BSAL stats 10/13

Here’s the latest BSAL stats of our East Bay teams, which is everybody except St. Patrick-St. Vincent (sorry, editor’s decision). Enjoy. For the record, SPSV’s Naji Patrick has 77 carries for 895 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 5 51 584 11.5 11
Kyle Labroi, John Swett 5 85 573 6.7 4
Akwasi Agyekum, Albany 5 67 553 8.3 4
Brendan Nugent, Moreau Catholic 5 66 462 7.0 4
Isaiah McClain, Kennedy 5 62 400 6.5 7
Jon Trodder, Encinal 5 25 367 14.7 6
Joey Fiandor, Moreau Catholic 5 58 298 5.1 4
Chance Moses, St. Mary’s 4 56 265 4.7 4
Nahim Paschal, Encinal 5 19 257 13.5 2
Paul Okamura, Encinal 4 13 209 16.1 4

Passing (by yards)

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD
Adam Robinson, Moreau Catholic 5 49 112 43.8 962 4 10
Francisco Torres, St. Mary’s 5 59 117 50.4 884 5 7
Robert Crowley, Albany 5 40 97 41.2 541 4 4
Andrew Ve’e, Encinal 4 29 52 55.8 461 1 2
Eric Huppert, Piedmont 3* 35 65 53.8 431 4 3
Luciano Algood, John Swett 5 14 30 46.7 170 4 1
Charles Crane, Kennedy 2 6 10 60.0 146 3 2
Brandon Kricken, John Swett 5 5 11 45.5 76 1 1
Rob Moulder, Kennedy 3 11 27 40.7 71 2 1

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Chris Carnegie, St. Mary’s 5 11 345 15.7 3
Ben Roberson, Albany 5 20 308 15.4 2
Brannon Pantoja, Moreau Catholic 5 17 357 21.0 0
Chris Baca, Moreau Catholic 5 14 336 24.0 5
Zane Meyers, Piedmont 3* 11 159 14.5 1
Murad Williams, St. Mary’s 5 10 137 13.7 0
Ethan Weinstein, St. Mary’s 5 10 124 12.4 0
Avi Rosenblum, Albany 5 8 102 12.8 2
Max Elliott, Piedmont 3* 8 99 12.4 0
Devonyo Bills, Encinal 5 8 77 9.6 0


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 5 14 0 0 0 84
Jon Trodder, Encinal 5 6 0 0 18 55
Isaiah McClain, Kennedy 5 7 0 6 0 54
Kenny Walker, Kennedy 5 7 0 4 0 50
Joey Fiandor, Moreau Catholic 5 7 0 1 0 44
Kyle Labroi, John Swett 6 6 0 0 0 36
Brendan Nugent, Moreau Catholic 5 5 0 1 0 32
Chris Carnegie, St. Mary’s 5 5 0 0 0 30
Chance Moses, St. Mary’s 5 6 0 0 0 30
Akwasi Agyekum, Albany 5 4 0 0 0 24
Chris Baca, Moreau Catholic 5 4 0 0 0 24
Paul Okamura, Encinal 4 4 0 0 0 24

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 5 1,733 482 2,215 443.0
Moreau Catholic 5 768 1,010 1,778 355.6
St. Mary’s 5 568 991 1,559 311.8
John Swett 5 1,107 246 1,353 270.6
Piedmont 3* 298 512 810 270.0
Albany 5 671 541 1,212 242.4
Kennedy 5 889 230 1,119 223.8

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 5 529 592 1,121 224.2
Moreau Catholic 5 626 784 1,401 282.0
Albany 5 1,124 489 1,613 322.6
Kennedy 5 1,131 622 1,753 350.6
Piedmont 4 1,041 476 1,517 379.3
St. Mary’s 5 1,319 773 2,092 418.4
John Swett 5 1,729 421 2,150 430.0

*Missing Piedmont’s stats vs. Healdsburg on 9/4 and Lakeridge on 9/24.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • BayShoreFan

    SPSV vs Encinal: Best game in this league this week This game will determine the league champion. If N.Patrick is able to make plays on offense, he can dominate Encinal’s defense. SPSV’s defense is not good so they will have to step it up this game. Encinal is always the favorite, but i think SPSV will pull through and win 21-14

