NCS Bay Shore Conference realignment update

The North Coast Section’s Bay Shore Conference took the first step in its realignment process Tuesday when it passed forward a recommendation to restructure its leagues.
The proposal, which will be forwarded to the NCS’s Alignment and Classification Committee, involves five teams switching leagues.

If passed, Alameda and Encinal would join the Hayward Area Athletic League, Moreau Catholic would move to the Mission Valley Athletic League, De Anza would join the Bay Shore Athletic League and Albany would move to the Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League.
Encinal and Albany are in the BSAL, Alameda and De Anza are members of the ACCAL and Moreau Catholic is in the HAAL. Those three leagues and the MVAL comprise the Bay Shore Conference.
If the proposal is approved by the Alignment and Classification Committee, it will be forwarded to the NCS Board of Managers for a final vote in April with the changes to take effect before the 2012-13 school year. There are, however, expected to be appeal hearings along the way.
Albany athletic director Debbie Wanlin confirmed she will appeal the proposal, stating during the meeting that the Cougars prefer to remain in the BSAL and may be at a competitive disadvantage against some ACCAL schools. Albany is a Division III team by enrollment and Berkeley, Pinole Valley and Richmond are all larger schools.
Representatives from Piedmont, Salesian, St. Joseph Notre Dame, St. Mary’s and St. Patrick-St. Vincent also voted for a countering proposal.
Seven proposals were initially discussed at Tuesday’s meeting at the Piedmont High library, but it was ultimately a proposal crafted at the meeting and brought forward by Arroyo principal Larry Smith that was pushed forward by a 22-6 vote.
Smith’s proposal tweaked a similar one submitted by San Leandro by moving De Anza and Kennedy-Richmond to the BSAL — moves those schools fought strongly for. That would’ve left the ACCAL with five teams, so Albany was picked to join the league — against its wishes — because of its geographical proximity. It’s also the largest school by enrollment in the BSAL.
The counter proposal that made it to the final vote would’ve still placed Alameda and Encinal in the HAAL and also left Moreau in the league. De Anza would’ve stayed in the ACCAL and been joined by Kennedy-Richmond, while Albany would’ve remained in the BSAL.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • MVALFremont

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Moreau Catholic back in the MVAL, I would assume this is for all sports?

  • Yes, it would be all sports. Moreau feels its been able to improve its football program enough that it could be competitive in the MVAL and would be willing to drop its supplemental BSAL status in football.

  • Billjohnson

    wat bout salesian r dey goin still b hiden n da bfl? Richmond de anza 2 da bsal albany encinal out. Without encinal n da bsal wat credability does that league have? Alameda encinal joining haal damn san leandro is lucky no berkeley.

  • 617lemon

    Blanton must be doing backflips! Encinal out of the bsal that league will get no pub now. With spsv soft nonleague now you add richmond & de anza looks like blanton may start another win streak. I wonder with de anza being d3 like encinal will blanton complain and say they shouldnt be in the league. That league just got real irrelivant.

  • Castro Valley gone from the HAAL?

  • Chad Nightingale said Salesian is open to playing football in the BSAL. The problem would be having someone take their place in the BFL, because there can’t be fewer than six teams in a league so someone would have to take their place. If that could be worked out, it seems as though Salesian is open to playing in the BSAL. He added that their move to the BFL was a result of the alignment from two sessions ago when they had been an ACCAL school, a league he said they got pummelled in.

  • Football Watcher

    I see that Moreau is making a strategic move to get in the MVAL, the football program has made strides and are up and coming, and the hiring of the new basketball coach to turn that around landing in the MVAL is much better for them than the HAAAL/BSAL split.

    SPSV will roll the BSAL without Encinal, and Encinal will finally play better opponents, but what happens if they close the school like many reports say?

    Im not sure if anyone would take Salesians spot…. if so who would want to go to a 5 team league with teams spread pretty far.

    Danm no one wants Berekelely….. lol

    If it works out like this jimmy here are the winners;

    SPSV- Will win every year

    Bishop O’dowd- Will roll thru HAAL with out Castro Valley (will struggle with San Leandro and Arroyo in Football)

    Moreau- Instead of dealing with Hayward schools, SL and BOD, now the only one infront of them is Newark and maybe Logan.

  • Hey

    Alameda and Encinal will be merging within the next 2 years, I hope the voters kept that in mind- although maybe they did in case Encinal swallows Alameda rather than the other way around (the new HorJets would be in HAAL regardless), although personally I think due to proximity they should just join the OAL along with Piedmont and be done with it.

