East Bay Football Poll – 11/8

Here’s the latest East Bay football poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week Comment
1. De La Salle (7) 9-0 105 1 Matchup of unbeatens on tap as DLS prepares to face California
2. California 9-0 98 2 Grizzlies get a partisan crowd in their quest to slay the Spartans
3. Concord 8-1 91 3 Minutemen lock up share of DVAL title by drubbing Northgate
4. Monte Vista 6-3 83 5 Michael Sullas rushes for 237 yards in 37-22 win over Granada
5. Encinal 8-1 72 7 Jets pick up at least a share of BSAL title with win over Kennedy
6. McClymonds 9-0 70 8 Marcus Peters steps in at QB, rushes for 72 yards and 3 TDs
7. Foothill 5-4 62 6 Veteran’s Day showdown with rival Amador Valley looms
8. San Ramon Valley 5-4 55 4 Wolves head across Danville this week to take on Monte Vista
9. Pinole Valley 8-0-1 54 10 ACCAL champs look for unbeaten regular season at Richmond
10. James Logan 7-2 38 11 MVAL title on the line this week when Colts host Washington
11. Granada 5-4 37 9 Matadors need win over Livermore to end three-game slide
12. Bishop O’Dowd 8-1 29 12 Dragons earn first HAAL title since 1999 by beating San Leandro
13. Heritage 7-2 15 13 Seeding positions likely on the line as Patriots battle Deer Valley
14. Alhambra 7-2 12 14 Bulldogs face Miramonte Thursday to crown DFAL champion
15. Miramonte 8-1 8 15 Win over Dublin has Matadors ready to battle Alhambra for title

Also receiving votes: Pittsburg (4-5, 6 points), Berkeley (7-3, 4), Amador Valley (4-5, 1). Records are through Saturday. The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Scl alum

    Any score predictions for Alhambra-Miramonte game this weekend?

  • bval fan

    Concord beat Heritage by 2 2-point conversions and is ranked #3.Heritage beat Logan.

    Heritage should be ranked above Logan,Foothill, Granada, Encinal, and BOD.

    THis week Heritage 42 Deer Valley 20……….just one man’s opinion

  • NorCalFB#1

    It is simple, BVAL Fan . . . Pittsburg completely screwed Heritage. They destroyed BVAL credibility by screwing around during the non-league, switching QB’s, playing without key injured players, etc, and then running the table during league play. The way they are both playing, both Pitt and Heritage probably deserve top-5 seeds, but the loss to Foothill, especially, gives the EBAL the boost they need. Personally, I don’t think either Foothill, Granada, or SRV could beat either of the top BVAL teams right now, but I do not think the seedings will reflect that.

  • Prep Fan

    Well stated NorCalFB#1. It is hard for Pitt to make a case they should be seeded ahead of Foothill, when at best they can have the same 5-5 record (Though Foothill probably will be 6-4), and Pitt lost to them head to head. With Pitt beating both Heritage and DV, and coming into the playoffs with a 5-5 record, they push both teams down in the seedings as well. The same goes with Berkeley as Pitt also lost to them. DV’s narrow last second wins over both 4-5 Washington and 3-6 CP didn’t help matters for the BVAL either.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Scl Alum- “Any score predictions for Alhambra-Miramonte game this weekend?”

    Miramonte’s pretty tough, but so are we. We’re playing a lot more tighter than we were earlier in the year. I predict the Alhambra Bulldogs winning, 31-21.

  • Scl alum

    That should be a heckuva game Bulldog Forever. Seems like Alhambra has been a real resilient team this year. Also gonna be an awesome DIII field starting next week!

  • Ebal Football

    Norcalfb1- Heritage does not deserve a top five seed. And as for pitt,they got their shot week 1 and 3 and lost to Foothill and MV respectively. I agree that pitt had a tough out of league schedual and they have gotten a lot better but Heritage is out of the question. They would no even compete in EBAL.

  • ManDown

    I don’t see the Dogs beating the Mats this year, Miramonte beats Alhambra by two touchdowns. Miramonte has a stud QB and I don’t think Alhambra can stop there offense. Look for Leaf to have a big day but it wont be enough to pull off a win.
    Miramonte 28 Alhambra 14.

  • Heritage would not even compete in EBAl. They would be hardly be better then Livermore. Pitt on the other hand is showing some improvement but i don’t think they deserve a top 5 seed.

