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Jon Becker

  • Bullcrap FOREVER

    BDF- “I don’t think that that is cooking the books at all. To me, those figures are just a different way to clearly point out that Grant Jones is a great player” and also a valid means by which to show that Davis is an excellent PLAYER.

    But the question was asked about receivers specifically, that’s where our opinions about what the stats show diverge.

    I understand your points, they have been clearly expressed with forethought and respect. Thank you for that. It is a pleasure to watch kids excel, we are lucky to have so many right here at home to enjoy.

    I’ll look for the guy wearing Alhambra gear from head to toe next time I’m at a game, then I’ll know it’s you and we’ll have that beer.. πŸ˜‰

  • Bullcrap FOREVER

    I will herewith retire the BCF nickname.

  • Prep Fan

    Retirement? So, it wasn’t BC FOREVER, just temporary BC? πŸ™‚

    Maybe instead of receiver, the questions should reference who is the best all purpose yardage athlete? There are some RBs who also return kicks (Atkinson).

  • Bulldog Forever

    To the blogger formerly known as BCF- Good luck to your team this year, and I’ll see you at the game (loser buys).

  • Bullshit forever- You guys better get your house in order- All over the papers on the Freshman hazzing. If even 50 cents is true, it’s still not good pub. Ya think De La would allow that sheeetttt to happen? Think again. Not even on the radar scope. Need more coach and player respect control.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Ho Mama- My house is fine. What is hazz? Some sort of new haircut? If you need a barber, I can recommend some good ones in Martinez. And they don’t do just haircuts, they also have other services. For example, if your feet hurt, they’ll wrap them in tape for you for exactly 5 cents (if you also get a haircut). For some reason, everyone thinks that this service costs 50 cents, but 50 cents is not true.

  • Ho Mama you’re a moron. You think that stuff doesn’t happen at DLS? Just proves that you’re on the bandwagaon riding nuts. What happened game one when that RB got suspended for a half? It isn’t hazing but your acting like kids don’t get out of line there. Get off the DLS nutsack & cheer for your sorry ass high school. You didn’t go there you don’t coach there.