De La Salle 28, Bishop Gorman 14

Alright everyone. Jimmy and I just got back to the office, and I figured I’d get you the stats as soon as I could (also, some of you might not get it in your paper tomorrow because of the late start). Safe to say, we may not see two better teams around here this year. Man, what a game. Anyway, here’s the box.

De La Salle 28,

Bishop Gorman-Las Vegas 14

Bishop Gorman 7 7 0 0— 14

De La Salle 7 0 7 14— 28

DLS — Pickett 89 kickoff return (Lyon kick)

BG — Powell 2 run (Ditsworth kick)

BG — Powell 16 run (Ditsworth kick)

DLS — Dunne 19 run (Lyon kick)

DLS — A. Williams 4 pass from Houston (Lyon kick)

DLS — Houston 2 run (Lyon kick)


Rushing: BG — Powell 21-111, Solomon 14-46, Williams 1-0. Totals 36-157. DLS — Dunne 23-130, Houston 12-23, Te’o 3-14. Totals 38-167.

Passing: BG — Solomon 6-14-1 133. DLS — Houston 8-14-1 81.

Receiving: BG — Smith 4-59, Zeger 1-74, Powell 1-0. DLS — Shapiro 4-47, A. Williams 2-17, Hutchings 1-10, Dunne 1-7.

Fumbles/lost: Bishop Gorman 2/2, De La Salle 1/1.

Records: Bishop Gorman 3-2, De La Salle 3-0.

Ben Enos

  • Paydirt

    Great HS game and equally great coverage. The return game next year should be worthy of a trip to sin city.

  • renegades10

    Right now, no return game has been planned from what I understand. I think this was a 1 year deal when made last year. I honestly think that Sanchez was pretty sure his talented team would win tonight and use this as a stepping stone for next year to play a tough national schedule. A win over DLS would give his team a fair amount of credibility nationally and figured more teams would want to schedule Gorman. I would like to see a return game and have to imagine with the amount of underclassmen Gorman has starting, that they would want one too. Curious to see what transpires, or maybe if Tony asked for one when he and Lad shook hands. DLS has two open dates for next year in non-league.

  • A return game in Vegas could be a problem. Gorman returning a lot, especially on offense. De La has not backed down to anyone as far back as I can remember.
    Some thoughts on the game tonite, I was there. Gorman outhit DeLaSalle. They climbed back into the game and was actually in control at the end of the 3rd qtr. They also scorched the DLS defense on some big plays and seemed to get what they wanted when they wanted in the first half. DLS needs to re- focus and stay humble, they have a very tough EBAL schedule ahead of them, tougher than the 2 previous years.

  • One more thing- it’s a given Sanchez will share tape with the EBAL and Cal High. Gorman reminded me of Mater Dei, and their coach Rollison shared tape with Poly.

  • renegades10

    None of the teams in the EBAL, especially Cal Hi (given that their coach is a former Spartan) need tape on DLS. For Poly, it was their first time playing DLS. These EBAL teams have played DLS so much they don’t need new tape and I’m sure they have had their scouts at the games if they wanted film. Not like DLS is running anything different these days except for a few new wrinkles here and there.

  • renegades10

    In regards to DLS, their secondary is responsible for those big plays in the passing game. They have work to do back there. The front seven is fine, and they will not see a line or rb like that the rest of the season in league or NCS. Maybe state, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves. This team has heart and hopefully they use this game to launch them even further. But this team is way ahead of last years. I think DLS would hold there own next year if they went to Vegas. I know Gorman would have a lot returning, but DLS has more depth this year than a lot of people are giving them credit for. It’s just a smaller roster in terms of numbers than the past few years. A lot of talented kids off of that outstanding JV team last year are sitting behind starters and don’t forget that this year’s JV team looks like they could be special as well. Young Egu is a beast, the future looks bright. Two sophs on varsity right now as well and Hutchings is getting more and more playing time as the season goes along.

  • renegades10

    One other thing by NCS standards, DLS has a tough schedule coming up. Foothill, @AV, MV, @SRV to go on top of the last two games they just played.

