Week 8 prep football recap: Slow starts can’t stop De La Salle, Cal, Pitt

Here’s a roundup of all the games from Friday night, as well as the key performers across the East Bay from our team of reporters and photographers. Read how De La Salle, California, Pittsburg and a half dozen other teams didn’t let slow starts prevent them from winning Friday night:

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Jon Becker

  • Joe

    congratulations to Pitt,DV and Liberty for wins in the BVAL. I was able to attend the Antioch vs Liberty game. Antioch looked better then their record reflects, they played a tough game and had lead the game up until the 3rd quarter. Liberty’s defense played a good game and was able to control Antiochs running game. Liberty’s offense had an up and down game all night. Their QB was hitting his targets but the receivers were unable to catch the ball, which they have had trouble with all season long.Liberty scored 20 points in the second half to win the game.Liberty has Pitt next week. We shall see what happens.

  • renegades10

    Here are my overall thoughts on the weekend:

    Teams who are rising:

    Pitt- Well the Pirates have officially begun the 2010 season. Back to back wins over DV and Heritage is no easy feat, but they have pulled it off. With Freedom going down the other night, the BVAL title is Pitt’s to lose. Liberty is this week. Definitely a team who is moving back on up.

    SRV- Even in defeat this week, the Wolves showcased a solid defense. Their offense is definitely in need of some work, and it seems they move the ball better with Love in there instead of Kline. Still the defense is one of the toughest in the section. They also are looking better after Mitty trounced WCAL rival St. Francis this weekend 42-14. That win back in the first week will help SRV move up a little bit.

    Teams who are falling:

    Northgate: The offense continues to put up a ton of points behind Butler, Stover, and Cost. However, their defense has let in an alarming 78 points in their last two wins over CP and Clayton. This last weekend a late TD saved the Broncos from their first defeat of the season. A date with Concord looms large in two weeks, and if the Broncos don’t learn how to play defense, it doesn’t matter how many points they can score, Concord will put up more.

    DV: The Wolverines pulled another Houdini act this time against Freedom. A questionable call against Freedom negated what would have been the game winning TD which would have sent DV to its third straight defeat. While a win is a win, they certainly have not been impressive at all for the majority of the season. The win has made them playoff eligible, but look for them to make an early exit.

    Interested to see what the Poll looks like tomorrow.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t know that the polls will change that much. The top 3 should remain the same. SRV will move up to #4, but more so due to Granada getting blown out by Cal than by their getting shut out by DLS, but only losing by 28. The question is how far does Granada fall, as they are now just 2-2 in EBAL play and face DLS next week? Most thought they would get beat by both #2 Cal and #1 DLS, but those 2 quick losses still have an impact. Just ask MV.

    Amador may fall out of the poll with the loss to MV this week. And Freedomn may drop out as well. The question is: Can 2-5 Pitt crack the top 15 with the back to back wins over #10 Heritage and HM Deer Valley? Miramonte should move back into the top 15, and does DV move back in or does Pitt overtake them based on the head to head win and overall strength of schedule? San Leandro sure won’t be moving up.

  • Nfl

    1-de la 2-cal 3-concord 4-srv 5-encinal 6-foothill 7-granada 8-mack 9-pinole 10-monte vista 11-pitt 12-heritage 13-northgate 14-o’dowd 15-miramonte

  • outsider

    I find it a little unfair that SRV, Foothill and Granada are rated lower than Concord and Encinal just because they play in the EBAL so they have losses. I think those three teams would be able to beat Concord and Encinal due to the difference in team size.

