NCS Bay Shore Conference realignment update

The North Coast Section’s Bay Shore Conference took the first step in its realignment process Tuesday when it passed forward a recommendation to restructure its leagues.
The proposal, which will be forwarded to the NCS’s Alignment and Classification Committee, involves five teams switching leagues.

If passed, Alameda and Encinal would join the Hayward Area Athletic League, Moreau Catholic would move to the Mission Valley Athletic League, De Anza would join the Bay Shore Athletic League and Albany would move to the Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League.
Encinal and Albany are in the BSAL, Alameda and De Anza are members of the ACCAL and Moreau Catholic is in the HAAL. Those three leagues and the MVAL comprise the Bay Shore Conference.
If the proposal is approved by the Alignment and Classification Committee, it will be forwarded to the NCS Board of Managers for a final vote in April with the changes to take effect before the 2012-13 school year. There are, however, expected to be appeal hearings along the way.
Albany athletic director Debbie Wanlin confirmed she will appeal the proposal, stating during the meeting that the Cougars prefer to remain in the BSAL and may be at a competitive disadvantage against some ACCAL schools. Albany is a Division III team by enrollment and Berkeley, Pinole Valley and Richmond are all larger schools.
Representatives from Piedmont, Salesian, St. Joseph Notre Dame, St. Mary’s and St. Patrick-St. Vincent also voted for a countering proposal.
Seven proposals were initially discussed at Tuesday’s meeting at the Piedmont High library, but it was ultimately a proposal crafted at the meeting and brought forward by Arroyo principal Larry Smith that was pushed forward by a 22-6 vote.
Smith’s proposal tweaked a similar one submitted by San Leandro by moving De Anza and Kennedy-Richmond to the BSAL — moves those schools fought strongly for. That would’ve left the ACCAL with five teams, so Albany was picked to join the league — against its wishes — because of its geographical proximity. It’s also the largest school by enrollment in the BSAL.
The counter proposal that made it to the final vote would’ve still placed Alameda and Encinal in the HAAL and also left Moreau in the league. De Anza would’ve stayed in the ACCAL and been joined by Kennedy-Richmond, while Albany would’ve remained in the BSAL.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.