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NCS Division I championship site

By Ben Enos
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 11:44 am in East Bay Football.

Got the word today that the North Coast Section Division I football title game will be held at the Oakland Coliseum this year.

The game is set for Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. Division I will go early this year because of the possibility that it may be televised, according to NCS associate commissioner Karen Smith.

There will be a 7 p.m. game as well, but whether that’s the Division II or III game has yet to be determined. That’ll probably happen when we know the matchups, likely midway through the playoffs.

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  • JusWatch

    Hopefully Division II

  • c.sparks


  • Footballman

    In your opinion who will go in D3 and D2

  • Reed

    Its about that time for that playoff talk and predictions

  • Reed

    D2 and D3 will be fun to watch this year…so many teams to watch

  • EBfootball

    DIII will be such a better game

  • Footballman

    I agree D3 would be very fun to watch any predictions for playoffs

  • Sideliner

    Show some luv for the D-4 schools! Small schools,Big hits..Will be interesting to see how some of the Horses from Nor Cal do against the Bay Area schools.

  • norcalfball

    so annoying hearing all the ridiculous d3 and encinal posts…schedule up (other than just serra) and most importantly win a game vs a ranked opponent please, then argue your ranking…

    until they do..encinal is a great D3 team, but sorry that is it. favorites for the D3 title game does not mean you are ready to take on the EBAL…heck they wouldn’t even be the favorites in D2.

    lets compare d2 to d3
    your #1 Marin catholic struggled with d2 los lomas this year who probably won’t even be a top 10 seed if seeded at all.

    your #2 according to cal preps cardinal newman lost to d2 rancho cotate…

    your #3 miramonte lost to los lomas (see above)…
    your #4 Encinal has 1 win vs a d2 opponent or higher and that is alameda only 27-12, which was vs a team that may not even make the playoffs and if they do will be a 14-16 seed…
    your #6 alhambra lost 33-14 to a D2 dublin team who has only 2 wins on the year and is currently ranked #19 in d2…

    based on this i think YV and O’Dowd should be in your top 3 if you even want a chance vs d2…they are the only ones with plus victories other than MC beating bhigh, but d2 #2 pinole beat bhigh too.

    so not sure where all the D3 faithful keep talking that they are so much better than d2…the only thing d3 is better at is talking…they may be deeper 1-16, but the top 8 in d2 would beat the top 8 in d3 head to head…

    please give me one argument of how D3 is so much better or more entertaining than D2…other than Encinal being the fastest team on the planet vs a bunch of d3 and d4 opponents…no disrespect to encinal because they are a great program but they are what they are a great D3 program.

  • Sideliner

    D1 and D2 should be at Coliseum…D3 and D4 at local college or maybe Kezar! 5pm and 7:30 games.More football and fun for the fans!


    Norcal, Just wonderind, are you a coach, or do you know of a coach from a good D1 or D2 that wants to play Encinal. I hear they might have room for one more opponent of intergrity. If so speak up your damn self. Because if Im not mistaken, you have the longest post on this blog. You my friend are the one doing all of the talking. Put up or shut up

  • Scl alum

    As a D4 alum, I like the idea of a championship game (if there are no scheduling conflicts) at Kezar..

  • FB Guru

    For entertainment value, D2 and D3, should be at the Coliseum. The D1 championship game is already a forgone conclusion.

  • Sideliner

    Year end and year out D1 schools would prevail but not neccesarily on talent alone.Quite often the numbers play a huge role.Its like the 300 Spartans vs. The Persian Empire,the Spartans had the talent but in the end Numbers won out.
    The D1 schools can throw out 50,60 maybe 70 players as opposed to some D3 and 4 schools numbering 25 to 30.Some of the more successful bayarea D4 schools over the last 5 years like Salesian and SPSV have actually fared well.These teams have beaten larger schools like S Heart,McClymonds,Encinal,Bethel,Benicia,Vanden and others.
    Could they do it every year?Probably not!But when their good,their good.Javids team could have beaten a lot of D1 and 2 schools.The 06&07 St Pats team won 24 in a row and beat all the D1,2&3 teams they played.They were both big,strong and fast.
    The point is any team,regardless of division,can compete if their good.
    Encinal has something like 40-4 record over the last 3 years.They could compete with many larger divisions however the truth is many probably didnt want to because it would be a no-win situation for the larger school.
    As I stated earlier, the top D1 & D2 schools in each section will usually prevail but when you take some of the really good small schools my guess is they would fare well against many of the others.

  • c.sparks

    norcall footbll your an idoit.. i can do the same thing…. i just dont feel like typing all that much… my god.. yor an idoit……..

