Prep football live chat today at 4 p.m.

Let’s talk East Bay prep football with Ben Enos and Jimmy Durkin during their live chat here on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 4 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Sideliner

    Just missed the chat with Jimmy and Ben.I havent heard any comment on our East Bay D4 teams.How will Salesian and St Pats fare against northern NCS teams such as Healdsburg or Ferndale this year in the playoffs.Has anyone seen Healdsburg or Ferndale when they played Mack?

  • renegades10

    Ben just read through the chat, Lakewood actually lost to LB Poly two or three weeks ago. So that could definitely hurt their chances for a bowl game with Westlake still being undefeated as well as CC. Even if Lakewood makes it through and wins the Pac-5 Westlake will either go Open or D-1 because they were passed over last year, and I think CC would go to the bowl game that Westlake is not in. Serra (Gardena) is also lurking and could get an Open bid although at this point I think it more likely they would be the DII team from SoCal.

  • Ben Enos

    You know, I meant Westlake. I got my lakes mixed up. Having seen Serra last year too, they gotta be up there. Lots of good choices.

  • MZ piggy

    missed the live, but I am surprised and disappointed you have not been out to see Cal High play. they are having an incredible season with incredible talent. You are missing out and the talent is missing your endorsement. it is a shame.

    You would think you would schedule the time prior to the DLS game…

  • MRS. S

    Dear, Mrs. P @ concord, 4:11 MY, son @ NG is doing well. Thank you dear for asking. Now when you want to get serious about TRASH talking NG… Well, I would only guess that we start w/ YOU and your off springs @ DE LA or ……….. or not

  • DVAL Watcher

    Ms. P. from Concord.. Thank you, for checking on NGHS’s #9. Like you really care with you’re history. I would only suggest you stop bouncing back & from Spartanhood.com and actually believe you & your’s belong……… somewhere????

  • Scl alum

    In DFAL action tonight, I hope Alhambra does NOT overlook Dougherty Valley tonight..

  • KillerD

    Dougherty Valley (I said again would be good this year) if you recall.

    Dougherty Valley is HoT and they will beat Alhambra tonight.

    DV by 14 points

  • Scl alum

    Killer D,

    Do you think Eureka returns the favor big against Del Norte tonight at Albee Field?

  • ManDown

    EC vs PV- It is Pinole’s year in the ACCAL but they will stumble a bit against EC because thery’re looking forward to the playoffs. PV 31 EC 20

    Moreau vs Piedmont- Moreau is a good team this year but Piedmont will give them a great game. P 14 Moreau 24

    JFK-Rich vs Encinal- This will be a blow out and JFK will humble themselfs from all the trash they were talking during the summer about the BSAL. Encinal 45 JFK 12

    Freedom vs Pitt- Pitt is on the rise after the horrible start. They have there players back and Freedom doesnt have a chance. Pitt 40 Freedom 21

    Alhambra vs DRV- This will be a good game with the DFAL title on the line. DRV has been a surprise this year but Im taking the more experienced DOGS in this one. Alhambra 21 DRV 10

    Miramonte vs Dublin- It will be a close game until the Mats pull away in the 3rd. Miramonte 35 Dublin 14

    Concord vs Northgate- Concord is very good this year and will blow this team out as well. Lloyd throws for 400+ this game! Concord 48 Northgate 14

    BOD vs SL- It will be a better game than what folks are anticipating. SL are in a must win situation if they want to see the playoffs and hold on to there crown. I see a humble, more focused SL team this week while BOD is looking ahead to the D3 playoffs. SL 21 BOD 24

  • KillerD

    Good takes Mandown and to SCL alum I am picking Eureka.

    Pinole will crush EC by 30 points.

    Piedmont upsets Moreau by 10 points

    Encinal by 30 points over JFK

    Pitt wins over Freedom and incredible turnaround

    DV wins by 14 over Bulldogs

    Miramonte by 21 over Dublin

    Concord airs it out to win by 21

    BOD wins vs. down SL by 21

  • Red Raider

    Killer D,

    I have been with you all season…until now. How does Piedmont beat Moreau? Statitically, common opponents, Moreau comes out ahead. I just don’t see Piedmont upsetting the Mariners.

