Prep Corner Live time/date change

OK everyone, Jimmy and I are human, so we’re wrapped up in the Giants playoff run along with everyone else in the Bay Area. As a result, we’re moving our regularly scheduled Prep Corner Live football chat this week.

And, we’re trying something new. This time, we’re going to host it Friday at noon. We’re going to try to build a little gameday buzz by doing it. I hope you’ll join us then.

Also, our photo/video staff is wrapped up with shooting the Giants as well, so The Pigskin Geek is taking the week off. We’ll be back with a brand new episode next week. If you’re going through withdrawls, visit contracostatimes.com/two-geeks.

Ben Enos

  • jonathan

    What about the students in school? How will they join the chat?

  • bigeasy

    Jonathan How many students actually use this site? hahaha

  • BayFan97

    Hey guys, when are you going to post the BSAL Football stats? Looks like they’re the only league that’s not updated yet.