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Jon Becker

  • Joe

    Anyone going to the Pitt vs Liberty game tonight? The Freedom vs Heritage game will be a good one.

  • BVAL Expert

    Im going to freedom and heritage.. i honestly dont know whose going to win that game

  • HAALPride

    Good Luck to the Farmers look for big game from one of the underrated talents John Hughes of Hayward.Will be a good game Hayward and O Dowd always is.

  • bval fan

    Heritage back on track…..

  • BVAL Expert

    ehhh it was an ok win for them..

  • bval fan

    they have a replacement for McDonald in Poti and rushed for almost 400 yards….ya, I guess it was ok

  • c.sparks

    what happend with northgate and pinole? this hurts D2.. REAl bad

  • Cardinal Newman lost them, Eureka, MC, NOvato may be in the same Brackett if all teams win out. Means Bleachercoach’s teams will knock each other off.

  • Scl alum

    Wow..the Div IV field is looking more and more interesting, especially after El Molino taking down D II Windsor last night. Healdsburg is my team, but the playoff picture is looking more tough..St Patrick/Vincent’s, El Mo, Salesian, Middletown..gonna be interesting in the coming weeks

  • BVAL Expert

    Heritage increased their chances for playoffs

  • Scl alum

    Looks like Eureka’s back..blanked Fortuna 36-0 at their place last night

  • Joe

    Well no suprise Pitt smoked Liberty. Liberty started out the first half sticking with Pitt, but as they have done in the past games they choke in the second half. Liberty’s offensive coach doesnt know what he is doing. He kept trying to run the ball up the middle all night long but couldnt do it. Liberty was successful at passing but for some reason the coach steered away from it????? Their loss had alot to do with their play calls from the coach. He needs to be moved to coaching the kicker only. Pitt looked good. Very fast team. They sub players in and out throughout the whole game so they never tired, great strategy. Freedom is going to have their hands full when they play Pitt, dont see them beating Pitt.

  • ncsfan

    went to the heritage – freedom game and it was a good game. freedom came out to play in the first half but could not stop heritage’s run game in the second half. heritage’s defense also put a lot of stops on the freedom offense. freedom could not get anything going after the second time they scored which put them on top of heritage 14-0. freedom passing and run game was shut down and their defense could not stop the run attack. it looks that freedom will have to win both their games to qualify for playoffs. heritage will most likely qualify for playoffs.

  • EB Football Coach

    Heritage is going to struggle in the playoffs. They can’t keep spotting teams leads and expecting to come back and win. One step closer to a good seed in DI.

    Joe, Pitt rolled DV 49-14, are you surprised they beat Liberty 44-10? I can give you two reasons why Liberty tried to run the ball.
    1. They have 3 WRs and two of them play the whole game on D.
    2. According to Maxpreps, their qb is averaging a 38% completion rate.
    Given those two facts, I’d be running the ball too.

  • Prep Fan

    EB Football Coach, what would you consider to be a “good seed” for Heritage in the D1 playoffs? Could they possibly be seeded higher than Pitt if the Pirates beat them head to head and go on to win the BVAL title? How many EBAL teams will be sseded higher than Heritage? There were 7 D1 teams ranked ahead of them in the Times East Bay Football Poll going into last night’s games. And that doesn’t include Pitt as both were HM. If Heritage wins out, I can’t see them getting seeded any higher than 7th or 8th for NCS. 8th would get them a 2nd round matchup with DLS, which might not be considered a good seed.

  • EB Football Coach

    Well, one of those teams ahead of them in the polls is James Logan and Heritage has a head to head win against them.

    I’d say a good seed is one that keeps them away from DLS or Cal in the 1st round.

    Actually, let’s be truthful. A good seed in NCS D1 is one in the bracket opposite DLS. That gives you a chance at the finals. Otherwise you’ll make semi’s at best. And that, unfortunately has been the way of things for the past fifteen/twenty years.

  • Joe

    EB Football Coach, if you noticed my statement I mentioned that the passing was going good, Liberty was marching downfield several times due to the passing. Then for some reason the coach went to running.The crowd was booing the coach and yelling for him to go back to the passing but he didnt do it. Liberty had a running back that has been out most of the season that played and their QB was connecting on the slant pass everytime. I did not expect Liberty to win but the way they started playing I did not expect the final score to be what it was. You are right about his percentage but it is so low due to lack of receivers ability to catch. I have been to 3 of their games now and the QB should be much higher on the percentage. 80% of his passes have hit the receivers in the hands. I dont know if you have had the oppurtunity to watch their games but if you do you will see what I am talking about.

