Albany-Encinal situation still unsettled

The hiccups that forced the postponement of last week’s game between Encinal and Albany ultimately mean both teams will lose one game off their schedule. There is no word yet if the game will be ruled a forfeit for either team or go down as a no contest.
“We’re still talking with the (Bay Shore Athletic) League,” Albany coach Scott Shevelson said. “I’m looking at the referee’s association making the mistake. I feel like it should be a no contest.”
Encinal had already boarded its bus Friday when Albany called to say officials had not been scheduled for the 5:30 p.m. game. A city ordinance requires the lights at Cougar Field to be turned off by 8 p.m., so the teams were left without the option to wait for referees to be directed there.
There was talk of moving the game to Encinal either later that same night or Saturday night and Albany coach Scott Shevelson said he agreed to that. But Jets coach Joe Tenorio said Encinal administration shot down that option because there wasn’t enough time to adequately prepare to host a game.
Shevelson said he suggested a 1:30 p.m. game at Cougar Field, but Encinal didn’t want to again pay the costs of busses to travel to Albany. Tenorio said Friday’s wasted bus ride cost $1,200.
Encinal administration and its coaches were willing to play Monday at 5 p.m., but Shevelson didn’t want his players to be forced to deal with a short turnaround by playing again Friday in their homecoming game against Kennedy-Richmond.
With no agreeable options, the game was doomed.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • ManDown

    Why couldn’t Albany get any referee’s? They didnt have anybody that could fill in for a game?

  • c.sparks

    albany should be forced to forfeit, how can u take away that game, albany would of got killed

  • NorCalFBFollower

    Short turnaround to get ready for Kennedy??? If anything, the game on Monday would have helped to keep Albany’s focus, instead of worrying about all the Homecoming crap.

  • brandonbeard

    well it seems like there is blame to go around here, but referee are taken care of before the season, they assign the games when they gert the schedule. there were no other times this ever happened so u cannot blame Albany! Albany turns in a Schedule encinal turns in a schedule and the league office, so where was the mix up? It has to be on the referee’s in my opinion. and to #3, who plays 2 games in a week for football, nobody does. they should just reschedule it for the end of the season and it should help Encinal keep their focus for the upcoming playoff game! If it permits! Thats my thoughts!

  • EBfootball

    The President of the the East Bay Football Officials Association was quotes in another publication saying that Albany did not schedule referees for that game.

  • Never happen because Shevelson is a coward. Its obvious that he doesn’t want to play a game or he would have been at Encinal on Monday.

    This has happened in the HAAL before I think it was O’dowd played on a Saturday & then turnaround & had to play on a Wes because of field issues at Burrell.

  • FB Guru

    If Alameda Unified School District is paying $1,200 to transport 20-25 varsity FB players to Albany HS I think we have discovered why that District is in such financial straights. Encinal coaching staff should not have been concerned with the money and played the game on Saturday at Albany. This could cost EHS in seeding when NCS panels tend to focus on wins (i.e 9 win teams vs 8 win teams).

  • KillerD

    It is incredibly puzzling that referees were not scheduled for a routine league game featuring the top team in that league?

    Something is amiss and it makes one wonder what it is?


    a. The Refs were never scheduled – inexcusable

    2. The Refs were told of a different date – could happen?

    Which is it?

  • A team flakes on getting referees(it has been stated that it is the home teams responsibility) & can’t even control their own lights long enough to wait for refs but should be relied apon to organize a game with less then 12hours notice the next day???


    Shevelson was scared to play Encinal. Thats all he should be saying. He could have forfeited on Tuesday or Wednesday and it would have saved Encinal a lot of time and money.

    There are lessons to be learned from wins and losses. Simp.

  • ManDown

    They didnt have any ref’s that could fill in for that game?

  • VeeTee

    Sounds like Coach Carter to me. Scared to play a Fremont team that ended up winning state that year in order to save his undefeated record before league play. Albany may have hurt any slim chance Encinal has at state.

  • What year did any Fremont team go to state?

  • Billjohnson

    Encinal wat did u guys xpect from albany there staff is a bunch of losers. Shevelson been there how long aint won shit bottom of team of a league dat aint very good probably time 4 him 2 go. Any team dat got big green coachn at worth anything he loses every year

  • ManDown

    If this game ends up in a draw that would be very bad for Encinal come seeding time. Instead of a win they will have a draw against a team that is terrible. How could Albany even ask for a draw?

  • Nfl

    no integratiy mandown thats how. Albany got whopped by piedmont.the jets put 59 on piedmont what do you think would have happened to albany & this idiot shevelson wants a no contest. The kids lost a game they work all week to play now he wants to effect there post season position. Forfeit shevelson. Berkeley pinole take note this guy will probaly pull this when they go to accal.