    St. Mary’s vs Kennedy: Kennedy has a good team this year and St. Mary’s isn’t the same as last year. Both offenses are good, but their defenses are mediocre. St. Mary’s wins by a last minute touchdown 34-27

    Moreau vs Albany: Moreau’s running game hasn’t been as good as it was last year, but their passing game makes up for it. If Moreau wants to dominate this game they should make their running game work as well. Albany isnt very threatening A. Rosenblum and A. Agyekum are the only good players on this team. Moreau should be able to easily win this game. 44-12

    Piedmont vs Swett: Don’t know these two teams very well, but what i have seen so far is that their both weak. Personally, I like how A. Lazaridis plays on John Swett. He is very strong and not afraid to hit. Still, Piedmont should be able to pull through 27-20

  • Guest

    Patrick is a solid back but won’t have nearly enough in the tank to dominate the jets defense after he takes hits from the always physical nailhouse defense especially in the swamp. I this will be a shoot out but more one sided. Jets win 42-14. Kennedy should keep things interesting against st. Mary’s who’s proved to regress from last season. But they still win 21-14.

  • mytwocents

    BAYSHOREFAN…Did you say dominate Encinal’s defense ? Patrick is a good back
    but this is not the team he can dominate.Encinal will some what control SPSV’s offense.First of all they are NO SERRA HIGH SCHOOL and Encinal controlled the first half of that game only to lose in the 4th quarter by a 21 pt run by Serra. Patrick is fast and people around that area may be in awe about him but his 11.5 time in theNCS 100M is not blazing fast.Encinal has 5 or 6 guys as fast and another 2 or 3 faster…ask somebody….ENCINAL’S offense is very good and SPSV defense is NOT capable of stopping them at all.Encinal will throw so many players at SPSV that they wont know which is which.Maybe you didnt see the 25 PLAYERS to watch in the Bay Area, Encinal RB Jon Allen was on that list not Patrick (inless he was #26). senior offensive lineman 6’6 340lb Josh Marrow who is heading to Arizona willsupport a strong core of lineman blocking for Allen and a stable of quality backs.The Jets also feature a strong passing attack with 6’2 200lb junior Andrew Ve’e who also has a crew of talented fast receivers namely kick off return specialist Bo Banks…..when the smoke clears Encinal WILL be on top 45-18

  • BayShoreFan

    Mytwocents, you make good points there. My confidence in SPSV might be a little too much, but we’ll see what happens on game day.

  • For the record, since Vallejo isn’t in the East Bay, we don’t consider SPSV players in the 25 players to watch. If we did, Patrick would’ve likely been included.

  • mytwocents

    Its all good Bayshore, were all excited and wish the best for our team, if SPSV can come to the “SWAMP” and overcome all the obstacles there including the tons of
    “goose shit”on the field my hats off to them.This Encinal team is pretty good and
    NAILHOUSE is a hard place to come to and get a win.

  • mytwocents

    Okay lets throw Patrick in there….ENCINAL 45 SPSV 18

  • Still no HAAL stat? =/

  • Lion

    To all you haters. Please note the stats on Patrick’s Nike All Combine selection. Did I see a 4.5 40. Don’t hate, congratulate. Holla. http://rise.espn.go.com/football/articles/2010/05/19-oakland-all-camp-team.aspx

  • ManDown

    We all know N. Patrick is a good one but it will be interesting to see how good he really is facing players that are just as fast if not some being faster. I think it will be a good game.

