East Bay Football Poll — 10/4

Here’s the latest East Bay football poll. Some very tough decisions to make for the voters after Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 6 lost last week.

Team Record Points Last week Comment
1. De La Salle (7) 4-0 105 1 Spartans open EBAL play by crushing Foothill 49-7.
2. California 4-0 98 5 Grizzlies make jump after dominating Monte Vista 45-3.
t3. Concord 4-1 87 7 Minutemen prep for DVAL play by outlasting Heritage 38-34.
t3. Granada 4-0 87 13 Matadors make 10 spot leap after shutting out then No. 2 SRV.
5. San Ramon Valley 3-1 78 2 Wolves offense scuffles in shutout loss to upstart Granada.
6. Monte Vista 2-2 64 4 Mustangs get smothered in blowout defeat to Cal.
7. Foothill 3-1 63 6 Falcons handed first loss in EBAL opener at De La Salle.
8. Encinal 3-1 55 8 Jets rush for 405 yards, beat Piedmont in BSAL opener.
9. McClymonds 5-0 45 t9 Warriors stay unbeaten with road win over Salesian.
10. Deer Valley 4-1 42 3 Wolverines’ inconsistencies finally catch up with them.
11. Alhambra 4-1 36 t9 Bulldogs open DFAL title defense by beating Las Lomas.
12. Heritage 4-1 32 11 Late drive comes up short in loss to Concord.
13. Pinole Valley 4-0-1 22 12 Spartans use miracle drive in final minute to beat Berkeley.
14. Amador Valley 3-1 13 14 Dons easily handle Livermore to begin EBAL play with a win.
15. Northgate 5-0 6 NR Unbeaten Broncos make season-debut in poll.

Also receiving votes: Miramonte (5-0, 4 points), James Logan (3-2, 2). Records are through Saturday. The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Coach Kemp

    To “Hornetfan”, not sure who you are, but you should calm down a little bit and stop talking as if you are a part of our group, especially before the game. Berkeley and Pinole are two strong, very respectable programs and there is no room to talk before the game, only play talks and as ManDown mentioned, the play needs to come up. Especially with some of the adversity we have faced, which most people on here are aware of. There is no time or place to talk. Also, you need to quit with the rumors and other nonsense. If you are really a fan, be a fan. If you are just trying to stir things up, have some respect and quit that. Good luck to all this week and NO MORE INJURIES for any of our kids in the EB. GO HORNETS.

  • shabawler

    Call the CO for the HornetFan cuz we got a ManDown. This ain’t the same one and done PV team. See me in D2

    -Don’t sleep!

  • ManDown

    Shabawler, You sure about that? Do you think you have what it takes to keep up with Concord?

  • ManDown

    Where is KillerD and his predictions at? Where are you KillerD?

  • outsider

    I know that KillerD had to leave last week to take care of a family member. Haven’t seen them on the board since. Hope everything is OK.


    Hope all is well with Killer D. He was right way back in August that the Northgate Broncos would win at least five. 5-0 going into league Whoa who would of thought that.

  • renegades10

    ManDown, based only on production? That’s tough, lot of kids with good stats, but then you would also have to compare the stats to the competition. I’ll have to think about that one, I’ll get back to you. Top players in each league:

    ACCAL: Feeney-PV

    BFL: Tagaloa-Salesian

    BSAL: Not too familiar with the SPSV kids, so probably Jonathan Allen- Encinal

    BVAL: Taito- DV

    DFAL: Tough one with Marquis Waters- LL, Stover/Butler- Northgate, and Anderson- Miramonte

    DVAL: Ricky Lloyd- Concord

    EBAL: Blake Renaud/Dylan Wynn- DLS
    Non-DLS: McGovern- EBAL

    MVAL: Deandre Carter- Wash/ Miles Long- JL

    OAL: Marcus Peters

    Out of those the only no brainers were Tagaloa, Ricky Lloyd, and Peters. The DLS guys well, I obviously have some bias, but those two have been outstanding this season and don’t think there is anyone, including the new All-American who is playing better than those two in the EBAL right now. I put down a non DLS pick to be fair and hands down it’s McGovern right now. Even though the team has struggled he continues to do good things on both sides of the ball. The DFAL is probably the toughest one to pick, because Waters is talented, but just not much help around as I predicted at the beginning of the season, Stover/Butler have been on fire as well as Anderson. Take your pick there.

