Week 7 prep football recap: Stars shine for Concord, De La Salle, Northgate

Here’s a roundup of all the games from Friday night, as well as the key performers across the East Bay from our team of reporters and photographers. See why wins by Pittsburg and Las Lomas was such a big deal. Also, check out the big numbers put up by Concord’s Ricky Lloyd, De La Salle’s Lucas Dunne and Northgate’s Cameron Stover:

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Jon Becker

  • renegades10

    PVspartan, last time I checked you guys needed a little help down the line to beat Berkeley, so bragging about how MC struggled against them and using that to prove why PV would beat them makes no sense. Too bad PV-MC won’t face each other because it would be a great game.

  • 617lemon

    Alameda will win on friday. There defense will play hard and valiantly. The offense will look crisp and should score atleast 4tds. Hornets win 27-18. Hows that triton8. Just telling it how i see it like everyweek. Marin pinole would be a good game they should play next year.

  • lb05onit


    Why wont PV play a better non league at least 1 cool game worth state qualifications. MC should be on that list. I think PV would come in with better athletes too. Coach Alameda is as good as they come as far as coaching his boys too.

  • lb05onit

    by the way, what is it about Alameda fans and Encinal fans?

  • outsider

    It is an island thing.

  • renegades10

    Serra (Gardena) came in with better athletes last year too against MC, far superior to anything PV would bring.

    I don’t know why PV didn’t get a bigger game on their schedule, I have no affiliation with the school or the football program. Ask one of their fans on this board.

  • EBfootball

    PV also only plays a nine game regular season schedule because of their 7 team league. What’s that all about? They don’t seem scared.

  • PVspartan

    Nine games last year, 10 this year. They already beat Cotate who will end at worst 8-2 if the lose to CN. They tied Sequoia who will finish 9-0-1. They play a game Oakland Tech team every year and beat them every year, yes this year they are down and it showed with the most lopsided victory in the 9 game series. The only way PV would schedule MC is if they moved up to division 2. Every non-league opponent for PV was either D2 or D1. Pinole didnt need help against Berk, they went and won the game playing against the starting qb the whole game something MC cant say. As for this league being so week, I take Pinole and Berk against any top two teams from any league minus the EBAL in the area. In the end, this is one of the best PV teams this decade, can MC say the same. Someone with some credibility with the program answer.

  • Billjohnson

    Pvspartan b-high is weak 2 get the respect you want u will have 2 win 2 games n da ncs not 1 but 2. another bench mark will b da cotate cardinal newman game will c if cotate is 4 real or both ur best wins would have come against teams who lost 2 d3 opponents.

  • shabawler

    Ren10, we know who you roll with. Ask someone why DLS ducks PV in passing league. PV didn’t need no help “down the line” vs B-Hi. Watch the tape. PV played Mack in prior years and had their number too. Not sure why they didn’t this year. Encinal never had an ACCAL Championship in their history. They had their FIRST WIN EVER win over PV the last year before leaving (lost to Berkeley who PV tied that year). Love the argument that they were “forced”, even now. OK now I’m open. Coach Steve Alameda is a genius.
    -DON’T SLEEP!!!

  • renegades10

    DLS ducks PV in passing league? Hahahaha. DLS doesn’t care about passing league for one. And the fact that they went to the Stanford tourney and played teams like Central East of Fresno shows that they had better teams to play against.

    If I’m not mistaken didn’t PV need a last second TD to beat Berkeley? There were things said about the clock not running right? I was responding to Pvspartan’s comment about MC struggling with Berkeley and saying that PV would beat them. I pointed out that PV struggled with Berkeley as well so it was a moot point.

  • PVspartan

    MC struggled against a Berk team that had a back up qb! Until MC beats someone as good as Cotate this coversation is over. Ill be waiting for your comeback if MC beats CN in the playoffs. Keep beating on coaches who dont know how to defend the double wing.

  • Triton8

    I think that Encinal would have had an ACCAL Championship the last 3 years! Alameda beat PV? Berkeley is the only power there, and the only team that would challenge the Jets. El Cerrito is always in the upper half of your league and the Jets use their 21st and 22nd men by the end of the game against them every year! I’m not a DLS fan either….but you think DLS ducks PV in anything????? WOW….

  • The only thing DLS ducks are bad teams with the same name

  • renegades10

    I didn’t realize the qb at B-High played such a huge role in their offense. When did this change?

  • PVspartan

    the only thing murdock adds is the deep ball. Berk plays a double tight I-form 90% of the time and without the deep threat you can put 10 in the box. At least with Murdock in the game you haave to play a single high safety. He works the playaction to find his te rosalea pretty well. the only other formation they run with consistancy is trips out of gun and they sprint to a three level out. Murdock is the only qb on that roster who can sprint out and throw it with velocity on the move. Without Murdock you can bet your first born its lead out of double tight I 9 out of 10 times. Encinal would have not beat Berk the last three years. better chance this year than the last 2.

  • PVspartan

    and dls ducks pinole at nothing, lets not even go there.