  • renegades10

    Ya it’s always tough trying to figure out which teams in the lower divisions are better than some of the D1 teams. Concord took a bit of a hit now that Heritage lost to Pitt, given that Pitt lost to Berkeley, MV, Foothill, and Mack (I know that Pitt might be playing better, but the fact is a loss is a loss and they have four of them other teams in the East Bay and without a rematch we never really know if Pitt would beat them). But still don’t think Concord will get moved down. All we really know about Concord compared to the EBAL is that they beat AV which looks like the #7 team in the league and the only way to compare Encinal to the EBAL is through the matchups with Serra who DLS spanked and MV barely lost to. So it’s tough. Plus not only are the EBAL teams knocking each other off in league, but they will probably be knocking each other off in the playoffs whereas Concord pretty much has smooth sailing into the semis or finals of a down D2 bracket. So not sure if those teams you mentioned will even have a chance to move up above Concord unless the Minutemen stumble in a game.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, the NCS D1 playoff picture becomes a little bit more clear this week. The 3 qualifying requirements are a .500 overall record (5 wins), a .500 league record or a .500 record vs. teams in your division. But I’m not sure that last one pertains to D1 as a loss to a lower division team should hurt, not benefit your chances.

    8 teams – DLS, Cal, Foothill, Granada, Deer Valley, Heritage, James Logan and Berkeley have already qualified with at least 5 wins.

    4 other teams are virtual locks, needing just one more win in the final 3 weeks to qualify are SRV (who still plays Livermore + AV & MV), Monte Vista (Foothill, Granada, SRV remaining), Pitt (Lib., Freedom & Ant.)& San Leandro (San Lor., BOD & Tenn.).

    That would make 12 teams thus far. 7 teams will be vying for those last 4 spots:

    Freedom just needs 1 more win also, but they have a tougher go of it with Pitt, Heritage, and Liberty left, but they should be able to get it done – 75% chance?.

    Newark, College Park, Castro Valley, Amador Valley, Liberty and Livermore each need 2 wins to qualify.

    Newark plays Mission SJ, Logan and Irvington, so unless they lose to either hapless MSJ or Irv., they’ll get in. 90%.

    CP plays MD, Concord and CV, and needs to win 2 of those. 50% chance?

    Castro Valley has Tennyson, Hayward and BOD left, so they would need to beat Tennyson and then upset either Hayward or BOD. Not likely – 20%.

    AV has Cal, SRV and Foothill remaining, so unless they can pull off 2 of those 3 upsets, they’re out. 15%.

    Liberty must win 2 of 3 against Pitt, DV & Freedom. 20%.

    Livermore must win 2 of 3 against SRV, DLS & Granada. A tall order to say the least. 2%.

    So, there could be just 13 or 14 teams that qualify, meaning that DLS and the #2 & #3 seeds may get byes in the first round. DLS’s bye looks pretty clear, as it is unlikely but possible that 4 of those bubble teams will qualify.

  • MV Alum

    Renagade congrats on the good calls this weekend nice picks all around. Let me ask you all a question that I asked in some earlier posts if they broke up the EBAL and added each team into a different league would that EBAL team win that league most of the time? My personal opinion is that they would again look at the out of league record 22-2 (should have been 23-1) I think any top team in the EBAL (DLS, CAL, MV, SRV,Foothill, and Granada (I will put them up there this year)) would beat a very good Concord team nothing against them they are a great D2 team but can’t compete with those teams even with who they have. MV crushed AV the score wasn’t as close as it seemed MV had the 2nd/3rd team in there with 9 1/2 minutes in the 3rd Q giving up 3 scores. AV played Concord pretty good, Lloyd was a madman that game and I just don’t think there D could stop any team in the EBAL. My top 15:
    1. DLS
    10. Northgate
    11. O’Dowd
    15. Logan

  • fyi

    … Cal will get DLS some time this year… either 10th week or in the finals…

  • fyi

    Don’t know much about #10 or #14 in MV Alum’s top 15… but would deffinately bet that 11,12,13, and especially 15 beats Mack… Mack is gonna go undefeated in OAL but will have a tougher time against Fremont in the Silver Bowl against a team made up of mostly 15 and 16 yr olds with a handful of 17 n 18 yr olds!!!

