area . something wrong there and you have a head coach removing him from the preseason top 25 cream of the crop. i dont know.!

  • jp lose

    fire the bum! if he cant win with a talent like carter.
    when did this happen about carter being recommended not making the top 25 cream of the crop? if his coach did that then this guy is really not about the kids. that’s not right.

  • BVAL Expert

    Why is heritag ranked fourth? foothil should be ahead of them

  • MV Alum

    Lakeview; It was 63-14 10sec into the 4thQ and they went to a running clock after that with 3rd team D and O for MV…

  • EBAL FAN #2

    Throwing for that last TD? Stay classy MV.

  • Lakeview

    Thanks MV Alum: I saw MV’s Junior Dalis Bruce on film returning a kick against Pitt. I heard he took a middle screen pass 77 yards. Is this kid as fast as i’m hearing.

  • MV Alum

    EBALFAN2: Like I said earlier they had 2 and 3rd team players in kid caught a 5 yd pass and broke 4 tackles for the last TD (plus the running clock) as far as Bruce yes kid is fast, he has some real nice open field running moves and can play. I think only thing for him is to not try and make a move to soon he needs to get to the second level then do his stuff.

  • huskies

    Mac 1…yes washington struggled big time this weekend against SRV…i am sure the coach isn’t too happy with the week, how could you be. but to call him out on this blog is about as classless as can be. everybody knows carter is a great wr, but that is the problem everyone knows. so he is getting double and triple teamed…huskies have been unable to find a run game which has caused the offense to stall of late…but they are giving up nearly 40 pts a game, so i dont think all their issues are on offense.

    SRV is a great run program…but the frosh are at a huge disadvantage because that is the first game they play, per MVAL rules. i believe SRV frosh have played at least 2…

    washington JV program has 22 players on it, nearly half of which are freshman because only a few returning frosh decided to play. so no doubt they would struggle. and srv has a pretty darn good jv team if you haven’t heard, i am sure they will do well in the ebal this year.

    the varsity had a rough game and no way they win that game. but did you know only 21 players suited up…9 players were injured including 6 or 7 starters. excuses aside you can’t go into a big game vs a great team like SRV with that. should it have been as bad as it was, probably not. but when most of the team is going both ways it is pretty tough against a very good and deep srv team…you got to play the hand that is delt to you. right now the huskies are trying to find there way. but they just got done with arguably the toughest non league schedule in the east bay, playing teams twice there size and twice there roster size every week…it took a toll on them.

    now they are 0-4 and time to regroup. season has a long ways to go, just ask pitt…they are still going to be a tough out in D2 and there is no team they will face the rest of the year that was better than what they have already seen, so we will see if tough schedule pays off or not.. but we will see if they can get healthy and right the ship. all it matters is who is standing in the end in the playoffs. if the huskies are then this will be just a seriously bumpy road on the way. if they aren’t then maybe they weren’t the team everyone hoped for. but still a long ways to go.

    so critisize all you want and show no class for a program you obviously supportted before kickoff, now bash afterward. we dont need fans like you and should be ashamed to even post what you did.

    and i know the head coach well…he did not remove carter from the top 25, everyone needs to get over that. he is a great kid and all this talk on blogs over this and that is just ruining wthe future he has.

  • Arroyo you’ll suck.

  • MVALfollower

    #1 Arroyo fan:
    Hayward allowed 70 points, you failed to mention about Arroyo allowing 35 points last night to a team that’s been averaging barely 200 yards a game for the past 13 games. All that talk about you guys taking home the HAAL title should go right out the door.

  • Encinal and Arroyo should play a game. who wins?

  • BVAL Expert


  • Scl alum

    Any thoughts on Alhambra’s chances of taking the DFAL title?

  • whodat

    predictions for 10/01

    vacaville vs deer valley – vacaville wins this one, i don’t see dv pulling this out.
    freedom vs college park – college park will get the win, but it will be close
    antioch vs mt. diablo – antioch may finally get a win
    heritage vs concord – i see heritage pulling a win, but it will be close
    pitt vs granite bay – granite bay will win, pitt doesn’t have it this year to compete
    amador valley vs livermore – amador wil get the win
    foothill vs de la salle – de la salle will run through foothill
    granada vs san ramon valley – srv will pull out the win
    monte vista vs cal – cal will win, but it will be a close game
    alhambra vs las lomas – alhambra will win a close game
    campolindo vs dogherty valley – dv will win
    mirramonte vs acalanes – acalenes will win by at least 2 td’s
    logan vs american – loga will win. logan should win their league
    kennedy vs newark – kennedy wins
    irvington vs washington – washingtom will get their first win
    northgate vs valley christian – valley christian wins…
    clayton valley vs frmont (oak) – fremont wins
    ygnacio valley vs skyline – ygnacio wins

  • BVAL Expert

    I think they can possibly win league… i think its between them and campolindo and possibly las lomas

  • MoreauFan1

    I like our chances to compete. If we can bring our A game against the top teams in the league, I like our chances to compete for the title. I was actually really nervous against SLZ because we have had trouble the past few years at all levels against them, and I got nervous at the start of the game. However, I was really proud of our ability to come back. Unfortunately I haven’t really been able to watch any SPSV or Encinal games, so I can’t really speak that well, but overall I think we have a fighters chance. If we can improve the secondary and keep the wide outs in front of us and preventing the deep play (see SLZ), our D should be a lot more sound, and that will help a lot.

