Army All-American game to have ceremony in Livermore

Got a press release today from the folks over at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. They are going to have a ceremony next Wednesday, Oct. 6, at Granada HS to select an All-American to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 8 in San Antonio. They’ll present the new All-American with a jersey and will honor him during a pep rally on campus.

Hmm. I wonder who it could be?

Ben Enos

  • c.spars

    i seen both brothers play… not really “all american worthy” quite frankly no one in the bay area this year is.. only one who might come close is the kid from DE la salle headed to boise

  • Reggie Hammond

    Renaud, Wynn, Loyd, Peters, Naji Patrick, Allen, Okamura, minus well be mentioned if the Atkinsons are too Im thinking. However, the Atkinsons do have world class speed. Cant hate on that.

  • Hey Reggie, The ceremony is at Granada, they’re having a ceremony on campus to present the player his jersey. According to 617lemonhead I’m no genius ;but , I’m putting my money on George III.

  • 617lemon

    island02 your boy blogged his gpa weeks ago. would you prefer to talk about his 2.5 yds per carry on friday. real interested to see how you guys plan on running against berkeley n pinole valley

  • 617lemon you’re absolutely right he did;but, does that mean ride it in to the ground? Obviously its now higher if he’s playing right? SO TALK ABOUT THE 2.5 YDS A CARRY, DID YOU SEE THE GAME? Those were some hard 2.5 yds per carry. Don’t worry things will be corrected, players will get healthy and we’ll look to turn the running game around. Come to a game I’ll even put you on the coaches list…..

  • ManDown

    He got picked over the two studs over at De La Salle Renaud and Wynn? Congrats to the young man but I’ve seen players in the bay better than this kid. The most athletic player in the bay this year is M. Peters from Mack. That boy can play and is better than Atkinson III.

  • outsider

    Goes to show you that promotion, publicity, and popularity win over ability.

  • Paydirt

    Don’t forget the genes…something about the acorn not falling far from the oak…as in Oakland Raiders. Congratulations to whomever was selected.

  • renegades10

    It’s hard to argue with the fact that he is one the best overall athletes from the East Bay in awhile, but that hasn’t necessarily translated to the football field. A lot of his stats have come playing lesser competition. Too much emphasis being placed on measurables in this case rather than football ability. He definitely passes the eye test with flying colors when looking at him, but it’s a different story when he steps on the field at least over the past two years. Curious to see how he does this year and has a big test on Friday against SRV’s defense. Would be kind of funny if he was completely shut down before his ceremony. Agree that Peters may be the best player in the Bay this year although Renaud and Dylan also are in that convo.

  • Chs1012

    Most studs need not play in a made-for-tv “bowl” game.
    True Studs?….end up playing ARMY Football at West Point and graduate as commissioned officers protecting freedom.
    Dan Whitaker, Cal Hi ’09, US Military Academy ’14, #77 OT

  • Reggie Hammond how can you even mention Allen and Okamura in the same sentance as Renaud, Wynn, Loyd and Peters. The last 4 are real D I propspects can you post a link an articale or even a fortune from a fortune cookie that mentions Allen and Okamura as D I prospects. Yep that would be a NO lol. Next they will be going right to the NFL.

  • old former meddling coach

    Bleacher, Now you are putting the kids down? Why can’t John Allen Or Paul Okamura be D1 prospects? They are both Hard working young men. John Allen ran track last year to improve himself and will do it again. same for Paul. Just because they Don’t go to the schools you like doesn’t mean they can’t be prospects. De La salle has a great program but it’s not the only program. You can Hate Encinal but why hate the kids? Please put down the haterade and turn off the hatervision! Jet Pride!

  • old former meddling coach you are taking my comments way out of context like most of the Jet supportes you bias blinds you.

    In no way am I attempting to degrade these fine young men or what they have and will accomplish in sports or in life.

    I simply asked a question of a biased fan so I will ask you have either of these players been mentioned in any publiction as a DI prospect it is a yes or no question with no inflamitory intentions.

    If the answer is yes please post the link.

  • The Fan

    seriously bleacher coach??? u obviously have no insight as to what happens in the coaches offices in regards to what pone calls or visits are made by scouts to which players so u shouldn’t speak on those topics forsure… many high school ballers, including the big name player, don’t get their offers until later in the season in many cases so that comment was an obvious attack and very ignorant. an example of ones of those big name players, who is also a great jet, who didnt get a solid offer until the latter part of the season is jonathon brown, and if u dont know his name check the #3 team in the nations roster!!! STOP YOUR BIASED COMMENTS AND TAKING SHOTS AT THE JETS PROGRAM!!!!!!

  • The Fan

    Aside from my rant congrats to the young man who will be representing the Bay on a national stage and keep bringing this well deserved publicity to north Cali and help the young men who will aspire to follow in the footsteps of a player like yourself.

  • 617lemon

    Bleachernerd talk about novato. I know there 0-3 you got nothing to say tryn to jump on marin & cardinal newman even eureka. Dont look like bracketts defense swarmn anyone these days. marin catholic will come into novato and tap that ass!

  • old former meddling coach

    Bleacher, I can’t say for sure if any offers were made or not or if they are in any publications but i do know that the young men i spoke of go hard in season and off season and i know that they will play at a 4 year school sometime in their promising futures. I think you should just leave Encinal alone. and yes i am biased toward the Jets but i am also fair to all and just want to see all kids do well. So can we just wish them all well? Jet Pride!

  • Don’t forget the genes…something about the acorn not falling far from the oak…as in Oakland Raiders. Congratulations to whomever was selected.