  • renegades10

    Cal has a better chance in the 10th week than NCS finals. As evidenced last year and many years before that, DLS consistently plays its best football in the playoffs. I know a lot of people are probably thinking the same way as you are, especially after DLS struggled with SRV. But don’t forget that while DLS offense did not put up the points Cal did against the Wolves, DLS defense was outstanding. SRV really only had two drives the whole night, the first and last one (by drive I mean where they accumulated more than twenty yards on a possession). At one point they had six three and outs in a row per the radio guys. I don’t believe Cal defense was able to do that to SRV’s offense. One thing is for sure, it will be the most hyped game this year in the whole section, just as long as both teams are not looking ahead. Cal should roll AV, but will be interesting to see how they do against Foothill, which like SRV has a very good defense. DLS has Granada this week (which is no gimme this year), and then Livermore the following week before the Cal game. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch the end of the season.

  • norcalfball

    ebal takes the top seeds no doubt but i love how you continue to take one game and then that justifies where a team should be. Yes MV got AV good but how about the cal game. Do you think Concord would lose by 40+ to cal? No way, so then that means concord is better than MV, well no but could make that argument.

    now take washington and pitt jekyl and hyde this year. Washington still 7 weeks into the season nobody has played Cal high tougher. So does that mean they would run through the EBAL and finish 3rd. No absolutely not. now of course washington had some injuries and played with 5-6 starters out in AV and SRV game. With their roster size no way can compete with EBAL coached teams and have that many players out. Well the reason i point out injuries is, bc your first comment on MV getting smoked by cal was Sullas didn’t play. if you just compare that game it shows a healthy washington is 25 pts better than a MV team without Sullas. is that true absolutely not. Because then you can point to the AV game and MV clearly played their best game of the year and looked good. But maybe AV played their worst game, so their showing against concord and wash were more reflection of their team.

    i mean if you only went on single game comparisions, why was washington 5 spots below cal high in d1 playoffs last year eventhough they beat them in regular season and since washington didn’t play any other ebal teams should have been higher right?

    well based on your most biased arguments. is concord better than some of the other ebal teams, maybe not. but they have played well enough to prove they could compete in EBAL this year. could they win everygame, well no. put in a one game i would give them a fair shot to beat everyone other than DLS and maybe Cal and one game is all that matters when it comes playoff time.

    which brings me to pitt. who no doubt struggled mightily all year, but now seems to be hitting stride. a team i would not want to face in the playoffs. so yes you can keep them down in all the rankings but to dismiss them from even having a chance to win is ridiculous. in fact i am going to say right now…if pitt avoids DLS they will be in the semi-finals of d1 playoffs this year.

    the problem you guys from ebal do is you take one game that shows your favor then dismiss a team from even being able to compete with them. yes i know there out of league record is amazing and well deserved and yes the strongest league and probably the top 6 seeds in playoffs, again well deserved. but to think they are invincible just because they belong to the EBAL is crazy…

    look no further than to last years playoffs. 6 EBAL teams…6 higher seeded EBAL teams, 6 teams all heavy favorites…and 3-3 in 1st round (all losses were at home as well). the committee kept them all separate to lay out the red carpet for a EBAL quarterfinals, yet it didn’t happen. so throw in injuries, weather, bad breaks, bounce the wrong way and the EBAL is not invincible come playoff time in a win or go home atmosphere. (except DLS of course)

  • PVsaprtan

    Post #8 MV Alum, you forgot Pinole.
    1. DLS
    2. Cal
    3. Concord
    4. Srv
    5. Foothill
    6. MV
    7. Granda
    8. PV
    9. Encinal
    10. Mack
    11. Northgate
    12. Heritage
    13. Logan
    14. Alhambra
    15. O’Dowd

  • Matt Rempel

    Congrats to Arroyo over SL. But you have to understand that with Musni out, the Pirates had no passing game. Taylor is very gutsy QB for the Dons, and the coach is pretty hard on him too. Congrats to the Dons, I’d like to see them win their last 3 and sneak into the playoffs.

