EBAL stats – 10/12

Here’s the second installment of stats for the East Bay Athletic League. Enjoy!

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Lucas Dunne, De La Salle 5 72 638 8.8 11
Damariay Drew, Livermore 5 62 627 10.1 9
George Atkinson III, Granada 5 59 598 10.1 8
Kyle Alvarez, California 5 53 538 10.1 6
Michael Sullas, Monte Vista 3 55 446 8.1 5

Passing (by yards)

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD
Bart Houston, DLS 5 44 70 62.8 833 2 9
Kyle Moreno, Amador Valley 5 47 105 44.7 751 6 5
David Camarena, Foothill 5 44 66 66.7 729 4 7
Zach Kline, San Ramon Valley 5 55 96 57.3 710 2 4
Drew Reil, California 5 40 56 71.4 662 2 11

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista 5 28 397 14.2 3
Dane Turner, Monte Vista 5 20 203 10.1 2
Cameron Rowland, Foothill 5 20 335 16.7 4
Jake Isabel, Amador Valley 5 18 215 11.9 1
Lucas Shapiro, De La Salle 5 16 288 18.0 3


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Lucas Dunne, DLS 5 14 0 0 0 84
Damariay Drew, Livermore 5 12 0 0 0 72
George Atkinson III, Granada 5 11 0 1 0 68
Kyle Alvarez, California 5 8 0 0 0 48
Carson Ewanich, AV 5 6 0 0 0 36

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
De La Salle 5 1,326 840 2,166 433.2
California 5 1,225 778 2,003 400.6
Monte Vista 5 977 960 1,937 387.4
Granada 5 1,153 655 1,808 361.6
Foothill 5 669 739 1,408 281.6
San Ramon Valley 5 588 812 1,400 280.0
Livermore 5 1,057 336 1,393 278.6
Amador Valley 5 503 860 1,363 272.6

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
San Ramon Valley 5 748 507 1,255 251.0
De La Salle 5 638 643 1,281 256.2
California 5 709 621 1,330 266.0
Granada 5 664 697 1,361 272.2
Monte Vista 5 1,091 306 1,397 279.4
Amador Valley 5 681 798 1,479 295.8
Foothill 5 706 780 1,486 297.2
Livermore 5 966 830 1,796 359.2

Ben Enos

  • Chs1012

    R10- You may recall the biggest diss was KillerD…he thoroughly trashed the new hire and wiffed on a low blow (it was a poor attempt at humor at the least) at two other head coaches who’ve earned the utmost respect during their tenures in the EBAL…

  • junior

    Houston THROWS better than did Mannion, Nottingham and Southwick. Houston throws the best deep ball of all of those. Southwick was obviously the most athletic. Nottingham was a bit more accuarate than Houston at this point. None of them are/were great at going thru their reads-they all locked in on their primary for the most part.

    Probably splitting hairs between the four- I’d take anyone one of the them.

  • Prep Fan

    After reading back through those comments, it is clear there were a lot of naysayers when Billeci was hired, but I don’t know how any of them were “disgruntled Cal High fans”. Killer D and a few others obviously felt he should not have been hired.

    As of today, I think he looks like a pretty good hire. He is the first coach in the history of the school to have beaten both Monte Vista and SRV in the same season, and they didn’t just squeek by as the combined score of 83-22 the past 2 weeks shows. Last year they had a ton of talent, but lost some close games late and finished poorly. They look great so far this season. Time will tell if the Grizz can keep this up, not only this year but in future years.

  • renegades10

    Agree Prep Fan as long as he doesn’t get hired away. You just never know with what’s been going on with budget cuts and such, he keeps this success up some private schools will be calling. Reading his quotes though in the different papers, it’s uncanny how similar he sounds to Lad at times and the way the players talk about the team it’s just funny sometimes how familiar it all is.

  • eastbay football

    the hiring of belleci was well covered this season by the hiring of Kravits and the former SRV o line coach.

