East Bay Football Poll – 10/26

Here’s the latest East Bay football poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week Comment
1. De La Salle (7) 7-0 105 1 Defense allows just 122 yards in 28-0 win over San Ramon Valley
2. California 7-0 98 2 Grizzlies averaging 441 yards per game through seven games
3. Concord 6-1 91 3 Big three-game stretch starts this week against College Park
4. Foothill 5-2 77 6 Colin Kacinski runs for three touchdowns in win over Livermore
t5. Granada 5-2 75 4 Matadors get set to welcome De La Salle to town this week
t5. San Ramon Valley 4-3 75 5 Even in loss, defense delivers gritty effort against De La Salle
7. Encinal 5-1 64 7 Mix-up left Jets idle last week; St. Mary’s up next
8. Monte Vista 4-3 55 8 Jeff Lockie becomes EBAL’s leading passer in win over Amador
9. McClymonds 7-0 52 9 Warriors earn rainy-day win over ’09 Silver Bowl champ Fremont
10. Pinole Valley 6-0-1 41 11 Spartans spend bye week preparing for run at ACCAL title
11. Northgate 7-0 37 12 Broncos welcome new lights this week against Ygnacio Valley
12. James Logan 5-2 28 13 Miles Long runs for 226 yards, three TDs in win over Irvington
13. Bishop O’Dowd 6-1 16 t15 Dragons have outscored three HAAL opponents 158-14
14. Alhambra 5-2 10 14 Bulldogs try to stay in DFAL title hunt Friday against Campolindo
15. Miramonte 7-1 8 NR Mats enter bye week with 34-7 romp over rival Campolindo

Also receiving votes: Heritage (5-2, 5 points), Pittsburg (2-5, 3). Records are through Saturday. The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • KillerD

    I made an error and accidentally put 17 teams in, my bad.

    Take Clear Lake out of the mix,

    It is very possible that St. Helena and Lower Lake drop and get seeded #15 and # 16 based on very weak schedules.

    That would move St. Mary’s to #13 and Piedmont #14 based on their strength of schedules and weach with wins over a a good Moreau team.

    That would pit St. Mary’s against St. Patricks or Healdsburg and Piedmont would go to Middletown.

    El Molino if Very good this year and I expect it to be 23-22 in favor of the Hounds.

    Watch out for Fortuna.

  • KillerD

    I am excited to see Concord in the D2 playoffs, Lloyd will put on a show for sure

  • ArmstrongJets

    Norcalfball are you kidding me with Encinal somewhere after 10 you guess?

    Encinal will return to the NCS finals (for the 3rd year in a row)

    2008 – NCS Champions (undefeated)
    2009 – Runner up to a good MC team (Record 12-2)
    2010 – NCS Champions again!!! (Currently 6-1)

    There are great teams playing good football this year, so we’ll see what happens in the playoffs, but I think they are playing for the steak knives (2nd Place)

    Go Jets !!!

  • norcalfball

    encinal winning d3…which i agree very likely could happen has nothing to do with a top 10 overall ranking…d3 is not like beating the EBAL teams…

    show me a quality win from a higher division, then shout for encinal respect….

  • football_fan926

    just want people’s opinions on how yv will do in division 3 after playing in d.2 for a couple of years??

  • Bigeasy

    Foothill just lost so how are they number #3 and Concord is ranked top 3 in most polls but you have them at #10 a little too much discrepancy

  • KillerD

    It will be Encinal vs. Marin Catholic in the D3 finals.

    Encinal will WIN again, second title in three years.

    They are the Fastest team in Northern California.

    Nobody comes close to their team speed except DLS.

  • With Cardinal Newman & Eureka losing recently how does everybody see the brackets breaking down in D-III?
    My guess how the season ends & the rankings break down:
    1)MC (MCAL champ)
    2)Encinal (BSAL champ)
    3)Miramonte (DFAL champ)
    4)BOD (HAAL champ)
    5)Cardinal Newman
    7)Eureka (HD Big 3 Champ)
    9)San Rafael
    12)San Marin
    14)Moreau Catholic
    15)Del Norte

  • KillerD

    With Miramonte losing to LL BOD might get the nod over the Mats. I think Cardinal Newman is not a Top 5 seed.

    I would take Eureka over Cardinal Newman every time this year.

    Moreau should be ahead of San Marin and Novato and Acalanes.

  • ManDown

    KillerD, What makes you think that Encinal will win it all? Have you seen them in person?

  • KillerD

    I have only seen Encinal in person during the playoffs the last two years.

    And talked to coaches about this year’s team.

    When a program is hot it is tough to pick against them and in a One Game Title fight against MC in 6 weeks, It is much easier to believe that Jets athletes will make big plays enough to beat MC who is more plodding offensively, which the Jets can shut down overall

  • Scl alum

    If Perkins’ top seeds hold up in the first round D3, would be intriguing having an Encinal-Eureka matchup in a 2 vs. 7 seed..

  • Scl alum

    Old Former Meddling Coach, what are your thoughts on the D III field in section this year?

  • San Marin, Novato, Acalanes much tougher schedules then Moreau. Moreau may finish 5-5 just like the rest of these teams but who did they really beat? They tied a less then average SLZ & lost to an average St. Mary’s. Best win is who Kennedy? They suck.