  • ManDown

    How about top 2 or 3 players in each league might be better. I like your list, I am trying to figure this out myself.

  • Hornetfan, you need to back up Coach Kemp is right if you’re a true fan then you would stop all this yapping ! As for B-High there was no trash talking between us , as a coaching staff we share a mutual respect. The only trash Talking was between one of our coaches and a former Bhigh coach, which I personnally don’t condone. This sets a bad example for the the kids and takes away from the game. Your comments are your comments just don’t loop the real Hornets in them.

  • pvspartan

    berk 35, alameda 7. believe me weve seen 8 guys in the box with better talent than what alameda has the whole year and have still run the ball pretty good.

  • island02 kemp you guys sound like little scared biotches who know your bout to be blownout! remember you lose to hercules no playoffs. only if newark would have made those extra points & de anza had a pulse were talkin 0-5. now its the ruckman show as it should since he came to all the camps, passing league other summer workouts unlike other so called leaders.

  • What other so called leaders are you referring too? Just curious because you seem to know alot about alameda ; but , hide behind a blog , so who’s the biotch now?

  • 617lemon

    island02 you are a coach who has never won anything. no league titles no playoff wins ncs title yeah right not with rochlin n kemp calling that weak offense. after the next 2 games you’ll be 2-5. i’m referring to the so called leaders who missed camps,passing league games & summer workouts do you know someone who fits that description? you play your town rivals who are a smaller school with less players & can’t manage anything more the 1 td.

  • FOX

    Hold up Sports Fan, I do believe Mack is for real, just not as real as a Top 10 ranking. And I was at the game and saw Salesian’s safety (Malic) SNATCH Mack’s RB all day. Salesian’s corners did well on Peters, who I agree is one of the top athletes in the league. Salesian’s Prier ran the ball well against Mack, 100+ yards.

    I was also at the game to see Malic and Prier lined up in the backfield, but the Salesian coach went with a pass?? With 1st and goal, the coach passed instead of running??? Different play call in the end, different result. Then, Mack would be 15th????

  • pvspartan

    wow, 617lemon is sour and the island02 is sinking. dont worry you guys, all the games will be played. at this point everyone in the accal is playing for second place, i can gurantee you pinole will look past noone this year.

  • I googled Mack and there attendance is 766. So who-evere said they only have 247 better check out the real meal deal. That means at least 247 boys in the school, I would suspect more. It doesn’t matter about the other school that was on campus-they closed.

  • Yo Mama,
    The 247 number is accurate. That was given to me directly by the Oakland Unified School District and I’ll believe their numbers a lot more than what you might find in a google search.

  • De La vs. Amador on the road- any predications? The Dons gave DLS all they could handle until they woke up in the second half. The QB is gone though. I think there won’t be any letdown this time and with this year’s team.

  • renegades10

    Think DLS wins 49-14 Big Joe.

    ManDown, screwed up the two Northgate boys are in the DVAL so for the DFAL between Anderson and Waters, maybe Leaf at Alhambra but he’s behind those two for now.

  • C-dog

    Best Player in DFAL is “hands down” Jared Leaf RB for Alhambra. He has only played in 3.5 of Alhambra’s 5 games due to injury. With only 73 carries, Leaf has 611 yards, a 8.4 yard per carry avg. and 9TD’s. Just look at the DFAL rushing leader stats posted on this website. If Jared Leaf actually played in all 5 of Alhambra’s games, he would be blowing away the other DFAL rushers. He is a man amongst boys!

  • Bulldog Forever

    C-Dog, I give a thumbs up to your “hands down” for Jared Leaf as best player in the DFAL. He’s a slab of granite running through a balsa wood forest.

  • The 766 is from the Oakland Unified school district and Mack website. Do you mean 247 boys or 247 toal attendance. 247 attendance means 60 students per class- 9 thru 12. Hard to beleive they are that low.

  • Triton8

    Wow, I didn’t know that Alameda HS cut football players…because it sure sounds like that Lemon dude got cut from something? Why else would he be so sour with a high school’s football program?

  • renegades10

    He is not hands down the best player, both those two are very, very good.

  • According to Mack website, there are 2 schools on the Mack Campus- appx. enrollment for each school is 200, so 400 students total.