  • VeeTee

    Reggie, I was talking about basketball with Fremont in Oakland.

  • brandonbeard

    Wow #14 you sound Like you had to forfeit the game, why such foul language about the issue! All I kow is that it is obvious that ALbany did not want to play that game and thats the problem. The HC needs to change the culture of those kids. But I dont think the ref issues was Albany’s fault. And why is Encinal spending that much for a bus trip that is 15 minutes away??? that is weird to me, they could have asked Albany to pay for the bus the next day isf they were going to play on Saturday, if anything. But it seems like Encinal is full of ego right now. Or they could have asked Albany to reimburse them for the bus if they were coming back on that Saturday. It could have worked, but asking a team to play on a Monday when they have to play Friday is stupid for real. So if that doesnt sit well with any Encinal fans thats fine, but that is not reasonable. Game should have been played the next day period. So anyone talking about cowards, it looks like both sides showed some type of coward in the situation. Both sides did not work together to make it happen and the Albany Coaches stance did not help at all!

  • Triton8

    based on the blasting that St Marys took yesterday….maybe Albany was right in ducking the game? Regardless, how in the hell do you pay $1200 for a busride? That should be the focus! We’re talkin about combining high schools and they are paying that?! Hey administration, how about shopping that contract around? Walkers buses I’m sure are not that expensive. Good enoughfor OAL kids….good enough for others too.
    Bottom line……Albany was scared for some reason….what does that teach his players?

  • brandonbeard

    Well I dont know if it was so much to being scared from what I was told Albany agreed to play the game the next day at either venue, either Saturday Afternoon or Night! Encinal said they did not want to pay for a bus again to my understanding and Albany said they would go to Encinal. But the Superintendant of Alameda would not approve the game becasue it was so last minute. But for some reason The Encinal oach always wants to bad mouth another coach, but I understand them losing a game is not cool at all, but really he needs to get off his high horse and just keep his team ready to play which they are and everything else should fall into place for them, no need to take shots at another coach cuz that shows no class, and thats a bad example also for the kids. I dont think they will get snubbed because of the Albany Crap. And at the same time the culture has to change there. I have been around the Bay for a long time and seen many of teams up and down, but this thing with Albany losing has been almost like forever!

  • What did the Encinal coach say about the Albany coach? I didn’t read anything in the article concerning this.

  • You’re obviously one of the cowards that coach for ALbany to know that much about their team (they get more coaches at the game then fans). You are classless coaches for even attempting to do anything but forfeit the game. You should be fired for getting your team prepared to lose the way you do week in & week out. Do the right thing resign.

  • EBfootball

    Remember… It was two busses. JV and Var. And busses sit around and wait for hours too. Think about it. Renting a car for a day is about $80 so renting two buses with two drivers for 60 kids and coaches for $1200 doesn’t seem unreasonable.

  • Triton8

    First of all, the referees should have been scheduled correctly the first time. And if its true that the Albany coach was crying about injuries before the actual issue, then its pretty clear that they could were looking for excuses. Secondly, they could not have played Saturday at all, because the Alameda Pop Warner team had permits for that whole day for 6 games. They could have played Monday if they really wanted to play???? Obviously they were “saving” their best for Kennedy, right?

    And I don’t care how long the buses are sitting there, $600 a bus is too much! Shop around. I’m sure there are cheaper buses….

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo Mama, None of the Encinal coaches had anything to say about the Albany Staff. I think they would like to get the game in or at least a forfeit. Lets be real about this. We would’ve won. Jet Pride!

  • Scl alum

    Old Former Meddling Coach, what are your thoughts on the NCS Div III field this year?

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well I really don’t like to comment on teams i have not seen play but i have seen Marin catholic these last two years and i know they always bring it. Been hearing nothing but good things about BOD same with Miramonte. I see us returning against MC again.

  • Brandonberad

    To #22-You fool I dont coach at Albany u idiot. I am telling you what was said you clown. And in the paper the encinal coach basically said that the coach of Albany was saying the kids were scared and injured and all of that, thats what I was talking about. I agree with you for sur, the game should have been a forefiet or they should have tried to play it that saturday evening or rescheduled it. It was not cool for a good team to lose out on a game. i hope that albany coach resigns too! He needs to and try to let someone build some pride with the program and in the kids. because the fact that the coach would tell another coach his kids were scared or injured to make excuses about playing the game is straight gutless! And because of that attitude, the kids probably carry that same type of mentality. So slow ur horses with the hard talk Mr.Hammond, or whoever u are! p0lus this thing was two wks ago, time to move on! And how can a team liek Albny stir up so much drama!LOL!!!