East Bay Football Poll — 9/27

Here’s the latest East Bay football poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week Comment
1. De La Salle 3-0 120 1 Strong second half propels Spartans to win over Bishop Gorman.
2. San Ramon Vly 3-0 112 2 Wolves finish nonleague slate with 55-7 win over Washington.
3. Deer Valley 4-0 98 3 Two fourth quarter red zone stops bring win over College Park.
4. Monte Vista 2-1 97 4 Michael Sullas runs for 192 yards, 4 TDs to help beat Hayward.
5. California 3-0 91 5 Grizzlies prepare for EBAL opener against Monte Vista this week.
6. Foothill 3-0 81 6 Will the double-wing continue its magic against De La Salle?
7. Concord 3-1 73 7 Ricky Lloyd throws for 323 yards, six TDs in win over American.
8. Encinal 2-1 63 8 Jets assert Island dominance with 27-12 win over rival Alameda.
t9. Alhambra 3-1 48 9 Jared Leaf’s five touchdowns bring win at El Molino-Forestville.
t9. McClymonds 4-0 48 10 Warriors prepare for Salesian by hanging 54 on Marshall-S.F.
11. Heritage 4-0 46 11 Patriots have outscored four opponents 167-51 this season.
12. Pinole Valley 3-0-1 31 12 Win over Oakland Tech has PV ready for showdown with Berkeley.
13. Granada 3-0 18 t14 Matadors pile up 338 rushing yards in win over Castro Valley.
14. Amador Valley 2-1 17 t14 Dons take bye to prepare for EBAL opener against Livermore.
15. James Logan 2-2 7 13 Colts finish .500 in nonleague, open MVAL play this week.

Also receiving votes: Northgate (4-0, 6 points), Miramonte (4-0, 4). Records are through Saturday. The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • bval fan

    MV who cares that MV beat up Heritage LAST YEAR…That was LAST YEAR…a totally differant team. I’m not saying they are ready for De La Salle…just a lot better than most teams.

  • whodat

    why would there be a ceiling? who put that rule? it should be about the current year, and only about the current year. stop living in the past. last year is last year. it’s over. you should rank through their winnings and stats alone.

  • Reggie, Alameda has not given up on this season, we are not looking into next season. We still have 6 league games and will prepare to win. What makes you think that ?

  • outsider

    Looking at intersections of who has played whom, Foothill vs Logan 38-28, Heritage vs Logan 24-12, Foothill vs Novato 37-12, Heritage vs Novato 41-14, Heritage has a good case to be rated as high as Foothill. Since Concord is rated right below Foothill, the game this week between Heritage and Concord will determine if Heritage should move up to that spot.

  • bval fan

    whodat is correct!! and screw the rankings. If the coaches who played all these teams voted things up top would look a little differant!! It’s to easy for fans to vote with their hearts..but not really know what’s going on.

  • Armoundo

    Bval fan what are you talking about?

  • BVAL Expert

    Renegades… i was just demenstrating how far they would go up if they beat concord.. you have a miss understanding about that

  • BVAL Expert

    it was an example on how high they can possibly go up

  • BVAL Expert

    Who dat,

    i understand your point about DV SRV etc… but i think how they do it is.. they dont have fans that vote its the people that work at contra costa times like Ben Enos and his staff vote on it that cover High school sports.. i think but im not sure…

  • BVAL Expert

    Just to let you guys know im totally against looking back at last year and basing the rankings from last year.. just a reminder

  • MV Alum

    Bval Fan: if you take your logic that last year doesn’t matter then they have played a bunch of bad teams this year (no matter what they did in the past) besides Logan, you don’t believe any top 10 team would not destroy the teams Heritage has played. They are a good team but MV has 14 returning starters from the playoff game last year and they were beat down by MV (63-37) also I would bet you that Pitt would beat those teams that Heritage played but they scheduled a tougher set of teams. As I said earlier if the beat Concord they should move to 7 then let’s see how they do in league, you know as well as I that EBAL teams are going to kick the crud out of each other so they will move up if they win in league.

  • renegades10

    Rankings always start based on the previous year. The reason Maxpreps/Calpreps has Heritage rated so high is because of the scores they have produced, nothing else. Maxpreps/Calpreps rankings are usually much better around the time playoffs start because they rely solely on numbers and equations and data and they have much more to work with at that time rather than four weeks into the season. They will take into account all the teams that Heritage played, and the how they did over the season. This is starting to sound a lot like Berkeley last year where the fans were saying they didn’t get any respect, that they should be higher, and we all know what happened there. Heritage had a good win this week on the road. They have another test coming up against Concord. I think in my own personal rankings they will be the top BVAL team after this week, because I think DV is going to get handled by Vacaville, unless of course Heritage loses to Concord then it’s all moot.