  • renegades10

    I don’t like this, Dublin is a great site for the game as the stadium is usually filled as opposed to the cavernous Coliseum. nice for the kids to play out there, but I don’t know if it creates the best atmosphere imo.

  • junior

    The only bad thing about D1 playing saturday is if the winner gets the D1 state game nod- they have a short turnaround (along with a travel day).

    Advantage So Cal.

  • norcalfball

    agreed renegades…

    csparks…please show me a quality d3 win over a d2 or d1 school..other than yv’s and MC over bhigh…rather than just say im an idiot..

  • Prep Fan

    Wouldn’t that be the same turnaround for teams from any division, or are you just concerned about DLS?

  • Prep Fan

    I think its cool to play the NCS championship at the Coliseum. I agree that it is a cavernous atmosphere, but it is great for the kids to play on the same field as the Raiders. The NCS baseball finals were held at Dougherty Valley this year instead of the Coliseum, and it just wasn’t the same.

    It is going to be a great memory no matter where they play. But years from now when they are telling someone about the experience, it will be “When we played in the NCS finals at the Coliseum”, instead of just “When we played in the NCS finals”.

  • football_fan926

    yv beat casa grande which was ranked 2nd at that time in d.2..they also beat northgate who was ranked 1st in d.2..
    up next for yv too knock off the ranks is CONCORD!!!


  • NorCal Hoops

    who do you think gets the lowest seed in the D1 playoffs this year?

  • Prep Fan

    Is this a trick question?

  • junior

    prep fan- you are a dumb ass. The title of this article is “D1 Championship game”- ONLY the D1 game has been set.

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks Junior. You are very classy.

  • Footballman

    Cant we all just talk about predictions i mean D1 will play ya ok but i think it would be fun to see D3 i really dnt know to. Many D2 high schools but incould be wrong im not bias i just want to see close games

  • #1 Prep Football Fan

    What do we have to do to get the D2 championship in the Coliseum, that would be a great ticket? I’m glad theyre going back to Oakland, I really missed those games when they moved to different venues!

    D1 & D2 Championship in Oakland Coliseum!!!

  • ManDown

    Who cares what division is in the coliseum? The only teams it should concern are the teams playing in the finals and as of right now there is only one team going and that is DLS.

  • Footballman

    mandown get off DLS nuts dude damn i hope they lose everything god i mean its annoying they go every year dnt you guys want change i mean seriously it not even fun anymore i hope they loose

  • Footballman

    No disrepect mandown

  • Footballman

    I mean im just sick of DLS allways wiining you know what i mean

  • ManDown

    I wish someone else would win it too but who will take it away from them? I would love for someone else beside DLS to win it all but fact is that hasent happened in over 20 years. I respect what they are doing over there and how hard they work but it is about that time they go down to a bay team.

  • Footballman

    ya they do work hard thats nkt a lie but i hope Cal beats them Cause they just got to loose it truely is that time for them to loose. You think they they recruit?

  • http://Bluedog2 George Manley

    If we are going to have a NCS Championship..then the Oakland colisum is the place to have it and all three divisions should face off….It will be a great afternoon/evening of High School football…It should be interesting to see which team earns a trip to the Colisum…..

  • Footballman

    good answer George i like that

  • ManDown

    DLS recruits but I don’t think Cal does.

  • Footballman

    Thats want i meant DLS does recruit then why are they alloud to play

  • norcalfball

    if we could fill the coliseum then i say lets play on it…but fact is the crowd is a nonfactor because maybe 20% of the stadium is filled. sorry but high school football is supposed to have an intimate atmosphere. you don’t get that at the coliseum. lets have a wild crazy, and loud game at dublin or wherever else.

  • Prep Fan

    I understand that DLS has been to the Coliseum every year the finals have been held there, and playing there may not have the same cache it holds for other teams or fans, but it is pretty cool to have a game in that venue. I don’t think the NCS should be overly concerned about 1 team possibly getting as much rest as possible for the state bowl game, and the decision should be made as to what is best for all the kids that get to play the game.

  • Scl alum

    I would argue for playing in such an NFL venue as the Oakland Coliseum or Anaheim Stadium for State Bowl games, where you would likely attract much larger crowds, but for section championship games, I believe a local college field, or a Kezar Stadium locally, enhances a more authentic, spirited high school football atmosphere. I remember when I watched my alma mater Healdsburg play in the Coliseum back in ’89. It was cool to be playing in the Raiders’ house, but at the same time, it seemed SO cavernous. I know everyone has different takes on the NCS championship venues, though

  • David

    DLS is allowed to play because everyone says they “recruit,” everyone “knows” someone that’s been recruited, yet NCS has never found any evidence that they recruit. I always find it curious how everyone seems to know someone that was recruited, yet apparently never brought it to NCS’ attention over the past 20 years.