  • any comments from coach Sanchez on the out come last night. I thought he did a pretty good coaching job-especially in the 1st half- better than Spartans staff.
    Also, who knows what happened to previous Bishop Gorman coach? Vegas people says it was hush-hush, they were coming off a state championship when he was asked to leave? Renagades, anything on that?

  • sacto jack

    Gosh Big Joe sure wasn’t the game I saw. I noticed Gorman playing beyond the wistle at times and attempting to intimidate DLS. However, they did not out hit DLS. The far better disciplined, conditioned, and coached team won this game, over a significantly larger and probably more talented team. I think DLS will use one of the open dates next year to take care of some business in Sac.

  • No they were coming off a 2nd or 3rd round play-off loss when the coach left.

  • renegades10

    I don’t think he outcoached the Spartan staff in the first half, the kids just didn’t seem ready to play, much like the first half against St. Mary’s. It also takes some getting used to trying to move a 280 pound player in the trenches. DLS really didn’t try and do a whole lot different in the 2nd half, they just started playing how they are capable of and their conditioning turned out to be the biggest difference. Their defense started improving in the 2nd quarter as a matter of fact and I would say that outplayed Gorman’s defense throughout the entire 2nd half. Gorman had one drive in the 2nd half when they missed the FG.

  • I’m not a DLS hater I love how they represent Niorthern Cali but that call against Goram when the score was 14-7 in the 3rd quarter to take away the TD was bush league. It seemed like a lil home cooking.

  • renegades10

    Ha home cooking for DLS. Perkin, do you know that DLS gets flagged more often at home games than away games? There was a holding call against DLS last night that came after Dunne had already hit the ground. The flag was thrown after the play was over for holding.

  • Ebal fan #2

    That was a close call but legit. Also the flag was thrown immediately, not a late call. Both teams had penalties that hurt them. BG lost their cool in 4th, likely the result of never being in these situations before. Lots of yelling by Sanchez, but that is normal.

  • With allregards, they were out- coached in the first half- just like St. Mary’s. Lad dosen’t call many plays anymore, you sure saw him in the sideline huddle calling shots down the strech. Edison is slipping and the DLS offense play calling is way off from years past. Alioti was a small school college all-american- he needs to call more offensive plays- at least from the QB perspective. DLS coaching in their 2 state losses was also less than average than in the past. It’s easy to say the kids, however coaching makes the differance at this level. Look at the defense giving up the middle with blitzes all nite causing QB draws, dives, etc. That’s coaching- unless the LB core has a green lite to reddog. Their coaching is usually over the top, but when they lose, it’s coaching- how about up by 3 scores against BOSCO at home several years back- all coaching. Lad needs to get more involved.
    Bye the way, DB play was terrible last nite, got to get a better combo than what was presented- I saw a 3 deep on some occasions. It is what it is- call it like it is. Listen, this comes froma DLS supporter since before the streak. Lad dosen’t have the horses from the past- so the coaching needs to step up-period.

  • renegades10

    Joe, on defense the players over-pursued and didn’t stay disciplined with the gap assignments. That’s what made them susceptible to the draws. The coaches knew how quick both the qb and Powell were and they aren’t going to call a play that would leave a wide lane open for them to run through. The defense played admirably overall last night given the amount of time they spent on the field. I agree there definitely could be more use for some spread offense that they have in their playbook and with a passer like Houston there is no reason not to. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Houston given some freedom to audible at the line like on the blitzes last night that were not picked up by blockers, because they tried to go with the original play. Houston did call the bootleg play, Lad wanted something different, but went with Houston’s judgment. A good coach will trust his players. They do need to get more people involved in the offense though, I agree on that.

    I agree secondary was bad, they are going to try and play around with some guys to figure it out. Herting is decent back there as the safety, but not fast enough to hang with the good athletes. They have some guys that are and should see time. But it also appears to be a confidence issue at times, as they are unsure or don’t want to make a mistake.