  • I mean who wins the mouth game- Encinal or Arroyo?
    I can walk them both across highway 17th towards San Mateo to Serra.

  • Perkins, bad calls on both sides. Too many late flags, DLS dodged a bullet on that call. Also Gorman called for several un-sportmanlike penalities, they didn’t seem dirty too me-just hard hitting- I beleive those calls were from the dis-satisfaction with refs and verbal comments towards them. The side judge stunk.
    Also, the usual DLS calls against the veer and rocker line. The refs can’t pick it up-so they call it. I would like to see an extra ref for these big games.

  • I didn’t get a chance to se the first half that call just seemed so big because DLS maybe couldn’t have stayed as patient with thr run game. Being down by one score they could stay patient & stick to the Veer but if that play goes DLS may have paniced. BUt they played great condtioning showed in the 4th. I have a hard time believing they were better conditioned then Goram from what I heard of Sanchez’s conditioning he did at Cal High. I think the way DLS pushes their kids towards being leaner all their guys looking more like LBs is what helped them in the 4th. Having theose big 300lb linemen for Groan may be what cost them late having to carry around all that weight.

  • Bulldog Forever

    “Any thoughts on Alhambra’s chances of taking the DFAL title?”

    At the moment, we have about a 40% chance of winning. Our problem is that we can only run, and cannot utilize receivers Davis and Manuli. One dimensional teams normally don’t get very far, but when your one dimension is tailback Jared Leaf, a championship is certainly possible. We have a new QB, Adam Nesheim, a transfer from YV who just got approved to play. He hasn’t played in a scrimmage or a game in almost a year, but if he can catch on, he could make a difference for us.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Alhambra’s chances of taking DFAL just improved greatly. Your new QB is outstanding!! He not only can throw and run he has playoff time under his belt He is a real smart kid will pick up on your offense real quick.

  • ManDown

    Where is DonJuan at now? His team got beat by a weak Newark team and they were talking all that smack how they weren’t going to lose a game and how they were going to blow them out. Haha! Loser!

  • YV Alum

    Yeah, I also think that Alhambra should be able to win DFAL and then possibly do some damage come playoff time. They are strong team. And, if QB Nesheim is pulling the trigger now, they will be even tougher. I’m a YV fan and watched him torch teams last season. He is an accurate and very poised passer. He ran an advanced pro style offense at YV last year with great success, winning DVAL. I was wondering what happened to him this year? YV’s loss is definitely Alhambra’s gain!

  • Bulldog Forever

    DVAL Watcher, you got me thinking about Nesheim. I sure hope that you’re right. His becoming available to play last week was unlikely and very unexpected. If he can catch onto the offense, and Coach Hern plays him at QB, it would create a very nice domino effect for Alhambra. 1) We could move current QB Jon Miller, a tremendous athlete, to halfback, and also utilize him as a wide receiver in 4 receiver sets 2) Nesheim’s passing ability would bring WR Trevor Davis and TE Rich Manuli back into the offense 3)It would also widen the field as Adam can get the ball downfield to the extremely speedy Davis 4) This would make tailback Jared Leaf even more efficient than he already is, as teams couldn’t concentrate on stopping only him 5) Miller would then also be available to play defensive back, and he would vitally shore up our leaky pass defense. So, in effect, the addition of Nesheim could strengthen both the offense and the defense.

  • maC 1

    1ST OF ALL I’m not a fan of the program I think it sucks. Yes Carter is a talent as is 24 0ther top Ebay players and week in and week they seem to get the ball. except for at washington high school.I think if you have talent like carter and cant get him the ball the head coach and the offensive coord need to go.
    It’s obvious you didnt read jimmoes explanation for leaving carter off the preseason top 25 it was a head coach request. Cant get the ball during the season so far and no preseason awards. sounds fishy to me. If the carter parents are out there I would look into this sounds like thr head coach is screwing the kid to me and i would raise hell if that was the cASE. EVERYONE SAYS WHAT A GREAT KID THEN WHY SCREW HIM something must be going on in husky land. And huskie says you either are on the payroll or the head coach himself trying to defend himself. and if that
    ‘s the case your classless.

  • eastbay football

    yeah I guess we should just all continue to over look these near criminal transfers because of the domino effect it will have for your team. Ask MT D or YV how they feel about their kids being able to go where ever they like when ever they like…what a joke.

  • C-dog

    Hey Eastbay Football, near criminal transfers? For public schools? Oh please! The NCS has very strict rules about athletic transfers. You should go to the website to see for yourself. Kids don’t just get to go where ever they like. Families often move you know. What is a joke is how private schools like, De La Salle, can recruit the best athletes from all over the nation to remain dominant. Public schools have no chance against them!

  • Gliderrider

    I’ll answer this one for you Bulldog Forever.

    Eastbay Football- the NCSCIF has very strict rules and regulations regarding transfers. Kids cannot go “where ever they like when ever they want”. The NCSCIF rules and regulations are so strict that it’s almost impossible to transfer and still be eligible for sports. There’s more to each school than just football, and there’s more to each story than just football. The NCSCIF is very thorough and painstaking in their investigations of transfer applications for sports eligibility. They’ll only approve a transfer if they’re 100% sure it meets all requirements. If they’re 95% sure, then the answer is NO. Any transfer that was approved by the NCSCIF is quite legitimate and not a joke.