  • epcthree

    All Leagues Passer Efficiency Ratings (NCAA Format)
    Minimum 50 Attempts

    Player G Cmp Att Pct. Yrds TD IN Eff Rt

    Reil, Cal 5 40 56 .714 662 11 2 235.42
    Houston, DLS 5 44 70 .629 833 9 2 205.16
    Camarena, Foot 5 44 66 .667 729 7 4 194.26
    Anderson, Mira 6 41 75 .547 733 10 0 180.76
    Lloyd, Concord 5 130 195 .667 1,711 22 3 177.59
    Miller, Alhambra 5 36 61 .590 498 7 4 165.25
    Valdez, Col Park 5 24 50 .480 498 5 2 164.50
    Thomas, El Cer 5 49 91 .538 870 8 3 163.09
    Gomez, Clay Val 5 42 70 .600 593 5 2 154.65
    Fortich, Hercules 6 35 73 .479 494 10 5 149.81
    Pope, Ygnac Val 5 33 63 .524 456 7 3 149.70
    Robinson, Moreau 5 49 112 .438 962 10 4 145.30
    Ve’e, Encinal 4 29 52 .558 461 2 1 142.86
    Leamy, Acalanes 6 29 65 .446 563 5 6 142.47
    Stephens, Campo 6 55 100 .550 786 6 5 140.72
    Ruckman, Alameda 6 43 82 .521 620 5 5 135.92
    Torres, St Marys 5 59 117 .504 884 7 5 133.56
    Kline, San Ramon 5 55 96 .573 710 4 2 133.12
    Behr, Deer Valley 5 25 50 .500 405 2 2 131.08
    Esparza, Richmond 5 33 75 .440 516 6 1 128.16
    Eikanas, Heritage 5 32 62 .516 483 2 0 127.70
    Achziger, Dublin 5 57 104 .548 631 6 4 124.74
    Huppert, Piedmont 3 35 65 .538 431 3 4 124.59
    Miller, Las Lomas 5 52 102 .510 613 7 3 124.05
    Moreno, Amador 5 47 105 .448 751 5 6 120.45
    Mozee, Pittsburg 5 42 74 .568 435 2 7 114.8
    Mayes, Freedom 4 37 79 .468 403 3 2 102.15
    Crowley, Albany 5 40 97 .412 541 4 4 101.61
    Parsons, Liberty 5 38 100 .380 539 4 3 96.42
    Evans, De Anza 6 27 65 .415 244 3 2 88.21
    Duenas, Mt. D 5 39 107 .364 402 0 3 67.96

  • outsider

    I hope Drew Reil keeps that passing percentage on track for Cal. Pretty impressive.

  • Jimmy, I have ANdrew Ve’e 30-52 but he does have 4 TD passes threw 2 last game. I think you guys might have missed a completion against Piedmont.

  • ManDown

    Coach Tenorio, How good is Ve’e? Is he as good your last two QB’s?

  • old former meddling coach.

    I’ll chime in here Mandown. Ve’e Is a good strong armed kid. He’s a different kind of QB then the other two in my opinion. He can run the ball but i believe he is more of a passer as the other two were runners who could pass. He also is a load to bring down and very level headed. On defense more of a LB type than a safety. Jet Pride!

  • bsal bob

    Lloyd from Concord show 1700yrds & 22 Td’s
    Is that right or a missprint

  • outsider

    Lloyds stats are the same on the DVAL stats page so I assume they are correct.


    Mandown, KillerD,

    Honestly speaking, after watching Lloyd and Reil in person I can say that Andrew “The Throwin Samoan” Ve’e has the strongest arm out of the QB’s mentioned at least the QB’s I have seen personally. That includes: Reil, Lloyd, Stephens, Ross, Ruckman, Camarena, Thomas, Huppert, Kline, Mozee, Miller, Torres, Moreno and Houston. Im not saying he is the best (now) but then he is only a Jr. He also is Encinal’s best middle linebacker if that helps. Dont sleep on this kid.

  • arryo34

    my friend at albany says that avi rosenblum is going to UC davis sometime soon and plans to talk to the coach and to oral commit to davis to play for them next season

  • mytwocents

    Andrew Ve’e has a better arm than the last two Jet QB’s but he still needs work on
    his mechanic’s and downfield vision but he could be a good one. Andrew is only a Junior and is learning and improving everyday.Andrew could be a huge factor tonight vs SPSV IF the running game struggles (which I doubt).The Jets are primed to defend their first serious challenge vs SPSV at NAILHOUSE.I respect the fact that SPSV has a very good team which is unbeaten and has talented players its just unfortunate that somebody has to lose hopefully the referee’s will not play a factor in the game and the team that plays the best football tonight wins…..

    good luck,

  • ManDown

    PERKIN, So you are telling me that Ve’e has a better arm than some of the D1 players you mentioned? I don’t know about that against Alameda he looked okay but not as good as you are saying. I gues we will see tonight what he can do. Do you think he’s a D1 QB?


