Michaletos is retiring

Pete Michaletos, the longest-serving high school football varsity head coach in California state history, is retiring as John F. Kennedy-Fremont High’s coach at the end of this season.
Michaletos, 71, is the only head football coach in Kennedy’s history. He will complete his 46th regular season on Saturday, when the Titans (3-6, 1-4 Mission Valley Athletic League) face Irvington at Tak Fudenna Stadium at 7 p.m.
“I talked with my family for a while, trying to evaluate the pros and cons,” said Michaletos, who retired from teaching in 2006. “My wife (Jan) is a strong supporter of the program. It’s been tough on her all these years.
“It’s been kind of a hectic year for me, injuries (to players), kids not finishing up the program, not the things I really like,” said Michaletos, whose team had 20 players in uniform last week against James Logan. “Coaching is different than when I started. You have to fund raise now … I’m not going to miss that. What I’m going to miss is practice, seeing the growth.”
In 2008, Kennedy reached the quarterfinals of the North Coast Section Division III playoffs. The Titans won MVAL titles in 1972 and 1988.
Michaletos, according to Cal-Hi Sports, eclipsed Herb Meyer as California’s longest serving head coach at the start of this season. Meyer was the head coach at El Camino-Oceanside for 45 seasons.
Michaletos said that he told his football staff of his decision on Sunday, then told his squad the news on Monday.
“I’m sad about it,” said Robert Nagel, a senior linebacker and guard who has played in the program for four years. “He’s a great coach, he’s been there for everyone. He’s always been there for me.”
“I just want to leave quietly,” Michaletos said. “I want to work my last day, turn off the lights and walk out of the office.”

Phil Jensen

  • outsider

    Sounds like a great coach. The best ones are the ones that don’t want any fanfare when they leave. Their work is done. “I just want to leave quietly,” Michaletos said. “I want to work my last day, turn off the lights and walk out of the office.”

  • I played against coach and he was a class act in victory and defeat. The MVAL will truly miss him

  • KillerD

    Coach Pete is a gentleman and a great person and coach.

    He has been a Pillar of class, quality teaching, humor and humility, a shining of example for young men.

    I wish him a happy retirement and a fulfilling sunset of his life and the next phases of his life full of joy.


  • ManDown

    “I just want to leave quietly,” Because that guy never won anything in 45 seasons. I can count on my one hand how many times his teams went to the playoffs. He was a good guy maybe to his players and parents but as a coach he should have been gone a while ago. Good luck in your future coach.

  • oline coach


    Wow, what a jerk! Here’s the deal bro, they don’t pay us to win. This is not Texas no one provides the means by which to build and sustain programs. If this man positively impacted the lives of young men for 2 generations then he deserves to leave in any way he sees fit. I only wish his last request was to come to your office and drop a duece on your desk. Right next to the picture of you and your head JV coach, you jock sniffer. Even better you take the time away from your wife and kids for the next 40 years and then we will track your win loss record, and comment on the way you want to leave.

  • Oakleyres

    ManDown is just one of those guys who wishes he could have been a coach, or better yet, maybe he coaches youth and thinks he knows something. If they start judging high school programs by how many times they go to the playoffs, they will start firing coaches like college and the professionals. Developing player experiences, providing positive structure, creating lifelong bonds between student-athletes – these are the immeasureables by which we should judge our student-athletes, especially those coaches who are at schools where the general turn-out for athletics is abysmally low and the budgets are non-existent. They are also usually in the areas where it is hardest to fundraise. All the best to someone who created an atmosphere of optimism for his program year in and year out. I played against a couple of his teams, and though they did not have much talent, they played hard and made the games close each time. It was a great experience for all involved. And like oline coach says, only comment once you have sacrificed for over forty years, sacrifices you make for the betterment of others, many of whom likely never even realize until much later how much work was done on their behalf.

  • ManDown

    oline coach, You must have played or coached for him. I understand the guy gave up his time to coach what coach in the east bay hasent? Im saying at least give you kids the chance to compete and have a shot at the playoffs which he never did. Sorry but if guys say they don’t coach to win they are lying out of there teeth becuase everybody wants to win if not you’re a loser.