  • KillerD

    In college football, the Oregon Ducks are battling USC almost done in the 3rd quarter and up by 12 points.

    I enjoy watching the Ducks offense but pay no attention at all to the Distractionary Gigantic Flash Cards they hold up on the sidelines……..only 1 play out of every 15 is actually called using the Flash cards.

    Every other offensive play is signaled in by One of the Three quarterbacks and assistant coaches actually using the same Hand Signals as last year to call the plays

  • KillerD

    My Top 5 College Teams as of tonight:

    1. Auburn – the ONLY thing that kept Auburn down over most of the dominant defensive years was their Offense. Now with Gus Malzan calling the plays, Auburn can hang 40 point on any team, and their SEC schedule is second to none. Auburn is Young and scary.

    2. Boise State – All they do is Outcoach every staff every week and win against everybody, let’s see, over the last several years they beat Oklahoma, kicked Oregon’s Butt Home and Away in back to back years, and beat TCU and their famed 4-2 Nickel D.

    3. Oregon – They are very good but they have yet to win a big game against a top team since their defeat of Colorado 9 years ago in the Fiesta Bowl. The Pac 10 is terrible this year but the Ducks are for real

    4. Alabama – Healthy they are a nightmare for anybody

    5. TCU – Very good and very well coached


    1. BOISE
    2. ORY-GUN
    3. AUBURN
    4. BAMA
    5. Stanford

  • EB Football Coach

    Joe – I probably won’t see the film because I won’t need to, but the paper’s write-up said Pittsburg scored on six of their nine posessions. Doesn’t sound like they had much chance on either side of the ball. Not too many teams are going to put up six/seven scores on pitt.

  • renegades10

    disagree big time with the statement that the Pac-10 is terrible this year. Between Oregon, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State, and USC that group is solid. It’s just that the difference between the top 5 and bottom 5 is pretty large. USC should have beaten Washington and to be honest should have beaten Stanford as well, although I am happy they didn’t as I’m a huge cardinal fan. But those top 5 teams are all listed in the top 25 in at least one of the polls I believe, although not quite as sure about the Beavers, but the other four are. So while not great like some past years, it’s pretty solid, not terrible though that’s for sure. When half the teams are in the top 25, I don’t think you could ever say the conference is terrible.

  • KillerD

    Renegades10: You are correct and my mistake for uttering Terrible about the Pac 10 this year.

    I would call the Pac10 respectable for the top 4 teams.

    But playing their conference schedule does not compare to SEC weekly grind, might be better way to say it.

  • KillerD

    Kind of like comparing the EBAL to the rest of the conference high school schedules in the east bay, their league is the best top to bottom.

  • Scl alum

    It really stinks, I’m a big Cal fan, but seems like it’s the Pac 4 conference the rest of this season..

  • Footballfan415

    Cal is a bunch of pussies starting w/their coach…..they have never comeback after being punched in the mouth early, they just roll over and play dead the second any adversity comes their way…….WSU is going to beat their ass at Pullamn

  • football phenatik

    WSU will beat Cal….but it’s sucks that they won’t have Galvin to help them do it. He will be back next year more bigger,more explosive, and a bigger threat!

    Run Rickey Run

  • c.sparks

    EXACTLY!!!! post #26… i mean come on they can be a HARD HITTING TEAM againest teams like UC davis and ARIZONA STAte, but when the big dogs like USC comes they fold like some girls… Cal is scared of USC.. they try to have there program runed like a pro style offense just like usc, but theres one problem with that.. SO does stanford and they have better coaches.. so does usc and they have better coaches and athletes so why in the world would a good Prospect pick a school like cal, there games are never sold out, bad facilty and NOT a football school…. so u are not gonna get the best players in the state..PLUS tedford lets these bay area kids that WANT TO GO TO CAL! go to schools like WSU BOISE< OREGON, OREGON STATE, and all they yap about is how there state is better then our state in football, but using our ATHLETHES. FIRE TEDFORD!!! we weill always be in the middle of the pack…

  • Scl alum

    It sucks, I’ve been a longtime Cal fan (well before Tedford), and I greatly appreciate the program turnaround in recent years under his being at the helm. That being said, ever since last season, the Bears have been such a roller coaster, or more a pro pos, ‘jeckyll and hyde’team. I think that Tedford has already peaked at Cal, and a change at the top is Cal’s best hope of being vying for the Pac 10 title again. Go Bears