  • Bulldog Forever

    Mandown, you think Alhambra will get only 14 points? Could you share some of that stuff you’re smoking? 🙂

    Alhambra would have had over 40 points in each of our last two games, except for the dang penalties (all clipping). Trevor Davis has had so many touchdowns called back that I’ve lost count. We stop clipping everybody, and we’ll be there at the end of the game.

    By the way, we have 3 players with DI full ride scholarship offers, WR Trevor Davis, lineman Maurice Poyadue, and kicker Wes Von Tonder. Tailback Jared Leaf is also a lock, so that give us 4 DI college-bound players at little, tiny Alhambra. And the rest of our team isn’t too bad either.

    But regardless of who wins, both teams have worked hard this year and both deserve to win. It’s going to be a great, hard fought and memorable game. Can’t wait.

    This is just too much fun.

  • ManDown

    Penalties are apart of football. I’m sure there are many teams who have had touchdowns called back but I just think Miramonte is better than Alhambra. If Alhambra wins then good job to them but I don’t think it will happen. Who cares how many D1 players you have?You guys lost to Dublin with those same D1 players too.

  • Prep Fan

    Bulldog Forever, which colleges are each of those 4 D1 full ride scholarship players headed to?

  • Bulldog Forever

    Mandown- “Penalties are apart of football. I’m sure there are many teams who have had touchdowns called back”

    You’re certainly right about that. But I think that we lead the league in that catagory. I haven’t attended all of Alhambra’s games this year, but I haven’t yet seen one of our opposing team’s touchdowns called back, and I have seen 6 (or is it 7? I lost track) of ours called back. And I don’t mean one yard plunges, I mean long plays (longest called back- 84 yards). Every time, it’s that dang open field clipping that we seem to be so good at.

    Mandown- “but I just think Miramonte is better than Alhambra”

    That could very well be true, we’ll find out Thursday night.

    Mandown- “You guys lost to Dublin with those same D1 players too.”

    Yes, we did. Dublin played a great game and deserved to win.

    Mandown- “Who cares how many D1 players you have?”

    I do, for one. I think that it’s an impressive number for such a small school. I don’t know what school you went to or support, but I hope that some of your kids are also getting offers. And to them I offer my sincere congratulations.

    prep fan- “Bulldog Forever, which colleges are each of those 4 D1 full ride scholarship players headed to?”

    One player has a written full ride offer from University of Idaho (they flew him out there two weeks ago), and the same player is flying out to Denver this weekend to visit Colorado State in Fort Collins, on their dime. Another has accepted a full ride to Fresno State, and yet another player has an offer from the University of Texas. I apologize for not telling you the exact details of who and where, but I think that that is up to the player and his parents to do when they are ready.

    The fourth player, Jared Leaf, has had a ton of attention, and I have no doubt whatsoever that he will end up DI as well.

    Only one of the offers, from Fresno State, has been verbally accepted so far (the date they can officially sign is Feb 1st). There are other Universities showing strong interest, but no offers from them yet. They’re all a little busy these days playing their games, as are we.

    Is it Thursday yet?

  • renegades10

    Rankings at this point hard to figure out. Too many teams beating each other in league. Playoffs can’t come soon enough. But this week is full of games the promise to be intriguing including the rivalry weeks in the EBAL and BVAL. 5 games have league championship implications as well!!!

    Games to Watch For

    ACCAL: Alameda@El Cerrito

    The recent success of Alameda sure has at least one Hornetfan talking. It’s obvious that they haven’t exactly been playing the best competition. I believe that despite both teams have overall losing records and one team will leave this game with a losing record while the other will be at .500, that both are qualified for postseason because they are guaranteed to have a .500 record in league. I think that task will be easier for Alameda in D2 than El Cerrito in D3. Regardless this is the battle for third place in the ACCAL. To be honest as I just mentioned, El Cerrito needs this a lot more than Alameda if they want to get into the playoffs. D3 promises to be loaded this year and if EC were to have a 4-6 record I don’t see them qualifying. Unfortunately for the Gauchos, they have just been too inconsistent for me to pick them this week. The Hornets get the win on the road 35-21.