  • MVALFremont

    Coach Michaletos will be missed by many in the MVAL. he is a real class act and I personally respect him for coahing as long as he did and his character.

  • shabawler

    ROFLMAO @ #5 Oline Coach. Word to the mother!

  • fyi

    I heard them talk about Coach Michaletos this morning on KCBS with John Madden… Nice!!! Good luck and God Bless you and your family Coach. I agree womandown is a jacc-ass!!!

  • Fremontmom

    Best wishes to Coach Michaletos!
    Coaching at a public school nowdays is so tough with low or no budget. Quite often the coaches end up spending their own money. The hours they spend before, during, after the game as well as during off-season for conditioning is a real commitment.
    Thank you Coach Michaletos and all other coaches for your commitment!

  • Logan DC

    Coach Michalatos is one of the true greats. He’s made the most of questionable talent over a long period of time. He is a gentleman, a mentor to his player and an example to us all. He will be greatly missed in the coaching community.

  • 4th and 1

    their are alot of coaches in the bay area some are good and some are not so good. I have coached with many good guys who didnt know a rats ass about football. Good guy coaches are great but what about good guy coaches who actually know something about football. Are you not letting the kids down if you dont have the knowledge to give the kids the best chance to be successfull. I think if you coach that long and havent accomplished alot its becouse you didnt really know football. I think these types of nice guy coaches should stepdown and get coaches with the knowledge the kids deserve. One great example of a coach who the kids like but who doenst know football is Sira at amador. That program could be like de la salle except for the utter lack of football knowledge. It is a shame the football players get short changed by coaches without the proper knowledge. We are not providing the best for our kids just becouse some nice guy wants to be called coach. When i see this i realize its not about the kids its totally about the coach wanting to be called coach regardless of whether they are the best coach for the job.

  • 4th and 1

    oh yea and to answer the question about winning and losing. Its about winning lets not lie to the kids or lets change our behavior. How many coaches stick around that dont win? hmmmm that should settle that argument. now if you want to debate whether its ALL about winning that is a different argument. Let me ask you as i have always asked the kids i coach. WE have three options we can win, lose or tie. raise your hands if you want to lose or tie. I never get any kids raising their hands. Says it all. we all want to win!

  • Olinecoach

    Just so everyone is clear. I do not want to be misrepresented, I am Olinecoach and someone else is Oline Coach. Some folks know who I am, so do not get us mixed up.

    On the topic at hand, It sounds like coach Michaletos was a class act. Congratulations on a life long career of coaching and mentoring young men! I know Coach Herb Meyer and the fact that Michaletos passed Meyers say’s alot.

    Far too many people out here are focused too much on the winning aspect of the game and talking smack towards those who are not dominant. Not everyone wins titles. Last I remember, there is always a winner and loser in any game. (ties don’t count, it is like kissing your sister). At the end of the season, there is only 1 winner in each division. So at the end of the road, it is about the journey, the impact it has on the kids, and what they take away from teh experience. Just because you lose a game, does not mean you are a loser.

    Coach up your kids, encourage them when they are down, push them when they are up, and believe that no matter what happens on Friday night, we strive to be the best we can be.

  • ManDown

    4th And 1, I agree with you. I like coaches that want to win and keep winning. Thats what Im about because if you’re not winning you are teaching a losing attitude in my opinion. Some of these coaches that are in place my be great guys like Michaletos but when it comes to football they just don’t get it done.

  • mvalfan

    I get what some of you are saying but you must not know where he coached. Any kid that wants to win will transfer to Newark, Logan or Washington. Kennedy will loose its best players to Newark every year to play basketball and when you only have 700 students that’s a big hit. im not saying he was a great football coach. They would still have talent there and they wouldn’t win but no one wants to coach there. For him to stay there and have such a positive attitude for so long he was the best coach they could get. every kid wants to win but when your league has every team at almost 2000 students and Logan at like 4000 and you have 700 on a good year you know your not going to win that many games. Good for him for getting a team out there every year and having a positive influence on their lives

  • outsider

    What is a losing attitude? I think that most of us want our kids to play football because football is great for teaching life leassons such as hard work and committment, but life is not a football game. It is not always about winning and losing. You can have a great life without winning every arguement, sales competition, or having your idea get picked. Anyone who demands they win all the time in all aspects of life is an asshole. If a coach can instill these life lessons then they have done their job. If they can also win, so much the better.

