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Jon Becker

  • Scl alum

    Anybody have scores for Healdsburg-El Mo, Windsor-Casa?

  • outsider

    Concord wins the championship for running up the score.

  • BVAL Expert

    WOW can anyone explain the pittsburg and DV games both teams played like crap against decent teams?

  • renegades10

    DV=overrated big time
    Pitt= inconsistent big time and Freedom is actually a solid squad

  • BVAL Expert

    Thanks renegades

  • hornetfan

    just like rochlin predicted we would go 3-0 down the stretch. Offense has exploaded 44 now 71pts we have to be the most explosive offense next concord. Look for the hornets to make a run in the coming weeks.

  • renegades10

    Hornetfan you are cracking me up. You are playing terrible teams. You do not have the most explosive offense next to Concord.

  • BVAL Expert

    ARE you kidding me Hornet Fan? 71 points against a richmond school… thats never known for football? thats not an explosive offense

  • Scl alum

    Some SCL scores-

    Healdsburg 41, El Molino 27
    Casa Grande def. Windsor for SCL title 28-21

    Go Hounds!

  • bronco billy

    Dang concord hung a 70 on us … well I guess we can’t say much – we did it to tennyson


    Drove across the bridge to see the St Pats vs Swett game.The Bruins now have a potent air game to go along with the veer and their ground game.QB Souza had no problem launching a 55 yd bullet to favorite target Herndon and watch out RB Patrick looks healthy again.
    Hope to see SPSV and Healdsburg in seperate brackets to set up what could be a great matchup!

  • Triton8

    I’m happy for the Hornets……but are you serious? Their hanging big numbers against teams that are on the tail ends of their horrible seasons…..these kids just want the season to end. Lets not get crazy here…..you and lemon might be the polar opposites of each other in terms of Alameda Football. Hopefully the Hornets get a chance to test their Oregon-like offense in the first round of the playoffs…..either way the players need credit for not giving up on a tough start to their season….


    BOD looks good they will win the d-3 big strong fast and well coached.

    Arroyo will see in the playoffs with a 1st year head coach and a roster that has 75% underclassman .

    Good job BOD, ARROYO

  • To all the people who said “Arroyo will never be better than a 4-6 team”….you know who you are.

  • mob56

    Shout out to Castro Valley for a huge win over Hayward last night. This team is finally coming together and getting healthy. Big game for them next week at Bod, watch out dragons 🙂

  • KillerD

    Arroyo……way to battle good work

  • bmith

    did i really just read a shout out to castro valley are you kidding me they are one of the worst d-1 teams in the entire bay area close to 3500 kids and thats the best they can do they will struggle to win a game in the ebal for years to come

  • We couldnt do anything against Hayward, so im impressed…..good job CV

  • Scl alum

    With the SCL league finale next Friday night, I’m going out on a limb, and predicting Healdsburg to upset Casa in Petaluma, 30-27. Casa just won the league crown vs. Windsor, but I know the ‘Hounds will bring a real physical game vs. the Gauchos. The Hounds will treat this game like the NCS championship. Go ‘Hounds!

  • Footballfan415

    really BOD wins it all????? their “toughest” game against SI they lost by 2 scores…..hmmmmmm

  • 510baller

    Hay 415 SI may have beat BOD but if BOD played them again i bet Bod would put a pretty good beat down on them. You are always talking bad about BOD whats ur problem SI aient that good this year stop talking and go talk about about SF school somewhere else

  • Scl alum

    In Div III, I see Marin Catholic as top seed, but am not sure who would be seeded higher as a 2nd seed between Encinal and Bishop O’Dowd. Any thoughts?

  • Encinal will get the nod. Way better loss then BOD & with Hayward losing & as bad as SL is this year St. Pats maybe a better win. Previous years aren’t suppose to come into play but it will in the coaches rankings. Can’t see any coach petitioning for the post season not having Encinal #2. Don’t think they’re as good as the last 2 years but what about their record says that? Any casual coach is just gonna say train still rolling.

  • Haal Spy

    I was surprised that Tennyson played so well against Arroyo. I expected them to fold up after getting routed by Castro. At 4-5, they could still get into the D-2 playoffs. D-2 is wack.

  • I’m not gonn say that St. Pats would definitely beat O’dowd (I think they would beat them at home) but I think that St. Pats would beat Hayward & SL this year & thats all that really matters. Hayward really showed how good they were last night laying an egg to CV.

  • Scl alum

    I know about the D1 NCS Championship game being played at the Coliseum, but has anyone heard where Div’s II, III, and IV will be held?

  • ArmstrongJets

    HornetFan – Are you kidding me?! – Blasted by Encinal, B-High, PV and I mean blasted, you are crowing again a struggling program. Really.

    BOD has a good team, I attended the Alameda game, but one season does not mean they will beat a team that has been consistently winning. Encinal Win vs BOD.

    Just remember, the DIII Championship will go through Encinal. I know some want to rank other teams above the Jets, but the Jets have been in the Championship game for the past two seasons for a reason, …..so if you want it come get it.

    22ATW – Jet Fans know.

    Go Jets!