    BFL: Berean Christian@Salesian

    Not often that the BFL teams get much press or discussion except for Salesian from time to time, but this game is for the league title and likely a top 4 seed in the NCS D4 playoffs. Both teams are capable of lighting up the scoreboards, and I expect it to be very entertaining offensive showcase. I just can’t pick against Salesian in league though. I predict the Pride to pull out a 42-28 victory.

    BSAL: Encinal@Moreau

    The upstart Mariners against the two time defending champs. Moreau has continued to improve from last year and the future looks good right now for this program. They will face their toughest challenge of the regular season against the Jets. Encinal has simply been destructive to league foes this year. Their running game is outstanding and not too many teams have the athletes to be able to at least contain them. While Moreau will put up a good fight, it just isn’t the year for them to topple the Jets who win 49-21.

    BVAL: Deer Valley@Heritage

    This battle between rivals promises to be a good one. Both teams got off to fast starts, but both have had their struggles as of late. This is for 2nd place in the league. With how bad the BVAL is looking right now with Pitt taking the league title, it is very likely that the third and fourth place teams (if Freedom beats Liberty) will have very low seeding. So this could mean the difference between being a top 10 seed or being near the bottom. I think Heritage is primed to take the game this year with a 35-14 victory.

    DFAL: Alhambra@Miramonte

    This would be a game of the week if not for the big EBAL showdown. Still this is the 2nd game for a league title and one that promises to be very good. Both teams feature good talent in Miramonte’s Anderson and Dolbec and Alhambra’s Leaf and Davis. Both teams had their shocking losses in league which has cause much of the intrigue as to who would be the league champ. But these two are left alone at the top now. It is likely that the winner will be a top 4 seed in the NCS D3 bracket as well as having homefield advantage for at least two rounds. Both teams are going to put up points, but I think the Mats get it done at home in a shootout 42-35.

    DVAL: Concord@YV

    Another game with league titles on the line. YV currently sits behind Concord in the standings with one league loss. But unless I am mistaken, if the Warriors beat Concord they would win the title courtesy of a head to head victory. YV certainly spoiled the Minutemen’s party last year and it is not unthinkable that they might pull off the same feat. However, I get a different feeling about this Concord team. They remember the loss from last year and they seem determined to leave no doubt this year. YV has certainly rebounded nicely from their loss to CP, but they just don’t have the firepower to answer every Concord score, and I don’t know how they match up against a very underrated defense. Concord wins 56-21.

    MVAL: Washington@Logan

    Yet another one of the battles for a league title comes down to the usual suspects in this league. Logan got the better of Washington last year for the title and I’m sure Huskies have revenge on the mind. Both teams have rolled through league after tough non-league schedules. And both will be going to the playoffs in their respective divisions. So now it is all about bragging rights for the rest of the year. I used to live in the Washington district when I was younger and one of my neighbors was actually the starting qb for the Huskies for two years, so I know what this game means to both teams. I just think Logan just has too much this year behind their developing young players and will hold off the Huskies 28-14.

    EBAL Previews:

    DLS@Cal- What better way to close the season with potentially the regular season Game of the Year between to NCS schools. The Grizzlies have certainly surprised this year as they have steamrolled through every team including the usual top EBAL teams. With no real stars on the team they have used a strong running attack that sets up what is one of the most efficient passing attacks in the section led by QB Drew Reil. Kravtiz has done a masterful job with him. Meanwhile the defense has been strong as well. Meanwhile, DLS has been DLS. Their running attack has in my opinion gotten stronger over the last few weeks as junior Joe Te’o has finally started to step up as the 2nd rb and has had some very good runs. Lucas Dunne has been masterful this season taking over as the lead back. The team hasn’t utilized the pass as much since they have been out to big leads pretty quickly, but when Houston is on, he is one of the best. Both teams will be ready to go, and I know Cal would like to get it done on their homefield. Teams have had little success running on DLS, but the passing defense has been iffy at times. It should be an interesting game and I think the game will be close for three quarters. I just can’t pick against DLS (yes they are my team) until they are beaten by another school. I see them pulling away in the fourth for a 35-21 victory.

    SRV@MV- Perhaps one of the best rivalry games in California. Both of these schools have traditionally fielded solid teams and both have them this year. What was a year of big expectations for SRV has been a bit of a disappointment highlighted by the loss to Amador last week. They will need to bounce back as they face an MV team that has been on a tear since they lost to DLS. SRV still fields an outstanding defense and it will be an interesting matchup when a less than healthy Sullas will try to carry to rock against a stout front seven for SRV. I think this is a game where the qb’s for each team could really break out. Lockie has certainly started to mature as the year goes on, and Cal-commit Kline has had his issues this year. I think whoever has the bigger game will lead their team to a win. I see the Mustangs rolling into NCS on a 35-14 win.