  • 4th and 1

    I have never said its all about winning but to deny we all want to win is naive to say the least we all strive to be the best we can be to be “Winners” however you want to take that. Let me ask you a question your child is getting c ‘s and b’s in his classes but with a better teacher he would excell and get A’s is it okay that the teacher is a great guy but lacks the skills or knowledge to have your child excell at the highest level, where do you stand. If the person coach or teacher is doing the best possible job then their is not much else that can be done sometimes life works out that way, however if he or she is not doing the best they can not becouse they are bad people but becouse they lack the knowledge talent or skill to provide the absolute best we can to our kids then i think we have an obligation to strive for better and replace the person with someone more qualified that is my point. If you want to settle for less with your kids thats your right but dont expect me to sit by and watch society for the most part give a have ass effort becouse they dont know what they are doing. Dont be selfish and let someone who knows better then you and is also “A great guy, coach or mentor” lets expect the best from our kids and lets provide them the best we can offer lets not settle for but he’s a really great guy. Anyone who has ever played sports understands winning and losing but let me add another aspect. Varisty kids have alot on the line sometimes like college scholerships. its now fair to hold them back becouse or not give them the best we can becouse although hes a great guy he dont know jack about football. we should not play with a young mans future for our selfish motivations. I am sure he is a great guy but are their other great guys who have more to offer. YES. they the great guy is not really doint the best for the young men he cares about is he? its really more about the great guy

  • 4th and 1

    life is about winning and losing and how You “Treat those two imposters just the same” the lessons taught on the football feild are or can be life lessons. how to win and lose and how to keep fighting, team work dedication and commitment. along with other virtues we try to instill in our young men. I have been involved in bay area football either playing or coaching since 1971. the Point is and I think its a valid one is just being a great guy when others have that and so much more to offer is not good enough. the fact is the public school and the sports programs our run by the buddy net work. its not really how good you are at your job its how good you are kissing the right ass. thats the lesson we are teaching our kids from these “GREAT GUYS”

  • 4th and 1

    @mandown Show me a man who says he like to lose unless its his virginity and i will show u a self labeled loser. Is life all about winning no but if i have my choice i would rather win than lose lets be honest first then we can have fruitfull discussion.

  • 4th and 1

    I see doughtery valley coaches getting alot of press about there football team. Anyone hear about the football players that were suspended for holding another player down and sexually assualting him. havnt heard anyone talk about this but alot about what great guys they are on the football feild. Hmmmm Sounds like great leadership and wonderfull life lessons being taught there

  • EB Football Coach

    4th and 1, what is wrong with you? No coach wants to lose. Nice guy coaches don’t want to lose. There isn’t a single coach in all of competitive sports that likes losing.

    However, there are some coaches that know alot about football and some that know less. There are some coaches that are incredible motivators and some that are not. There are some coaches that get their kids in great shape and others that only get theirs in mediocre shape. There are some coaches who are great in the weightroom and others who are not. Some coaches help their athletes get full rides, some help get into college, and some just help their kids get to school.

    If you don’t understand the complexities of these things, you obviously don’t understand coaching. And if you don’t understand how teaching players to be good people first and good football players second is more important than teaching them how to win, you’re a plague on society. If that’s what you really believe, let me know where you coach, so my son doesn’t ever set foot on your team.

    Also, how can you say Sira know how to coach? Did he not take that team to the NCS championships against DLS? That only happens if a man knows his football.