    Right now I do not think he is a D1 QB. But shit you not, the kid is extremely talented. Im a Lloyd fan dude, but honestly, no comp on strength of arm. Ve’e can throw some very nice and very long bullets baby. Ask me at the end of the regular season I will have a true answer for you then. The kid can throw the leather 60 yrds flat footed.

  • ManDown

    Haha! BullShit Perkin! “He can throw the ball 60 yards flat footed” My ass. I’m not saying he isnt good but I don’t know if he arm is stronger than the guys you mentioned. Those are some high profile guys you named

  • He’s got a long way to go to be as good as those two guys they have championship rings on their fingers. But he’s gonna be real good.

  • mytwocents

    NO he is not D1 material…he didnt play too bad against Alameda (coming off an injury) when I said ARM I meant just that….in my opinion he has a stronger arm.
    Thats not to say Brown and Duckett are nothing less than the #1 and #2 best QB’s ever to come out of Encinal and its certainly not saying that Andrew has the physical abilities or talent of either one of them…. DANG…

  • mytwocents

    Good job SPSV…Encinal had them down 14-0 with seconds left in the half when Patrick broke for a touchdown of about 40 yards but during the play he injured an already heavily taped left ankle and would not come back in the game the rest of the night.Encinal showed JUST HOW fast they were as they exploded on SPSV with their potent offense.Patrick doesnt play defense so him being injured didn’t matter,the final score was ENCINAL 42 SPSV 14…

  • BayShoreFan

    Encinal 43 SPSV 14: I was totally wrong on this. Encinal’s offense was too much to handle and SPSV’s offense could not run the ball against these jets. Encinal will win the league title.

    Moreau 65 Albany 14: Moreau kept hammering the cougars even with their subs in. The most impressive sub would have to M. Troung, that kid was fast.

    Piedmont 29 John Swett 28: I thought Piedmont would have beaten this easier, but I guess they arent as good as i though, or is John Swett better than I thought? Either way, congratulations to Piedmont on a nice comeback.



    I feel you dog. I dont want to put too much on it. But you heard it here 1st. Coach T is right he has a long way to go. “60yrds flat footed.”

  • ManDown

    I take back my words on Encinal. They looked really good last night and Patrick wasn’t that much of a factor in the first half until Encinal had a defensive break down with seconds left in the half. I don’t know how you stop there many offenses they run but that funky shotgun offense worked all night. I like #23 he is a sleeper in the bay out ran everyone on SPSV. One thing I noticed was Allen never came back in after midway through the 3rd after he was hit low. Is he injured?

  • Lion

    Patrick had 9 carries for 106 yards the first half before he was injured.

  • KillerD

    Moreau will beat St. Patrick’s this coming weekend.

  • BayShoreFan

    what makes you think that KillerD?

  • KillerD

    St. Patricks has lost only to Encinal and Piedmont the last two years in all of their league play.

    Moreau is on the rise and stubbed their toe against a very underrated St. Mary’s team.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Mandown,Allen was OK. Joe just wanted him to relax and let some of the other guys carry the load. You saw how Okamura and Paschal did. Jet Pride!

  • BayShoreFan

    SPSV lost to St. Mary’s last year. But I do think that Moreau has a chance to win this upcoming week, rumors have it that N. Patrick might be out.

  • I was not at the game- someone told me the SPSV receiver dropped 2 passes in the end zone in the first quarter- who knows what happened? If so, that’s 14-00 to start off- it seemed to be closer than the final score- was a TD pushed in at the end- or should of a knee been taken- just wondering?

  • old former meddling coach.

    No one ran up the score if that is what you are saying Joe. Ran one up the middle and the back hit a gapping hole with just over 5 mins left is all. Jet Pride!

  • Sure you didn’t go to the game you just have specific facts. Show some class & say Encinal is a better team then SPSV & you guys don’t want to play them.