    And I’ve always thought that Albany would fit into ACCAL better than Alameda, which is pretty far away from most of the other schools there (Richmond, Pinole, etc.).

    I’m interested into what will happen.

  • Remember Hey that joining the OAL would involve leaving the NCS to join the Oakland Section, so it’s not that simple. Those schools wouldn’t give up being the NCS to join the OAL.

    Yes Castro Valley is leaving the HAAL. They’ve already been approved to join the Valley Conference and that conference will meet next week to discuss its realignment (Ben Enos will cover that meeting). It’s expected to be a formality that Castro Valley will join the EBAL. The big question will be what happens to one or both of the Livermore schools.

  • Football Watcher

    Jimmy who do you personally think would benefit the most from the realignments?

  • I think the whole HAAL benefits here because they’d be able to replace the two teams leaving (Castro Valley and Moreau Catholic) with two fairly balanced athletic programs in Alameda and Encinal (assuming Encinal stays open) that aren’t a horrible commute away.

    De Anza very much wanted to get into the BSAL, so they would benefit. Moreau, likewise, really wanted to be back in the MVAL so they benefit as well.

    I really only see Albany as the team taking a hit here. You could argue Berkeley is also since they’ve long wanted to get into the HAAL or a similarly more competitive league. But since they are basically keeping their status quo, they aren’t losing anything. So really only Albany is taking a major hit and in these things, you can’t please everybody. Considering Albany was the largest school in the BSAL, it’s a pretty natural fit for them to go into the ACCAL.

    Of course, this is only the first step. Albany confirmed it will appeal, and I wouldn’t be surprise if others who voted against this (such as Salesian, St. Mary’s, etc.) also appealed. However, my inkling is this has a good chance of passing since it was able to accommodate the wishes of five schools while only moving one school that didn’t wish to move. The 22-6 vote was a pretty powerful and overwhelming majority.

  • arroyo alum

    how will anyone struggle with arroyo football, in it’s current state? Is the coaching staff moving on? This group definately didn’t walk the talk!!!!

  • HS Football Fan

    Jimmy, were the 6 “no” votes from Albany, Piedmont, Salesian, SJND, SPSV and St. Mary’s?

  • There were not technically “no” votes. There were two proposals and 22 voted for the one proposal and six voted for the other. Those six are the ones who voted for the other proposal.

  • Cross Country

    Are all these decisions based on benefits for football? What about other sports.

  • HS Football Fan

    Interesting. So in other words, Piedmont, Salesian, SJND, SPSV and St. Mary’s wanted Albany instead of De Anza and Kennedy. Since every other school that’s moving voted for their move, I have to figure that only Albany’s appeal will be of any real merit. Thanks!

  • ManDown

    Interesting… If Encinal and Alameda join the HAAL will that league gain more respect?

  • ManDown

    I thought Moreau was in the BSAL?

  • Moreau is a supplement member of the BSAL for football only. It’s in the HAAL in every other sport.

  • Cross country,
    No, these decisions are actually based more on the other sports than football and that was specifically discussed yesterday. For example, Albany’s success in soccer and softball was mentioned. Moreau’s desire to move to the MVAL is much more so for the other sports than football, but they stated they think their football team has improved enough that they’d drop their supplemental BSAL status and play in the MVAL. Castro Valley moving to the EBAL is obviously based solely on their level of competitiveness in the other sports, not football.

    It’s football season, so most of the comments here you see are going to be football-related. But trust me when I say football isn’t the driving force for these realignments. It plays a role, but the other sports play just as big a role.

  • HS Football Fan

    Yeah, I don’t really think this has that big of an affect in football. Of the 5 schools moving, Alameda would likely be in the middle of the standings like they’ve been in the ACCAL lately, for Encinal the biggest new challenge will be San Leandro (O’Dowd = SPSV), Albany would be toward the bottom of the ACCAL just the same as in the BSAL and Moreau would likely be mid-level in the MVAL just like they’re mid-level in the BSAL. The big loser here would be the BSAL, who doesn’t really adequately replace Encinal with Salesian, in my opinion.

    In other sports it makes for some interesting power shifts. Losing Castro Valley and Moreau could hurt O’Dowd in some sports (girls basketball and volleyball), but Alameda’s a pretty good CV replacement overall (boys basketball, baseball). Albany could dominate some of those sports in the ACCAL.

  • Olinecoach

    Alameda almost joined the haal a couple of years back, but in order to do so the league would have to take Berkeley. No one wanted them then either.

    I would like to also remind everyone that this was the first time that BOD beat Alameda. They had very close games up until this year.