  • 4th and 1

    Well first off why do you ask what is wrong with me Wow Nothing. Why what is wrong with you? sounds kinda like we agree at first. Yea and wouldnt it be nice if we had coaches who posses all or most of these attributes. Sira didnt know what the third step of a three step drop is called among other things I coached with him. two maybe your not clear on what I said and should brush up on your comprehension. Its not all about winning reread my post. I understand coaching far more than you can ever realize. How many dinners and raider and niner games do your parents take you to after the season is over how many letters do u have from parents thanking you for the wonderfull life lessons you have taught there kids. You mean the year with the All everything Dehl kid among lots of other talent that any trained monkey could coach and still got blown out by de la salle. Oh really a plague on society. re read the post and get your facts straight “is life all about winning NO” read first think next then maybe you can speak. Oh and by the way you would be lucky to have me coach your son but i am sure you are the kind of parent who puts him above the rest of the team. Hey why is it that foothill generally feilds better football teams than Amador
    Demographics? no coaching Yes! thier is a differnce even if you refuse to acknowledge it. But if you want to get personal then I have to ask WHAT IS WRONG
    WITH YOU? If you think sira knows football then you know less about the game then he does

  • 4th and 1

    hey tell me the best way to beat a cover three two one four two man or zero. Hey tell me the rules for legal blocking below the waist hey tell me the only ways to score in a football game without actually having the ball. Hey tell me the difference between a 4-4 and a 6-2. tell me the one word description of whe a passed football spirals. Hey tell me what cloud means to you. shall I go on want to debat the rule book want to know how to beat the A- 11 offense easily
    what do you want to know about football chances are i can give you the answer. Hey want to know how to stop option. hey want to know who the first coach at Granada high school was. want to know the first nor cal team to be ranked number one in cal in the last 40 years. Hey want to know when foothill cal granada dublin high was built. hey want to know the rule on first touching????????????????? if you cant answer those questions from memory dont even start with me shall i go on becouse i can.

  • ManDown

    4th and 1, Lol! How do you beat a cover 3, 4 or 2?

  • 4th and 1

    The good football coaches in the ebal are sweeney bergman and maybe kravitz the others have had plenty of time to show what the got and havent been even close to as successfull or consistent. Maybe silva at granada but we will see when the atkinsens are gone. Livermore is new but seeing them play i dont expect much from them either drew is their whole team and there schemes are almost to basic and simple.

  • 4th and 1

    is it two zone, two man, 3 cloud or sky?

  • 4th and 1

    i will give you the easy one the rest you can send me a check for the info 2 zone five o six underneath 2 deep safty. two nines and a post you challeng one or the other safty as they have half the feild each and cant cover a post and a nine up the sidelines read his drop and throw the other way make sure it a cover 2 and not a cover four you can tell on your first step read by the angle of his drop

  • 4th and 1

    Their are other ways but you get the general idea draw it up on a peice of paper and you will see. funny thing about football is it hasnt changed in along time I learned that in 1977 from raymond berry

  • outsider

    4th and 1,
    So a team being consistent is all the mark of a good coach? It has nothing to do with talent available? I think Sweenney is a good coach too but he does not have the talent this year he has had in the past so his team is a bit down. He did everything he could with what he has and has fielded a good team. So I guess Ladouceur is not a good coach. He coaches in the EBAL. One reason De La Salle is such a good team is that Ladoceur is a good coach and they are able to keep their pipeline full of good players. Since the public schools have a more limited area to draw from it is harder for them to get consistent talent year in and year out. Bellici at Cal seems to be a good coach. The team was a bit down last year but still made NCS playoffs. This year they are undefeated and probably will remain that way until they play De La Salle. The addition of Kravitz at Cal has definately been positive and I personally think that the combination of Bellici and Kravitz is better than either one seperately.

  • EB Football Coach

    Do not assume you know me, my motives, or my intentions as a parent. Do not assume your knowledge of football is vastly superior to mine. I did not assume such things about you. The crux of this conversation rests on your posting negative remarks on a thread about a retiring coach.

    I asked, “what is wrong with you”, because you got on this thread about Michaletos and his retirement and began ripping him. For example, “I think if you coach that long and havent accomplished alot its becouse you didnt really know football.” Why get on this thread and try and trash the man and his legacy?

    Then, you proceed to question his motivations for dedicating 46 years of his life to guiding adolescents into manhood. You say, “When i see this…its totally about the coach wanting to be called coach regardless of whether they are the best coach for the job.” When a man has given of himself for so long, why not appreciate what he has done? Why get on this thread and not just trash his person, but his entire motive for coaching?