  • JiveTurkey

    Moreau Catholic’s Football team has been selected as NBC Bay Area’s Team of the Week and will be highlighted after the Sunday night NFL game on NBC, this Sunday, November 7, 2010. Tune into NBC 3 at 8:00 pm on Sunday, following the Cowboys vs. Packers game.

  • KillerD

    Good to see the Moreau Mariners win their 6th game for the first time in 14-15 years? A hard fought win vs. Piedmont, by all accounts a very good game. I am rooting for the Mariners to win first round game.

    CONCORD scores 78 and then gets FINED by the CIF for hanging TOO many points on a league opponent. BUT wait, appeals will occur and most people simply don’t move forward on it.

    Cal High skips narry a beat in Tune Up game prior to DLS COOKOUT.

    PINOLE goes beserk on EC……….all predicted.

    Looking for SLEEPER teams in Week 10…………what teams will SHOCK all comers?

  • Scl alum

    Finally coming down to the Alhambra-Miramonte showdown. Should be a heckuva game..

  • Nfl

    what happened to those who predicted encinal scores would be closer? That the rest of the bsal would close the gap because the jets stars were gone. Moreau was picked to finish in front of the jets well will see how good moreau is next week i smell a fifty burger!

  • HS Football Fan

    It’s actually kind of sad to see some of the Encinal fans constantly whine about being disrespected. Nobody, not anyone on these boards nor anyone in any of the Bay area’s newspapers picked Moreau “to finish in front of the Jets.” There was some discussion about SPSV, and I saw some woofing from St. Mary’s, but never Moreau. Crying wolf eventually means people won’t take you seriously.

    That said, the Jets may very well lay a 50 burger on the Mariners. Just stop with the “everybody hates Encinal” crap.

  • KillerD

    Earlier in the year I predicted Miramonte to go 9-1 or better and win the league.

    Congrats to Alhambra and their showdown with Miramonte will be instense. Picking the Mats by 10 points.

    Healdsburg comes up big to retain their # 1 ranking in D4, so it will be as I predicted in August with Healdsburg and St. Pats as the top 2 seeds in D4.

    Concord is insane this year and Lloyd is breaking records with every single throw it seems.

    Huge win for Amador Valley over SRV, simply massive win over a very disappointing SRV club this year. No offense to a very respectable Klein at QB for SRV, but I fully expect their current JV star, a Soph who is big and has a cannon to take over the QB spot for Wolves in 2011, or at least split time in non-league games before winning the gig.

    Cal High……………….da Grizz is fo-shizz!

    Kudos ring out for Hardy Nickerson and BOD after doing a remarkable job at BOD. Good job for the coaches and the kids, congratulations.

    Jets dispatch of a hard JFK team to earn their 3rd stratight BSAL title. Congrats to Coach Joe T. and the staff and kids, simply incredible.

    Eureka slaps around Del Norte to win league again, way to go Loggers. Solid club.

    Watch OUT for Ferndale, they will be a top 5 seed in the D4 playoffs so the UNLUCKY team that must trek up there is in for trouble. Ferndale or Middletown are the ONLY two teams in D4 that have a shot at upsetting either Healdsurg or St. Patricks.

    Middletown will be a Top 3 or 4 seed and they are better than last year, their Defense is Nasty.

    PiTT IF they win next week will have OFFICIALLY completed the MOST amazing turnaround IN-season of any team in the Nation. Go Pirates.

    Bergman and Co doing a fine job of righting the listing ship and hanging an impressive win over a deflating Granada team. Their shocking loss to Foothill earlier this year Took the LIFE out of that team.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Liked what i saw in Kennedy-Richmond. Very Athletic and Next year will make a better showing. Played well and showed Great sportsmanship.H.S.F.F., #16 At one point quite a lot of people seemed to always pick us to lose every week. But The same people don’t (Not all) Give credit when it is due. So If one can criticize, Why can’t one respond to it? But as far as i’m concerned our play speaks for it’s self. Jet Pride!