  • outsider

    Cal could have done better with the talent they had last year but it was difficult for the seniors to adjust to the loss of their old coach and the philosophies of the new coach. There were some mistakes made by the new coach last season which lead to the Grizzlies inconsitent play last year but I think many of those mistakes have been fixed. Coach Billeci has been successful in putting his mark on the program and has discarded some of the traditions brought in by Sanchez and has created some new ones. This year’s team is much more cohesive than last year’s team because of that.

  • panther4

    Junior, Post 51, you are out of your mind. All 3 of those QB’s you mentioned are better than Houston in all aspects of QB Play. That statement, better THROWER is quite an overstatement. Houston is good, but no where near those other 3. In my opinion, I was way more impressed with Blake Wayne at DLS than Houston. I guess we’ll see where he ends up in college, but I had to laugh at this comment. I would take Southwick or Nottingham 100 times out of 100 over Houston.

  • Ebal fan #2

    To be compared to those QB’s is a compliment indeed for Bart. Let’s just wait until after his senior year before comparisons are made. None of the quarterbacks listed were dominant until their senior years, Houston is dominant this year but his team is superior. As for the poster that said the younger Houston is playing QB on the JV’s he is way off the mark, he is an offensive guard, big kid but never quarterback.

  • norcalfball

    bottom line…cal can throw the ball this year, last year they could only run the ball. that is the difference in this years team…last year they were so predictable and even when they did pass there was no creativity to it. this year they have a very nice balanced offense that can burn you either way. got to credit the head coach, but wouldn’t forget about the influence kravitz has brought to that team as well.

    they are clearly the 2nd best team in east bay this year. cal didn’t have a bad year last year, washington just had there number.

  • outsider

    Cal could throw the ball last year, they just didn’t. Quinn Kahler was not a bad passer and John Sarmenta was a good reciever in his junior year. That was one of the mistakes Coach Billeci made last year. He did not use all of his talent and came in with a predetermined strategy of what would work. That has changed this year, partly due to Coach Billeci growing as a coach and partly due to Coach Kravitz. But I think coach Billeci is showing a lot of maturity and foresight in accepting what Coach Kravitz can offer.

  • Wizard

    Here is the problem with comparing any DLS quarterback with a Lloyd or other non DLS qb who is at a typical public school. Defensively the DLS qb has a huge advantage. When teams play DLS they have to defend DLS running game with 8 guys in the box leaving man coverage on the wideouts and since the safety is manning the tight end or slot, houston has a huge advantage in play action and big play potential in the passing game. Lloyd probably faces 2 safeties plus man coverage underneath. Same for a mv qb, or SR or a mannion last year. Plus your conners have to defend the sweep and option back on runs. Corners have a lot going against them before DLS snaps the ball. The DLS qb should lead the area in ave yards per completion every year.

  • renegades10

    Houston is a better passer than Wayne was. Blake is one of my all time favorite Spartans, a true leader. But in terms of being a traditional qb Houston is far superior. Wayne was great for the veer system, small and quick and made good decisions. Two very different types of qb’s, but if we are talking about pure passing ability Houston wins that battle hands down. I am not going to compare him to the big three qb’s of the last two years, but the kid has a lot of talent and is still developing. He is not even close to hitting his ceiling. He also commands the same amount of respect in the huddle that Wayne did which is very important. He still has things to work on, but the talent is there to potentially be listed as one of the great EBAL qb’s.

  • ms Piggy

    Cal success is the maturity of coach B; the addition of Coach K and an Oline coach BUT, the majority of Cal success is the talent on the team. Please realize the last time a DLS JV was beaten ( and the first time in a long time) was a beat down the current CAL seniors delivered two years ago.

    The CAL team is getting its props on #2 ranking, but individual players who are very talented are not even getting discussed.

    Alvarez has over 500 yards rushing, and 4 other rushers over 100 yards, Reil has over 700% completion percentage.

    The monster offensive line – Pearson and Garwood – have had their way all season and will give DLS a run for the money

    Taft and Samenta as recievers very talented

  • outsider

    Will foothill last under their Qb?