Jon Becker

  • Don’t know who Lyons is but he has never coached at Encinal. Tenorio has been the 0-line & Ford the D-Line coach for the past 5 years & Laney has had the same O-line Coach Dillion for maybe the past 15 years.

  • Perkin, D. Lyons coached at Encinal as an asst, and was at Laney 2008 but left somewhere @ summer 09 he was an asst on either line . His sister coached girls hoops(jv) and track at Encinal as well. Lyons is a teacher at Encinal, he’s been there for awhile.

  • Perkin , I may be wrong about Encinal, but I’m sure he did at one point….

  • He never has to my knowledge if he came through the coaching ranks I’d at least know his name. Can’t confirm Laney. He may have been an assistant to an assistan. I’m pretty familiar with their staff.

  • ManDown

    So nobody knows who this Lyons guy is? Why would he be considered if he isnt already coaching one of the two teams?

  • ManDown

    CHALKtalk, Pirates are very down and Arroyo was all hype.

  • Olinecoach

    Look, as far as the Alameda/Encinal merger and who will coach, the school will open it up and interview for the position. No one will get the job automatically.

    Why do so many of you hate on Alameda anyway? There are some good coaches and good kids there. lb. for lb. they do hold their own. Have you ever seen them turn away from a dog fight? NO. Stop hating!

  • Reggie Hammond

    Island 02,

    Lyons never coached football at Encinal. Dont know why his name even came up. Lyons coaches a weak track team. Encinal Football players won’t even run track for him. He dont respond well with the boys from the island. I hear the football players dont even registrar for his classes. He be ego trippin

  • lb05onit

    Encinal baseball players would outrun Lyons track team. For real. Lol.

  • pvspartan

    if they can get the two guys there now at each school to work together it would be scary. the guy at encinal can recruit and rocklin is a great x and o coach. if rocklin had encinals talent every year, they would compete in the d-II playoffs.

  • rochlin dont even know kemp’s offense. if island02-5 would tell the truth he would tell you rochlin dont know sh*t! all he calls is the timeouts n tell’s kemp when to kick field goals. i’ve seen both teams offense’s encinal has a far better scheme on both sides of the ball. rochlin is 0-4 against tenorio being outscored 124-46. nobody on alameda’s staff has ever won a playoff game.

  • Both are walk on coaches. They guy who teaches that was mentioned most likely has an inside track- cheaper and more economical.

  • hornetfan

    sorry you guys dont share my confidence but from talking to rochlin he feels we can win this league he said its wide open and it starts tomorrow with berkeley. Rochlin and coach l have the right game plan this week it will take berkeley proven they can throw because will be dedicated to stopping the run. Cunningham is gone yes but ruckman will takeover these next couple of weeks. Hornets accal champs remember were you heard it first!

  • Triton8

    Its kinda strange how people are wondering who will coach the Alameda Jets…..when no one even knows what is going to happen in the school district’s idiotic plans. We will be voting on this as long as they’ve voted over what to do with the Naval Base…..I hope. The team would be awesome, but tons of kids would lose the opportunity to play high school football, and that would suck! A super power school like that would be crazy to not take a proven program builder like Tenorio. He would do awesome, as long as he got to take his speed with him….because his offense wouldn’t work with slugs.

  • pvspartan

    how can you honestly believe alameda will win league this year? you bbought up beating pinle last year, lets bring up teo years ago the last time you came to pinole. 35-0. this years pv team is one of the better accal teams this decade. the alameda game will not be very close. i would be surprised if alameda scores over 10 against i said berk 35, alameda 7.

  • 617lemon

    pvspartan be careful talkn about the hornets kemp will say your hating n being disrespectful. kemp parcells once said you are what your record is you my friend are a sub .500 coach. I will be filming your game tonite so i can post it on youtube & show everyone your offense. Will let your play on the field do the talking. I just hope its a 4 quarter game cause last year it was over after 1 quarter. Also please dont wait til the 4th to score. Put me on the gatelist i hate paying to watch blowouts!

  • 617lemonhead, now that’s some funny stuff there ! I’ll put on the gate list, what’s your name ? can’t use 617lemonhead….

  • 617lemon

    mr.lemon plus 2 island02-5 make it happen. any thoughts on tonite’s game? i’m sure rochlin has put together a game plan that you believe in right? your on his staff so i know you must be learning alot from “the rock”

  • c.sparks

    GREAt Post # 64

  • Coach Kemp

    Pvspartan, all good bro, your opinion is your opinion.

    LOL, as for 617lemon who are you and what do you do in relation to the game of football (other than anonymously talk trash on these boards – even about KIDS and their personal lives – and play Madden on Xbox)?? I’d love to come check out your performance there wherever you are getting things done. I’m sure you’re giving Bill Walsh a run for his money. Put me on YOUR coaches list would ya? Where’s that at again?

    If I didn’t have a job and a football team to coach, I could sit here and roast anonymous online Madden-champion gossipers all day.

    In the real world, good luck to all the active folks (players, coaches, etc.) out there this week in this great game! I’ll pray for no East Bay injuries in this great, but serious, young man’s game.

  • 617lemon

    coach kemp i’m sure tonite’s score will tell us all we need to know about you. harvell biggest guy you got doesnt play o-line why? i doubt you could be an online madden champion because you have to be able to win playoff games to become champion and you seem not to be able to get over that hump!

  • 617lemon

    is that coach kemp. the same kemp with the “SPOOKS” comment last season. be very careful.

  • 617lemon

    kemp what excuse you got know? it seems you only beat the de anza ricmond n hercules teams. you really can’t blame rochlin cause we all know you run the show over there. see you at pinole next week hope you guys plan on showing up. good luck to all the active folks out there this week in this great game! i’ll pray for kemp his offense needs it!