  • I mean 5-4-1

  • Thats a tough 2nd round for the Jets no doubt but who does it favor? With Eureka’s situation you’d have to say the Jets. 5-6 hour drive has to worth an 8 point advantage by itself. I don’t think one team that has had to travel up North Ukiah, Fortuna, Eureka length has won yet. The reverse has to be the same. Not saying its a guarenteed win but it has to be tough for High school kids to travel that far then play a game.

  • Mandown have you seen the Jets in person? If so what games?

  • Scl alum

    I think on paper, an Encinal-Loggers second round in Alameda would result with a 35-28 Encinal win. Eureka is very good this year, though perhaps a little less dominant than last year with the Vainuku machine. Yes, six hour bus rides do play a significant factor

  • Triton8

    Not sure if my opinion will help you….but I’ll take a stab:

    The Jets do everything at a crazy fast pace. The straight handoffs are so quick that the OL just has to get in front of the DL and the backs are by. Yesterday at ST Mary’s, there were a couple straight powers where the RB busted through the line and he had 2-3 OL in his way with no one to block. He just had to manage his way through his own men and it was home from there. They went almost exclusively with shotgun yesterday, which kept Ve’e as a fullback…..but if a team can’t stop that, then why not keep going to it, I guess? It seems like they have about 4-5 RBs that can get through the seams and into the endzone on any given basic run. With #65 collapsing half the line, the running game is tough to stop! They need to make sure that kid gets pissed before every game too! He looks very even tempered….but a little fire up him would be even scarier!

    Defensively they are real small, but real quick. #4 looked great on the DL penetrating, but his hot head keeps getting him in trouble…and after his display yesterday, I would hope he is suspended for leaving the field….he made a great performance look bad at times. For as great a job that Tenorio does, he would serve notice to at least suspend that kid. Too bad, because the kid was really doing well at DL. This Defense really gets to the ball with a lot of speed. They are small though, and with numbers, my fear is that they can be beat up and pounded into fatigue by the fourth quarter? I hope not. These kids really play with a ton of heart though…and while this has always been a trade mark at Encinal, their coach deserves a lot of credit for inspiring them. I notice he calls all the offensive plays and most of the defense…..so it really is his show…I think. These kids expect to win….and that’s a big part of the game.

    Overall, Encinal will fight any team till the end, but size on defense and sheer numbers will make it hard for them to beat MC….but the speed and precision that they play with gives them a shot at taking back the crown. I hear MC is huge….but hopefully the rubber game works out and we get to see it….I’ll root for the Jets!!! First they have to win a couple games to get to MC, and that will be no easy feat…

  • ManDown

    Reggie Hammond, Yes I have been to two Jet games this year. Alameda and SPSV.

  • Two solid games to make judgements. You don’t think they have what it takes to go 3 or 4 rounds deep? You checked out MC at all?

  • ManDown

    No I havent had the chance to check them out live this year but from what I hear and there record says that they’re forreal. My peeps from Berkeley say that they had problems with the speed Berkley had so that could be a problem for them if they had to play the Jets. From what I’ve seen with Encial is that they can be really explosive one second and very average another. One thing tha I like about there team is the defense. Very fast and tackle very well even with smaller guys running around. They have holes in the secondary though but have speed to make up for it. Alameda and SPSV both were able to find some success passing the ball. I think Encinal has a very good chance to be back in the show if they can be the team I saw against a very good SPSV team. Also who is #23 I love that guy. Very fast and he seems to have a bunch of athletic ability. Him and Allen are a force to be recond with.

  • Gonna be a tough road for the Jets. Maybe playing a very good opponent 2nd round. It could be Eureka who are very good & know how to win in the play-offs. Didn’t look very good 1st half against St. Mary’s but I think its totally those cowards Albany to blame. Losing 50 plays on O & 50 plays on D & how ever many on Special teams is hard when your in the rhythm of playing once a wee. Not to mention how they must have felt to mentally prepare to play a game ride a bus & have a staff of cowards Bitch out has to have a lil mental drain.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Naw,Reggie. It was just saturday. Seems like the last 3 yrs they just start slow on Saturdays! LOL. Jet Pride!

  • ManDown

    Reggie Hammond, A good friend of mine just told me that Encinal looked very flat against St. Mary’s. And the second half was a different story. He said Allen only played defense, coach decision? Was he being disciplined for something?

  • Old former meddling Coach

    No ManDown I think Coach Joe just wanted to give the other guys more of a chance to lug the rock. Jet Pride!

  • Triton8

    I don’t care what they looked like in the first half……how flat is 56-14? As soon as they went to the shotgun offense, St. Marys just were overmatched with the power running. Curious as to why Allen didn’t run though…..not that good for his college chances? If it was for discipline, I would applaud it. Not really our business though, i guess?

  • c.sparks

    #23 is paul okaumura, he is probally the fastest man i seen this year, best sides that kid from mack.. its a toss up…

  • ManDown

    Yea #23 is a burner. I like that guy is he getting any looks?

  • c.sparks

    hmm not sure, just a fan.. i dont see any weakness in his game