  • Coach Kemp

    Funny when you try to do something positive out here in the community and simply talk about respecting the game and your opponent and you get folks trying to say you sound like a “biotch”. LOL, got a dude behind an anonymous screen name talking about personal business of high school KIDS non-stop and bringing others’ names up constantly, what exactly is that?? 617Lemon where do you install an offense aside from your Madden franchise on Xbox? I’d be interested to come watch a game. Solid Encinal fans should calm down the guy actin’ a troll, cause they would be a lot more respectable with all their doing without some guy acting a fool online constantly getting into kids’ business. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU’RE DOIN POSITIVE. Lemon I wanna see your play talk on the field, but is that even possible cause do you even coach a varsity position anywhere? Impossible to tell hiding behind a screen name. GOD BLESS.

  • YoMama,
    Not anymore. It’s actually back down to just one school and is back officially under the name McClymonds. It had been separated into EXCEL and BEST, but BEST closed and so as just one school it’s now back officially as just one school, McClymonds.


    The total enrollment is 247. That I’m certain of. Most information on the web about the school is pretty outdated, including what you might find on their web site. This is straight from the district and accurate.

  • I, like you, was easily confused trying to search around the Internet to find out exactly what the enrollment was. I had heard about it dwindling to a significantly low number and had been told by coach Curtis McCauley it was around 200. That’s why I went to the district to get confirmation. They pulled up the report and two weeks into the school year, the total enrollment (boys and girls) is 247. Pretty shocking for a public school and I understand it’s hard to believe, but it is true.

  • QB17

    Renegades 10, sorry, but the stats speak for themselves. 3.5 games, more yards per carry and almost as many yards as the leading rusher. Figure it out….

  • renegades10

    QB, so by your logic stats determine who the better player is. So last year Bryce McGovern, who had the most receiving yards in the ENTIRE country, was the best WR in the ENTIRE country? You figure that out. Leaf is a fine player, but I wouldn’t say he is the best player “hands down” as I believe was quoted above and as to what my post was referring to. Both Waters and Anderson are very good as well and I feel right now they may be better especially because Waters is doing a lot without much help whatsoever. “Hands down” means there is no doubt, no question that he is the best and that is simply not the case.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Waters, Anderson and Leaf all deserve thumbs up. But both Waters and Leaf play defense, I don’t know about Anderson, although QB’s normally don’t.

    Waters impressed me as a safety when Las Lomas played Alhambra, he was in on a lot of tackles. Leaf anchors the Alhambra defense at center linebacker (first team all-league last year), and is the hardest hitter on the team.

    So at this point I would favor Leaf and Waters over Anderson, because of their importance and contributions to their teams on both sides of the ball. If Anderson played defense also, then I would rate them all even so far. It’s still early in the season, though.

  • Sports Guy

    @ YO MAMA Sounds like you need some pom poms to cheer for De La Salle. With all do respect to De La, Discipline, is their only true factor over Mack! Athletes? C’mon Son! I would take the MACK kids all day. Plus, you try being 16 or 17 walking thru West Oakland EVERYDAY, then lets see how much discipline and Focus you have. Also, why are you so concerned with the enrollment? Shocking, huh? I know you or yo woman couldn’t produce $1 out of 247 people or attempt to coach em!!! Go back to your desk clown, you probably never been to West Mack!

    @ FOX, Peters didn’t get shut down 2 catches 66 yards… while being tripled teamed? QB 6-10 120 yards 3tds? Marshall 150 rushing? Ur delusional!!! Malic and Prier must be your relatives? The kid only had 100 yards which came mostly on 1 run, also did he score? Oh yeh he got ran down…

    @ FAN, Man Down & East Bay Macks non-league schedule is DECENT? WOW!!! C’mon Son! Lets talk about some of the teams ranked ahead of MACK… Encinial, Foothill and San Ramon? Tough Schedules, huh?

    Most disappointing thing is that you have group of 23 young men whom have exceeded early expectations and adults refuse to give credit where credit is due? Some of the MACK player don’t know where their next meal is coming from. If these student-athletes where @ De La Salle and could just focus on Books and Sports… PLEASE!!!

  • QB17

    Renegades, I am not saying that Waters and Anderson are not top notch players. Anyone who watched the Las Lomas Alhambra game knows that Waters is an exceptional player, and I have so much respect for his talent and ability. He definitely is a one-man team, tough for him to do it all by himself. I have not seen Anderson in action, but look forward to it. Have you seen Leaf play?