  • ManDown

    Wouldn’t De La Salle and Valley Christian be a good game? After watching the game between VC and Bellarmine I saw a very good team in VC dominate another well respected team. VC looks GOOD this year and I think them and DLS are pretty close. Personally I think VC would give DLS a run for there money but in the end I see De La Salle winning the matchup by a very small margin. What does everyone else think?
    DLS – 17
    VC – 14

  • MV Alum

    Norcal just to clarify I used the MV-AV game because of the commonality it could have been any EBAL team just happened to be MV. I think you bring up many good points and I agree with alot of them not all but alot. Thanks for your input.

  • pvspartan

    post #8 MV Alum, you forgur Pinole.
    1- DLS
    2- Cal
    3- COncord
    4- Srv
    5- Foothill
    6- MV
    7- Granada
    8- PV
    9- Encinal
    10- Mac
    11- Northgate
    12- Heritage
    13- Logan
    14- Alhambra
    15- O’Dowd

  • Thanks Matt….Arroyo will beat are next DII oponents and go 6-4 and make the playoffs.

  • ManDown

    1. DLS
    2. CAL
    3. Concord
    4. SRV
    5. Foothill
    6. MV
    7. Encinal
    8. Mack
    9. Granada
    10. Pinole Valley
    11. Northgate
    12. ODowd
    13. Miramonte
    14. Heritage
    15. Logan

  • MV Alum

    Thanks Spartan doing off the top of my head I would put them in 10 spot right now and add Miromonte in with Logan at 15

  • billjohnson

    1. DLS
    2. Cal
    3. Encinal
    4. Concord
    5. SRV
    6. Foothill
    7. Miramonte
    8. Pinole
    9. Mack
    10. M. V.
    11. BOD
    12. Northgate
    13. Granada
    14. PITT
    15. St. Pats/Logan

  • Matt Rempel

    Just don’t let it go to your heads Arroyo, you MUST win your last 3 games. I really like McMurray, hard worker and doesn’t seem full of himself or all upset that he isn’t carrying the ball like last year.

  • monarch86

    Ren10 I agree with post 11 both teams need to stay focused on what’s in front of them and not look ahead. The comparison with the SRV games is interesting DLS holding them to 16 yards rushing was huge and Cal simply over powered them in the second half, Cal line was much stronger. I think the DLS-Granada game will be a blow out (the Cal Score would have been much higher without the sloppy play in the first half) and the Mat’s don’t like to get hit – lot’s of dropped balls when they heard footsteps Friday night.

  • renegades10

    If DLS-VC were to matchup this year, DLS would beat them by two to three scores imo. The VC lines are decent, but not great. Marshall usually creates his own yards, which speaks to his abilities. But the DLS line would dominate the LOS on both sides imo and force Marshall to have to get past a swarm of Spartan defenders on the outside. Plus throw in that DLS has four LB’s that will all be playing D1 football and it would be very hard to run on the Spartans no matter the level of the RB. Gorman had success with it because their O-line is very good, and VC doesn’t have that type of line. They would probably have Barton keying Marshall for the whole game. QB is solid enough to have to make DLS think about the passing game, but not great enough to beat them with his arm. Same goes for defense. DLS has shown both a quick strike capability, as well as the ability to keep long sustained drives going. First TD drive against SRV went over 7 minutes. Keep the ball out of Marshall’s hands is one of the best ways to defend against a player like that.

  • bval fan

    Galli should monitor who he has with him on the sideline during Pitt games….He had 10-15 people with him that were talking s… after Heritage win.. A good win but do it with class! Keep the idiots away!! You could hear them from the stands and it really looks bad for the program. Do you really need all those people on the field during the game????? when they are not coaches???…….example is the short guy with the bleached blond hair throwing F-bombs!

  • Nfl

    Ren10 dela vc game would be good but grant is the match up we all want. Who goes to the open game if both win there section. Sjs d2 looks tough ncs d1 there no real threat to beat de la.who you got this week cardinal newman or cotate?