    If he stuck around just to be called coach, then he’s and entirely selfish person, with little care for his players. That would be the image of him you are trying to create.

    Finally, I have no ties to Coach Sira, not ties to Amador Valley, or anyone associated with that program. However, I would submit to you any number of teams with incredible talent that get blown out by DLS.

    2008/2009 – Pittsburg(Arguably the best Pitt team of the decade in 2008 lost 34-10)
    2007 – Cal 37-0
    2006 – Foothill 33-7
    2004 – Amador 41-0

    Being blown out by DLS is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • 4th and 1

    i think lad is in a league by himself and thanks for making my point sweeney doesnt have the talent this year but still wins games and makes other teams a little edgy when they play foothill. Amador on the other hand only plays competitive football when they have talent. Stancil’s healthy they play tough he gets hurt they get worked by cp. just one example i can go on and on about amador. Sira was hired about 1985 by Rich Canfield who is related to the canfield kids (Brothers) who played at livermore when they last went to ncs in 1996 and who coached at livermore and at granada respectivly. Yea cal used to be the doormat but they have done good things and have I think got some good coaches we will find out this year if they are in lads league. but in all honesty lad has a really good jump on all the other programs. I remember when de la salle was only known for phil figonia(spell check on that name doing it from memory) and there soccer team. as for de la salle it funny how when u win everyone wants to be a part of it thats why the kids go their they dont have to recruit when u put together a football program like they have it all takes care of itself.

  • 4th and 1

    Eb football coach lets be honest you called me a plague on society. so lets not try to turn things around want me to repost yoru post or do u want to apoligize now. second. this is america and i am entitled to my opinion. if you dont like it tought luck pal. I didnt call him a plague on society. I still think if you coach that long and dont get alot of w its becouse you dont know alot about football I stand by that statement. Now i know there are always exceptions to the rule but the rule is the rule and not the exception for a reason.third you make my point about coaching great teams getting beat by great teams with better coaching Oh yea and i accept your apology for calling me a plague on society and then accusing me of ad hominen attacks.

  • outsider

    De La Salle will continue to be in a league by itself as long as Lad is there and they can draw talent from around the bay area. Take away Lad and it might fail, take away number of good players going there because of draw area and it might fail. Lad is also a faculty member at DLS so he is on full salary and that is his job and the football team is fully supported by the administration. Many of the public schools have coaches that are not on campus except to coach, are paid diddly squat, and the school administration does not support the program. There has been talk about if the other EBAL teams want to be like De La Salle then they should schedule nationally ranked teams in the preseason. For the most part that is no longer possible unless the nationally ranked team wants to travel here. The public schools no longer have the money to travel.

  • 4th and 1

    Well there are plenty of good football coaches who have the time to donate and spend full time and would love to do it but if you arnt a teacher or administrator good luck, its the good ol boys network lad found a way around it a long time ago and produced excellent football and young men. your right some schools wont support the programs most public school systems are full of selfish people who put themselves ahead of the kids if you want real examples i have many. de la salle will most likley be out of the ebal at the next alignment. if not your right they will dominate for years to come.

  • 4th and 1

    hey eb by the way i dont coach my kids to win fooball games i coach them to be winners and they take care of the games. i tell them it doenst matter what the score is at the end of the game its how u carry your self before during and after thats what makes u winners. And i also know alot about the game. Have a nice weekend its almost fun time

  • Souzz

    Football should be used for nothing other than teaching kids the way to be the best at what they do.. if winning follows that.. then great.

    just imo

  • 4th and 1

    cant hide is completley wrong. not the smartest man in the world but the smartest one you will ever talk to about football thats for sure and never tried or coached in the dval but maybe you can explain what i have said that is incorrect or you can just attack me with inaccurate info. oh yea and i never slink away i dont have to but maybe thats how you handle thing but i dont now do u have anything about football of value or are u just angry and clueless.

  • 4th and 1

    I will tell you what i will get my hands on one of the worst programs in the bay area and turn it around you will know who I am inside of five years. But while were at it answer my football quiz you cant be anymore wrong about that then you are about who I am.

