East Bay Football Poll – 11/8

Here’s the latest East Bay football poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week Comment
1. De La Salle (7) 9-0 105 1 Matchup of unbeatens on tap as DLS prepares to face California
2. California 9-0 98 2 Grizzlies get a partisan crowd in their quest to slay the Spartans
3. Concord 8-1 91 3 Minutemen lock up share of DVAL title by drubbing Northgate
4. Monte Vista 6-3 83 5 Michael Sullas rushes for 237 yards in 37-22 win over Granada
5. Encinal 8-1 72 7 Jets pick up at least a share of BSAL title with win over Kennedy
6. McClymonds 9-0 70 8 Marcus Peters steps in at QB, rushes for 72 yards and 3 TDs
7. Foothill 5-4 62 6 Veteran’s Day showdown with rival Amador Valley looms
8. San Ramon Valley 5-4 55 4 Wolves head across Danville this week to take on Monte Vista
9. Pinole Valley 8-0-1 54 10 ACCAL champs look for unbeaten regular season at Richmond
10. James Logan 7-2 38 11 MVAL title on the line this week when Colts host Washington
11. Granada 5-4 37 9 Matadors need win over Livermore to end three-game slide
12. Bishop O’Dowd 8-1 29 12 Dragons earn first HAAL title since 1999 by beating San Leandro
13. Heritage 7-2 15 13 Seeding positions likely on the line as Patriots battle Deer Valley
14. Alhambra 7-2 12 14 Bulldogs face Miramonte Thursday to crown DFAL champion
15. Miramonte 8-1 8 15 Win over Dublin has Matadors ready to battle Alhambra for title

Also receiving votes: Pittsburg (4-5, 6 points), Berkeley (7-3, 4), Amador Valley (4-5, 1). Records are through Saturday. The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Scl alum

    Anybody gonna twitter / give updates tomorrow evening from the Alhambra-Miramonte game?

  • Footballfan415

    Bulldog- so he has an academic scholarship there, with an offer to walk on?? He sure doesnt have a football scholie to UT, you need to follow college football recruiting a bit closer if your saying an unrated player from Martinez, Ca has a FULL FOOTBALL SCHOLLIE to Texas when they dont even offer the elite Cali players very often…..their class was full in April of this past year except for a National level elite players they are in play for (ie: ASJ, Aaron Green)

  • NCScoop

    Bulldog Forever – It’s great that these student-athletes are getting this attention.
    But, unless these student-athletes (and their parent/guardians) have expressed to you their desire for their personal business and travel plans to be posted on an anonymous blog, you should stop and think about how that can affect these kids (and your program). Especially, as FBallFan415 points out, when you don’t have the first clue what exactly you are talking about in regards to the recruiting process, and what constitutes what.

    We will see in February how many Bulldogs sign Division 1 Athletic scholarships. Trust me, I’m rooting for them. Until then, please (re)consider the damage to credibility you’re doing to these teenagers that you are representing anonymously and apparently, without all of the facts.
    “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…Especially when they’re not yours!”

  • Bulldog Forever

    To Footballfan415 and NCScoop- We’ll better understand who has the credibility and facts come Feb 1st. But until then, I’m following your advice and keeping quiet. Good luck to your teams and your kids.

    Big game tonight at Miramonte. The Bulldogs are the underdogs. But you never know, we might pull it off.

  • Scl alum

    Bulldog, are you gonna tweet the scores / give updates?

  • Bulldog Forever

    Scl Alum- It looks like prep corner isn’t going to have a live blog tonight. Tweeting is something that I’m not familiar with. I clicked onto the “follow us on Twitter” spot on this site and it just went to a blank screen.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Scl Alum- I would if I knew how. I clicked onto the “follow us on twitter” spot at the top of this site, but it just went to a blank screen.

  • I just fixed the Follow us on Twitter link. Clicking on that will now bring you right to a widget with all of our Tweets.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Thanks Jimmy

  • If Alhambra can stop the pass tonite Miramonte will have a hard time with the Bulldog’s offense.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Scl Alum- I’ll be on twitter tonight updating scores, my nom de plume is “Alhambrabulldog”. Someone else already has “Bulldogforever” (I forgot to trademark it).

  • FB Guru

    Funny how even all the Bulldog supports had Alhambra as an underdog last night to Miramonte yet the prep writers have had Alhambra ranked ahead of Miramonte all year long? It’s probably about 40-60 that they’ll finally switch their votes and go with Miramonte over the Bulldogs.

  • Scl alum

    Alhambra ran into a solid team last night, no question

  • bulldogforever

    Miramonte is a very good team. They tackle well, their offense is well thought out and balanced, and their quarterback has a good arm and plenty of time to throw, because of good play-calling by their coaches.

    But the main problem for Alhambra, was that Miramonte’s coach plays chess on offense, and Alhambra’s coach plays checkers. Football is chess, not checkers. Alhambra’s QB Nesheim had no chance at success whatsoever with the plays that were called.

    We have only two plays, Jared Leaf running up the middle, or a long pass to Trevor Davis up the right side. That’s it. No misdirection, no left or right, no screens, no playaction, no short passes, no end arounds, no nothing.(All of these Miramonte had and used against us)

    It’s a tribute to the heart of our players that they almost pulled it off.

    Our many long passes to Davis were so predictable that the cornerback stopped watching Davis and ran the routes himself (along with a couple of his buddies). Davis catching 9 passes for 185 yards while being double and tripled teamed was a sight to behold. The kid is a ring-tailed pass-catching wonder.

    I predict that Miramonte could go all the way. Alhambra almost beat Marin Catholic last year in the championship game with the same bad playcalling that we’ve been plagued with this year. So Miramonte, being much more well-rounded on offense than us, has a very good shot at them, if that’s who they end up playing.

    Congrats to Miramonte, and congrats to the Alhambra players for a hard fought game and a great year.

  • eastbayfbfan

    bulldogforever. im pretty sure miramonte had one guy on davis the whole game. number 2 i believe. but their offense made it predictable and the other db’s pretty much knew where to be when the ball was in the air on several of those interceptions

  • Loggerfaithful

    Bulldog, I believe that Marin Catholic and Encinal were in the championship last year. Were you refering to the semi-round when Alhambra lost to Marin Catholic 21-28?
    One thing is for certain DIII will be challenging.

  • bulldogforever

    Never count out the dogs, though.

  • bulldogforever

    You’re right, loggerfaithful, it was the semi-final game last year I was referring to, not the championship game. (I’m still a little bit dizzy from last night)