    Obviously you and I are going to just have to agree to disagree on the overall coaching in the first half however in all aspects of the game. DLS plays how they practice. Before the St. Mary’s game they had a bad week of practice. This week from what I understand wasn’t much better. They had lots of bad weeks last year before putting it together at the end of the season. That’s all on the players to prepare how they should, because these coaches do everything they can to give the kids what they need to succeed. Lad isn’t going to yell at the kids to get them to push harder. He leaves that for some of the assistants, but he challenges them to find it within themselves to take it to another level. Right now, it seems like a only a few of the players have accepted that challenge and that might be why they are the ones taking on the bulk of the workload. But read the post-game comments from the players last night. I know what was said in that locker room, because the players said it all after the game. Do it for the brother playing next to you.

  • rander

    I enjoy reading all of the posts that are submitted regarding high school football. After watching last nights game, I can’t believe some of the above posts. De La Salle played the entire game and beat a very good Gorman team. I’m not sure another NCS team stands up to Gorman and brings home a victory. De La Salle might have been over powered in the first half but they outlasted and controlled the fourth quarter.They will go undefeated in league, win NCS and represent a state spot when all said and done. I am not a DLS supporter, just a realist!

  • Ebal fan #2

    Cmon guys, these were both very good teams. The kids all played their hearts out. Now they both can get back to the normal slaughters of the regular season. That was a big time game played by two big time teams.

  • ManDown

    The TD called back on Gorman was Big! De La goes down by 2 TD’s at that point.

  • panther4

    I don’t care what you DLS supporters say about how they NEVER get any calls. That was a big time homer job on Gorman last night. Even at the end of the game when the Gorman player was thrown out because he questioned a call and called the ref out, the ref responded to him, and I quote “F&$k you, you’re out of here.” This was a great game and I’ll never blame refs for the overall outcome, but those officials last night were biased towards DLS. Wynn gets away with everything. Watch that kid and see how many personal fouls he committs that aren’t called. The PC term is “what a great motor he has.” When what is really going on is a bunch of cheap shots. Twice last night he tripped the running back with his feet as he came through the hole, and on one play on defense he jumped on the back of the offensive tackle and tried to wrestle him to the ground. Great game but officiated very one sided.

  • Chs1012

    MD- that call was huge, Huge, HUGE. The game was closer than appears. The illegal motion was suspect since it looked like Powell had entered the secondary on his way to the house when it dropped. BG had horrible field position most of the second half, and la Salle made the most of two turnovers. Sanchez was gracious after the game and he and Manuel stuck around to chat with his former Cal kids.

  • renegades10

    Panther4, last time I checked the calls went both ways last night. BG lost their composure several times and it cost them. I didn’t know you couldn’t trip someone when they are coming through the hole. I thought the idea in football was to get the guy to the ground when he has the ball. It’s pretty hard to read a players lips when their face is covered by a helmet so you really have no idea what the player said to the ref or to another player and I doubt a ref was cussing out a kid. I don’t know what call the kid would have been questioning either because the play he got tossed out after was the fumble on the kick return at the end of the game and it was obviously a fumble.

  • nfl

    That penalty was bogus. Ren10 you know de la why have there not been any african american kids playing qb at de la salle? Its time for de la n grant to get it on. Ebal will be a cake walk cant see anyone coming closer than 3td’s

  • renegades10

    you are going to turn this into a race thing?

  • nfl

    Ren10 just curious. not ment to be a race thing. Dont tell me im the only one who noticed. De la going to vegas for a rematch? Next year the should play bellarmine grant n gorman.

  • got2go

    Anyone who says officiating was one-sided is fooling themselves. Calls went against and hurt both teams. DLS more in the first half and BG more in the second. And Panther4, unless you heard the official curse out the player yourself, I doubt it happened. For the kid to get tossed in a game that was over with only 1:30 to go, he must have done something really wrong. Bottom line is that DLS outplayed Gorman and deserved to win.

  • renegades10

    For the doubters, I happen to know some Grant fans who were in the crowd last night at the game. I asked for their unbiased opinion about the officiating last night, here are their responses and if you don’t believe me feel free to go to the NorCalpreps message board and look under the DLS-BG Final Analysis topic:

    From Herwoo: Hell to the naw….what was evident was the no calls against BG. They got away with pass interference all night. That call on BG’s WR for a block in the back was clear. It happened right in front of me and I do mean right in front of me. I could have reached out and touched them myself. Bishop Gorman didn’t lose that game; DLS won that game with no help from the refs I might add. I don’t have reason to bend the truth. It is what it is. DLS is a good team and plays to the final whistle.