  • can’t hide

    “methinks thou dost protest too much..”

    yep, that’s him.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • renegades10

    outsider, it’s actually not that the EBAL teams should be playing nationally ranked teams, it’s that they should be out there playing more CCS (really WCAL) and SJS schools. It was nice to see SRV and MV play WCAL schools, Cal played Del Oro last year, but they should keep that going. I hope after this year, Cal will really start challenge themselves on the non-league schedule next year. SRV and MV both have return games next year with Mitty and Serra respectively, but I hope they will continue look outside the section for games the following years as well. It is hard because the EBAL teams only get three-nonleague games as opposed to the five that many of the leagues get, but it can be done.

  • i just left the dela game- senior nite- the 2nd and 3rd teams played the entire second half- here’s what I saw- regular atheletes over preforming in blocks and tackles, not necessarily speed and athelitism. If you block and tackle and are coached well, you have an upper hand over many programs. The DLS players don’t look like mDiv ! prospects to me, except Wynn and Renauld. They are kicking your kids ass on strength, conditioning and desire/attitude. There players are also football smart in minimizing mistakes and making proper assignments. Your teams will continue to get this from them regargless if Lad leaves or retire, the system will destroy you. Your school cannot consistantly develop that program, only once in a great while. The LA schools have some of these, not all, down pat. Private schools are better coached and are more consistant, their players don’t have distractions and are fully committed to take DIRECTION, iregarless of whether it’s popular or if they like it. The cream rises to the top and players who are not aligned or who don’t want to get aligned after getting chances, that’s right, get left on the sidelines. If your kid has poor attitude, it’s a bet that the parents have the same shit-ass attitude towards society, structure or this country.

  • s1lverngreen

    Not the most eloquent posting that I’ve ever seen; however, you hit the nail in the head. Well said! The boys in Sparta are in that weight room all summer and they love to run them some gassers! They listen and buy into the program…that helps too. Next week should be fun at Cal Hi…going to be a nice crowd…make the trek yo mama, you’ll be in for some good football! a good weekend to you my friend.

  • fyi

    YoMamma… very nice post… coaches need to be on point, like 4th&1 says, and like you say… the kids too need to take part ownership… as well as their parents/guardians/support-system/family/etc for it to be a good life-skill teaching experience for these young men… these days it takes a community effort to raise young men that will be outstanding/responsible adults… we can only teach/coach ’em up, they need to take hold and believe… have integrity and be honest to the boys and they will believe…win or lose… teach ’em… good luck to ALL coaches and their programs… and their communities…after all, its for the KIDS!!!

  • 4th and 1

    I think yo moma hit it on the head. Its not the coaches team its the kids and their parents team. De la salle gets that. most public schools are a microcosym of society. A few very selfish kids and parents try to run the programs. I have met some parents who trully beleive a football program was setup just for their kid and to hell with all the other kids. The de la salle kids understand its there program and they take responsability for it and hold their teammates accountable I played on teams like this before De le salle set the standard. Our team kicked the best athlete in the school of our football team in high school becouse he was drinking during season. The coaches didnt do it we took a vote and booted him for letting the team down. We as a team made a decision amongst ourselves that we were committed to winning yea i said it winning. This came from the kids not the coaches. He didnt live up to his commitment and he watched us win league and go to ncs from the stands.

  • EB Football Coach

    4th and 1 – Despite whatever we disagreed on previously, I would agree with everything in that last post. That’s what separates the teams that compete year-in and year-out from the teams that rise and fall on talent. Coaches who convince parents/kids to take ownership and put the team before their own interests are the Matt Sweeney/Vic Galli type coaches of the world.

  • 4th and 1

    i cuncurr hey and to all you who think im mean and nasty well if you knew anything about football you would know 4th and one is always ugly

  • 4th and 1

    good talent young men who understand commitment and responsability and knowledgable coaches who care more about building winners than winning football games seems to me to be the formula for success, however you define success. I have seen alot of football and coaches and I have seen programs where the kids simply deserve better. At the end of the day coaches dont exist without players (kids)