    What I do know is talented players from DLS frosh team regularly leave DLS to play elsewhere: whether it’s financial issues, concerns over future playing time, lack of commitment, or personal issues. An example of this I believe is Pica from Concord HS. There’s another example of this, but I can’t recall his name.
    Hopefully Renegades can if he reads this.

  • junior

    Please stop talking about the DLS recruiting advantage before Moreau hs coaches read this.

  • ManDown

    I know that J. Leaf the RB from Alhambra went to DLS before leaveing after his freshman year.

  • outsider

    Post #36- As a private school De La Salle can take in students from anywhere. Most come from all over the East Bay Area. As a public school California High School can only take students who live within the boundaries of its set geograpical area which is about half of San Ramon. You can do the math on the difference in geographical area and the number of kids available. Another thing to keep in mind is that since De La Salle is private and in most cases student’s parents are paying for it, the students are highly motivated, both in academics and in athletics.

  • David

    # 43, That was the name I was forgetting. Bottomline is that when you think of Bay Area HS football the three schools that come to mind first are your Alma Mater, your rival, and DLS. With all the success DLS has had, don’t you think someone would of checked in on them?

    I feel like “recruiting” has a nasty connotation to it that could be avoided by finding a better word to define what you’re trying to say. I have to believe that people don’t say “recruiting” in the sense that DLS actively sends people to recruit solely for sports.

    In order to believe this to be true you’d have to also believe that either DLS is paying off the NCS/CIF, or that the NCS/CIF, are a bunch of morons incapable of putting two and two together. If DLS were doing this for 25-30 years they would of been caught by now, one person in all that time would of spilled the beans and DLS would of been busted.

    I think parents, and their kids, are drawn to DLS by it’s mystique and/or reputation as a school, not just as a football factory. I personally joined DLS to avoid people from middle school because I couldn’t stand them. I didn’t play football, but did once consider it.

    While I was considering playing Frosh football, my Dad substitute taught at DLS and spoke to a football player in one of his classes, told him I was considering playing football and asked what he thought. The player told him that if I had any football talent what-so-ever, Coach Lad would find it. To me that’s the major reason DLS get’s players from around the bay area. It’s not that they actively recruit, try to recruit, or anything like that. It’s their reputation that draws people to DLS.

    You may take this as the biased opinion of a DLS Alum and that’s fine. I acknowledge that I am biased because I loved my time at DLS. Growing up in Alamo I always felt like an outcast, as if I wasn’t good enough for the people around me, but at DLS I found acceptance. It’s a strong, tight-nit, community and isn’t at all about sports. It was a great experience, which is why it bothers me when people make false accusations like stating DLS recruit’s as FACT. If it were FACT I have to believe that it would: A) Have been made public by now, and B) DLS would of been punished for it.

    Sorry for the long post. The Cal/DLS game’s shaping up to be an epic game a week from Friday, can’t wait.

  • Sideliner

    Call it recruiting,persuasion,incentives,promises who cares!DeLa has built a great program.The truth is many of their athletes are average with great players in the key positions.What makes the “team” great is there level of commitment and coaching.For some the commitment level is to high so they leave.For those that can endure,well,their records speak for themselves.
    What changed the level of the playing field is when the CAL disbanned and the North Coast section re-aligned.The CAL(Catholic Athletic League)back in the late 60′s and 70′s was the powerhouse in hoops and level in all other sports.If it had not dissolved it would most likely be on the same level of competition as the powerful WCAL.Back then it was DeLa,Moreau,St Marys,Salesian,St Patricks,St Elizabeths and St Joes and O Dowd!All of these schools had the same ability to bring players from neighboring areas,no boundary,level playing fields.
    You cant blame DeLa,the school made a commitment to excellence in sports back in the 80′s along with a little help from the French order of Christian Brothers.
    Programs build success it doesnt come overnight.More importantly the “school” has to buy into the program.Many of the other area private schools have lost talent for this reason.St Patricks has lost state championship caliber players to Salesian and Dela,so has O Dowd.Thats the way of the world.
    As long as DLS remains the only team and school to commit to these levels they will be the only team to have this kind of unparalleled success.
    Good luck to the Spartans but bring back the CAL!

  • djfalong

    it would be nice to see miles long go for 300 yrds in the oakland col. considering where from pittsburgh,pa!!!