  • Triton8

    For a tiny school that use to be mostly Navy kids……we are proud of the way Tenorio has brought us back to being a power. But it amazes me how much talk is thrown around on these boards about Encinal? It must be a compliment. When a team is on top, everyone wants to ride with them or hate on them……Giants, DLS etc…..so the only way to take it, is as a compliment. All in all, these boards are just a way for us grown men to shout about our schools and our kids…..it really doesn’t mean much anyways….but its fun.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Triton8. Well Written. Jet Pride!

  • ArmstrongJets

    Triton8 – Kudos.

    Pick who you want but stand behind your prediction if you are wrong.

    Jet Pride!

  • HS Football Fan

    I haven’t seen anybody picking Encinal “to lose every week” for as long as these boards have been active. Encinal has never lost a BSAL league game, and barring a stunning upset on Thursday, will move on to the HAAL with a perfect BSAL record. Cripes, you can go back to 2007, and the only league game they’ve lost was an ACCAL affair at Berkeley. About the only “disrespect” I’ve seen for Encinal has come from either Alameda fans (island rivalry) and from EBAL fans who don’t believe anybody outside of their league is worthy of respect. We all get it – Encinal has dominated Division III in the East Bay for years. Don’t believe me? Ask the coaches at Boise and Wazzu. They’ve come in and recruited the Jets.

    Earlier this year we heard a little bit about how this could be the year SPSV wins. Encinal shut them down. Last year we heard a bit about St. Mary’s. Again, Encinal took care of their business. But read what Nfl posted in #15 up above. You can’t find ANYBODY who posted anywhere that Moreau was going to finish above Encinal. Moreau hasn’t had a winning season since the last century. Reading crap like that makes it impossible for anybody to take the “nobody respects us” stuff seriously.

  • old former meddling coach.

    H.S.F.F. I didn’t mean it is happening now but it has. But, I respect your opinion. And I just like to see the kids get their due is all. I’m sure you can understand that. Jet Pride!

  • c.sparks

    moreau IS GARBAGE!!!!!.. you guys think you have a chancE? novato would put 50 points. BOD will PUT 50… Marin wouuld ut 50….. dont throw your name in the eleites…. ya havent won shit… you guys talk hella big cause you have 6 wins

  • c.sparks

    *put, Elites

  • JiveTurkey

    C.sparks – where have you seen anyone from Moreau say anything at all about the football team? There hasn’t been a single post from Moreau about them talking “hella big.” Where’s your proof?

  • Fan Student

    @HS Football Fan-That one commenter doesn’t speak for the Moreau football team. And maybe it is true that nobody respects them. No one from Moreau has said anything about finishing above Encinal, but it’s sure as hell they’ll try. And as for not having a winning season in centuries, that may be true… until this year. Moreau’s varsity team has made a huge come around since previous years. With or without your respect, they’re heading to NCS Playoffs in two weeks.

  • Nfl

    Fan student moreau may make the playoffs but your season will end with back to back blowout losses. Encinal and whoever you draw in the playoffs will show you guys still got a long way to go. You aint playing albany or san lorenzo type teams in ncs.

  • BayShoreFan

    Nfl, i have seen Moreau grow as a program for the past 7 or 8 years now. This is a good group of football players. No one alone stands out like the past seasons, they each play as a whole. I don’t think that they will be able to beat Encinal this thursday, but I think that they may be able to win the first playoff game. Encinal will be tough since they will only have about 3 days to prepare. But they have a whole week and a weekend to prepare for whomever they play against in the 1st round of the playoffs. With that said, I do believe that they have long ways to go. I don’t see them winning the second playoff game.

  • BayFan97

    I think the bigger issue is this whole notion of “disrespect,” who is disrespecting who and how. This particular generation of athletes, specifically those between the ages of 12 to 24, have been taught that any perceived slight, real or otherwise, is a sign of disrespect. And, as a result, an unnecessary amount of trash-talking takes place; specifically on forums like this where it’s easy to hide behind a screen name. Bottom line, there used to a time when all the talking was done on the field, the better team won and the talking stopped. Period. Now? Too much focus on individuality; too much “me-first” egocentric behavior. Too much celebration of the player, and not the team. Remember, it takes an entire team to win, no matter how good one player is. And, as for all the talking, let it happen on the field under the lights.