  • renegades10

    Ya, but I would say neither is a complete lock to win their section. Nobody really knows anything about Cal other than they are clearly better than everybody else in the EBAL besides DLS. The EBAL while very interesting this year is a little down IMO as is NCS D1 overall. But with Cal not having played anyone outside the section, if DLS were to beat them twice including in the section final a lot of SJS supporters will claim that NCS was incredibly weak just because Cal had a relatively weak non-league schedule and didn’t beat anyone to really prove how good they were. The other problem I could see arising is if Pitt really turns it up another level and somehow (and this year it would not surprise me), makes it to the NCS D1 final again against DLS. Assuming DLS would win that game, than SJS supporters will point to the fact that Pitt was absolutely demolished by SJS team Granite Bay, who is currently 5-3. What would help DLS however, is for St. Mary’s to make a good run in the D2 playoffs. DLS handled them especially in that 2nd half despite playing flat and racking up the penalties. Should St. Mary’s make it to the semis or even finals it would really help DLS. Also having Serra finish strong in the WCAL and CCS Open playoffs would be huge as well. So at this point it is still unknown. Both Grant and DLS have had a game where they did play up to par against a league opponent this year so both have to take it one game at a time. Both also finish the season against teams that are currently undefeated, Cal for DLS, and Franklin for Grant. So they both could have intriguing season ending matchups. So in short, the only advantage I can see right now is DLS’ SOS advantage. They have played teams from the CCS, SJS, and NCS as well as a likely state champ. In my opinion, it would be hard to keep DLS out of the open game should both Serra and St. Mary’s get to at least the semis of their section tournaments and have Gorman win a state title. But most importantly both have to take care of business and after the last two weeks each have shown that at times they are vulnerable and both have some tough games coming up. Take care of business now and let the chips fall where they may.

    For Cotate vs Newman I will take Newman. They played a tough non-league schedule and much like Pitt, it will help them in a game like this. Take a closer look at Cotate’s schedule and their wins are built off of some pretty weak teams. They haven’t beat one team with a winning record, although they had a close loss to Pinole. CN went out and won a thriller against SJS small school power Central Catholic, and lost games to CCS powers Valley Christian and Palma. Plus the coaching advantage definitely lies with Cronin at Newman. CN wins by 10.

  • EB Football Coach

    Bval Fan – Hey, when you’ve made it to the NCS finals the past two seasons, you can have whoever you want on the sideline. The focus should be less on whoever is on the sideline and more on beating Pittsburg. That’s something, despite all their success, that Heritage hasn’t been able to do.

    Haagenson is a very good coach, but unless Pitt stops producing the kinds of players they produce every year or unless you’re called De La Salle, you’re not going to beat Pitt running the football. Not unless they make mistakes.

  • MoellerMan

    Norcalfball, I am with you on post number 12 until you say that now that Pittsburg has won two games, they are on a roll. I would argue that they finally found two teams they could beat when they began league play. I have seen Pitt twice this year and was very unimpressed. To throw them out as a playoff semifinalist is very ambitious for a team that is justifiably 2-5.

  • Arroyo Don

    I just read the patch.com article about Arroyo beating SL and all I want to know is what is the ”new” Arroyo? Coach Barnes don’t know shtick about arroyo if he keeps sayin the NEW Arroyo. Gilmete brought the Dons to the playoffs several times. Barnes is a shtitty role model and needs to be fired. How many coaches wear a back pack like the kids on the sideline during a game? Losing to Newark was shameful. A weak Alameda team beat Newark. Bring Gilmete back.

  • Iker

    Ren10: If you think a DLS VC game would be clearly DLS, how do you think Cal matches up to VC?

  • renegades10

    Iker- I couldn’t say because I have not seen Cal play. I saw VC play Serra streaming live so that’s how I have seen them play. So I don’t know how Cal would matchup this year, not until they play DLS at least.