    Foothill@Amador- Two teams that are having two very different endings to the season. Only a few weeks ago Foothill looked like they were primed to potentially finish second or third behind DLS. After a quick start that included a win over Pitt, they have faltered as of late losing to both SRV, MV, and Cal. I think that the lack of talent may finally be catching up with the Falcons as teams figure out their double wing offense. The defense has been torched the last two weeks as well. Amador is coming off a surprising victory over SRV winning on a field goal. It was only a week ago that they pretty much looked out of the playoffs. Now, they find themselves back in the hunt. Should they pay back the Falcons for last year’s game and pull out the victory the EBAL will have seven teams in the playoffs. Still, Sweeney seems to have the perfect gameplan for the Falcons every time these teams meet and I expect the Falcons to win 21-7.

    Livermore@Granada- The Cowboys have showed signs of improvement in their first year under coach Haubner. And at the beginning of the season, I thought this might the game they could win. But, I just don’t think that will be the case. Granada looks to tough on both sides for the Cowboys this year and win 42-14.

  • HS Football Fan

    Going into the last week of the regular season, here’s how I see the playoffs brackets coming out on Sunday (new and improved with rationale!):

    Division I

    1 – De La Salle
    2 – California
    3 – Monte Vista
    4 – Granada
    5 – Amador Valley (if they win)
    6 – Foothill
    7 – San Ramon Valley
    8 – Deer Valley/Heritage winner
    9 – James Logan
    10 – Berkeley
    11 – Pittsburgh
    12 – Deer Valley/Heritage loser
    13 – Freedom
    14 – College Park
    15 – San Leandro
    16 – Newark Memorial
    17 – Castro Valley (included if Amador Valley loses)

    Rationale – at the end of the day, none of the EBAL playoff teams lost a single game to an NCS D-I school, so they’re more or less seeded by who beat who. The winner of Deer Valley/Heritage will be 8-2 with a bigger win than James Logan, so they get the nod for the 8 seed, which won’t matter because Logan will host the game as the MVAL champ. Berkeley gets the 10 seed by virtue of their win over Pitt, who comes in at 11. I have the loser of the Deer Valley/Heritage game next at 12. Both lost to Pitt, so it’s kind of a catch 22 with respect to those 3 teams, so this was my compromise. I have Freedom next at 13 over College Park because of their win, then San Leandro at 15 and Newark Memorial at 16. I threw in Castro Valley at 17 since they’ll qualify but would likely be the only team with a losing record and would get in if Amador Valley falls (and get a taste of what the EBAL will be like in 2012).

    Just like last week, I predict a De La Salle/Cal rematch in the Coliseum.

    Division II

    1 – Concord
    2 – Pinole Valley
    3 – Rancho Cotate
    4 – Casa Grande
    5 – Windsor
    6 – Northgate
    7 – Washington
    8 – Maria Carrillo
    9 – Dougherty Valley
    10 – Las Lomas
    11 – Hayward
    12 – Clayton Valley
    13 – Arroyo
    14 – American
    15 – Redwood
    16 – Montgomery

    Rationale – While I think PV can make a case for the 1 seed, I think Concord’s EBAL win and eye-popping 70 burger on Northgate are enough to get the top slot. PV beat Rancho Cotate head to head, so that sets 2 and 3. Casa Grande’s SCAL championship earns them a 4 seed over Windsor, who they beat head-to-head, followed by a humbled Northgate at 6. Washington should get the 7 seed even if they don’t beat Logan for the MVAL title, followed by Maria Carrillo at 8. Those could flip with a Logan win, though. Dougherty Valley gets the 9 seed over Las Lomas due to their head to head win, followed by Hayward at 11 and Clayton Valley at 12, though they’d jump up a bit with a win over College Park on Friday. I have Arroyo at 13 (presuming a win over San Lorenzo), followed by 5-5 American at 14, 5-5 Redwood at 15 and I have Montgomery sneaking in at 16. Obviously a San Lorenzo win makes this interesting with their wins over both Arroyo and Alameda causing a major headache for the committee.

