Garrick commits to Oregon

Castro Valley High football player Carlyle Garrick Jr. gave an oral commitment to Oregon this morning, he told Bay Area News Group-East Bay.
“I had two ACL surgeries (this year). They were always there … I just felt comfortable with them,” said Garrick about Oregon. Garrick, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound senior, has not played this season for the Trojans and said that he is out for the whole season.
Garrick was a first-team all-Hayward Area Athletic League selection as wide receiver last season and also played safety, but he said Oregon plans to use him at outside linebacker. Garrick said that he made his oral commitment to Oregon head coach Chip Kelly in person this morning on his official visit.
“When I was there, what I really liked was their academic center. That was really nice,” Garrick said. “The overall football facilities were great.”

Phil Jensen

  • ManDown

    How good is this guy? I never heard of him?

  • c.sparks

    are you serious? he really got a scholarship? there must have been some polictics that went behind this. Many players around the bay area are better then garrick. not saying he is a bad athlete but i am just saying? oregon?

  • just because WE never heard of someone doesnt mean he’s not good enough to get a scholly. it must be something special about him right. congrats to another east bay student athlete. good luck young man

  • bsmith

    the guy has not played half of last season and all of this season and his high team is absolutley terrible two knee surgeries and this is the best they could find in the entire country

  • good points bsmith.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m sure Garrick has talent, and he must be blazing fast, but this is a head scratcher. This is Oregon, not SJS. One of the top teams in the nation. They must know something to be bringing in a guy with 2 knee surgeries to play LB in the PAC-10. I do like his quote about the academic center though. Good luck to him.

  • just heard the commentator for the stanford game say thar wsu doesnt alwayas recruit the most talented per se, they also go bt character. maybe this kid is also doin good in the classroom

  • c.sparks

    i am not hating, i seen him play too againest berkely a few year back, but come on? it would of been a stretch just going d1, now oregon..

  • ManDown

    O thats the guy they picked… He is okay I seen him play against BHigh when he caught Ricky Galvin during a long run. Congrats young man and good luck with your future.

  • s1lverngreen

    Nice job young man! The injury could be a moot point. With the rehab/strength programs in place now day, they will have this gentleman ready for a successful career with the ducks! TJ Ward never played his senior year due to a serious leg injury…look at him now!

  • What jolly gun smoke. who is this guy. he dont even got 3 stars. wtf homie.

  • renegades10

    TJ Ward was never even thought to be a D1 player either, even before his injury. Walked on at Oregon and earned his starting spot. Now starting in the NFL. I’d say this young man has a good shot to make an impact.

  • Coach B

    I have had the opportunity of coaching this young man in Track, his older brother is at UC Davis on a Soccer Scholarship. They both carry a very high GPA’s. They are Student first, Athletes second. As for Garrick Jr., before his injuries, he was highly regarded as one of the best 200 meters and 400 meters in California. Yes, indeed he started playing football his second year in high school and did very well. His upside was so very high. I also remember a young kid I coach in Track and went to the Nationals with and also coach him his first year in high school and he was one best 100 meters and 200 meters that we have ever saw. He also had never played football before until his second year in high school. He ended up receiving a ride to Cal Berkeley. You should know the rest of the story. His upside was so high also. Not comparing the two outstanding young men, they both have outstanding character and great parent’s behind them. Oh yes, his was Jahvid Best……

  • coach b i am so glad u shed some light in this young man’s attributes that are getting him that scholly. so many people don’t even realize that being a well rounded student athlete can get u alot of attention.

  • oh, and lets remember that this is a bay kid, so we should all congratulate another one of ours getting a crack at playing at the next level.

  • haal spectator

    i’ve played corner against this guy and he is the real deal. it’s a shame he’s missing out his senior year but its a good addition for oregon. they’ve got a hell of a program and he’ll develop just fine.

  • CoachT

    I coached against CV last year and when I watched film of him I was extremely impressed. He has excellent ball skills(a rarity in athletes today) that combined with his great size and speed make him a commodity. He obviously is new to football because his route running could use a lot of work. But he is also smart with a heap of raw talent and I think Oregon did some great in-depth recruiting. I would not be surprised to see him make some noise once he is recovered from his injury.

  • fast and physical

    well deserved, to one of the BEST all around athletes in the country, very high up side, must stay healthy, best of luck. I remember one highlight in particular, chasing and catching Ricky Galvin from 20 yards behind. HE CAN FLAT OUT RUN,

  • dl

    dont hate garrick is a beast just wait and see

  • Matt Rempel

    Garrick is a classy guy, he still is on the sidelines pulling for his team even though he can’t play and the team isn’t that good. He is a big, strong, fast receiver, and I think he has a real opportunity to be a successful college receiver. All the best to him, even if it is at Oregon.

  • LP

    Congrats to Carlyle, this kid has a ton of upside, 6’2″+, 210lbs +,multiple time youth national champion in track and field, good student, great personality. This is the type of player who has all the tools in place. Oregon can see what others may have missed out on. Get in the weight room, learn your craft. He will be a monster in the Pac-12 in a few years.