Updated BSAL stats (10/28)

Here’s the latest installment of stats for the Bay Shore Athletic League. Enjoy!

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Kyle Labroi, John Swett 7 128 893 7.0 9
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 6 62 713 11.5 11
Brendan Nugent, MorCath 7 85 623 7.3 7
Akwasi Agyekum, Albany 6 77 570 7.4 4
Chance Moses, St. Mary’s 6 97 553 5.7 7

Passing (by yards)

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD
Adam Robinson, MorCath 7 61 138 44.2 1236 6 13
Eric Huppert, Piedmont 7 83 172 48.3 950 12 6
Francisco Torres, SM 5 59 117 50.4 884 5 7
Robert Crowley, Albany 6 49 114 43.0 643 6 5
Luciano Algood, JS 7 23 46 49.3 317 4 4

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Chris Carnegie, St. Mary’s 7 28 439 15.7 4
Ben Roberson, Albany 7 23 365 15.9 2
Max Elliott, Piedmont 6 23 316 13.7 0
Zane Myers, Piedmont 7 22 326 14.8 1
Brannon Pantoja, MorCath 7 21 439 20.9 2


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 7 14 0 1 0 86
Kyle Labroi, John Swett 7 11 0 0 10 76
Keith Walker, JFK-Rich 5 9 0 7 0 68
Joey Fiandor, MorCath 7 10 0 1 0 62
Jon Trodder, Encinal 5 7 0 1 20 62

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 6 2,206 501 2,707 451.2
Moreau Cath. 7 1,198 1,284 2,482 354.6
John Swett 7 1,765 393 2,158 308.3
St. Mary’s 7 946 1,185 2,131 304.4
Piedmont 7 765 1,144 1,909 272.7
JFK-Richmond 7 1,397 302 1,699 242.7

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 6 725 685 1,410 235.0
Moreau Cath. 7 910 1,178 2,088 298.3
Albany 6 1,354 543 1,897 316.2
JFK-Richmond 7 1,485 831 2,316 330.9
Piedmont 7 1,723 608 2,331 333.0
St. Mary’s 7 1,528 993 2,521 360.1

Ben Enos

  • The Fan

    i bet that albany finds a way to get refs to the game this week event though they will more than likely lose this game against kennedy…. seems like a program run by cowards.

  • Did some reasrch on the Div 4 power ratings for the up coming playoffs. Healdsburg and SPSV are ranked at the top. I also looked at Justin_Sienna’s record 1-7!
    Wow, has that program slipped. They were at a 0-4 start last year and backed their way into the playoffs because it went from 12 to 14 teams selected. Hope no division needs to take that many again- teams below .500 are getting in. Justin did spank St. Mary’s last year in the playoff coming back in the 2nd half after soundly being out played. The MCAL other than MC is weak this year, mabey Justin should petition to Div 5 next year. A couple of years in Div 5 would put the program possibly back on course.

  • Why didn’t they just play on Monday if they didn’t want to forfeit?? Fighting for a no contest. Bitchmade.

  • yo daddy

    Big Joe,
    Hard to say a team backed into the playoffs when they beat the No. 1 seed and lost the championship game because of an officiating disaster. JS is down this year but it’s a fluke. Also, check the preseason schedule — Sacred Heart Cathedral, Menlo, Benicia. There aren’t many D-IV schools who would schedule two of those, much less all three. They could probably spend three weeks in Lake County and head into league 3-0 every year, but they don’t.
    By the way, it’s “Justin-Siena.”

  • They backed there way into the playoffs with a .500 record, they were not going to be picked if the Div did not extend to 14 teams from 12. I beleive I mentioned they came back and beat St. Mary’s.
    Last year I think they finished 7-5, is that correct or was it 8-5?
    The program has slipped from years past. They folded their JV team 2years ago because lack of players.
    1-7 this year is another indication of them slipping.
    Lets face it, Justinian has fell on some hard times.

  • Talk is St. Mary’s goin’ to walk Encinal up Perelta Park Blvd. tommorrow. New field, underdog team, does the rock smell an upset? Most likely not, however Encinal hasn’t played in 2 weeks thanks to Albany fiasco. Mabey St. Mary’s got together with Albany, they’re right on the Albany line. No kiddin’, Albany and St. Mary’s don’t see eye to eye due to restrictions on nite games, zoning, etc. The ghosts of Phelan Field could rise up this Halloween weekend on Encinal.
    Previous Panther teams from the distant past would smack Encinal and twist them like a pretzel.
    Yo Mama says.

  • 38-00 De La in the 2nd quarter. They could put George Atkinson Sr. in there and Granada would still get beat! Seriously!

  • yo daddy

    Not to belabor this, Big Joe, but you aren’t very well informed. The section took every single team that was playoff-eligible. That was the new rule. It wasn’t the plan to expand from 12 to 14. The number — 14 –was arbitrary. Justin-Siena was the No. 9 seed. If my calculations are right, they still would have made it in a 12-team format. Let’s see, just to double-check — No. 9 seed … yes, they would have! They were 5-2 last year in a good league. Yes, down this year. I’ll give you that.

  • They were getting beat by 40 points a game by more than several opponents last year. That’s with a hot shot QB. I’m informed enough to know when you can’t field JV teams and you’re 1-7, the system has some issues. One issue might be the program, talent coming out and how it’s been run the last several years. I say drop down and re-group. It’s tough to buy-in when you’re 1-7.


    Here are the stats for SPSV compiled from 3 local newspapers thru 8 games.Maybe someone from EBP can verify with SPSV coaches.
    Naji Patrick 83-1078-17tds
    Danny Souza 73-526 -7tds
    Brenzel Guillory 40-327-2tds
    Eddie Williams 13-160 -2tds
    Julian Pilate 24-123 -1td

    Robbie Herndon 31-569 -7tds
    Brenzel Guillory 24-340 -2tds
    Daniel Broderick 1-10 1td

    Danny Souza 71-137 – 1025yds -10tds -2 ints

    Total offense …3239 yds…405 per game

    There are a few more players with rushing and passing yards however they are not listed in any of the papers.

  • allstate

    Top two receivers and 2nd and 3rd ranked quarterbacks going head up this week. Hopefully St. Mary’s will find the refs and leave it in the hands of the Albany Cowards. Should be a great game though, not holistically but if you like the WR/DB matchups

  • stats

    When are the Bsal Stats going to be updated? Every other leagues stats are up and updated regularly…..

  • Hopefully this week. I’ll try to check with the guy we have in charge of them.

  • bsal stats

    Jimmy,not sure of the exact numbers but after last week for St Pats add 2tds to Patrick,2 more for Herndon and 4 more for Souza.Vallejo Times should have updated numbers.