    Kind of a strange field that’s top heavy. I figure Concord/Pinole Valley for the title, but don’t sleep on that Pinole Valley/Rancho Cotate rematch in the semis…

    Division III

    1 – Marin Catholic
    2 – Encinal
    3 – Alhambra/Miramonte winner
    4 – Bishop O’Dowd
    5 – Cardinal Newman
    6 – Eureka
    7 – Alhambra/Miramonte loser
    8 – San Rafael
    9 – Acalanes
    10 – Ygnacio Valley
    11 – Analy
    12 – San Marin
    13 – Novato
    14 – Moreau Catholic
    15 – Del Norte
    16 – Campolindo

    Rationale – Marin Catholic’s the only undefeated team AND the defending DIII champs? They get the 1 seed. Encinal’s only loss is to Serra, which is better than either Alhambra (Dublin) or Miramonte (Las Lomas), so they get the 2. Bishop O’Dowd’s 9-1 record in a weak HAAL earns them the 4 over CN’s 7-3 record and lack of a league title. I have Eureka at 6 followed by the Alhambra/Miramonte loser at 7. San Rafael’s great record with a last place schedule has to be good for something, so I have them at 8 and a home playoff game. I have Acalanes at 9 over Ygnacio Valley due to their head to head win, then Analy at 11 on the strength of their win over Healdsburg. San Marin’s 7 wins gets them the 12 seed, and Novato’s tough schedule warrants a bump over Moreau for the 13 seed. I have Del Norte at 15 over Campo at 16 on the strength of their win over Eureka.

    Wow, what a bracket! I’d love to see both of those projected semifinals, but it looks like a D-III rematch for the championship.

    Division IV

    1 – St. Patrick/St. Vincent
    2 – Healdsburg
    3 – Salesian
    4 – Middletown
    5 – Ferndale
    6 – El Molino
    7 – Ft. Bragg/Kelseyville winner
    8 – Berean Christian
    9 – Ft. Bragg/Kelseyville loser
    10 – Fortuna
    11 – Harker
    12 – St. Mary’s
    13 – Willits
    14 – St. Helena
    15 – Valley Christian (if they win)
    16 – Clear Lake
    17 – Lower Lake (if they win and VC loses)
    18 – McKinleyville (if they win and both VC and LL lose)

    Rationale – SPSV’s only loss is to Encinal and they have a win over Salesian, while Healdsburg’s loss to Analy has to count for something, so I have SPSV as the 1. Most of the rest kind of fall into place based on head to head (SPSV over Salesian, Salesian over Middletown, Healdsburg over El Molino, etc.).

    Maybe the toughest bracket to predict, but I’m tempted to look for a Salesian/SPSV rematch for the title.

  • Hood Boy

    how can you put San Lorenzo in the mix and not Tennyson?..They blew out San Lorenzo

  • monarch86

    Ren10, like the picks but my take is that DLS has everything to lose and Cal if they play loose and have fun might just pull off a magic ending to their already great season… I don’t like DLS coming off a easy lmore game (it doesn’t help to answer my own question) but Cal might be tight and try and force something instead of just doing their jobs.

  • Is the Alhambra vs Miramonte game THursday or Friday? It says Friday on Calpreps.com

  • Bulldog Forever

    The Alhambra/Miramonte game is Thursday at Miramonte.

  • MVALFremont

    I would consider Tennyson over San Lorenzo because Tennyson has a better league record than San Lorenzo with Tennyson’s win over San Lorenzo,though both very not likely to get in

  • Hood Boy

    the only team thats stopping tennyson from getting in is alameda and montgomery.

  • MVALFremont

    Montgomery will beat Elsie Allen for sure and Alameda has to beat El Cerrito. Montgomery will finish 4-6 and If Alameda wins they finish 5-5. Alameda could get in over Montgomery just looking at their overall records, but if Alameda looses then I go with Montgomery over Alameda.If Alameda and Montgomery both lose,then Tennyson has life left though I think San Leandro should beat Tennyson.

  • Loggerfaithful

    I read yesterday that Montgomery will not apply for postseason play.


    Any BSAL stats? Salesian,St Pats,Moreau,St marys all playoff teams.

