Week 9 prep football recap: A lot of one-sided games Friday night

Here’s a roundup of all the games from Friday night, as well as the key performers across the East Bay from our team of reporters and photographers. Read about how De La Salle, California and Concord led a string of lopsided wins among Top 15 teams Friday night:

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Jon Becker

  • After Friday night’s ninth round of football…we saw rules broken on who is suppose to win football games…Who would have thought that up coming Dougherty Valley would knock off Las Lomas or Ygnacio Valley would stomp North Gate…And it looks like there is no stopping Pittsburg….Monte Vista more then man handled Foothill in what was thought to be a close game.
    I watched the Alhambra/Campolindo game and the Bulldogs had better shape up for the DV game or the wildcats are going to take them down….Big problems are fumbles,defensive mistakes and poor play calling.
    With under three minutes to play and the game tied at 27-27..The Bulldogs run three ground plays up the middle that are stopped cold, a waisted series when time is running out when the Dog’s should have come out shooting…Leaf ran wild wild Friday night and the guy must be black and blue from all the hits he took, but in the process he was the Alhambra driving force..

  • purpleskin

    Everybody knows our piedmont boys are down this year in talent but last night our boys had st pats number all night, unfortunately our boys should have won that game. Two of our fumbles inside the st pats 3 yard line was the difference in the game.

    St. pats was much bigger but even with our tiny third string quarterback handling the offense we should have won.

    Our piedmont boys should have stayed in their spread out offense all night because st. pats looked slow when that happened to them and the offense was giving st pats problems.

    Our boys defense played great from start to finish.

    St pats was good but we almost had them on their field.

    Go piedmont!

  • I heard a rumor that Kurt Bryan is going to be out after the season?

  • MV Alum

    MV played very well last nite you could see Foothill was trying to stop the run and Lockie threw the ball great. Sullas actually has well over 100 yds running but had 5 runs called back. The D played really well they changed it up and you can tell they are getting better they put some wicked hits on Foothill last night the game is going to be televised on AT&T channel 30 or online at http://www.trivalleytv.org at 7:30 tonite.

  • c.sparks

    dammmm campolindo took alahambra into OT. and a loss to dublin too, i do see alhambra doing nothing this year, this just shows you had good calhoun was last year

  • KillerD

    Alhambra is a Jekyl and Hyde team if there ever was one this year. Good wins, lose to Healdsburg and Dublin and dance with defeat vs. Campo.

    El Molino just moved up up up the ladder in Div 4 with a shocking win vs. an undefeated very good Windsor team. The upcoming showdown between Healdsburg and El Molino will be for the top seed in that division after St. Patricks struggled against Piedmont.

    Ygnacio Valley absolutely railroaded an excellent Northgate team, not only was that suprising but how badly they beat the Broncos was amazing.

    Monte Vista came up aces vs. Foothill and secured themselves a spot in the show for the 3rd week in November.

    San Ramon got a nice win and much needed to. Good to see Klein get some good numbers passing the ball

  • Prep Fan

    Is Lockie really “the EBAL’s top-rated passer”, or does he just have the most yards? He had thrown for 1 more yard than Cal’s Reil going into last night’s games, while attempting 75 more passes. His completion percentage was 60.6 to Reil’s 71.2. Plus, he had 5 more INTs and 4 less TDs thn Reil.

    Most QB rating systems factor a lot more into it than just the total number of yards. I would think Reil would be the top rated passer in the EBAL, followed closely by Houston, with Lockie maybe a distant 3rd.

  • MV Alum

    Prep agree that you have to say he is the top yardage QB in the EBAL (add 336 for last nights game)but he is getting better and better with each game. His decision making is much better and his passes are getting more accurate. I will put him at #3 for now but he is creeping up on the top 2 (Reil and Houston).

  • Prep Fan

    That’s really too bad about Sullas. That poor kid has had some real adversity this year. Even if he is able to somehow get back on the field this year, a knee injury for a running back is just brutal. He’s a tough kid who plays the game hard. They could have really used him for the playoffs.

  • MV Alum

    My understanding on Sullas is it may not be that bad he could miss a week and be back for SRV and playoffs. I agree they need him he takes a lot of pressure of Lockie and teams have to respect the run. Tough too that he already missed a couple games to a freak infection and then gets rolled on at the goal line. Hopefully he will be ready got to think positive.

  • Bulldog Forever

    KillerD- “Alhambra is a Jekyl and Hyde team if there ever was one this year. Good wins, lose to Healdsburg and Dublin and dance with defeat vs. Campo.

    You’re right about that, we were dancing with defeat. But when the fat lady sang, we were dancing with the stars.

  • Yo Momma

    SRV is going to finish on a 3 game winning streak MV alum I dont think you should over look us again. We played much better against DLS and Cal the 2 best teams in EBAL than you guys did so watch out. MV field is like our home field the last couple years lol

  • Scl alum

    I think to Alhambra’s defense, they have been battle-tested, playing in several close games this season and winning (perhaps the only exception was close loss to a good Healdsburg team). I think Alhambra would be very tough to beat in the Miramonte showdown in a few weeks.