    Blue and Gold U C IT!

    From mrbig864: The play in question (BG TD in the 3rd Qtr) was a huge call, but the penalty happened. It may have not had affected the actual TD run, but it was a penalty. I’ve seem some refs overlook that, and seen it called. I wouldnt say it was a ‘homer’ call at all. It happened.

  • nfl

    Ren10 why havent you answered my question about the qb? You must admit its a lil strange. why is pickett in the dog house? Dunne is good but pickett should have more carries than him he’s more explosive.

  • renegades10

    Because I have no idea. Why is it strange there has never been a black qb? It’s hard to argue with the success of the qb’s they have had. It’s hard to argue with the success of their qb’s in the veer system.

    Pickett is starting on defense and as a kick returner, I too feel like he should be getting some carries with the first team offense, but Dunne has played very, very well and is the primary back. I’m not going to comment on why Pickett was out for the first half against Serra because a kid’s issues don’t need to be aired out on the internet.

  • outsider

    Great game at Owen Owens stadium. The place was rocking. I need to keep reminding myself that Bishop Gorman is a really young team. They will get better over the next couple of years.

  • skip Cuevas

    BG did NOT outhit DLS in this game…not sure what game the poster was watching…from the opening kick off return when Dylan Wynn completely pancaked a BG special teamer to the hits that Powell took, DLS was the MUCH more agressive team. There is a reason why DLS held them to 95 yards in the second half….and it starts with conditioning and end with HEART. THis was simply another example of a smaller DLS team using quickness and execution to beat a much bigger foe…it has happened so many times over the years (Poly, Mater Dei, Crenshaw) that we have come to expect it.

  • EB Football Coach

    Black quarterback? Really? That’s a question you’re asking?

    Whatever the reason, it’s because the staff has believed the quarterbacks that start for them give them the best chance to win. Just like every other position on the field.

    If you think this coaching staff has a vendetta against people of any race, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to DLS football over the past 20 years.

    You, sir, are a idiotic malcontent.

  • s1lverngreen

    EB Football Coach,
    You are a better person for even entertaining the question noted on post # 23; that said, your response was dead on! Could not have said it better myself.

    Some thoughts on the game this past Saturday:

    BG is a top notch team in the West Coast – they can give any team in the North or South a competitive game as demonstrated on Saturday.
    DLS discipline and conditioning won this game
    Secondary and the LB group have to be more disciplined and not over pursue or commit. Address those issues and I can see the boys from Sparta on the bus back to Carson in December. Offense for DLS…not much to say…Dunne and Houston…lethal!

  • Paydirt

    #23 Nfl – “Ebal will be a cake walk…”? That post was wrong across the board. Last time I checked, the EBAL has started the 2010 season 22-2, with the two losses to Serra and Concord. Name another league with a better pre-league record.

    Next time do your homework and avoid gratuitous uses of the race card.

    By the way, you should expect a call from The National Football League regarding your not-so-original handle.

  • SpartanLancer

    Boy is this sad for a spartan to look at. MY guys work hard every day for the past 10 months and you rip on the refs?? How about giving props to kids who are up at 4 in the morning getting ready to lift and watch film,maybe even props to the coaching/sports med staff for prepping them to a level that no other bay area team could even fathom. It just disgusts me how you can sit there and because of your personal opinion deny what hard work they have put in. Don’t get me some of my best friends play for NG and by all means there 4-0 and I couldn’t be prouder nut you don’t see me making excuses for how they won those games. Maybe its because they work there asses off just like the spartans and they get results. Now you can sit here and be bitter and thats fine but until you realize all the pain and sheer grit that they work through,don’t voice your opinion please. You honestly don’t know what your talking about. I played for two years and for somebody to rip on my fellow brothers it just makes me sick. And for somebody to question the ethics of a black quarterback look at our 2nd string dumbass,mike parros. Take your ignorant opinion somewhere else, can’t wait to crush everyone in the EBAL and see your comments then. Most likely another barrage of poor calls and accusations of recruting. Now read this, DLS won that game….Bishop gorman didn’t lose it….