  • Billjohnson

    Ncs needs 2 change qualifing standards. .500 overall or .500 in ur ncs divison thats it. League records allow bad team from bad leagues 2 qualifiy. Newark alameda tennyson these teams r not playoff teams dey just happen 2 play n weak leagues pill up wins vs garbage teams.

  • EB Football Coach

    But, on the other hand, good teams like Freedom (beat Berkeley and College Park) and Amador (beat SRV, Freedom, Washington)in strong leagues, need these qualifying standards in order to get in the playoffs.

    What you had before were good teams getting left out. Last year’s Pitt team, for example, might have been excluded in the old eight team playoff bracket.

  • Hood Boy

    Its not really the league, its the division. D2 is down right now. Alot of teams is have losing records so its giving life to other teams. Going back to 8 or 12 team brackets can change all that. Tennyson and Newark has at least a .500 in their NCS Division so I would give them some props for working hard to getting to that point. I wouldnt say they are not playoffs teams or garbage but at the same time you dont wanna see blowouts on a playoff game.. it will make these teams work harder

  • Hood Boy

    D3 is looking real exciting to watch. anyone can win it and I wanna see who can take down Marin Catholic

  • Scl alum

    I’m not sure if it would happen, but it would be kinda cool if there was a DIII Championship game featuring Eureka (defending DII Champs) vs. Marin Catholic (defending DIII NCS and NorCal Champs). DIII is definitely intriguing this year!

  • Billjohnson

    amador n freedom r worthy but at the same time if they aint winning n divison wat do u really expect come playoffs. As for tennyson newark alameda if they get n theyll all lose by 28. These teams have been blown out multiple times.

  • trojan man

    does this mean castro vallley is in the playoffs?

  • FB Guru

    Re: #13

    HS Football Fan,

    In D-III, if BOD, Encinal, and Miramonte all win it’s going to be tough on the panel to seed 2-4 but here is my prediction and rational:

    BOD – S.I., 14 points, WCAL non-playoff team
    EHS – Serra, 29 points, Hi-quality WCAL playoff team
    MHS – Las Lomas, 3 points, quality D-II playoff team

    Both EHS and MHS have an edge on BOD, EHS and MHS even with point differential offsetting Hi-quality vs quality D-II.

    Quality Wins vs same Div or Higher:
    BOD – S.L. (Div – I Playoff #15), Hayward (Div – II Playoff #11), Arroyo (Div – II Playoff #13)
    EHS – Moreau (Div – III Playoff #14)
    MHS – Dougherty Valley (Div – II Playoff #9), Alhambra (Div – III Playoff #7), Acalanes (Div – III Playoff #9), Analy (Div III Playoff #11), Campolindo (Div – III Playoff #16)

    Miramonte and BOD easily gets nod over Encinal. Miramonte gets nod over BOD with wins over more playoff teams and ones that are seeded better.

    Miramonte will get #2, it will be a toss up for #3 & #4 either Quality Wins (BOD) or Quality Losses (EHS).

  • Hood Boy

    Yea real talk bottom half of D1 and D2 is looking bad. D3 is the best one right now. Im curious to see who will get the last spot in D1 and D2 tho. Even tho they would probably get beat by 28 or more to the number 1 seed.

  • Hood Boy

    I dont see Castro wining against BOD but if they somehow do, I still dont see them getting the nod cuz they have no wins in their Divison

  • Play Maker

    If Alameda beats El Cerrito, they should beet out Tennyson, SLZ, and Montgomery for the 16th seed in DII.

  • Prep Fan

    As it stands right now, Castro Valley gets in with a .500 league record unless all 4 of these teams win.

    In order to qualify for the D1 playoffs:
    College Park needs to beat Clayton Valley
    Freedom needs to beat Liberty
    Amador Valley needs to beat Foothill
    Newark needs to beat Irvington

    Each of the 4 teams have a good chance of winning, but it is unlikely that they will all pull it off. If all 4 teams do win, then the committee will have to decide which team to exclude, which could very well be the Trojans.

  • Play Maker

    Division II Playoffs:

    1. Concord 9-1
    2. Pinole Valley 9-0-1
    3. Rancho Cotate 9-1
    4. Casa Grande 9-1 or 8-2
    5. Windsor 8-2
    6. Northgate 9-2
    7. Washington 5-5 or 6-4
    8. Maria Carrillo 6-4
    9. Dougherty Valley 6-4
    10. Arroyo 6-4
    11. Las Lomas 5-5
    12. Hayward 5-5
    13. Clayton Valley 6-4 or 5-5
    14. American 5-5
    15. Redwood 5-5
    16. Alameda 5-6

  • Hood Boy

    Dont count out El Cerrito..I think they can beat Alameda but its gonna be a shootout

  • Play Maker

    I agree, it will be a good game.