  • mytwocents

    Encinal kids did a great Job and they were the BEST team that night.They held a team that averages 45 pts. per game to 14. Yes the game score would have been different
    had Patrick not gotten injured but the result would have been the same in regards to the Jets getting the “W”.Dropping passes is part of the game just like missing tackles,blocks or open holes in the line.Encinal out played and yes out coached SPSVbecause ultimately thats what it comes down to.Each coach prepares their teams for what they feel is the best way to beat the other and the team that executes that “coaching” scheme the best usually wins.Tenario has a great system on both sides of the ball and if you guys dont understand that by now you might want to start paying attention.I think his off season program is a bit much but they “WORK VERY HARD” at it and continue being successful, “if it aint broke don’t fix it”
    right ?


    Encinal seemed to have to much speed.SPSV receivers couldnt hold on to ball.It is true though SPSV should have been up 14-0 early in second qtr.A dropped pass in 1st and in the endzone early in the 2nd were both sure TDS.Would it have made a difference,who knows?Encinals offense kept breaking tackles and skipping to the outside for the big scores.It probably would have been much closer but with SPSV losing both starting RBs and top receiver Gillory hardly able to walk the only one left to move the ball was the QB.Offensively Encinals Allen and Okamura looked great and defensive knows how to wrap up on the tackle.Good luck to both teams in the playoffs!

  • KillerD

    What players went out with injuries for St. Patricks and who got hurt for Encinal?

  • I think Allen is alright. Mett Meno didn’t play other then Special Teams I believe cause of injury or Coaches decision. Looked like a lot of players banged up physical game out there it really was a lot of fun to watch. Lived up to the hype.

    I was at the game I don’t remember a situation where SPSV dropped TWO TDs while the score was 0-0. You might be saying if he caught a ball he could have scored I don’t know. I think that they had the ball in the red zone 0-0 & threw a couple of passes into the endzone but were either bad throws or defended well. There was no sitation where an easy TD was dropped that I remember.

  • football fan

    I was there,observer is right.1st quarter SPSV QB hit receiver in stride for about 30 yds at about the 15 with nothing but daylight which he bobbled a few times then dropped.Second was beginning of2nd qtr.4th down and 5 or so from the 11 hit receiver in chest and dropped in endzone.Not saying it would have changed outcome but definitely would have put Jets in unfamiliar territory.

  • Wow, so if a guy catches a pss at the 15 its a TD. Encinal rolled out on their first drive & over threw a wide open WR.He catches that maybe no Punt. OK. Stop reaching. If anything you’re really throwing #18 under the bus who I think is a great player & plays D. You guys are really on the woulda, coulda. I think that if Patrick sacked up & played D SPSV would & could be alot better.

  • old former meddling coach.

    I did see a couple of drops but it just would’ve made the score a bit closer. St.Pat’s lost. Patrick is a good back, and Souza a good QB. Got a receiver,#19 not bad #11 made a couple of plays too but the point is The Jets Won because they played better and was the better team that night. Consistent efficient play wins games. Finished Blocks and Finished Tackles Can’t dispute that. Jet Pride!

  • observer

    I wasnt sure who receiver was but if it was 18 as you stated you must remember the plays.Big difference between overthrows and getting hit in the hands.My point is if it was #18 he is a good receiver and would probably make that catch 9 out of 10 times. I agree with OFMC,Patrick and Souza are very good players but the jets have about 5 of them.With Patrick out,no chance.Jets played better and deserved to win!

  • football fan

    Not putting anyone under bus.If in fact it was #18 as you stated he is good receiver.Just reporting what I saw without bringing up names or numbers.If the incompletions would have caused by the D or overthrows I wouldn’t have even brought them up.Not disagreeing with RH,Encinal played better and won!Just saying to bad S Pats didnt make the plays it normally would.Would have been fun to watch!

  • BSAL sideliner

    Congrats to both teams and to your seasons thus far!I enjoy watching regardless of the outcome!I’ll see you both in the playoffs.

  • Agreed I felt cheated that Patrick got hurt would have been way funner to watch him in the 2nd half he would have been good for atleast one more TD.

  • c.sparks

    42-14… again another spaking, you spsv fans complain way too much, go ahead finish the season and get eliminated in the first round AGAIN