  • Curious

    Anyone have an American vs. Washington score?

  • KillerD

    Yes if the better side of Alhambra shows up they will be nearly impossible to beat and might go 3 rounds into NCS playoffs.

  • Football_fan926

    Ygnacio valley layed a beat down on northgate too bad for a nice homecoming under new lights.to be honest im not really shocked at all i dont even know how and why people are shocked about northgates loss..northgate didnt really
    play no good teams at all till they played yv..i new yv was going to win..northgate just aint as good as people thought they were.i was at the game friday,yv was way more physical then ng.they outplayed them in every aspect of the game..northgate was all talk to..cant wait to see how northgate comes out and plays against concord.

  • ncsfan

    agrre w/you football_fan926. northgate was way over rated. they have not played anybody worth mentioning. norhtgate will get beat by concord, and if they make playoffs, they will get eliminated in the 1st round.

  • No surprise

    NG has certainly gotten MUCH better, but until they consistently play and beat quality teams, this will continue to happen. Scheduling cupcakes in the preseason serves no purpose. All that happens is the team feels better than they are, and then gets surprised in league play. 7-1 is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is NOWHERE near Concord’s 7-1. If you look on Calpreps, between Concord, Northgate and Ygnacio, YV has the hardest strength of schedule 8.7, and the only team of the three where their opponents have won more than they’ve lost (35-31). Concord is 7.8 (28-38), and NG is 4.2 (28-36)

    I’m hopeful that this loss to YV will wake up NG and they’ll be hungrier for Concord. My money is on Concord to make it look easy, but if NG is pissed enough, something unlikely could happen.

    #1 defense against #1 offense on Friday 11/12, that could be very interesting.

  • renegades10

    Well, I haven’t paid as much attention to the games this weekend until now, but had another solid week of picks. Went 8-2 only missing on the MV-Foothill game and the LL-Dougherty game. While I won’t rehash all the picks I made here are some thoughts on the weekend:

    Stock up:

    YV- What a big win for the Warriors. I picked them to upset Northgate but by three points not a blowout. They have been a very up and down this year as it seems like you don’t know what you’re gonna get from them, but man alive that big of a win was a surprise. That last week matchup with Concord really has some interest to it now. YV took them down last year, is it really unthinkable that they could do it again?

    MV- Wow, that was absolutely surprising what they did to Foothill. The Falcons D has been pretty stout all year, but they were blown apart against the Mustangs. Although I know there will be concerns about the loss of Sullas, it still was an impressive showing on the road. They are currently sitting in third place, behind both Cal and DLS, the only two league losses they have suffered so far. They have a big game this week against Granada before the always intense rivalry game with SRV. Their seeding stock definitely went up this week however.

    Dougherty Valley- What a season it has been for the young Wildcats. The surprises just keep on coming. Already playoff eligible they face off against Alhambra this week and then Dublin in the finale. At this point, they get in to the bracket, now they are positioning for seeding. Best case scenario they end up opposite Concord.

    Stock Down:

    Northgate- And it will continue to fall. I said that their defense was showing holes and boy did they ever this week. Time to get back to the drawing board to learn how to play defense, because they will need to play the game of their lives this week and then some if they hope to topple the high-flying Minutemen. I just don’t see it getting much better for them this week or in the playoffs.

    Foothill- After a surprising start to the season, it seems like teams are catching on to the Falcons attack. And for their defense, which had been the true strength of the team, well it was lit up by MV. Big time game this week against Cal.

    Overall, another good week of high school football that never seems to be uneventful. More great games this week coming up that will really determine who will be playoff eligible and who will be seeded where. Previews will be posted on the next poll thread.

  • outsider

    I watched the TV30 program of the Monte Vista vs Foothill game and was surprised by how flat Foothill played, especially considering they were playing at home. Their pass defense was nonexistant. Monte Vista wasn’t that impressive either but was able to drop in passes over Foothill’s secondary almost at will. If this continues then Cal will have no problem with Foothill and SRV could knock off Monte Vista which would mix up the standings a bit.

  • MV Alum

    Outsider come on give credit were it is due MV beat up on Foothill even their coaches said that MV played really.

  • MV Alum


  • 4th and 1

    Maybe its just me but I have not seen such poor officiating at the high school level my entire life. It seams the referees dont really care or really know the rules anymore. A few examples from this year. I watched a game where the officials were not blowing the whistle to end the play and they told the head coach that the play ends the play. I watched several games where the refs refuse to enforce the 25 second play clock or simply cannot count. I have my stop watch and time plays they are absolutly clueless when they are told this they still do not count the seconds.
    neither of these are “judgment calls” One game i watched the team was yelling as was the crowd for a full minute that their were twelve men on the field and the ref refused to count the players Flat out refused as we watched a player run off the feild I counted them five times and they had 12 and he would not even count them what is going on? I think it is time we drug test the refs as this can be the only logical explanation for what I have personally witnessed this year. HEY REFS make an effort or hang it up. the kids work hard and to have the refs fumble the call and the game is disgusting. I took a pic of what is clearly pass interference last week and the refs who were looking right at it would not call it. These guys are really poor at what they do. Anyone else see some really bad officiating or is it just me.