  • Prep Fan

    Jimmy, I’m a little confused. The EBAL in 2006 I believe that was the last realignment cycle, did not want to become a massive 9 team league like the old DFAL.

    It wanted to stay more or less traditional like the Pac 10 was from 1978-2010 and I know Castro Valley was an associate member in men’s volleyball when I was in an EBAL school from 2005-2009, but.. How does this affect scheduling? Unless the Livermore schools are out, which would be a shame they’re as good as they’ve been in years, last time Granada beat my alma mater was in 2005, that now CV will have to play DLS and that is a worse commute than Livermore either way. If it’s a matter of the HAAL, then I guess CVHS has to go somewhere, but are they really going to tear the EBAL apart just becaues they want a more favorable league for themselves? I can’t imagine at least the CoCo county schools or the Pleasanton duo enjoying more travel expenses when the stipends and any fundraising for coaches and booseters were severely cut like 2 years ago.

    This just seems to be a mess on paper, but I hope it works out.

    The Bay Shore Conference has had a host of inequitable competition for years and whenever they can’t seem to get that right any given realignment cycle, it seems the rest of the East bay leagues get screwed.

    The BVAL situation last time gave rise to a new league, DVAL, why isn’t there any talk about a new league this time around? I’d prefer more 5-6 team leagues like SoCal than more “super” leagues with 8,9,10 teams and no more non-league preseason..

    Basketball would just stack the EBAL and CV/DLS 4 times a year isnt that bad it just hurts the fall seasons.

  • junior

    Traveling west on 580 (to CV) is easier/faster than traveling east on 580 (To Livermore)

  • Travel to CV is definitely not an issue. It’s a pretty quick shoot over there from Pleasanton and the San Ramon/Danville schools have the option of Crow Canyon Road.

    As for everything else, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week. Once Castro Valley was admitted into Valley Conference, it basically became a foregone conclusion they’ll join the EBAL. There’s no other league out there that makes any sense. But there are several different proposal that will hit the table. There is one I’ve seen that involves creating a Valley Athletic League with Livermore, Granada, Amador, Dublin, Dougherty Valley and Valley Christian. I don’t expect that one to fly because I don’t see Amador willing to leave the EBAL. But at this point, we’ll have to see what happens at next week’s meeting. There is always the option for new proposal to get created there, so anything is on the table.

  • Alameda got blown out in 08 by O’dowd. You must be a new coach on the staff.

  • HS Football Fan

    I know it’s not East Bay, but is anybody going to the Marin/Sonoma/Mendocino meeting at 2 pm?

    Reggie Hammond is correct. O’Dowd beat Alameda 48-0 in 2008.

  • Prepfan

    Thanks Jimmy it’s really interesting to see how it all breaks down. I think the more ideas get floated around the better and the more you hear pretty soon we appreciate the insider scoop 😀

  • 617lemon

    where is island02-5 n kemp? Are they hiding under currie’s skirt? I hope they plan on showing up at pinole because last week it was like kemps offense wasnt even there! Its like clock work alameda plays a good team guaranteed loss. Alameda would have lost to bod last year but mario brown sat out 1st qtr n he still almost got 2 bills!

  • Hey

    617, what is your obsession with Kemp? until you put on a whistle and get coaching yourself, your vendetta against him just seems petty. Did he take your lunch money in middle school?

  • 617lemon

    hey i just want to know why they think there a good team? Take away those garbage wins vs. de anza rich hercules the last 2 yrs whats left beat san lorenzo n pinole who couldnt throw the ball. This year they got lucky newark couldnt make there p.a.t’s. Played what most on the blogs consider good teams n encinal & berkeley only 1 td n those games. Pinole hasnt forgot about last year i expect them to pour it on pv 41 hornets 6. Hey, kemp is in charge calls the o runs practice herman munster is the figure head this is his product he runs out there every friday.

  • Prep Fan

    The original Prep Fan: I see there are 2 other new Prep Fans commenting on here, or I guess one Prep Fan and another Prepfan. It justs get confusing when people use the same name. I had to read those posts several times to determine I hadn’t typed them.

    I guess I don’t understand why Castro Valley was given automatic entry into the EBAL. I understand they wanted out of the Bay Shore Conference, but how did it become a given? That seems to be the catalyst for all the other speculative changes that have been put forth. It does create problems for the EBAL to either have 9 teams or lose 1 or more long time members.