  • Scl alum

    Here’s an interesting thought..if the DIII seedings are reflective of HS Football Fans’ predictions (posting #13), Del Norte would face Encinal in Alameda in the first round. If you mapquest travel from Crescent City to the ‘Island, it’s actually a bit longer a drive, than if Del Norte played an Oregon playoff game in Portland..

  • SCL alum: Its exactly why we should have a true state play-offs. WIth Redwood Empire joining NorthCoast its really not much different from a Bay area school traveling to LA.

  • Scl alum

    In the perfect world, it would be ideal to have a true FB playoff system in CA. The crummy reality, given California is SO populous, that if you have regional playoffs like Nor Cals, teams would be playing until New Year’s. I DON’T think the current State Bowl format is perfect, but probably the best compromise given the hundreds of CA high schools fielding varsity FB teams each year.

    An aside, I remember in the Div IV Nor Cal Basketball playoffs last season, Arcata boys traveled to Palma of Salinas (almost 400 miles/ over 7 hr bus trip), and beat Palma in an overtime game. I know, though, that this is exceptional, as the road trip factor, fatigue, etc goes against the visiting team in most cases.

  • Prep Fan

    SCL Alum, don’t forget that Arcata then had to play at Modesto Christian again 2 days later after the Palma game. I think they just stayed in the Bay Area and didn’t go all the way back up to Arcata, but they lost about a week of school.

  • Scl alum

    I remember that, yeah Prep. Those guys were tough. I dont know about alot of fans think, but I think the geographical factor is a good thing for the high school teams, with the North Coast Section, Nor Cals, etc. Obviously, here in the Golden State, there’s a huge concentration of talented teams in the Bay Area / Sacramento, and Los Angeles/Orange County areas. When teams from these areas play each other, teams usually are within an hour’s drive or so, but it can be kind of a cool thing when you get to travel.

    I remember a couple years ago, it was the last year of the NCS Redwood Empire format, and my alma mater Healdsburg, one of the top 3 seeds, traveled up to Crescent City to play a VERY good Del Norte team that year. Unfortunately for the ‘Hounds, they came up a bit short, but they elected to get a hotel up on the north coast that night, and from what I heard, it was an enjoyable experience, the comraderie of the players, coaches, etc.

  • Prep Fan

    Vote for your game of the week: http://www.ktvu.com/sportsfocus

  • come on mann

    washington huskies this week to win big Senior running back Deandre carter will toarch the secondary. And the biggest D1 recruit at corner in the leauge giles chapman locks things up no contest come on mann…

  • football415

    #11 Bulldog forever your full of sh*t no one on Alhambra has an offer from UT…….look at their offer list on rivals they do not have a single offer to anyone in the Bay Area…..they dont offer schollies to unrated players in Northern Cali

  • Bulldog Forever


    UT doesn’t have an offer list on rivals, they have a committed list.