  • outsider

    MV Alum-OK I will give them credit. They had a good game. It is just that Foothill looked so flat. Couldn’t tell if it was due to MV or self inflicted.

  • Lakeview

    Yo Mama,In reference to your comment to MV ALUM about MV overlooking SRV. Allow me to expand on MV and team. Actually Lockie is getting much more command and QB swag. You may not be aware that Lockie is just really learning to play QB. As a freshman he didn’t take over the Starting Qb job until after the season began and this was his first year playing QB. And as I hear it beat SRV that year. As a sophmore he was called up along with Dalis Bruce and Troy Johnson to Varsity. Jeff sat and watched Knottingham all last year. This summer and early season he split time and snaps with Finnegan. which gave added pressure to him. As of a few weeks ago Bergman made a solid decision to make Lockie the starter. This appears to have helped his confidence and the confidence of his team. So as I see it and from watching the MV/ foothill and Amador games. It appears MV has another QB star rising.

  • QB01

    Re: 5.c.sparks Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 11:06 am
    dammmm campolindo took alahambra into OT. and a loss to dublin too, i do see alhambra doing nothing this year, this just shows you had good calhoun was last year

    Don’t forget that Leaf opened up huge holes for Calhoun to run last year. Who is doing that for Leaf?

  • MV Alum

    Thanks Outsider i really think that MV played that well, they changed up their D and it showed in the ability to stop the run 96yds total for Foothill and they put on a bunch of big hits. Lakeview I agree with you on Lockie he is getting much better as I said in an earlier post he is gaining confidence he didn’t have earlier in the season, I think the SRV game will be a dogfight their D is very good but I don’t know if they can score (that has been their biggest problem all yr) 31pts against Livermore is good but let face it that is not the toughest team around. Both teams need to take care of business this week against Granada and AV then get set for the final regular season week.

  • 4th and 1

    Amador would be a great team with better coaching When your head coach and qb coach does nt know the term for the third step of a three step drop your in trouble. They seam to do well when they have excellent talant but get worked without it. Points directly to coaching

  • 4th and 1

    MV and Foothill have good coaching that is why they are consistently in the hunt year in and year out. Their coaches find a way to motivate and build up the less talented players. Amador, Livermore and Granada dont seam to get it done. We will see how Silva does without the Atkinsens, maybeim jumping ahead on this one.Amador should have a dynasty but there utter lack of football knowledge Kills their chances unless they have exceptional talent. Why is Foothill always competitive and Amador only is when they have flat out studs. Amador Football deserves better

  • Footballman

    I see Bishop O Dowd Dragons winnng Haal and taking on anything that comes at them i beleave they will do well in the playoffs and possibly win NCS.

    Anyonw disagree?

  • c.sparks

    post 25, then if it worked last year, why doesnt leaf open up running lanes for someone else if he is so good at it?

  • AVD

    Considering this year’s group of Amador seniors had pretty decent Frosh and JV teams (never lost to MV), it’s perplexing why they are getting blown out so bad this year. It seems other coaches have found ways to exploit their ‘weaknesses’ (small size, team speed, and poor execution resulting in tendency to give up big plays on defense). For starters, if they want any sort of chance at beating SRV or Foothill, the coach needs to switch QB’s to jump start the anemic offense. The Soph starter has thrown 9 INT since start of EBAL with only 43% completion rate. His stats would be worse if defenders themselves hadn’t dropped a few perfect passes to them.

    Every year AV fans have to scratch their heads at the offensive coordinator’s play calling. (E.G., 30+ sec. left in the half . . . spike ball to stop the clock. Then surprise them with 3 yard run up the middle to start clock and let time run out!) There is no ‘hurry up’ as QB literally runs an extra mile every game to get plays from sideline.

    Coach Sira is by all accounts well liked and a great guy. Maybe he needs to stop being so “proud of his team” (comment every week in Pleasanton Patch) of how they didn’t give up and battled back and get the team to focus on just better overall football planning and execution to make the games a bit more competitive.

  • QB01


    Because there is not anyone who can run the ball as well as Leaf this year. Calhoun-Leaf was an awesome combination, and they don’t have that dynamic this year as far as the running game goes. Richard Calhoun had a lot of talent…so does Leaf. He scored three touchdowns and ran for 211 yards against Campolindo, and leads the league in scoring as well as coming in second in rushing having sat out one game for a pulled muscle. I think he is doing pretty well….

  • 4th and 1

    I think coach sira needs to hang it up Amador Needs some fresh blood and more knowledgable coaches. I see mistakes made by the coaches at nearly every game. Talent bails them out but when they dont have it. It really shows