  • Mollerman….Some thing strange is going at Pittsburg, they seem to be another team altogether from the past…Either the first five teams knew exactly what to do to stop Pittsburg or Pittsburg was in a state of confusion…in any case I doubt that Pittsburg will loose any more games although Freedom should cast some concern.
    Regarding DLS/Grant…..The guys in the Sacramento area say that Grant is not interested in playing DLS because they know what wil happen….

  • CHALKtalk


    If we cannot know reality as it actually is, then we really can’t even know events as they are independent of our senses. Also we can’t really know the true causes of any given event if everything is unconnected. With this in mind, one coaches understanding of success maybe another coach understanding of failure.One coach thinks he’s a great coach but those of us that played the game at a high level and high speeds know mediocrity!!! I tip my hat 2 THE BOD TEAM AND THEIR COACHING STAFF bust the clock on all the mediocre coaching u face this year. EXPOSE THE BABYSITTERS FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

  • PVsaprtan

    Wow chalktalk, stop talking. What goes around comes around, hopefully they get what they deserve in the playoffs. I dont know who you are, but chances are I played at a higher level of football than you and you sound rediculous. Thats right, run up the scores on bad teams and embarass the kids to get back at coaches who struggle with putting in the time it takes to be good at the high school level. Put it into prespective, you harly get paid, you have a real job and a family. This isnt easy, noone should ever run it up in any situation.

    EB Football Coach- B high, who gets no respect, ran the ball all over pitt in a win.

    Now to a real topic for discussion. Cotate vs CN. For our sake at Pinole, I hope Cotate wins. My gut tells me CN wins. Whoever said CN is better coached seems smart. Cotate wasnt well coached vs Pinole. The scheme was very basic and no adjustments were made.

  • CHALKtalk

    PV saprtan
    U must b one of those babysitter
    the competitive natural of the sport doesnt allow REAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS TO QUIT no matter what the score. I DONT KNOW WHAT LEVEL U PLAYED ON BUT U COULDNT HAVE BEEN THAT GOOD!!! good players dont think like u, you sound more like a cheerleader pom pom girl. u step on the field b prepared 2 get physically mentally and emotionally abused. Go teach that shit u talking 2 a ping pong player this is football.

  • Scl alum

    Anyone have their money on Cardinal Newman taking the DIII section title?

  • c.sparks

    man d3 is gong to be hard, the defending champs looking good, top to bottom one of the hardest division, winner of the division is going to be playing in carson.

  • bulldog forever

    I have a different sort of a question. How many football D-1 college prospects are at your school, especially the D3 schools?

    Here at Alhambra, we have one player who has verbally committed to a D-1 University with a full ride scholarship, another player who has received a written full-ride offer and was just flown out of state to visit that school (and he also has another out-of-state flight scheduled to another D-1 school).

    We also have a third player, who has no offers yet, but is getting a lot of looks and has D-1 written all over him.

    Provided that the third player also receives a full ride, that would mean that little Alhambra has 3 players on their current team going to D-1 Universities next year, with full-ride scholarships.

    I have little experience in these matters, but 3 from one small school seems pretty good to me.

    I would think that WR Grant Hill at YV would get a scholarship, but I haven’t heard anything. Marquis Waters from Las Lomas is another one. Ross Anderson from Miramonte would seem to be a lock, but he’s a junior. There were some good players on Dublin.

    How is your school doing, especially the D3’s?

  • JustMaybe

    @Bulldog Are your players D-I or DI-AA? Just asking because I just learned the difference.

  • bulldog forever

    JustMaybe- I don’t know. The schools are University of Idaho, Fresno State and Colorado State. They’re D-1, but a step below Pac 10. Maybe they are D1-AA, I didn’t know that there was such a thing, either.

    Teams from the WAC, Idaho and Fresno’s conference, have played 15 games against Pac 10 teams in the last 3 years, and won 9 of them, so they certainly have high quality players and teams.

    Fresno has great coaches and a tremendous passing game, and I heard that Idaho is fourth in the nation in either offense or passing.

  • JustMaybe

    I think they’re all D-I. That’s great! Congratulations to all of them!