    A ceiling in rankings is based on who you are going to play. Heritage, after this last matchup is not going to play any teams, except for DV if they are unbeaten when they meet, that allow them to move up. They would have to hope that one or two of the EBAL teams above them are upset by a lower ranked EBAL team. Heritage did try and up their schedule, and it’s not their fault that two normal powers are not at the same level this year. If Heritage starts producing consistently in the playoffs as well, than each year they will get more benefit of the doubt when rankings start.

    It’s so early in the season, and you guys care so much about where they are ranked now. It’s about the end of the season where you finish. Let the season progress and the rest will take care of itself.

  • The Fan

    after the island bowl game seen cunningham laughing it up with some of the jet players. good guy right there. as for the jets jv team being absolutely dreadful…? all of those players will be the role players as they move up to the varsity squad and all of the still young stars on var now will be the team leaders, just how the program has run since shram has left. SMART COACHING!!! bring up the sophs that can play on var and let the not so ready sophs DEVELOP! that program is set-up to be successful for many years to come.

  • old former meddling coach

    Bleacher Coach, You can say who you think is better but you really don’t know until they play do you?

  • bval fan

    MV alum I know MV has 14 returners but they don’t have Knottingham or anyone close to him….and no way Pitt beats either Novato or Montgomery!I agree it’s put up or shut up time with Concord this week. A loss to Concord would not be the end of the season for Heritage….even though I think Heritage wins a close one (37-28). My money says Heritage, even with a Concord loss, would be 9-1 going into the playoffs.

  • HighGuy

    just to clear things up with ROEPER IS DEAD i am a hornet fan so dont get me affiliated with the encinal nonsense

    and who do you play for since ur dogging us and encinal,

    anyways harvell does need to play the o line but the coaches never got him under control so everybody saw this coming from a while ago,

  • Triton8

    Your defense would suck if it didn’t swarm??? Oh, OK….Chris Johnson would suck if he wasn’t fast! How stupid of a statement is that? The Jets outplayed Alameda while playing a very mistake filled game. That gane was never in doubt regardless of the score. You got the feeling anytime they wanted they could have ran that misdirection trap out of the shotgun and ripped off 50 yards a chunk. That sais, Cunningham ran very hard with not a lot of room. I was impressed by his running….not his results. It didn’t look like he was crying and whining to his O-line either…which is noble. BTW, neither QB looked very good. Ve’e looked far better than both of the Hornet QBs. The Hornet JV QB looked real good though….next year?

  • The Fan, Cunningham grew up with alot of the Jet players all coming up through the Alameda Little League programs and Pirates. They established bonding friendships that not even The Island Bowl can come between. They have been competing with and against eachother for at least the last 10 years. They all hold a very high level of respect for eachother. Encinals jv squad was one of the better jv squads in years past. They had some stud lineman and the rb #2 was a beast ! Encinal will continue to be one of the top teams as long as their school can stay open All we can do is wait and see. Jesse Lewis the Hornet jv qb is our future, he can read, run and pass, but the beauty of it all he will be pressed by Ernest Gardner , our other jv qb. Alameda needs to toughen up and win these league games for any shot at playoffs, bottom line!

  • renegades10

    There was a lot of talk over the summer about athletic teams vs. teams that use high school offenses such as the double wing, wing T, veer option etc…

    That will be on display tomorrow night on ESPNU at 7:00 EST when St. Thomas Aquinas of Florida takes on Camden County of Georgia #5 and #6 in the country respectively. Aquinas, as always, is loaded with college talent and speed and they go up against Camden County that relies on their Wing T offense to get the job done with no real standout athletes. It should be fun to watch.

  • Ruckus

    This is in response to Hornetfan #38 above…”I know the coaches are tired of his dad making play call suggestions” You mean suggestions such as letting Tom take the ball out of the shotgun formation vs. O’Dowd? I made that suggestion because my son Tom was getting killed… no protection and 7 sacks. Here’s a suggestion for you – If any coaches, parents, players have a comment about me – man up and say something to my face. I don’t know who you are “hornetfan”, but you and/or the coaches better speak up, otherwise I will continue to make suggestions. I spend hundreds of hours coaching these young men in the offseason and care about their safety and success. I EARNED the right to speak my mind – my actions speak for themselves.

  • Ruckus

    And another thing “hornetfan”, as a true Hornet Fan, we don’t need “fans” like you who constantly spread rumors. I personally find people like you who spread unfounded gossip quite pitiful. I’ll bet you never get any further than head burger flipper at McDonald’s. Get a life…

  • Ruckus

    Hey hornetfan, man up buddy… you know who I am, who are you?

  • Lion

    Don’t see anything on Saint Patrick/St. Vincent’s. Got a chance to see a game and was impressed. They are a well kept secret . They’re 4-0, and getting stronger. Should be a good year for them, and I’ll be keeping my eye on them, as should all real football fans. They have athletes with D-1 potential. Don’t sleep.

  • brandonbeard

    yes I agree Lion. SPSV is very good and they have grown from last season in which they werent bad at all, but it looks like they are talking league title right now. And in that BSAL after SPSV and Encinal it seems to be an open season. Other than Moreau Catholic, the rest of the teams are struggling here and there.