  • Sports Guy, Their next meal can come from the Oakland Rescue Mission which I volunteer twice a month. I worked in West Mack for 10 years. I also had a few friends teach at the old McClymonds, they left for Berkeley schools, no district support along with all the other problems that happen in a poor area. I knew the entire Mack relay team running against them in high school in the early ’70’s. Mack is an instition in Oakland, always has been. Great sports atheletes, Frank Robinson and Vada Pinson who I have met and conversed with on several occasions. You’re right, I didn’t grow up in West Oakland and it’s not my fault that my woman didn’t have a baby-daddy and gets pregant as an early teen. It’s not my fault some kids and their parent can’t pull up their boot-straps and get out- many have. If you’re from there, then go back and enter to learn, then leave to serve-did you do that?
    As far as De La, get real- they are on a different planet, better coached, better athletes, faster, stronger, smarter and more dedicated. The last I read Mack will be lucky to grad a high percentage of seniors. With that said, the money being poured into Excel should get some results, that is if the student atheletes want to committ- it’s school and sports to get out- not just sports. I am sure many will rise to the top. Opportunity knocks in many forms. Who will be the first to cast the first stone- not you Sports Guy. God Bless and pony up to help those kids in need.

  • Wow- I don’t think we’ll hear from Sports Guy again- if he replies to what I just read, he’s the one who’s delusional. Hope Mack wins the OAL. As far as a state game offer, don’t count on it.

  • fox

    Sports fan, I didn’t say Peters was shut down. The SOPHOMORE corner did a good job on him. The other corner, a junior held his own. Tripled team my ass. Man to man, and your D1 prospect only got 2 catches?? I guess we weren’t at the same game especially if you think Prier got his yards on one play??? Wow. Mack is good and I wish them all the luck. To me, they aren’t Top 10!!!! Your dumb ass even compared them to DeLa??? Mack is so good, but they barely won by 1 touchdown? They didn’t even score after halftime!! Shouldn’t they have blown Salesian out??? I’m done responding to you bcuz really YOU DON’T MATTER!

  • Sports Guy

    Big Joe think again… Yo mama, your ignorance makes me wanna slap your mama. How dare you!!! When the last time a child choose his parents? At this point making statements which you made…WOW!!! Showing your true colors now! Your a racist prick. Anybody whom name drops and brown noses the next man is a LOSER.

    Fox, 2 catches and Mack only threw the ball 10 times… Plus, Peters doesn’t have to catch a ball the rest of the season and he going to still be the top player in the Bay! You ask De La if they will take him? Punk!!!

    FYI… I do live and work in this community. Giving back is what I do so it really disappointing to here you talk like that about my youth. WOW!!! Its not 1960 queers… All of you guys are butt buddies!!!

  • FOX

    FACT: Mack threw 12 times. Peters caught 2. Could have caught more if the DB didn’t knock it away from him–twice in the end zone. Maybe you were in the restroom on those plays. Knowing how great Peters is, the young guys were not intimidated and did a good job against him.

    I’ll say it again Mack is GOOD!! REAL GOOD! ATHLETIC! Just not Top 10! And Salesian played them VERY WELL! The outcome could have been different with different play calling in the 4th. Salesian only has TWO players on their entire defense who played varsity last year!! Big Freddie is THE ONLY returning O-line player. Not bad against a highly ranked Mack team.

    Serioulsy, if they only beat Salesian by 6, do you really think they could hang with DeLa??

    I’ll be wishing Mack the best! I hope they win league. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually be in my Top 10 before the season is over. FOR NOW, THEY ARE NOT TOP 10 in my eyes!!!! Period!

  • FOX

    Peters is ONE OF THE TOP players in the bay! Not THE TOP!

  • ManDown

    Who is Peters getting looks from?

  • #1 Prep Football Fan

    According to Rivals.com

    College Choices
    School Interest Offer Visit

    Arizona Medium None
    Arizona State Medium None
    Nevada Medium Offered None
    Oregon Medium Offered None
    Sacramento St Medium Offered None
    San Diego State Medium Offered None
    San Jose State Medium Offered None
    UCLA Medium None
    UNLV Medium Offered None
    Utah Medium Offered None
    Washington Medium Offered None
    Washington State Medium Offered None

  • HS Football Fan

    Anybody who calls somebody a “racist prick” and two paragraphs later says “Its not 1960 queers… All of you guys are butt buddies” loses any credibility and should probably lose his commenting privileges…

  • renegades10

    Peters is one of the top players in the bay, but for whatever reason people seem to think it is as a WR. He is getting recruited as a DB which is where he truly shines.