  • Footballfan415


    You searched:
    Sport: Football; First Name: ; Last Name: ; Year: 2011; Show only: offered; Search »View all results on map »
    1-31 of 31 First0 « Previous0 10 Next »100 Last0
    Positionposgroup,ASC Namelastname,firstname,ASC Locationstate,hometown,ASC Htheight,DESC Wtweight,DESC 40forty,ASC Starsstar,DESC Rivals Ratingrivalsrating,DESC Rankposrank,DESC Schoolcollege,ASC
    OL Sedrick Flowers Galena Park, Texas
    North Shore 6’3″ 280 5.0 4 stars 5.9 1 Texas
    RB Malcolm Brown Cibolo, Texas
    Steele 6’0″ 220 N/A 5 stars 6.1 1 Texas
    TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Gig Harbor, Washington
    Gig Harbor 6’7″ 250 4.7 4 stars 6.0 2 Washington
    LB Steve Edmond Daingerfield, Texas
    Daingerfield 6’3″ 225 N/A 4 stars 6.0 3 Texas
    OL Christian Westerman Chandler, Arizona
    Hamilton 6’5″ 288 5.0 4 stars 6.0 3 Texas
    LB Anthony Wallace Dallas, Texas
    Skyline 6’2″ 220 4.6 4 stars 5.8 4
    DT Desmond Jackson Houston, Texas
    Westfield 6’1″ 278 5.0 4 stars 5.9 5 Texas
    OL Matthew Hegarty Aztec, New Mexico
    Aztec 6’5″ 265 5.0 4 stars 5.9 5 Notre Dame
    DT Quincy Russell San Antonio, Texas
    Sam Houston 6’3″ 289 N/A 4 stars 5.8 7 Texas
    LB Kendall Thompson Carthage, Texas
    Carthage 6’3″ 232 4.7 4 stars 5.8 7 Texas
    WR Jaxon Shipley Brownwood, Texas
    Brownwood 6’0″ 170 4.6 4 stars 5.9 7 Texas
    QB David Ash Belton, Texas
    Belton 6’4″ 195 4.6 3 stars 5.7 8 Texas
    DT Marquis Anderson Cibolo, Texas
    Steele 6’3″ 280 N/A 4 stars 5.8 8 Oklahoma
    RB Aaron Green San Antonio, Texas
    James Madison 5’11” 191 4.4 4 stars 5.9 9 Nebraska
    ATH Quandre Diggs Angleton, Texas
    Angleton 5’10” 188 4.4 4 stars 5.9 9 Texas
    LB Chet Moss Cedar Park, Texas
    Cedar Park 6’1″ 219 N/A 4 stars 5.8 10 Texas
    DB Josh Turner Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Millwood 6’0″ 175 4.5 4 stars 5.8 10 Texas
    TE M.J. McFarland El Paso, Texas
    El Dorado 6’5″ 236 N/A 4 stars 5.8 11 Texas
    DE Jermauria Rasco Shreveport, Louisiana
    Evangel Christian 6’3″ 227 N/A 4 stars 5.8 12
    QB Michael Brewer Austin, Texas
    Lake Travis 6’1″ 175 4.7 3 stars 5.7 12 Texas Tech
    DB Sheroid Evans Sugar Land, Texas
    Dulles 6’1″ 185 4.4 4 stars 5.8 12 Texas
    DE Cedric Reed Cleveland, Texas
    Cleveland 6’5″ 240 4.8 4 stars 5.8 17 Texas
    OL Josh Cochran Hallsville, Texas
    Hallsville 6’6″ 278 N/A 4 stars 5.8 17 Texas
    DB David Jenkins Carrollton, Texas
    Hebron 6’1″ 185 4.5 4 stars 5.8 17 LSU
    OL Garrett Greenlea Klein, Texas
    Klein Collins 6’7″ 300 4.9 4 stars 5.8 18 Texas
    DB Leroy Scott Pasadena, Texas
    South Houston 5’10” 190 4.4 3 stars 5.7 23 Texas
    ATH Mykkele Thompson San Antonio, Texas
    John Paul Stevens 6’1″ 168 4.5 4 stars 5.8 24 Texas
    RB Joe Bergeron Mesquite, Texas
    North Mesquite 6’1″ 215 4.5 3 stars 5.7 31 Texas
    WR Miles Onyegbule Arlington, Texas
    Arlington 6’4″ 206 4.5 3 stars 5.7 33 Texas
    OL Taylor Doyle Austin, Texas
    Lake Travis 6’5″ 270 N/A 3 stars 5.7 46 Texas
    OL Marcus Hutchins DeSoto, Texas
    DeSoto 6’4″ 254 N/A 3 stars 5.6 64 Texas

  • Bulldog Forever

    football415 said- “#11 Bulldog forever your full of sh*t”

    I probably am. It’s called a colon. We all have them, you know. And unless someone has already yanked yours out (a strong possibility), you are full of sh*t too.

    football415 said- “HOMIE…THEY HAVE 31 OFFERS OUT (University of Texas) AND NONE TO ANYONE IN CALIFORNIA

    That’s where you are wrong, my friendly colonless homie. The player in question has a written full ride conditional offer from the University of Texas. Full ride for 2 years. To continue the full ride for years 3 and 4, he only needs to maintain a 3.0 GPA. Considering that he has a 2,100 SAT and a 4.0 GPA, that shouldn’t be a problem.