  • Olinecoach

    Hey lemonhead, pipe down. Kemp is a good coach and not only knows what he is doing, but also knows what time it is. Alameda has always been challenged with the pool they have to draw from. They have always played above their ability. The kids, most of them, are committed and work hard. They learn a great deal more than just football and go on to lead productive lives. Stop bagging on our kids, coaches and program. The team has had some challenges and cursed with injuries, but they keep fighting. I can tell you that they think they are good, because if a team does not think they are good, they will loose before they even step on the field. They may get beat, but never quit.

    so, stop being so bitter lemonhead. You need to add a little sugar to your mix and sweeten things up.

  • lb05onit


    Kemp is cool… You guys have some tuff players I give you that. Ruckman, Ruck to name a few. But why lineman playing RB I just cant figure out. Can you Olinecoach? I know that wasnt your call right?

  • Olinecoach

    So LB05, Let’s just say that the kid would not play oline and he continues to be thrown bones. He is a Senior and will be lucky to play beyond the next 4 games.

  • 617lemon

    Oline losing 47 0 at home is good now huh? Injuries or not good teams dont get blown out especially at home. Tell me what do you expect to see tonite? I expect a blow out. Will see what adjustments these good coaches do tonite. Oline tell me the last time the hornets went on the road n got a big win against a good team?

  • Coach Kemp

    Hey man, I just don’t understand why you’re always trying to tar my name and the Alameda program. That’s some pretty cold hearted stuff bro. This is high school football, I’m here to coach some ball and give some positive life lessons based around being a student-athlete. How about giving it all a break? If we’re so weak as you say, kicking folks while they are down, that ain’t right. You mentioned we woulda lost if Mario Brown had played the first quarter last year against BOD, well we have played only 3 of 6 games with our returning first-team all-league RB Mike Cunningham, who is now out for the year with a knee injury. We have various other injuries that have been very tough, and the worst I have seen in my time at AHS. It has been a challenging year. No need to pile on.

    In terms of the running of the program, I don’t know of any program on earth where an assistant coach is the one running the show. If you didn’t realize it, there are literally hundreds of decisions made by the head coach that are not made by an assistant coach. I make a variety of decisions within my role, but my role is not head coach. Please do not get the situation confused.

    Take care and good luck to all hard working kids and coaches tonight. Peace.

  • Olinecoach

    Sorry to say I will not see the game tonight. Lets see, on the road to beat a good team…… Alameda beat Pinole at home last year. Lost a close one to YV in the playoffs last year. Off the top of my head, not sure.

    So who is your team? Who are you representing, besides a bunch of trash talking?
    I am done with you.

  • lb05onit

    Like I said Im no hornet fan but we all know Kemp is allright. We know who is calling the shots over there.

  • 617lemon

    Kemp the 3 games cunningham played in you lost 2 of them so what are you sayin? Your a one man team? Why did you have to coach the line n qb’s whats rochlin coaching? Nothing he does the paper work whats on the field is your baby stand by your work. Rochlin doesnt even knw the offense kemp thats all you. Oline harvell refuses to play oline what does alameda do? give him carries unbelievable! Well oline we all know who calls they plays

  • Coach Kemp

    My point was, you said we would have lost if Brown had played the first quarter against us in 09, but Cunningham missing games doesn’t mean anything? Of course we’re not a one man team. Aside from Cunningham, we had season enders to Carmon (starting DT), and Rausser (starting OT and LB), and we had multi-week injuries to Finau (starting LB) and Manibusan (starting 3B and SS) who are still out from either before the year or the first game and hopefully will be back by Hercules. Also, Alfers was very limited against BOD and SLZ with a strained hamstring (starts at WR and CB) and McLens (OG, ILB) missed SLZ. Overall that’s half our starting positions missing serious time with injuries. Not an excuse, but it is the worst run of injury luck since I have been at this program. Aside from all that, in terms of the on field play, I run the O, LBs and kickoff team. There are literally hundreds of detail decisions year-round related to the program that I do not have authority over as an assistant coach though, that stuff is up to the HC.

  • 617lemon

    13 pts kemp not bad. big game this week gotta beat hercules or no playoffs! another road game vs a good team another loss kemper. sh*t another game vs a good team another loss just like clock work.island02-5 i told you weeks ago you’d be 2-5 after 7 games i just hope for you guys you dont become island02-6!

  • Olinecoach

    WOW Lemondrop, you just could not wait to get your post out there to yet again rip on Kemp. What an ass hole! Really, what do you have against the Hornets? Did you not get playing time? Cut or fired???

    Someone must have done you wrong.

  • luckypaul

    I work the chain gang for an ACCAL team and never see a team more together, fired up and passionate than Alameda. The boys support each other and try hard. Winning and losing are secondary in high school to the life lessons the Alameda boys seem to learn.

  • Hey

    any reason Ruckman wasn’t QBing last night? just trying to do something different?